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Amazon just removed “MAYA: Reality Is An Illusion & Other Essays In Esoteric Hitlerism”, the reason given was that someone said it was “inauthentic”, and that is all…LOL… They don’t realise that they have done me a favour! Amazon’s process for me, I am sure it differs according to who you are, but for me, if somebody makes a complaint about my books to Amazon, then Amazon remove my book and then ask me to provide all sorts of details and information, to form a case as to why it should not be removed, this means I am guilty until I prove myself innocent. Now having gone down this path before, I know that any action I take is a waste of time and fruitless, when dealing with Amazon. But I am relieved that they are slowing removing my Esoteric Hitlerist books from their website, as it all is a waste of time for me anyway. Now I have a legitimate excuse as to why I dont have to sell the books anymore on Amazon (because I make no money out of it anyway, the entire publishing game is fraud, and nobody makes money out of books, but that is another story.) The point is, I dont wont to sell these Esoteric Hitlerists books, and it is a waste of time for me, but I am committed to sell the remainder of books I have. Going through Amazon is a pain in the behind, more trouble than what it is worth…And I don’t give a rat’s arse whether my books sell or do not, I just made a commitment when I was younger, an oath, and I must see that through, and I will….Many people think they are going to make money out of books….You dont make money out of books, there is no profit in publishing and printing books, books are hugely subsidized by private organizations, universities, governments and various institutions…It all depends on who you are, not what book you write. The content is irrelevant, it is only relevant in marketing, that is what sells books, and Amazon ( a hugely subsidized company, which does not actually make a profit on anything), is a huge marketing platform. People wanted their book on Amazon, so they can think, wow, look I am on Amazon! While Amazon charges me a rake of 20%, plus cheating me on the shipping cost, which I package and ship and pay for! It’s complete BS! All these people getting ripped off on this scam just so they can tell their friends and family they have a book and its on Amazon, because if its not on Amazon, nobody going fucking buy the thing because, it’s The Web Site that sells it and that is called “marketing”…… I got myself into this, so I only got myself to blame. I did it, in the beginning, because I believed, I was innocent, and believed in what I was doing, as if it would make a difference, but all that I believed in was false! It’s BS, the whole kit and kaboodle! So, now, if anyone wants to buy “MAYA: Reality Is An Illusion & Other Essays In Esoteric Hitlerism”, I have about 20 copies left and I will sell them directly through Hermitage Helm Corpus, and when those copies run out, then, thank the stars, I wont be printing anymore! YAY! The Saga of Hailstorm has been removed from Amazon also because the author wants to pursue his own CreateSpace publishing options…Phew…Got out of that one too, if he wants the remaining 25 copies I am only too happy to send them to him, for nothing! But you know what I have gained out of this, and God knows I fucking paid for it and deserve it, I got taught a lesson in life, a valuable lesson, and I learned of many things, how things operate and work in certain industries, and really, that was all I wanted from it… As for the rest of my books, apart from Third Reich Pilgrim, I will only be selling until I run out of the printing orders I have. Because these books sell very slowly then it may take sometime, and I will be relieved when I no longer have to concern myself with all the work that goes into it, and I can just concentrate on the books I have written myself, and other, more important matters.

Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar

I have some more limited Deluxe Editions of Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar available. For inquiries: hermitage75@yahoo.com.au

Hermitage Helm Corpus


Atlantis, Edda and Bible


More copies of Atlantis, Edda & Bible are now available. Four parcels of printed books went missing for a few months and then finally turned up at my door step!


I have completed the first draft of “Third Reich Pilgrim – Part II”. Written at great speed, over a two month period, whilst suffering clinical Depression…. I recommend that one not try that at home… Now I will revise the work and continue with the second draft. I am also half way through the proof read and re-formatting of “The Lightning and the Sun”, I plan to have a Limited Edition of that work completed sometime next year, probably late next year. Thankyou to the Kamerads who took the time to leave a review on Amazon for Steve Hirst’s “Germania”. I plan to release “The Saga of Hailstorm” on Amazon in the coming days, just waiting on the Sword – “Harm” to appear. We are currently working on an improved edition of “The Golden Cord” (I still have not heard from anybody, including Amazon as to where exactly the evidence is for “legal rights ownership” for this particular translation on Amazon is? And I don’t expect I will ever hear from them. LOL….”Legal Rights” are arbitrary, of course, so there is no need for anyone to provide me with “legal evidence” of “Legal Rights”, especially on a retail sales website, and of course no such “legal rights” exist….Which, of course, even if they did exist, does not extend past the retail sales website in question.) Anyway, we are working on a new translation, so we can delete “Jason Thompkins” from the translation credits and notes. And the new translation will be greatly improved. All part of the show of colourful characters that surround the publishing work of Don Miguel Serrano…I guess…

