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Strange Anomalies

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I have studied Operation Gomorrah in the past, and have written about it. According to the historical narrative, Hamburg was fire-bombed by the British RAF and US Airforce in July 1943, the recorded historical account has a distinctly Biblical aspect to it. Now if one sees that Germany is the “Holy Land”, the geographical location of the Biblical lands, as I have affirmed before that it is, then one can see that what is the “Jordan River” is the “Elbe River” and Lower Saxony is Canaan, Hamburg and Harburg being Sodom and Gomorrah.

The Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah

Now the strange anomaly here which I have only just discovered, is that the photographs depicting the ruins of Hamburg after the fire-bombing show a discrepancy. The photographs show the trees undamaged, completely unaffected by the fire which consumed the whole city – except for the trees! The trees are not scorched or burnt, they are green leafy trees, when they should be nothing but charred stumps! Now either this was an act of God, because it is impossible to explain how this could be, or the photographs are fake, or the narrative is false. But there was massive destruction in Hamburg and much of it has been rebuilt, but it has been rebuilt before – the Great Fire of Hamburg in 1842. It is stated that after the fire, in 1842, the infrastructure of Hamburg was changed, as it was after 1945, Hamburg has been re-built not once but twice, and both times the infrastructure of the city was changed, after 1945, the city of Hamburg was modernized. There was alleged to have been another Great Fire in the year 1284, this is also very strange, from a numerical point of view.

The Nuremberg Chronicle depicts a Middle Ages European city as Sodom and Gomorrah

Very strange anomalies, and I afraid I have no answer to them.

D-Day Joke


A Photograph of a Searchlight in Berlin to Defend Against Air Attacks, circa 1940. (Photo by Fotosearch/Getty Images)


Heavy anti-aircraft gun ready for action
History / World War Two / Aerial Warfare
– Heavy anti-aircraft gun of the German
air defence ready for action. –
Photo, 1940.
From: journal ‘Signal’, French edition,
vol. 1, no. 17, 1940, p. 17.

A searchlight is a spotlight, used in the Theater of War just like it is used in stage shows, fairs, and festivals. The corporations who made the searchlights and spotlights are identical. So the same technology was used in the night time war theatrical scenes that was, and is still used today, in entertainment industries: Movie premiers, advertising, opera, stage shows, etc… Art festivals and lightshows are more popular than ever, and one can also think of night clubs, music concerts and raves. The “Tribute of Light” now represents the World Trade Center in New York. This ceremonial use of spotlights has its popularization with the “Lichtdom”, or Cathedral of Light used in Third Reich Parties or Nuremberg Festivals, which have a long German tradition. The technology used in spotlights is the same technology that is used in movie and cinema projectors. War is another form of cinema, it can be seen as comedy or tragedy, but it is not real, or it is real only in the way a movie is real or a stage show is real. It is often stated by the media and in literature in relation to war: “it is not a movie, you know. It’s real”… This is just a deliberate and brazen attempt to fool the viewing public into believing that war is real… But the truth is, that war is just a movie, and everything related to war, like politics, is just a movie also. It’s merely stagecraft and the stagecraft is what is real.

Prop making 0.1

Von der Filmstadt bei Tempelhof. Straßenfronten in der Filmstadt.
Berlin 1920: Aufnahmegelände der Ufa in Tempelhof.

The Red Baron Joke

The joke here with the Red Baron, like all WWI “Fighters”, the planes were incapable of firing a machine gun because the machine gun was mounted behind the propeller! I was asked to prove how a plane “dog fight” is fake, well the evidence is the plane itself, for example here we have the Red Baron Fokker WWI plane, and the machine gun is mounted directly behind the propeller. The joke is, and everyone that knows anything about guns, machinery, planes, or has any sense at all, would be able to get the joke, the joke is this:

The gun is said to be synchronized with the propeller speed so that the bullets pass through the rotating blades!!!! LOL…

Manfred von Richthofen was an invented character, he was an acted part in a War Opera, he did not actually exist, and there was no such thing as WWI dog fights in the sky, nobody was shot down, nobody was killed, except if it was a stunt man who was accidentally killed during the aerial acrobatics… The aerial acrobatic displays are just an updated version of the trapeze artists in a travelling circus…But you are supposed to laugh, it is a joke and mere entertainment, war is not serious, it is just a funny joke… The same applies for WWII, where there was no actual fighter planes or bombers or any war in the skies, the planes flew, but they did not shoot other planes or drop bombs, it was not possible for the planes to fight at all… It was all just lies, and all the pilots that took part simply lied because they benefited from the lies they told.

