Hermitage Helm Corpus

The time is come, time to drink from this Grail, at the dawn light of the Black Sun.

To express interest in purchasing the 2nd Edition of MANU: “For The Man To Come” by Miguel Serrano (English Translation), THIRD REICH PILGRIM, Part 1: The Ruins Of Power by Karl Young, Third Reich Pilgrim, Part II: Ghostland by Karl Young. Son Of The Widower & Interviews With Miguel Serrano by Miguel Serrano (English Translation), Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar (English Translation), MAYA: Reality Is An Illusion & Other Essays In Esoteric Hitlerism by Miguel Serrano & Hermitage Helm Corpus (English Translation – 2nd Editions), Songs Of The Reich by Hermitage Helm Corpus, Atlantis, Edda & Bible by Hermann Wieland, The Golden Cord: Esoteric Hitlerism by Miguel Serrano, Germania: Book I by Steve Hirst, The Saga Of Hailstorm Part I: In Harm We Trust by Karl Delling please send an email to:   hermitage75@yahoo.com.au

For all inquiries and purchasing and Paypal or Bank Transfer payment details please email:  hermitage75@yahoo.com.au


MANU: For The Man To Come – AUD$34.95.

THIRD REICH PILGRIM Part I: The Ruins Of Power – AUD$29.95.

THIRD REICH PILGRIM Part II: Ghostland – AUD$29.95.

Son Of The Widower & Interviews With Miguel Serrano – AUD$17.95.

Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar – AUD$89.00 (hardcover, unabridged) – AUD$49.95 (softcover, abridged).

MAYA: Reality Is An Illusion & Other Essays In Esoteric Hitlerism – 2nd Edition – AUD$19.95.

Atlantis, Edda & Bible – AUD$59.95

Songs Of The Reich – AUD$14.95.

The Golden Cord: Esoteric Hitlerism – AUD$24.95. (SOLD OUT).

Germania: Book I – AUD$29.95

The Saga Of Hailstorm Part I: In Harm We Trust – AUD$19.95. (SOLD OUT).


Title:     Atlantis, Edda & Bible – 200,000 Years of Germanic World Culture and the Secrets of the Holy Scriptures.

Cover:     Hardcover.

Page Count:     418.

Illustrations:     80.

Language:     English translated from original German.

ISBN:     9780995400436

Catalogue Record:     National Library of Australia.

Title:      MANU ‘For The Man To Come’.

Cover:    Paperback.

Page count:     367.

Illustrations:     80+

Language:     English, translated from original Spanish.

ISBN:      9780987370556

Catalogue Record:     National Library of Australia.


Title:     THIRD REICH PILGRIM. Part: 1 – The Ruins Of Power.

Cover:     Paperback.

Page count:     252.

Illustrations:     20.

Language:     English.

ISBN:     9780987370518

Catalogue Record:     National Library of Australia.

Third Reich Pilgrim Cover Art (2)

Title:     THIRD REICH PILGRIM, Part II: Ghostland.

Cover:     Paperback.

Page Count:     213.

Illustrations:     21.

Language:     English.

ISBN:     978-0-6481867-1-7.

Catalogue Record:     National Library of Australia.

Title:     The Son Of The Widower & Interviews With Miguel Serrano.

Cover:     Paperback.

Page Count:     101.

Illustrations:     14.

Language:     English translated from original Spanish.

ISBN:     9780995400412.

Catalogue Record:     National Library of Australia.


Title:     Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar. 

Cover:     Hardcover.

Page Count:     969.

Illustrations:     92.

Language:     English translated from original Spanish.

ISBN:     978-0-9873705-6-3

Catalogue Record:     National Library of Australia.



Title:     MAYA: Reality Is An Illusion & Other Essays In Esoteric Hitlerism (2nd Edition)

Page Count:     145

Cover:     Paperback

Illustrations:     35

Language:     English

ISBN:    978-0-9954004-0-5

Catalogue Record:     National Library of Australia



Title:     Songs Of The Reich (2nd edition)

Page Count:     194

Cover:      Paperback

Illustrations:      15

Language:      English

ISBN:      978-0-9954004-4-3

Catalogue Record:     National Library Of Australia


Title:    The Golden Cord: Esoteric Hitlerism (1st Edition)

Page Count:   294

Cover:     Paperback

Illustrations:     19

Language:    English

ISBN:     978-09954004-8-1

Catalogue Record:   National Library Of Australia


Title:     Germania: Book I

Page Count:     344

Cover:     Papaerback

Illustrations:     39

Language:     English

ISBN:     978-0-6481867-0-0

Catalogue Record:     National Library of Australia


Title:     The Saga Of Hailstorm Part I: In Harm We Trust

Page Count:     142

Cover:     Paperback

Illustrations:     7

Language:     English

ISBN:     978-0-9954004-7-4

Catalogue Record:     National Library of Australia

64 responses to “Hermitage Helm Corpus

  • Notc88

    E-mail, sent! Looking forward to obtaining copies! I have been waiting for this release for some time!

