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Prop making 0.1

Von der Filmstadt bei Tempelhof. Straßenfronten in der Filmstadt.
Berlin 1920: Aufnahmegelände der Ufa in Tempelhof.

Haus des Deutschen Sports, Berlin, 2016

Tempelhof Airport, 2016







The Tempelhof Airport was built in the late 1930’s, compare that if you will to what the All Lies had in terms of civilian Airports in the 1930’s? You have Google, I am sure it is not that hard. Today, Tempelhof Airport has been designated as a refugee camp, that is because the foe read Third Reich Pilgrim and they seek to denigrate and make a mockery of everything I do, but the mockery is on them. This was the site of the original Prussian Knights Templar, which is where the name “Tempelhof” comes from. I will be writing about this in my book Third Reich Pilgrim Part II…..Why was the Third Reich building a civilian airport during the war? Well I know the answer to that, and maybe those who read our books might be beginning to know the answer to that also. First things first though, for now I am completing the 2nd Edition of Maya: Reality Is An Illusion & Other Essays in Esoteric Hitlerism. It is an interesting book and it leads into many things we are elucidating.

“So it was that the ultimate Great War has not been just one more war in this world. It was something immense, definitive, and those who have so understood it have delivered us into battle, unto the end of everything.” – Maya: Reality Is An Illusion

Rites Of Pilgrimage. 2.

Rites Of Pilgrimage

By Kamerad Steve

The next day I visited the Olympic Stadium in the western suburb of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf. Most modern cities in Europe have the more exclusive suburbs in the western half of the city to avoid the acrid winds that blow through from the easterly industrial areas, it is in the eastern sides of the cities where usually the industrial factories are found, although now, of course, a large part of the industrial production has been relocated to China, where most of the world’s products are now manufactured in exchange for electronic digits which are created out of the depths of cyber-space by Jew Bankers. Unlimited fraudulent creation of cyber-space debt equals unlimited industrial activity at the cost of the environment. Those who live in the more exclusive suburbs might be described as middle-class, they believe they are doing all right out of the present system, because their life appears to be somewhat better than the classes below them. But really it just means that their slavery which holds them means that they are able to hold onto some possessions a little longer than those below them by borrowing more debt than those below them, in other words those who are in the most debt to the Jew Bankers are the most respected and favoured. This is the biggest sport in world Zion; who can get into the most debt and at the same time hold onto one’s possessions! For the slightly higher up in the system you are then the longer you are allowed to live in a house before the deliberate withholding of paper vouchers is slightly raised out of your grasp, and then it’s inevitably your turn in this sporting game to be foreclosed upon and the system goes on like this until the Bankers own everything in their own pathetic rigged sport!

Despite the refurbishment at the stadium, most notably the new roof, the overall essence of the magnificent limestone slabs remains as does the original fire-bowl for the Olympic Flame, the Marathon Gate, the swimming stadium and various sculptures of true art; in tribute to the Aryan concepts of sacrifice and achievement such as ‘Decathlete’ and ‘Winner’ by Arno Breker, the ‘Goddess of Victory’ by Willy Mellers, the ‘Relay Runners’ and the Horse Tamers’ by Joseph Wackerles and the ‘Discuss Throwers’ by Karl Abiker as well as the Olympic Bell (although this now sits on the south side of the stadium because the original bell tower was ruined by the Soviets and then completely destroyed by the British, today’s tower is a reconstruction) left to preserve the memory of the 1936 Olympic Games, which was officially opened here in Berlin by the Führer himself. Another thing that has been changed is the stadium seating area where the Führer sat, the reason given was that it was to satisfy ‘International Safety Standards’ which is just another form of unilaterally imposed Zionist control in order to coerce people into not taking responsibility for their own actions, thereby taking away their own independence. The audio guide that I was provided with actually had a recording of the Führer opening the 1936 Olympic Games contained within all the usual dull Jewish lies and fakery; it stated that Rudolf Hess in 1934 said that Germany would never have been awarded the Games if the Nazis had been in power at the time the decision was made, this is true due to the far-reaching influence of Zion, but the audio guide deems the reasons altogether differently stating that in 1934 Germany was far from being ‘civilized and democratic’… The Third Reich in 1934 was in fact the most civilized of all civilizations, ever. But according to the ghetto drones of Zion, civilization, democratic and civilized, is downtown Chicago or Piccadilly Circus, or somewhere else other than Germany.  Actually the Third Reich as a system of government achieved the highest democratic rating possible, by all democratic standards, the Third Reich was the most Democratic government ever. How? Because it was NOT a Democracy! Let some egg-headed University political-science professor try to figure that one out. The audio guide informs me that the hand-worked limestone slabs fitted well with Nazi ideology, that is to say that they give an impression of ‘violent power’, you see how the Jews rely on such use of pathetic adjectives rather than a cold hard discussion of facts, in the neurotic Jewish mind even cold hard limestone stonemasonry is anthropomorphic and animated into a violent monster hell-bent on manipulative control and power. Next up on the provided lying headphones is the lying audio guide explaining that everything done by the Nazis relating to the 1936 Olympic Games was nothing more than cynical propaganda, this is a common tactic; just throw the all-encompassing term ‘propaganda’ over all truth and leave it at that. For real brainwashing propaganda I direct your attention to the 2012 Olympic Games, including the symbol used to promote such: Z.I.O.N. How is that for ‘propaganda’? The Zion audio guide goes onto inform listeners that the 1936 torch relay was sabotaged in Czechoslovakia by people who felt threatened by ‘the more militant members of the ethnic Germans’ living there; the guide omits the fact that three and a half million Germans were not allowed to sing a German song because the Czechs felt offended, by Germans singing a German song, mostly women and children who were consequently beaten up later by an enraged Czech crowd. Also omitted is the fact that the singing German women and children were on their own German land stolen by the terrorist Treaty of Versailles, creator of the Czech bastard state of oppression.

