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NK Nuke detonated in London

Clearly this is a deadly nuclear bomb that just exploded in London.


Links to Nuclear Physicists in the Rogue State of NK


The nuclear bombs are extremely dangerous and are known to cause bad tooth aches in some human crisis actors.


Be vigilant and report any suspicious nuclear bomb sightings to these guys. They did the prop designs for Team America, they should be able to help you. God Bless and take care….Delendaziobot reporting, stay classy Ziobotworld…


Ziobot VS Ziobot

An amusing little video about Ziobots phantom fighting with Ziobots, just like WWF Smackdown stuff, made for general public release through the various multi-media channels, probably leading into the Nuke stuff fakery, from the old Nuke play book. Nukes, of course don’t exist…Nuclear power plants? You might ask? What about such? Well they are Steam turbines which create electricity…A big steam turbine…No such thing as Nuclear energy, no such thing as atoms, atoms are hallucinations of “professional scientists” in laboratories that are presented with graphics, hieroglyphics, to be exact. What are called “Nuclear Weapons” are just over-sized fire crackers…Not even that in most cases, just a fake firecracker painted with camouflage paint – there is nothing inside them, they are just hollow metal sticks that look like over-sized fire crackers. It’s no different to Gandalf setting off his wizard firecrackers in the Shire in Lord Of The Rings – i.e. a Fantasy…Just alot of hot air, as they say, like Steam, lol…Quite amusing.

87 year old neo Nazi-Witch jailed in Germany


Have a look at the comments, as an example of what the masses think of neo-Nazi-Witches…The funniest comments are the dissimulate ziobot comments where they compare jailing Ursula with Nazism?????

Harry Trisk, Bradford – “Making it a criminal offence to publicly deny something, no matter how much evidence to the contrary, smacks of nazism.”

Paulm69, United Kingdom – “Silly old boot. I’d disown her if she was my grandma and tell her why too.”

Maria F, London – “She is old and senile now and just a young girl when it happened so she probably sheltered and didn’t witness it herself and that what she was told.”

jigjg, London – “more than 15 million people were murdered in the Holocaust, not 6 million. These included Jews, Soviets, Poles, Serbs, homosexuals, Gypsies and many more. Abhorrent woman, when will they ever learn.”

BangToRights, Bucks – “Dementia”

Hywel90, Petersborough – “Just give her the same “labour” treatment they did the poor prisoners. Deluded old fool.”

Annee, Chicago – “What is wrong with all you people agreeing with this punishment or even worse? Of course she’s wrong and of course she’s a racist but what about free speech and the freedom to think and believe what you like?”

GenevralLaureneRoxx, Carlisle, – “87 year old grandmother is that supposed to gain our sympathy? Holocaust deniers are awful people even if they are grandmothers.”

TolerantGuy, London – “Ten months? Should have been ten years.”

Sir Parky KCVO, Poole, – “Put the old woman in a labour camp and throw away the key.”

Monners1960, Plymouth, “While her opinions are vile she should not be jailed for them.”

yorkie, Huddersfield – “What’s German for free speech?”

mrethiopian, Earth – “Good, because she is a scumbag and deserves to live in a concentration camp, to bad we couldn’t giver her a taste of the real thing.”

audreyr, york – “There are none so blind as those who cannot see!!!!”

Korotki, Devon – “Personally I’d not give her the satisfaction of acknowledging her claims, to ignore and ostracize her would have a far more damning effect on the woman…”

Watson and Holmes, United Kingdom – “Locking up in an asylum could be more appropriate.”

If the masses react like this to the greatest Grandmother in the world, what would they want to do to me? Well I know what they want to do to me….But they pick on an 87 year old woman instead!!!! Just because she told the truth….And these masses of Ziobots have far more knowledge then what they make out, they know she is right, they know they are guilty of being traitors and lairs and deceivers and murderers, they know it!!! But why pick on an 87 year old grandmother? You cowards! They pick their times as well, they know when they can get away with it, when they have the numbers and support, but if they were on their own, they would say nothing.