“I imagine that they are helping to represent the seventy year anniversary since the 1945 ‘Liberation’. Concentration camps! Eye-witness accounts! Died like rats! Eye-witness accounts! Mad with hunger! Eye-witness accounts! Murder! Eye-witness accounts! Forced labour! Eye-witness accounts! Unbearable stench! Eye-witness accounts! Extermination centres! Eye-witness accounts! Bloodbath! Eye-witness accounts! Massacres! Eye-witness accounts! Executions! Eye-witness accounts! Gassings! Eye-witness accounts! Brutality! Eye-witness accounts! Killings! Eye-witness accounts! Terror! Eye-witness accounts. But you cannot question any of this because it is ‘Manifestly Obvious’!”   –  GERMANIA – Book I.

Can you work out what the repetitive refrain here is? I will give you a hint – “Eye-witness account”…..An Eye-witness account must be truthful because human beings are truthful and never lie about what they see, it is manifestly obvious that any “Eye-witness” account should be taken as truth, no matter what the circumstances or situation may be and no matter what reason or logic might decree to the contrary of the stated human “Eye-witness”… As long as the “account” is preceded by the the words “Eye-witness” it must be taken as truthful and actual fact, that overrules all other truths or facts…..Have you ever known a human being to lie????? Humans never lie, so therefore any human who stated that it has been an “Eye-witness” must be stating the absolute Truth…This is then the measure of ‘History’ and ‘Reality’, which are formed by what the Human being says it saw! Even if the human being is blind, like Homer, it is still the measure of reality because it is the stated “Eye-witness”. And the human being never lies, not even when it is within their interests to do so. Historical veracity is ascertained via eye-witness testimonies, and this is considered especially truthful when there is favour and despotic incentives offered for those who provide eye-witness testimonies that confirm the narrative, that has been formed due to the wants and needs of the humans involved. It is proven, that where the wants and needs can be placated, more and more truthful eye-witness testimonies can be found, and that this re-enforces the narrative via repetition. One, can also then state, that if it is repetitive, then it must also be true, according to human logic….

Franz Sedlacek – Ship of Fools



Delenda contra Nietzsche Part V

I knew when I decided to duel with Nietzsche that I was entering into a profound spiritual battle, a Titanic warfare that would span the plane of this flat earth….Nietzsche’s supporters are legion, he is the most popular philosopher in the Western World, so my move to attack Nietzsche was going to be difficult and unpopular. I avoided the confrontation for some time, even in my book I try to avoid this confrontation, this duel, but a time comes when a man cannot stand by and remain silent and keep the peace, thus I have launched my attack on Nietzsche.

“Do not suppose for a moment that these statements are empty words: think carefully of the successes we arranged for Darwinism, Marxism, Nietzsche-ism…To us Jews it is obvious to see how destructive these ideologies have been upon the minds of the Goyim”   The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