  • Toval (@Pantheist21)

    I sent an email as well.I look forward to obtaining a copy of Manu very much!

  • delendaestziobot

    Which one are you Toval? What was your first name?

  • aufihrhelden

    My review of Third Reich Pilgrim :

    ‘I ordered and have now received and read my copies of Third Reich Pilgrim and MANU : For The Man To Come – I hold them in my hands now. So what do you receive for A$64.90 plus posting and packaging ? The Truths of The World of History, The Truths of The Third Reich and The Lies of History, indeed The Lies of Ancient History. What do you usually spend your ‘money’ on ? Food and water, certainly. A mortgage or other debt which was created fraudulently out of thin air, probably. Light entertainment, perhaps. Yet, for A$64.90 you could receive The Truths of The World. Perhaps you think that A$64.90 for both books is expensive but how much is the Truth worth, what is the cost of ignorance ? The Greatest Books of The Twenty-First Century have to be striking, they have to be of a certain quality regarding the print and the binding because they contain the Truths of The World, these books are the books that will destroy the lies of all other books. These books aim to be the books that put a stop to the mass production of Lies From The Jewish Printing Press and thus halt the destruction of mass swathes of forests in the process. Would you like to be one of the first to discover The Truths of The World ? These are Holy Books.’

    In Kampf for Germany and The Fuhrer !
    In Kampf for Wagner and Serrano !

  • delendaestziobot

    When and if the distribution moves to an online bookseller, my calculations suggest that the price will become more expensive, not less. It also depends on how many books are printed and where they are printed.
    And yes, this is the first time in human history that such truths have been made available to the general plebeian public, the reasons behind this are manifold, and some of them relate only to my personal choice.

  • oregoncoug

    My books have arrived from Australia promptly as promised and in excellent condition.

    Since I’m the translator of Manu: For the Man to Come perhaps I should also comment on this First Edition of the book in English. This is the edition of Manu that is the most directly and literally from the forge of its original transmutation from Spanish into English, so the language is extremely faithful to the original, like the Septuagint Bible. The upcoming Second Edition will be more polished for the English-speaking readership, more like Jerome’s Vulgate Bible. Therefore readers who want absolute accuracy in the sacred text may want to purchase this rare First Edition of this rarest Holy Writ of the Aryans since after this First Edition it will probably not be offered again. It will be replaced by the Second Edition, by an easier to read but less fanatically faithful to the original translation version of the sacred text, more in the manner of Jerome. Not quite so virginally raw, more elegant and much more expensive.

    This First Edition is the true first light from the Morning Star at the primeval moment of the Dawn of an Aryan Golden Age, the initial sparks from the forge of the Black Sun of 2012. In the authentic history of publishing holding this First Edition may be something like seeing one of the first finished copies of the Guttenberg Bible in 1454.

    The like of this in publishing will not be seen again.

  • delendaestziobot

    A most important difference between our sacred books of Esoteric Hitlerism and the early Bible public (Vulgate) books is that no foetuses were used in the production of our Books of the 21st Century, whereas the Guttenberg Bible of the 15th Century for example was printed on the backs of unborn babies.

    The Third Reich Pilgrim has now formally published his theses against all concerned with early Bible production and much else. And presented the true Books of Ehrean Kristianity to the world. Luther’s 95 Theses are merely a premonition of this event, Luther is merely a conception of the manifestation of Hermitage Helm Corpus!

  • jmackdog

    I have started ‘MANU’ and it is fascinating beyond any endeavor I have partaken in this struggle for truth, not perceived truth. However, I will need to re-read this masterpiece again to absorb things I have certainly missed.

    page 174
    “The great mistake that humans commit, and the warriors of the Sacred War too, is to think they are confronting something similar to themselves. It is not so because they are fighting against a mechanical invention, a genetic robot; monster without soul, without a life of its own.”

    profound words indeed !