Fake War

“The hope only of empty men”

Yr – “Did you have a chance to watch the mini doc on the making of ‘Head’?  It is worth watching as the Director admits wars are fake/staged and are essentially no different than making a movie. Did you catch the part in Head where Peter is whistling “Strawberry Fields”…nothing is real… and nothing to hung about…in the lavatory where the one eye appears to Davy behind the mirror? ”

Delenda – “Yes, the War making process has begun with the Opera House, specifically German Operas, and then it has extended from there, with movie making and photographic technology it became easier to convince the public that the war was real. Although, it would seem, that much of the “public” already knew this as they were actively taking part in the productions. Also there is a Karnival aspect to war, a Karnival public holiday, but like a scary ride in a travelling circus. Interestingly, The Beatles start out in Germany, popular music itself really begins with the German Romantic Movement, and Wandervogel Movements, then WWI songs and then WWII songs… Popular music uses much slapstick, basically a loud amplified noise designed to attract the attention of a passerby. It is impossible for British Rock music to precede German amplifications and instruments and music arrangements, but somehow they are trying to convince us that the British and Americans were more progressive in this field than the Germans… For example they say that Black Sabbath came before Kraftwerk’s ‘Heavy Metal Kids’… Yet without doubt, Black Sabbath must have learned from Kraftwerk, and first played in Germany.

Yr – “The movie ‘Tropic Thunder’ is another good one exposing their fake wars.  “They” sure love to fuck with us! Everything is scripted and has been for many centuries now. As you already know ALL music originates in Germany.. Truly speaking all movements have their roots there- both left and right wing political ideologies were scripted there as well..your absolutely correct, German Operas were the tools of choice for establishing the foundation for War Theatrics.. Wagner and Nietzsche worked hand in hand to script a narrative for the masses to mentally prep them for the deconstruction of modern Christianity as incapable of leading mankind to its Destined Geist Evolution- and in its replacement the they coalesced just about all spiritual/religious traditions into a hodge podge of esoteric neo-paganism/Cosmic Christ Consciousness/Vedic-Hindu/Theosophy with Holderlin philosophy as the core.  As a consequence, the fake Aryan movement was launched resulting in what you accurately call a ‘Karnival’ display of pompous and meaningless flag waving and yet convincing enough to ensnare the most hardcore idealist dissatisfied with the current malaise at that time.  Rudolf Steiner was another example of a masterfully trained “mind altering codist” (also like Serrano), Steiner worked closely with “Nietzsche” to rewrite metaphysical science which required no proof of its reality and of course to reform Christianity since idealism needed to be rolled out to respond to the rising doubt of Christian salvation among the Intellects ..Interestingly Nietzsche, Holderlin, Wagner and even Steiner all went mentally insane at the end of their lives.  Even Jung admitted at the end of his pathetic life it was all bullshit and after all his years of research that he learned fucking nothing!  Many thought he too was clinically insane when he died!  I admit, I too fell for all this..’88’..I even got duped by an Indian Guru called Sathya Sai Baba for many years though I knew the organization was rotten to the core.  I convinced myself he was being held captive against his will and I pathetically attempted to reconcile the discrepancies.   My weakness has always been my overactive idealism and my search for truth at all costs but one thing that has separated me from the herd is my willingness to discard my whole belief system if I discover it’s bullshit and I can pretty much guarantee you that all of it is just that.. BS!  And to be quite frank I can write novels on my spiritual experiences, even with Serrano, but in the end we are being manipulated emotionally and the mind registers emotions as real phenomenon and in the process logic is thrown out the window since we are told the supernatural is beyond mere human comprehension.   However, I soon realized these were not repeatable experiences and hence these experiences provided no real and measurable transformation-  victimized by the hope for salvation we fall into the emotional trap of thinking we now “know” and are part of something”special”.  The mind, however, does indeed dictate our state of “reality” causing us to feel happiness, sadness, etc.. based upon which bullshit we fall for- for example the placebo effect.  In reality, the mind not the astral is determing our reaction to the illusion of the sense world- not unlike a dream where the power of the emotional body superimposes itself so convincingly we believe what we are experiencing is reality but it is not..it is a fabrication..a movie where our mind is the screen and our emotions the projector.

Delenda – “I posted ‘Tropic Thunder’ vid not long ago. Basically it was a realistic look at the Vietnam Opera…Very funny.”
Yr – “‘Tropic Thunder’ is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. What a pathetic degenerate world we live in and you’re right no really gives a fuck…as the ziobots march onward fulfilling their bucket lists!  My father in law is a Vietnam Vet and before he entered the “Theater Opera” he was a total deadbeat alcoholic grifter with no future.  In fact, his family pretty much renounced him, but lo and behold after his return the wheel chair bound war hero with bullet wounds to prove his valor remarkably found his way into the fire department as a handicap vet- Born on Fourth of July look alike- and ultimately became a big city metro fire chief- where I might add was busted for spiking pensions for his pals.  I instinctively knew he was full of shit and a coward at heart- I just couldn’t prove it- still to this day the man won’t look me in the eye. “

Movie Break

Someone sent me an email with this movie link. For those that are now in on the joke. And actually, I had a deja vu moment when watching the scene where the Italian sold-liar gets out of the tank and surrenders, I have seen this before somewhere, and I might of seen the skit when I was young but forgotten it, but I just remember something like this and that is why it is so funny, because it is a joke, and I can get the joke now.

If you dont have time to watch the whole move-eye, the most relevant scenes for fake war are 8:53-13:20 and 20:00-22:37.. I also likes the fake Indian stuff, that is always funny, but I have known for a long time that Indians were just actors and then was no such thing as “natives”…LOL… It’s good for a giggle though…But is it that funny? I dont know, is it or isnt it?