What one must understand about Nietzsche is that he is not the writer of most of the books that bear his name, this is common in the publishing industry, it is kept secret to a certain degree, but it is commonly known as “ghost writing”. I will give you an example from the present: The writer of the Harry Potter literary franchise is not J.K. Rowling, there is a team of writers who write the Harry Potter books, J.K. Rowling is, what is called, a “figurehead”. Nietzsche is the same, a figurehead, he never wrote anything after his split with Wagner, and even then, it was his sister Elizabeth who had the connections to the Wagner family. At the time, Nietzsche, was considered a degenerate half Jew and a petty con man. It was impossible for the stateless Nietzsche to obtain the position of Professor of classical philology at the University of Basel. To be made stateless by Prussia and to lose his citizenship would have been an utter disgrace, it was impossible for a stateless i.e. criminal to be made a Professor at Basel University, Nietzsche would have had to have been at least a Swiss citizen, but Nietzsche was not a Swiss citizen and therefore was not eligible for the teaching position. This fact has been covered up by the huge and powerful publishing Corporations that support Nietzsche-ism. But it is a fact nonetheless, and it is unavoidable,  the fact is that Nietzsche never held the position of Professor of Basel University. It is even acknowledged that Nietzsche had no qualifications for the position, which he did not, but the important fact that Nietzsche had to be first a Swiss citizen to even qualify at all for the position is  ignored. Also, Nietzsche, at the time, would have had to have been a practicing Christian to obtain the position, and Nietzsche obviously was not a practicing Christian. Nietzsche used this lie to cover up the reason why he had lost his Prussian citizenship. Nietzsche lied about being in the Franco-Prussian war, that would be impossible because Nietzsche had already lost his Prussian citizenship….It was not possible for a criminal who had lost his Prussian citizenship (for unknown reasons, but probably homosexuality) to serve as a medical orderly in the Prussian army…At that time Nietzsche was also suffering from the sexually transmitted disease of Syphilis. Which is more evidence that Nietzsche was a homosexual. But overall the most important fact here is that it was not possible for Nietzsche to have obtained a teaching position at the prestigious Basel University, nor was it possible for him to have been a medical orderly in the Prussian army after he had lost his Prussian citizenship! Nietzsche lied and wrote in his letters that he had renounced his Prussian citizenship in order to take up the teaching position in Switzerland, but there is no need for Nietzsche to voluntarily renounce his Prussian citizenship for the position, what Nietzsche needed was Swiss citizenship, which he did not have, therefore he could not have obtained the position in Switzerland.

Now, I can assure you, that when I found all this out, a year and a half ago, I was just as angry and frustrated as what you might be now reading this. I had been reading Nietzsche from when I was 15, like Serrano, but I had always felt intuitively that there was something wrong with the writings of Nietzsche, or Nietzsche Inc, something just did not seem right, the constant contradictions, the subtle praise of Judaism, the virulent hatred towards Christianity, which sounded like it had been written by a Rabbi; the anti-Germanism, the anti-Spiritualism, etc. Nietzsche confounded me and I did not know why, at times I would read things in Nietzsche that I agreed with, but now I have learned that these baits and hooks were merely copied from other sources, that in the textual mish-mash, in the process of copying and pasting from all manner of sources and then heaping it all together by a team of writers, some things were contained in the text that I agreed with, there were Aryan elements in the text, but these elements, pure in form had been mixed together with all manner of literary rubbish, and Jewish cynicism…Nietzsche was after all, a commercial publishing venture, and it has worked on that level very well…


Delenda contra Nietzsche Part IV

“…as for Nietzsche, from the beginning the evil spirit was stronger than the good one… Nietzsche was a man without any spiritual initiatives… I bet that in the entire Nietzsche not a single sentence, not a fragment of a sentence, let alone a thought or any constructive idea can be found, of which the author can’t be traced: Wagner, Plato, Simonides, Schopenhauer, Goethe (the ‘Ubermensch’ is from Faust…”  – Houston Stewart Chamberlain, 1898.

Houston Stewart Chamberlain, the greatest bi-lingual thinker of his time, dismisses Nietzsche categorically as an unoriginal thinker, at best, and a plagiarist at worst. And he does not have much further to say on the matter, he is dismissive of Nietzsche after his break with Wagner which coincided with the shattering of Nietzsche’s intellect.