  • jmackdog

    Indeed I am Maestro !

    I have begun my arduous journey to the ‘Eagles Nest’ (via Third Reich Pilgrim) and the view is spectacular beyond words, regardless of the desecration imposed by the allies, and the ‘made in china’ litter that lines this holy dwelling.

    I am smitten….

    Thank you for this blog, otherwise I wouldn’t have tripped over the two most important, and moving books I ever read.

  • jmackdog

    As I limp to the conclusion of the Third Reich Pilgrim, purposely reading slowly not to finish this formidable pilgrimage minus any zio his-story, my eyes have been sealed open forever at the ruins of the Reich epoch.

    A great day for some book burning. They will see the flames from miles around. All books containing falsehoods and deception must perish into piles of ash.

    I believe today that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator. AH

  • Raul


    Hi I want to thank you for this two wonderful books, Manu and The 3rd Reich Pilgrim. On the 3 Reich Pilgrim what a incredible journey to the hidden buried history, the hidden history that is resurrecting with great force. Now, I have question about a paragraph in the book of Manu, I don’t’ know if you can help me.

    O and by the way you guys did an excellent job on the translation.

    I am going to write the paragraph from page 44 of the book of Manu. After explaining the origin of the explosion that gave birth to the universe, that such explosion was an invasion from another Universe not ruled by any mechanical Explosion Laws on which Don Miguel Serrano called a Universe of the Spirit.

    “”This might seem like Gnosticism or even dualism, if not for there being in addition to these two universes moreover many others, unimaginable and of pure imagination, like those particles of quantum science, the Myrmidons-from mind, mentality,) or like “imaginary numbers’. Inexistent Universes that nevertheless exist. Because of this, Esoteric Hitlerism is neither a Manichean dualism nor even a Gnosticism. “”

    So in other words does this small and rich information paragraph saying that there are other many types of worlds beyond and besides the Spirit and Matter World? Other worlds created by other kind of materials, components or structures besides Spirit and Mater?

    • delendaestziobot


      Don Miguel Serrano is saying there are infinite worlds and infinite universes, yet the one we see and exist in here by error, due to a corrupting and malignant Demiurgic Explosion and its subsequent galatic Imperialism is an illusion, and crucially a trap, a world where many have been trapped and lie as if hypnotized and therefore become trapped in the Eternal Return, unable to free themselves. And so the Immortals (the gods) descend into this universe searching for their companions from another universe and maybe even their own soul, who is “She”. This cosmogony has been adulterated and expurgated as the “fall of Man”. But the truth is there are Men and Women who are not of this World, but have come down to this world either by error or voluntarily. So the cosmogony of Esoteric Hitlerism differs greatly from dualist Gnosticism where the material world is to be shunned or avoided and an abstract spiritual world embraced as a mystic or saint, that would be a delusion by which one becomes easier prey and food for the Demiurge. The hero must fight, there is no way out but through the gates of Death, one cannot escape into an abstract spiritual world here on this earth because it does not exist here, our ‘Spirit’ is not from this earth and has no place here, therefore we cannot see it, it is lost to us while we are here, we sometimes remember it, but it is another place where we existed before we came here, but perhaps also not that one either but another, perhaps we have overcome many worlds before we came to this one.
      Serrano definitely believed that there are infinite worlds and universes and not just one, or two.

      • Oregoncoug

        Kamerad Raul,

        Here is a quote from my translation of the Letter of Miguel Serrano to Nimrod de Rosario:

        “For Esoteric Hitlerism, for me, there is only a corruption on the surface, a bad copy clothed over with a film of Maya. And, at bottom, we find a beautiful pure nature, so full of nostalgia as are we ourselves, who are crying out to us to redeem them, to transfigure them, that “we make them invisible within us,” as Rilke exclaimed. Hitler and the S.S. believed in the possibility of reversing entropy. And that was the origin of the conflict of Rosenberg and the S.S. with Spengler. In any instant of the Yuga of Heroes it is possible to rebuild Thule, return to the true Golden Age of First Hyperborea, not to the copy of the Demiurge, to defeat the Enemy, straighten out the Axis of the Earth, transfiguring her together with our mutation, or with our heroic death in combat. “For the blood of heroes comes closer to Wotan than the prayer of the saints,” than the “flight” into an onanistic self-realisation. And because the Heroes who died fighting for the just cause of the Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler, will be remade in Valhalla by the Valkyries and thus attain immortality. That is, the struggle is synchronistic, outside and inside, for the redemption of the world and ourselves.”

