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“Niohoggr rises bringing the corpses of the dead. Meet the real Dragon, the blackness, the Dark Knight, Nigredo, the suffering that in the language of the Alchemists dissolves. Here stood those ancient coeval Oaks of the Hart (Hartz) soaked in charming loam. The tree of the knowledge of both good and evil. What was the evil that you hid, mighty Oak? What was your fruit? I am Herakles, sent to recover your Golden Apples, hidden here in the forests of Draco. You no longer entwine me with your riddles, I do not worship you, old tree. I will unmask the conspiracy. What ill will did you carry within, old tree?” – Third Reich Pilgrim – Ghostland.


I cant be bothered writing anymore…It is pointless, futile, and without any meaning….Because there is nothing left to discover within this…I am simply, looking back upon this, with boredom… You are not at my level…I know Lilith, that little serpent bodied wasp… I know her, and the word-worm of the lord, and I find it all quite boring…


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The Blue Raven

Third Reich Pilgrim Part II: Ghostland. Book Release.

THIRD REICH PILGRIM Part II: Ghostland – Book Release

Book is now available for purchase – AUD$29.95 – please email hermitage75@yahoo.com.au for payment and shipping details.

I will write a little synopsis later on.

Here are the Chapters:

I – The Kingdom of Blood And Iron

II – The Mythos of Germania and the Reich

III – The End of Berlin

IV – Goslar and the Heart of Germany

V – Operation Kyffhauser

VI – The Green Knights of Totenwald

VII – Walhalla on the Danube

VIII – The Treason Within

Third Reich Pilgrim, Part II: Ghostland. Upcoming Book Release