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Interview with Baldur von Schirach

The New Race

The New Race 

by Baldur von Schirach


Never served yet we are Soldiers,

we have never fought a real War,

a war of bullets and grenades.

And yet we know battles and victories-

no, not a war such as our scars suggest,

and yet it was War! For many, many have died…


We are all free, yet now we see in Service

more Freedom than in personal demands.

We sit at desks, we stand by our machines,

Hundreds of thousands with one Soul.

We are the heretics, we are the deeply pious,

of today, of yesterday, and what Cometh.


Excerpt from the upcoming release of Songs Of The Reich, to be released for the first time here on Siddharreich, on Fuhrertag – 20th April 2016. This is the poetical book that the Torch Bearers have created to present to the Ehreans of this world, to inspire them and unify them; through poetry, poetry previously untranslated from the Third Reich, poetry that would have remained untranslated without our collaborative efforts, and poetry from the post-War period all the way up to the present day, following a divine thin Golden Line, as if hands rising together from distant fields reached out all at once, from those whom have fallen so far from the Fatherland, their Loyalty still rises like towers above the barren wastelands of this tormented earth. We may be dispersed, we may be lost, but our silent songs of great longing echo around the earth as the swinging branches of dying oaks move to nocturnal breaths.