        The writings of Don Miguel Serrano teach us that Infinity is the freedom of the Aryan Self and Folk The many ignoble plagiarisms of Jewry cannot touch on the Infinite and therefore they are consumed by entropy. Entropy exists for them and for everyone ruled by Judaism, the nihilist religion of the One. The infinite worlds exist for us, for the Aryans, and for the Children of the Aryan God, the Triune God of endless Three-ness, of the Infinite.

        The infinite worlds of the Aryans give Eternal Life, A-Mor, whereas the One of the Jews, Yahweh/Satan, gives only Eternal Death, the envious hatred that consumes the Jew
        and its slaves forever.

      • jmackdog

        Fellow Torch Bearers,
        SOTW’er was for me, a better interlude to your Third Reich Pilgrim. Miguel Serrano is not the easiest to follow, but I am now ready to visit MANU i declare, for the third time.

        Page 5, kind of hits you head on, no ?

        “For nearly two thousand years the world has been living, dreaming, suffering, playing, killing and dying, basing their lives and their deaths on a lie, on something that never existed, on a carefully constructed legend and myth.”

        I have much to learn and decipher, but Mr. Serrano is beginning to make shake the smallness from mine eyes.

        thank you kindly for the SOTW’er !!!

  • Raul

    Thank you, Delendaestziobot and Oregoncoug I appreciate your answers

  • delendaestziobot

    Torch Bearer jmackdog,
    Yes, quite right, SOTW ideally should be read before TRP. As the chronology is; MANU – 1989, SOTW – 2002, TRP 2012.
    The dead Aryan eyes open slowly, but every thing is in order for how it must be, for only those with honor and loyalty will pass the tests, pass through the stages of development towards our Esoteric Kristianity, which is designed so as to be the benefit of a precious few, only the few, as rare as they are, rare as snow leopards. Only through Hermitage Helm can one enter into the mystery of mysteries, and once one enters, there is no turning back.

  • Cedric

    Will Hermitage Helm Corpus ever have the great opportunity to print Nos, Book of the Resurrection with its own translation by OC? That would be marvelous. I would assume this be the definitive resting place for all Hitlerists works, from Miguel, Delenda (Karl Young), and any others that might have the rare grace that is worthy to be published here.

  • aufihrhelden

    One of the questions I have been asked more than once after stating that ‘Third Reich Pilgrim : The Ruins of Power’ is The Greatest Book of The Twenty-First Century’ is, ‘ … how do you know that ?’

    How can you even start to explain to The Masses that the lies that are rebutted and the truths that are revealed relate to the whole of life and the whole of history and, therefore, once rebutted and once revealed and for the first time rebutted and revealed, make this book such ?

  • Wulf Ingessunu

    Hello Folk-Comrades,

    I would like to sincerely thank Hermitage Helm Corpus for opening the way for my fellow English Wodenists to finding the Aryan Knowledge given to us by don Miguel Serrano. Woden’s Folk has taken a similar and sometimes parallel line, but taking a more English approach.
    Wulf – Woden’s Folk, England.

  • James Glass

    Bit late I know but are these books still available?

  • Wolfschanze 45

    Kameraden, I feel truly happy to have found such a webpage where the wonderful knowledge of Miguel Serrano is being spread out. I’d like to know where I can get the book “The Third Reich Pilgrim” and also Serrano’s “Manu”.

    Looking foward to checking out your page on a constant basis!

    Honor et Mortis!

  • Brahim

    Email sent for all three of these books! I am new to this knowledge and previously I have read Gnostic Fragments by Nimrod de Rosario and The Forbidden Religion by Jose M. Herrou Aragon. I wanted to read more of Nimrod’s books but I don’t speak Spanish. Now I’m reading some of Miguel Serrano’s works that are available on scribd and I really want to have access to more. I’m really glad that these books are made available in the English language.

