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The Flying Dutchman Meme


El Caleuche USCGC Eagle Horst Wessel

Amazing synchronicity how certain symbols come to be revealed at certain times by certain people. The Ghost Ship returns, this is a beautiful example of what a Ghost Ship is, it is something that endures, with no adequate rational explanation, other then to remind one of something that has been lost, it travels deep within one’s own rare blood, only a few will see it, but when they see it they see the beauty of it, like this NAZI Ghost ship of the seas, when seen it also spells Doom, as we say “The Ghost in a false reality is real”, here is an example of El Caleuche, USCGC Eagle/Horst Wessel:


Segelschulschiff "Horst Wessel"



“Yet, so that poor man still could find redemption in earth,

God’s angel showed him the path to salvation.”  – The Flying Dutchman, Richard Wagner.