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Fake War

“The hope only of empty men”

Yes, the War making process has begun with the Opera House, specifically German Operas, and then it has extended from there, with movie making and photographic technology it became easier to convince the public that the war was real. Although, it would seem, that much of the “public” already knew this as they were actively taking part in the productions. Also there is a Karnival aspect to war, a Karnival public holiday, but like a scary ride in a travelling circus. Interestingly, The Beatles start out in Germany, popular music itself really begins with the German Romantic Movement, and Wandervogel Movements, then WWI songs and then WWII songs… Popular music uses much slapstick, basically a loud amplified noise designed to attract the attention of a passerby. It is impossible for British Rock music to precede German amplifications and instruments and music arrangements, but somehow they are trying to convince us that the British and Americans were more progressive in this field than the Germans… For example they say that Black Sabbath came before Kraftwerk’s ‘Heavy Metal Kids’… Yet without doubt, Black Sabbath must have learned from Kraftwerk, and first played in Germany.

In plain and simple faith there are no tricks or deception… There is no faith in “war”, there has never been a “war” between nations, and there never will be. War is merely a Game – “War Games” where the objective is to make the Game or the Show appear as real as possible. War is Opera conducted by directors and peopled by Hollow Men – the stuffed men! They only make gallant show and pretend to be brave, in reality they are all cowards, their medals and crests and flags are only for show, they have no faith nor loyalty – they are liars – sold-liars – soldiers in costumes.
“When love begins to sicken and decay, it useth an enforced ceremony. There are no tricks in plain and simple faith.” – Julius Caesar, Shakespeare

Another Hoax

“Fire is still the most damaging of all weapons and the easiest to wield because the main fuel source is oxygen….It is Fire that is the most deadly of all known weapons on this planet, a planet which has an explosive fuel source for its atmosphere.”  –  Third Reich Pilgrim – Part I – The Ruins of Power

The Internal Combustion Engine is also known as the “atmospheric engine”.

Humans have attempted to shift the history of the internal combustion engine to a French origin, which is humorous because Nikolaus Otto and Gottleib Daimler built the engines that were used in French automobiles… The fuel source is oxygen, so whatever fouling agent they decided to include, like “Gas” must have been to foul the engine more quickly, and the “Gas” is a bio-fuel made from wheat and corn and barley crops, grown mostly in Europe – “ethanol”, one might call it, or alcohol. “Gas” or “Petrol” does not come out of the ground (muddy, foul water is what they pump out of the ground, which can be used for watering the crops that actually produce the “Gas”. Anyway the main fuel source for engines is Oxygen. The properties of Oxygen were first discovered by the German Chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele.


How to eat Uranium


Cloning Hoax

I am still working on the MAYA: Reality Is An Illusion notes, where I have had to do quite extensive notes to clear up some of the misunderstandings, it is taking more work that what I thought because of popularization of “cloning” from theatrical beginnings….Associating Cloning with Nazi’s is something that Ira Levin dreamed up…..Unfortunately now we have to straighten things out all again….Basically, there is no such thing as mammalian reproductive cloning in a laboratory by somatic cell transfer, or by any other means in which there is a human agency operating….Not possible…Cannot happen…It happens in the PR Companies and fictional books by raconteurs and fraudsters….


I had to revise my previous post, because I was not critical enough of Phoneyhenge, it is even more phoney than what I first thought. If I was able to do a site assessment it would probably only take me 15 min to work it out, but over the internet it takes a little longer, a few hours at least. Phoneyhenge is not even made of real stones. Because of the weight of real stones it would be a far more complex and therefore expensive operation to place them in-situ. The British government has used steel fabricated shells and then used a form of spray-on concrete that has then been molded using plaster-of-paris, various natural means have then been used to acquire an aged look. In construction and engineering it is weight dispersal of the structure over the foundation area that is crucial, the weight of the structure needs to be well distributed, large monolithic stones of great weight are therefore extremely difficult to stand up straight, especially in a post and lintel form on unstable foundations such as Salisbury plain which turns into a muddy bog seasonally. If the stones were real they would subside and topple over after about one year…The only way real stones could stand in those positions in that geographical area would be if the large and extensive foundation works had been excavated and formed, this would include huge concrete pads and tonnes and tonnes of steel reinforcement. Concrete pads and steel reinforcements are still required and have been used but they would not have to be as large if the stones were hollow faux stone, a mock -up. Stonehenge is actually a mock-up. It is not even real…All evidence, as the Russians have revealed in these photos from the 1950’s, point to that time as the date of construction for the mock-up Phoneyhenge, there may have been previous attempts by the British government working through the Public Works departments and the British War Department which owns Salisbury Plain. Salisbury Plain is the largest military training ground in England, hence the Military have been involved in its construction. As we know it is very easy for the All-Lies to also produce fake photos and all types of fake “evidence” to enforce their illusions on the gullible general public. The narratives also change over time, the narrative on the first design briefs for a landscape folly were Biblically based, for example a ruin that survived Noah’s flood, that then changed to the ruins being constructed originally by the “Ancient Romans”, and then it changed to “Stone-Age man”, and then sun-worshipping “Ancient Druids”, the narrative has changed several times…And will change again, but the stones are not real, the dates are not real, all of Phoneyhenge is just Phoney, a Folly, an Amusement.


Missed a bit! The steel sheeting is still visible beneath the sprayed on concrete.



If you are not laughing, then the joke is on you. LOL.