    I see that there are major differences between Nimrod’s books and Esoteric Hitlerism that Miguel Serrano’s works are based on. My interest in this knowledge all started from words I had on my mind immediately upon waking up one morning. The statement was something like “Lucifer, the light within man”, or “Lucifer, the light of man”…I really can’t remember exactly. This led me to Jose M. Herrou Aragon’s Forbidden Religion, then Nimrod’s Gnostic Fragments. I can’t explain why I am seemingly being led to this knowledge, but I can say for sure that this knowledge definitely speaks to me like nothing else ever has in all of my years of seeking the truth behind the obvious lies of this world.

  • Wolfschanze 45

    Well, Brahim, even though Serrano and Nimrod de Rosario (whose real name is Felipe Moyano) have things in common, they do have some differences in the way they see things. A major one is the fact that Moyano talks about how not only this thing that we thik of as God (in the jewish-christian sense) but also all of the universe such God created, are evil things. He also says that all of the possible manifestations of that thing we might think of as God (the Demiurge, the One, Allah, Jehovah, Yaveh, Eli, Shiva, Shakti…even the ones from nordic and roman-greek pantheon – Odin, Zeus, etc.) are actually archetypical manifestations of the same entity. He says that there is no way we can really know what the real God is because this mind that we have was designed by the Demiurge.

    According to Moyano, we are Spirits (not souls, major difference) that came from a place that is outside the created Universe (material and immaterial) – the Origin, he calls it.
    When we stumbled upon this demiurgical universe, we were betrayed by some members of own kind, who made a deal with the Demiurge, and through trickery trapped us in this Universe (material and immaterial) in order for such Demiurge to accomplish the entelechy of the human being, men-animal. (…there are many parallels of that hidden in “mythological stories” such as that of the Annunaki, etc).
    This betrayal and entrapment on the part of those who have betrayed us (called by Moyano “The White Fraternity” and “The Betraying Siddhas”, as opposed to the “Loyal Siddhas” who are some of our spirit-brothers who came from the same Origin we did and decided to try and awaken us in order for us to be able to free ourselves) was done in order to help the Demiurge further develop the animal-man’s mind and consciousness by tapping into the will power possessed by our Spirits, for after countless millions of years the animal-man prototype had made almost no progress.

    So, in short, in Moyano’s point of view, everything that is in this Universe (be it material or immaterial) is evil because it is tainted by the nature of the Demiurge, and we should do everything we can to free ourselves. (In his books he gets into explainning all of these things in extended detail and laying out how and why things are this way with such logic that it is jaw-dropping. Plus, there are descriptions of techniques we could start using in order to redirect our Spirit towards the Origin, so that we can start awakening and freeing ourselves).

    Even if you have to utilize “Google Translator” ir order to read his texts, I highly recommend it. They are a valuable addition to the teachings of Serrano (even though they disagree on and off).

    P.S. Just to clarify something. Many of the nordic, roman and greek (called by Moyano “Hyborean peoples”) manifestations of the Gods DO HAVE a percentage of the truth in them. BUT such essence of the truth in these manifestations are harnessed by the Demiurge and his White Fraternity in order to confuse us, the trapped Spirits, for these things speak to our Blood and make us search for something, thus activating our will power.
    It is like a control system. If you remember the movie MATRIX, there’s a moment when Neo finally notices that even when he is out of the Matrix he is still in it – Zion is just another level of control for those who have a rebellious nature. Heck, even when he is in the third level of the Matrix (the machine city) he notices that everything is still an illusion.

    Well, this is a really extensive subject, but these are some of the things Moyano talks about. I hope it was of some help to you.
    I hope someday I’ll have the time to translate his books to English.

    • Brahim

      Wolfschanze 45,

      The things you mentioned are some of the things that I understood Serrano and Moyano disagree on after reading Serrano’s letter to Moyano. I had started to read Fundamentals of the Hyperborean Wisdom, and although using Chrome I can translate the entire text with ease with the built in Google Translate, a lot of words are not correctly translated. I really wish I could read Spanish, and I have been thinking of learning.

      Anyway, your words are definitely helpful and appreciated. Thank you.

  • CC

    I just finished Third Reich Pilgrim: The Ruins of Power. It was one of the best books I have ever read and I recommend it to everyone! It is sure to be a classic. I look forward to Part 2.

  • aufihrhelden

    The Greatest Writings of The Nineteenth Century – Richard Wagner.

    The Greatest Writings of The Twentieth Century – Adolf Hitler.

    The Greatest Writings of The Twenty-First Century – Hermitage Helm Corpus.

    Heil The Ultimate Avatar on The One-Hundred-and-Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of The Birth of The Holy God Man Adolf Hitler !

