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Etymological/Geographical Root Names for Europe






Here we have the true names for the Geographical locations of Europe, and the whole world, they are all German originally as the Germanic Race discovered and settled the entire world. No “indigenous cultures” exist or have existed, they were all brought to their current locations by Germans and Aryans….The only truly indigenous culture is German, as it was the Germans who pioneered and built all others, where the Germans went first, there was no other human there, the dark races were brought there later on ships and horse back by Whites – they were carried.. All the names have been changed to hide this, a cover-up….Let each man work out his Judgement with God. Obviously the vast majority of humanity will be falling on the wrong side of the Truth.


You Stand Defiant

“You stand on the shore, 

A scandal to your kin.

A shade, and you no longer love them”

– Friedrich Holderlin




The Third Reich Pilgrim visited Remagen in 2016….

Rise My Sons

Rise My Sons

By Robert J. Matthews


Sons of Odin, Sons of Thor,

Kings of the cold sea;

O gods, we go to do you honor.

Who can stand against us?

See us, we go feed the Ravens

With your enemies

And to make the wound-dew

Run red upon the grass.

Men of the mountains, go forth!

Carry the title of liberty high;

Meet the enemy with righteous might

And with fury, drive him into the sea.

Fight my sons!

Fight for the green graves of your Sires.

Be you a shield and protect the blood kindred

People of your soil;

Reclaim our sacred ground for Aryan man and Aryan woman.

Let the seas run red with the blood

Of the fleeting alien hordes;

Go forth, my sons and carry the banner

Of your people high!

In the midst of battle I will be at your side;

Victory will be Ours!


Land of the Fuhrer


“The Aryan Initiation cannot be completed without a pilgrimage to Hitler’s promised land of Berchtesgaden, and here at the point  of the Gralsburg amid terrestrial wonders, the Germanic Parnassus, the Hoher Goll, where the magical Third Reich ‘Lord of the Grail’ Adolf Hitler had his silent bastion in the clouds. They cannot deNazify the Mountains of Gods!” – Third Reich Pilgrim: The Ruins Of Power

Like Savitri Devi, Miguel Serrano and George Lincoln Rockwell, I followed the path of the true Luciferians to the Land of the Fuhrer, and it was there that I received my Vision, and so I became a Son of Hitler, a Ghost Dog, a Black Raven of the Ultimate Battalion….An Einherier of Ehrean Germania.



Book Release: ‘Atlantis Edda & Bible’

Hermitage Helm Corpus & Germania Ahnenerbe are honored to announce the book release of the English translation of Hermann Wieland’s ATLANTIS, EDDA & BIBLE, expertly translated from the original German by Gregory Klanderud:

2016-04-07 18.39.22


For inquiries and details on purchasing please go to Hermitage Helm Corpus page (email: hermitage75@yahoo.com.au).

“The first ever English translation of Hermann Wieland’s epic retelling of the esoteric history of Atlantis and the truth about ancient Aryan religion. Banned and destroyed by the Allied forces following World War II, this cornerstone work of the ages has remained hidden to the Anglophone world until now. Going beyond the saga of Atlantis, Wieland goes further into the darkened depths of history to reveal how the true religion and heritage of the Aryan race has been falsified and stolen from us for thousands of years. Atlantis, Edda & Bible not only exposes the forces behind this concerted effort to destroy the Aryan peoples but also ultimately reveals the secret and hidden message of the Holy Bible itself.”

This book is released on the same day as another book, yet at different ends of the earth, a book that is complimentary and relevant to our current situation, therefore it is fitting that the release of the two books should coincide. The companion book I write of is the English translation of Philipp Stauff’s RUNENHAUSER by the 55 Club:


Delenda contra Nietzsche. Part I

“My formula for greatness in man is amor fati: the fact that a man wishes nothing to be different, either in front of him or behind him, for all eternity. Not only must the necessary be borne, and on no account concealed, – all idealism is falsehood in the face of necessity, – but it must also be loved.” – Nietzsche, Ecce Homo.

This is of course mere copying of the Latin phrase amor fati – “love of fate”. There is nothing original in Nietzsche’s writing, like Houstan Stewart Chamberlain pointed out, Nietzsche never had one original idea of his own, he borrowed and stole everything, which is why his god is Dionysus.