I continue to the Langemarck Halle and the reconstructed Bell Tower; there was a guide showing people the way and he was listening to a radio which was playing a subliminal Zionist message entitled ‘Born in the USA’ by Bruce Springsteen. They were showing a film in the Bell Tower area which was being viewed by German schoolchildren; the glory in pictures was obvious, perhaps one day they will accompanied with the truth, perhaps one day those school children will reject the lies. The Langemarck Halle is dedicated to the German soldiers who died in the Battle of Langemarck in 1914 and was also visited by the Führer in 1936. I continue to the Dietrich Eckart Thingstatte which is now known as Waldbruhne, as it is now unacceptable to name things in honour of ‘Evil Nazis’. As well as the subliminal messages on the radio, Zion promotes the ‘Rock Concert’ as a means of subjugating the minds of the young and this is what the Waldbruhne is used for today. There is now a plastic cover to accommodate these concerts which interferes with the original beauty of the ‘Word In Stone’, the plastic cover serves the concept of utility and the concept of utility here serves Zion in providing shelter to those who engage in passing on Zion’s subliminal messages and this lame pathetic programming stands in stark contrast to the messages of Truth and Sacrifice which radiate from the sculptures by Josef Wackerle which guard the entrance to the Dietrich Eckart Thingstatte. A battle rages – may the New Man rise from the ashes of the ‘Rock Concert’ and forge in the Spirit Of The Word In Stone!

I go back towards the center of Berlin and visit the Franziskaner Ruine which was destroyed in the Second World War by cowards who being too scared to fight the German Soldiers man to man, dropped bombs on women and children from the skies instead, the ruin is now surrounded by buildings of utility. In order to further their insidious agenda of genocide, the Jews declared 2013 to be the ‘Theme Year’ in Berlin which commemorates the 80th anniversary of the ‘Nazis accession to power’ and the 75th anniversary of the 1938 November Pogroms’. In order to facilitate the lies which this ‘Theme Year’ contains, they have set up ‘information pillars’ all over the city which are signified by an easily noticeable red or black cross on a white background often accompanied by a photograph of a criminal Jewish face such as Magnus Hirschfeld, or Regina Jonas, or Cora Berlina, or Sebastion Haffner, or Gabriele Tergit, or Nissim Zacouto. In total over two hundred of these Jews are featured. The name ‘Theme Year’ is ‘Diversity Destroyed’ and in actual fact it was destroyed, if only for a short while it was destroyed and rightly so! Let us examine the meaning of the term ‘diversity’: diversity n. (pl. diversities) 1. the state of being varied. 2. a range of different things. The Jews plan to flood Europe with a range of different things! This is called immigration and destruction of Race! They want to turn Europe into a varied state! This is called destruction of culture! The term ‘diversity’ is a term that the Jews and their helpers use which to them means destruction of Europe and it was this destruction that the Third Reich put a stop to, as it states on one of the leaflets; ‘the Theme Year’s programme highlights the cultural diversity that made Berlin a city of global fame and commemorates its destruction at the hands of the Nazi regime.’  The International Jew, through its control of the International Media, proclaimed that Berlin, whilst ever it was allowing itself to be destroyed, was a city of ‘global fame’! Whilst ever a city promotes murder, fraud and rape it will have fame and favour bestowed upon it on a perpetual basis. The Nazis objected to this, much to the dismay of the ghetto drones of the cities of London and New York, the Nazis destroyed this destruction in self defence and have been hated ever since because of it. ‘Diversity’ also included writing lies in books which were written on the backs of unborn babies cut from the stomachs of pregnant women, this being the kind of thing that the ziobotic drones of such a ‘vibrantly diverse metropolis of culture’ such as Manchester or Detroit would view as light entertainment, but the Nazis objected in self defence, hence the book burnings of 10th May 1933 on the Opernplatz. The Nazis objected to this destruction, this diversity, and that is why they are hated now.