    Heil Neuschwabenland !!

  • HKSO

    If anyone has an extra copy of Manu to sell please contact me at hkso@alfarmania.se

    • delendaestziobot

      There are only three kamerads who have two copies of Manu, I am not one of them, so I think the chances are limited, to obtain another copy, but I can tell you that we are working on a second edition of Manu, greatly improved it will be, as the first edition was made against time, it was rushed through to beat the galactic deadline and to beat the Rabbi Kabbalah, to destroy it with a superior Aryan Kabbalah, that did indeed triumph on that fateful day at the transition of the Ages – 12:12:12. Now we are above time, and can take our time with the second edition of Manu.

      • HKSO

        Excellent news comrade. I hope you make more copies this time as it is the contrapoison of these dark days.

      • jalexandermaximilian

        I await this eagerly my Kamerad! I have the PDF of the first and it blew me away. I’m currently saving up funds to buy TUA, which I have on PDF as well but that printed edition looks like a sigil in itself! Once our Aryan eyes are awakened not can stop us in our ascension and return to our homeland in that other world!
        In Kampf

  • The Grey Wolf | leuchovius' ghost

    […] Third Reich Pilgrim: The Ruins of Power by Karl Young […]

  • Atlantis, Edda und Bibel – English translation | leuchovius' ghost

    […] you are of the Brotherhood, please seek out the holy books of the Hermitage Helm Corpus here or here.  These works will change your life and open your […]

  • Sjoerd

    For how long are the books sold out, in particular the Ultimate Avatar?

  • John

    Please send me complete details on ordering Miguel Serrano’s books in English. I am particularly interested in an online distributor in the USA if one exists. Thank you. johnedbunker@yahoo.com

  • Dawn von Nagy

    These look wonderful! I wish I had known of these publishings last year! Email request sent! 🙂

  • Baard

    You have The Ultimate Avatar and Manu. But will you get The Golden Thread: Esoteric Hitlerism in stock as well? Wermod are supposedly going to release it laster this year.

  • Ucko

    In which order do you recommend to read all these four books? I realize there isn’t one definitive order, I’m simply looking for a recommendation.

    Thank you.

  • delendaestziobot

    1. Ultimate Avatar 2. Manu 3. Son Of The Widower 4. Third Reich Pilgrim.
    In chronological order.

  • Clarence Rhoden

    Got “Ultimate Avatar”. It’s fantastic ! Thank you CER

  • Wolf

    Are there any remaining copies of the hardback edition of Adolf Hitler: the Ultimate Avatar (2014)? It looks glorious, but I fear I might have come across it too late. Perhaps there are a few unordered copies?

  • Forever

    Any updates on the re-release date of MANU and The Golden Cord?

  • Jay

    I would love to be on your list, if any such exists, to be notified when the second edition of “Manu: For the Man to Come,” is published. I am new to this knowledge and am devouring it daily.

  • Eric Malmberg

    I would like a copy of MANU: “For The Man To Come” by Miguel Serrano (English Translation) and also a copy of Atlantis, Edda & Bible. Please let me know when they are available. Thank you.
    Sincerely, E. Malmberg

  • h.

    Is there any Chance to order your Books inside the european Union?

  • Jason Thompkins

    On this date of May 26th, era 128 of the Hitlerian Era the translation I have spent my entire adult life slowly working on is complete and is perfected in the poetic language of San Miguel Serrano. The language of Miguel Serrano can only be fully manifested by a devout follower of his doctrine.

    The Edition that will be presented of ‘The Golden Cord (Aurea Catena) ~ Esoteric Hitlerism’ will be the Manual for the Initiates of Esoteric Hitlerism and Esoteric Kristianity. A new Knighthood was breathed into astral existence this past Hitleralia and was blossomed into green light by May. The ned of history is nigh and only the most extreme dedicated precious few will climb the bridge to the First Earth, the Other Earth.

    The Resurrection of the Hero is the Resurrection of the Gods. The sacrifices have been made and appointed times have been delivered. Therefore, the Fish shall Enter the Aquarium.

    The Spirit of the Fuhrer is the collective Holy Ghost which dwells in His Sons just as each portion of the broken bread represent the Loaf.

    Heil Hitler!
    Eternal Glory to those who have stayed true!

    Jason A. Thompkins

  • bent kvarner

    Will there be a reprint of The Golden Cord?

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