What does the Wagnerian, Adolf Hitler, write about idealism: “Were it not for idealism, all faculties of the intellect, even the most brilliant, would be nothing but intellect itself, a mere external phenomenon without inner value, and never a creative force….Without being conscious of it, the purest idealism is always associated with the most profound knowledge.”  –  Mein Kampf. In every instant Hitler can be contrasted with Nietzsche, one is Aryan and one is Jewish. The Aryan is discerned by his idealism, but the Jew is discerned by his distinct lack of idealism. Serrano would say that the Jew has a purely rational intellect, and that the Jew is simply devoid of all self-sacrificing sentiments. And Hitler would say that it is only with Aryan self-sacrifice that the world receives a creative force. Again Nietzsche has no creative force, he borrows from what he finds, like Dionysus was originally a thief, and Dionysus, the bibulous cynic, is Nietzsche’s god. This constant adoration of the mythological deity of Dionysus is a total dissimulation because Nietzsche is an atheist, how typically Jewish.

Hitler describes the Jew as having a “tenacious will-to-survive”. I would say the same, the Jew has a remarkable will to self-preservation, to the conservation of its self. Nietzsche would call this “will to power”, not his own idea, it is just the natural Jewish instinct, one can see it everywhere in action.

“I cannot remember ever having exerted myself, I can point to no trace of struggle (kampf) in my life; I am the reverse of a heroic nature.”  –  Nietzsche, Ecce Homo

Sometimes the Jew with his rational intellect can be very accurate in self analysis, like Nietzsche is here, very frank, blunt. I would contrast this, Nietzsche’s disclosure in Ecce Homo, with all of Hitler’s Mein Kampf! And what more can I add? Hitler and Nietzsche, even when Nietzsche is being candid, are opposed on everything!

Nietzsche has no concept of the “after-life”, no concept of the “Beyond”, no concept of the “soul”, no concept of “truth”, no concept of “eternal life”. He scoffs at the like, referring to such values as nonsense, Nietzsche condemns such values. “All those things which mankind has valued with such earnestness heretofore are not even real; they are mere creations of fancy, or, more strictly speaking, lies born of evil instincts of diseased and, in the deepest sense noxious natures – all concepts, “God, “soul”, “virtue”, “sin”, “Beyond”, “truth, “eternal life”…But the greatness of human nature, its “divinity”, was sought for in them.”  –   Nietzsche, Ecce Homo.

I am quoting Ecce Homo (Behold the Man), because Nietzsche is revealing himself in autobiographical form. Ecce Homo, the title, is of course borrowed from the Latin Bible! Ecce Homo is the Christ, Sacrificed! Nietzsche does not believe in the self sacrifice of divinity, but he has no qualms about using the terms ascribed to it for his own contradictory cause, which is the very definition of dissimulation, which is the very nature of the Jew. But Hitler wrote that self sacrifice, and belief in divinity, belief in an afterlife, belief in the immortality of the Aryan soul, are fundamental beliefs of the Aryan. In contrast to the Jew who believes all such things to be nonsense. The Jew does not believe in a Judgement either, and therefore believes that morals are nonsense. Nietzsche writes: “I obey my Dionysian nature, which knows not how to separate the negative deed from the saying of yea. I am the first immoralist, and in this sense I am essentially the annihilator.” –  Ecce Homo. He is not the first immoralist though, that’s just boasting, chutzpah, Nietzsche, thoroughly immoral, is not the first immoralist. For Nietzsche the spirit of Negation and annihilation are inseparable from “yea-saying life”, which is of course a contradiction. But Nietzsche is always consistently contradictory, which makes challenging him very difficult, and its the reason why he has got away with what he has for so long….This is why Nietzsche can say “we Argonauts of the ideal”, or “we free spirits” without any consciousness that this is in total contradiction to his entire so called “philosophy”.

“The Germans have not the faintest idea of how vulgar they are – but this in itself is the acme of vulgarity, they are not even ashamed of being merely Germans. They will have their say in everything, they regard themselves as fit to decide all questions; I fear that they have decided about me. My whole life is essentially a proof of this remark. In vain have I sought among them for a sign of tact and delicacy towards myself. Among the Jews I did indeed find it, but not among the Germans.” –  Nietzsche, Ecce Homo

Nietzsche seeks company amongst Jews, rightly so, they are of his same nature, and he states it in no uncertain terms.

And with that I will end Part I of my polemic against Nietzsche.