To be Continued…

Rites of Pilgrimage

Rites of Pilgrimage

by Kamerad Steve,

The following essay pertains to my pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 2013. As is often the case when travelling in this modern world, one must use an airport, which have now become nothing more than Zionist methods of power and control. The use of the term ‘power’ must be explained first; there are two kinds of power, that power which is gained through will and struggle and truth and the application of justice which was embodied in Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich, and then there is that kind of power which is gained through subversion and cowardice and through the fact that nobody else gives a damn about how this power is obtained or the way in which the power is wielded. Essentially speaking, the world power of Zion is gained due to the fact that people don’t mind being subjected to any kind of power and Zion doesn’t realise the extent to which the vast majority of people have come to enjoy these abusive experiences, due to the deeply rooted mass psychological insertion of Stockholm Syndrome into their mindsets, which is what programs them.

I arrive in Berlin and walk along Stasse des 17 Juni and arrive at the Victory Column, a memorial with its magnificent mosaics, which was originally dedicated to Prussian Victories and which is crowned by a statue of Victoria, the Roman goddess of victory, which furnishes a clue as to the real history, the real history of this Holy Land of Germania. The inventions of false histories being one of the key methods used to control the levers of power; controlling which civilizations are programmed and which civilizations are deprogrammed from the mindsets of Ziobots. Reached through an underground passage, the Column was moved to its current position from its original position near the Reichstag in 1939, as part of the development of Albert Speer’s architectonic plans for Germania, which would have represented the great center of a magnificent creation built out of solid granite blocks, built for a new creation, a New Race. This underlines one of the key concepts of the Third Reich; which was to create new magnificent concepts which had never been created before, but also preserve what was worth preserving from the past. If something from the past was created to further an insidious agenda then it should be destroyed. If something from the past was created to further truths then it should be preserved. Of course, the exhibition inside the Victory Column distorts all of this and contains a picture of the Column being ‘toppled’ from its original position in order to make way for this ‘brutal’ new building project, that of Germania. An extra column was also added in 1939 to commemorate the bonding of the Reich with Austria the previous year, a natural union of peoples with common blood; this is of course, given its usual term ‘annexation’ by the Jew propagandists who strive to give the impression that this was carried out by force rather than being an Act of Will of Common Peoples. There are also various models in the exhibition of the European monuments which include the Temple of Valhalla at Regensburg and the main figure that gets a mention here is the evil little creature Sophie Scholl, who has like some of the other busts that are at the Temple of Valhalla absolutely no business at all being there, Valhalla being a place which is reserved exclusively for Nordic heroes. Note how the Jews always give their main figures in their lies snappy names such as Sophie Scholl and Anne Frank, so the lies can be remembered more easily. Another of the information boards at the Victory Colum exhibition states: “A national monument to the German Empire has been transformed into a symbol of openness and cosmopolitanism. The nations of Europe peacefully gather at the base of the monument and on the platform at the top of the column just below the golden goddess of victory.” See how they use the word ‘transformed’ as though the deliberate destruction of a civilised German empire is a ‘good thing’, a ‘symbol of openness’? Anybody who is even remotely aware of the way the Jews operate would know that the ‘democratic state’ is anything but open and anyone who has listened to any of the speeches of Adolf Hitler would understand that the Third Reich was the most open society in history. Cosmopolitanism? Let’s look at the definition of the word; cosmopolitan adj. 1. made up of people from many different countries. 2. familiar with many different countries. This can be translated as being the flooding of Europe with immigrants in a deliberate attempt to dilute the effectiveness of the naturally superior race and therefore the naturally superior culture and civilization. You see the Jews only destroy they never build or create. Possessing knowledge of different countries is something else entirely. When they speak of the ‘nations’ of Europe, they are in fact referring to the Jew controlled corporations where free speech is not allowed, if said free speech involves speaking the truth. Their use of the term ‘peacefully’ is just a euphemism for the arrangement of a corporate state where people never speak the truth and never act on the truth, in other words a Jewish dictatorship. Weighing thirty five tonnes, the golden goddess of victory is actually made out of bronze; if it was made out gold, the Zionists would have melted it down and added it to their stolen hoard a long time ago.

