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Interview with Baldur von Schirach

Fake War

“The hope only of empty men”

Yes, the War making process has begun with the Opera House, specifically German Operas, and then it has extended from there, with movie making and photographic technology it became easier to convince the public that the war was real. Although, it would seem, that much of the “public” already knew this as they were actively taking part in the productions. Also there is a Karnival aspect to war, a Karnival public holiday, but like a scary ride in a travelling circus. Interestingly, The Beatles start out in Germany, popular music itself really begins with the German Romantic Movement, and Wandervogel Movements, then WWI songs and then WWII songs… Popular music uses much slapstick, basically a loud amplified noise designed to attract the attention of a passerby. It is impossible for British Rock music to precede German amplifications and instruments and music arrangements, but somehow they are trying to convince us that the British and Americans were more progressive in this field than the Germans… For example they say that Black Sabbath came before Kraftwerk’s ‘Heavy Metal Kids’… Yet without doubt, Black Sabbath must have learned from Kraftwerk, and first played in Germany.

In plain and simple faith there are no tricks or deception… There is no faith in “war”, there has never been a “war” between nations, and there never will be. War is merely a Game – “War Games” where the objective is to make the Game or the Show appear as real as possible. War is Opera conducted by directors and peopled by Hollow Men – the stuffed men! They only make gallant show and pretend to be brave, in reality they are all cowards, their medals and crests and flags are only for show, they have no faith nor loyalty – they are liars – sold-liars – soldiers in costumes.
“When love begins to sicken and decay, it useth an enforced ceremony. There are no tricks in plain and simple faith.” – Julius Caesar, Shakespeare

The Bosnian Opera

This is what a controlled demolition looks like. In this Sarajevo scene one can see how the demolition contractors are focusing their work on just one side of the street, the other side the modernist building remains untouched and provides a nice view of operations in a comfortable air-conditioned office building… Apparently the burnt-out cars are still smoking as if the place was only bombed a few hours ago…. But as you can see there are amenities set up, fencing, brand new trucks, even an audience watching on… They all know it is not a war-zone, they are just pretending it is a war-zone.

Ahhh, the burning Twin Towers trick… Nice pyrotechnics work there. However on this occasion the Twin Towers of Sarajevo did not fall down.

Totally fake image…. Self-explanatory.

Here we have the “Cellist of Sarajevo” providing music score for the Bosnian Opera… It’s an old dramatic gesture but it is always effective and emotive, you know.

Before and after photo…. Do you get it? You got to clear away some of the old building before you bring in the new ones, like McDonalds and Hotels.

Before and after photo…. The redevelopment of Sarajevo’s central business and shopping district. Much more modern now, don’t you think?

Sarajevo today….