Interestingly, if we examine what we know of Nietzsche, we are faced with some questionable events in his life. For example his appointment to the Professorship of Basel University in Switzerland. Nietzsche does not meet any of the requirements for such an appointment. However what is certain is that around this time Nietzsche loses his Prussian citizenship, and moves to Switzerland, but is not accepted as a Swiss citizen, Nietzsche became officially stateless.. One would ask the question: ‘How is it possible that Nietzsche could receive such a high teaching position at Switzerland’s most prestigious University and not be made a Swiss citizen?’ Also, it would be controversial, to say the least, to appoint a non-practicing Christian to such a position. Could a man be appointed, at that time, to a teaching position in the faculty of classical Philosophy at Basel University and not be a practicing Christian? And furthermore, how can it be that the publishing house of Basel University, a printing press, would not publish and print Nietzsche’s early attempts at literary publishing. Obviously a Professor of the University of Basel would have access to the printing press at the University of Basel!  Why does Nietzsche have to solicit private publishers in Leipzig and not use the more prestigious and freely available publishers and printing press of his own University, he was not writing under a pseudonym, so there is no need to employ private printers in another city. One of the entitlements of being a University Professor, is the fact that the University will publish and print your literary work, and with no cost to the individual, after all Universities are established printing houses! Does Nietzsche actually attain the Professorship at Basel University? Or does he just print some business cards with “Friedrich Nietzsche, Assistant Professor for Classical Philology” printed on them and pretend to family and friends that he has obtained such a lofty position. Perhaps Nietzsche did this to cover up the real reason as to why he lost his Prussian citizenship. And again, how can Nietzsche be made a Professor of the Swiss University and not be made a Swiss Citizen? Nietzsche was not even qualified for the position, neither and more notably was he qualified to meet Swiss resident requirements. This is a major problem regarding the genuineness of Nietzsche’s claims.

In 1868 Nietzsche is discharged from the Prussian army, but in 1870, Nietzsche writes to his sister that he is serving as a medical orderly with the Prussian army

In 1871, Nietzsche solicits private printers in Leipzig to publish and print two of his early essays, this is very odd because at the time Nietzsche was employed by the University of Basel. I repeat this because it is so odd. It seems impossible not to be suspicious at this point.

Nietzsche still is unable to publish, but has managed to further his friendship with the House of Wagner, and the ‘Birth of Tragedy’ is sent to Richard Wagner. And it is Richard Wagner’s connections who publish and print ‘The Birth of Tragedy’. Why it would not be the University of Basel that would print the essay I have no idea, it seems so highly improbable that they would not. However it is not Richard but Cosima Wagner who was the decisive factor in the early relationship between Nietzsche and the House of Wagner. There assumes a personal relationship rather then a professional relationship with the Master. Nietzsche has developed a personal friendship with Cosima Wagner, and it is Cosima who is the early champion of Nietzsche’s literary essays. Nietzsche could not have published ‘The Birth of Tragedy’ without the assistance of Cosima. The fact that the Professor of Basel University would need the assistance of the wife of Richard Wagner in order to publish an essay is interesting. Interesting because it adds weight to the accusation that Nietzsche is a fraud!