I walk down through the Tiergarten to Tiergartenstrasse and arrive at one of the finest sites in Berlin, a magnificent statue of Richard Wagner by Gustav Eberlein which was unveiled on the 1st October 1903; protected from the elements by a large cover, He gazes out across infinity and eternity with the knowledge and wisdom that even the gods could not match. It is as though one of the two figures below Him is at a loss to comprehend what is going on in the world and what has gone on in the world yet the other figure below Him waves her arm towards the stern wisdom and the truths of the world that sit above her. It is often the case in this world and in life that a living being that exists on this earth will often reveal its own true nature and its real reason for being by the way it acts and by its own subconscious actions; often one can gauge this quite accurately if one possesses a perceptive nature and if the truth resonates within a person to begin with. There is Truth and there is Justice and there is Beauty and there is Glory which can all be seen within the gaze of the Two Greatest Men That Ever Lived; one is represented in the statue above and the other is Adolf Hitler.

Near the Reichstag and the Brandenburg Gate, just off Stasse des 17 Juni, the Tiergarten is horribly blighted by a memorial to the murderers, rapists and generally filthy scum known popularly as the Soviet Army. The crimes committed by these creatures on behalf of Zion (and often blamed on the Germans) were absolutely horrific, yet here is a monument honouring them for their crimes, against Germany, in Germany! There is also an even larger ‘tribute’ to these monsters in Treptower park. One wonders what the tens of millions of Russian people starved to death and murdered by the Soviet Union during the 1930’s and those residents of the Ukraine who were rescued by the magnificent Wehrmacht in 1941 would have made of this so-called tribute. Of course, German memorials are never maintained, the lies and the ‘guilt card’ have seen to that. Perhaps the most sickening thing about the place was that flowers were actually laid there…

I arrive at the Bradenburg Gate and think what it must have been like on that magnificent day of January 30 1933, which saw the torchlight march through the gate to celebrate the coming to power of The Men of Light and also on the day of April 20 1939, the Führer’s fiftieth birthday when he was driven under the gate in front of thousands of courageous men and women, a few months before war was declared on Germany for daring to break away from Zionist occupation. Of course, nowadays, liberals try to equate the gate to ‘German aggression’ and some evil ‘Nazism’ because nothing is sacred and nothing is to be spared when it comes to the lies and slander. Pariser Platz, where the proud Brandenbrg Gate stands, also houses the Jew corporate embassy of the Jew corporate United States of America Inc, such are the numerous contrasting symbols of freedom and slavery in today’s Germany. Like all famous building in Europe it is surrounded by Ziobot tourists, acting as Ziobot tourists do, with little regard for the real meaning of anything. One wonders if the tourists on the leisure crafts cruising the River Spree are aware that the number ‘six million’ was used on many occasion by many Jew owned newspapers to describe neurotic ‘Jew suffering’ decades before the Second World War even started, before being applied to the lies of the Holocaust. Close to the gate is the Reichstag and one of the first things I notice is a great big sick joke written in capital letters on the front. It reads; DEM DEUTSCHEN VOLKE which means ‘To The German People’. The only thing that a Jewish Democracy serves is the attempted destruction of the Deutsches Volk. They invert you see, in order to try to compensate for their inadequacies they invert: ‘To The German People’ actually means ‘Against The German People’. Only once in history have the Deutsches Volk been truly served and truly free. But the Ziobot tourists don’t mind, they were all, I assume, waiting in line to go inside and see where the Great Democracy is served. If one wishes to visit the other big sick joke of the Reichstag, the glass dome at the top designed by the Zionist Norman Foster, one now has to register in advance because the ‘Great Terror Threat’ has to be maintained so all the people end up living in a state of perpetual fear and so they all go running to Zion to tell them how to live. This glass dome, in layman’s terms (and there is no more accurate way to say it) really takes the piss – and that’s what Zion takes pleasure in, they deliberately destroy aesthetically pleasing buildings by erecting glass and steel monstrosities either within, or nearby. But wait a moment, this particular glass and steel monstrosity has been especially designed so that people (slaves) can actually see down into the parliament hall where all the Ziobotic politicians work, acting against their own interests! So everything is alright. Outside the Reichstag there is a large roped off area with the obligatory police presence, again to give the impression of the perpetual emergency but perhaps the Ziobots let the communists in again for another false flag attack.

To be continued….