‘Untimely Meditations’ and other essays are sent to Richard Wagner’s publishers, again at the bequest of Cosima Wagner on behalf of Nietzsche. At this stage one starts to think: ‘How much lying can a man of letters get away with?’, the answer: ‘A great deal’. Richard Wagner dismisses Nietzsche’s early essay, rightly so, a man in his position, of his power, perhaps casting a curious glance over the printing costs, and then questioning whether Cosima was perhaps being a little naïve. Richard Wagner comments: “It (Nietzsche’s essay) is still very immature, it lacks intuitive appeal because it provides no example from history and yet has many repetitions and no real divisionary structure. This work has appeared prematurely. I don’t know anyone I would recommend it to because nobody can follow it. Schopenhauer has already articulated the fundamental idea.” In respect to his wife, Richard Wagner is most likely being kind to Nietzsche. A question would have to be raised as to why at this time would a Professor from Basel University be spending so much time with the wife of Richard Wagner in Bayreuth. Nietzsche even trying his hand at simple piano compositions…But how much of Nietzsche’s relationship with Cosima is actually due to Elizabeth Nietzsche’s relationship with Cosima? certainly it would be more likely that Elizabeth and not Friedrich would have made a more appropriate companion to Cosima. Cosima notes that Friedrich’s friend Paul Ree must be Jewish. And it appears that Friedrich’s writings have very similar themes to the writings of his Jewish friend, Paul Ree, the son of a wealthy business man. For example Paul Ree rejects moralistic connotations of good and evil in favour of Darwin and Lamarck. Friedrich was infatuated with Paul Ree’s Russian Jewess lover Lou Andreas-Salome. Paul Ree completes his essay ‘Origin of Moral Feelings’ in 1877. Nietzsche continues to complain of various physical ailments and undergoes many medical examinations all over Europe. Nietzsche’s ‘Beyond Good and Evil’ and ‘On the Genealogy of Morals’ would not be published until 1886-87? Cosima has finally wised up and detected the Paul Ree and Lou Andreas-Salome influence in Friedrich’s life. The opinion of the time appears to be that Friedrich is either suffering from “Gehirnzerruttung”, or just a “hanger on” to Paul Ree, or both. In personal letters, of the time, Friedrich Nietzsche writes little else other then describe his physical ailments and how he is unable to either study, work or write because of them: “attack of the most brutal kind – attack upon attack of nausea”. At this time it is Elizabeth who still seems to be initiating all correspondence with the House of Wagner, regarding the reconciliation of their families. This is a personal family dispute, the only professional aspect to the relationship was that the House of Wagner through its connections had printed Friedrich’s essays in the past. However on learning of the contents of the essays, the Master of the House, Richard Wagner, has put an end to the relationship. Elizabeth informs Cosima that her brother is mentally ill, in 1879. Richard Wagner promptly terminates all publishing contracts associated with Friedrich Nietzsche. Wagner’s Leipzig printers are no longer the publishers and printers, it is VERLAG VON ERNST SCHMEITZNER. The publisher Ernst Schmeitzner attempts to gain control of Nietzsche’s published essays as early as 1874. Ernst Schmeitzner would become the Publisher of Nietzsche’s books. Ernst Schmeitzner is described only as “a young businessman”. But interestingly his connections are to rich and powerful international publishing houses in Paris, London, St Petersburg and New York. Buying of Nietzsche’s books would go back and forth between Fritzsch and the Leipzig connections and Schmeitzner and the international connections, so that the early printing runs of Nietzsche’s essays and books were in publishing house affairs and probably disputes over copyrights, so that out of a 1000 books printed more than 90% would be traded in house. The public was not considered a market for the books of Nietzsche in the early stages, intellectual control of the content was the factor that the private publishing houses were interested in.

At the time when the International Publishing Houses are taking an interest in Nietzsche, he writes: “It has been going poorly, I could barely write these few lines…O this winter!” Now under the influence of the International Publishing Houses it is difficult to ascertain anything in regards to what Nietzsche wrote or did not. We enter into the murky swamps of corrupt publishing houses. As soon as the friendship between the House of Nietzsche and the House of Wagner ends, the publisher changes, from 1878 onwards, from ‘Human, All Too Human’, and therefore the major books of Nietzsche, are published not through the House of Wagner but International Publishing Houses. This is why the books attributed to the name “Friedrich Nietzsche” would first gain literary attention outside of Germany, that is strange because they were written in German. However reviews of Nietzsche’s books and his “discovery” are made in London, St Petersburg, New York, Paris. Previously if we go back to 1874, and ‘The Birth Of Tragedy’, the copies are printed by C.G. Naumann of Leipzig, but published by Ernst Schmeitzner of Chemnitz in 1878, and 576 of the 750 copies are purchased by Fritzsch in 1886. With ‘Human, All Too Human’ the booksellers are now in Paris, St. Petersburg, Turin, New York and London, the printer is still in Leipzig and Fritzsch purchases 784 copies of the 1000 copies printed, 191 copies remain unsold in 1893, the publishing date is 1881, that leaves only 25 copies for the international market, that were apparently sold by the international booksellers. ‘Thus Spake Zarathustra’ is printed in Leipzig in 1883, 1000 copies, Fritzsch purchases 907 copies in 1886. The bulk of the books are being bought up in Germany by the Fritzsch publishers, but the books are being published by Schmeitzner and printed by Naumann, and yet the positive reviews are coming out of New York, Paris, St Petersburg, London, etc, who perhaps had 2 0r 3 copies each, which would be utterly unprofitable, and hence negative for an international bookseller.

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