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59 responses to “Contact and Disclaimer

  • apan21


    this is a great blog.keep spreading the truth.

    Adolf the Great was right!

    Imperium Europa!

    SIeg Heil!

  • Theseo

    Hello comrades

    Great find!

    Please contact me.

    I will start to digest your writings now.

  • Phillip

    Would like to purchase copies please get in touch with order information, thankyou.

  • John

    I write reviews for Counter-Currents, and I also help run a Webshop that may be interested in purchasing and distributing your books. Do you send out review or sample copies of your books? Please contact me.

  • Panzerfaust

    Kamerad Delenda, may I ask a question of you?
    I have read of ‘a great family tragedy’ that befell Don Miguel in his final years, and I notice that you also make reference to this misfortune in your recent post regarding ‘MANU’. May I ask what this family tragedy was?

  • Panzerfaust

    The opening paragraph in don Miguel’s 1985 letter to Nimrod de Rosario, he refer’s to “sorrowful family issues” that prevented his return to Cordoba. I have also read references to a “Great personal tragedy”, although i’m not sure where; I think it was in your Aug 2012 post regarding your beautiful reissue of MANU.
    Incedentally, i’d like to thank both yourself and kamerad Oregoncoug for your brave and noble efforts to keep this true Aryan knowledge alive for our generation, and for generations to come. Sieg!

    • delendaestziobot

      Thankyou kamerad,
      Yes that would be more to the point; “sorrowful family issues”, due to the inconvenience of a Household… Think carefully on that, the word ‘family’ means directly ‘house-hold’, a limitation, a hold applied by social and legal means, and this was the sorrowful issue to which Don Miguel refers, and he was warned of this by his Maestro. Marriage and family may appear to have social and legal promises, and also pecuniary promises, and for ordinary man those promises may be fulfilled, but lets be honest, certainly no man ordinary or otherwise marries a woman for love…So there is no sacrifice there, in marriage that is, and in family, no sacrifice, and therfore no tragedy! Sorrow, yes, much sorrow in family! The ultimate Aryan warriors can have no marriage, they do not marry and do not have children, if they do, it is in sorrow, maybe the will of more powerful gods for children, but sorrow for Aryan Man.

      As Don Miguel said; “Hitler could never marry”, and as we know and it is proven by the Third Reich Pilgrim. A case of ‘do as I say and not as I do’ for Don Miguel.

  • Panzerfaust

    Thank you kamerad for your timely and insightful response. I’d not considered this perspective, but I now understand the source of Herr Serrano’s sorrow.

    Kind regards,



  • Aryan Wehrwolf

    Mein Kamerad!

    Thank you for your efforts on spreading the Esoteric Aryan Knowledge!

  • Reinhard

    Are you the same Sid who has a podcast on Renegade?

  • Millie M

    You said in one review that humans were never cavemen. I always thought there were two debates, evolution vs creation. Do you mean there is a third? I googled cavemen propaganda in many variations but only get evolution or Christian websites. I am assuming your view or information is neither. I want to know more about what you are saying that it is all propaganda bc in your review you said you could speak to humans being cavemen is all propaganda. I want to hear your view so I can decide for myself.
    I found your site by googling, that sounds funny, Into the Wild bc I just watched it for the second time and wanted to know who the real character was & I’m going to get the book today, by J.K.

    Thank you. I look forward to learning more.

  • Societas Thuliensis Lucis Arcticae

    Hello Comrade, I thought I’d share a link to my site which you may enjoy, topics include Miguel Serrano, the Fourth Way teachings, Indo-European mythology, etc… I hear your from Oregon, I grew up in Prineville. I hope to hear from you. Regards. – Jason

    • delendaestziobot

      Greetings, thankyou for your link, you have written some excellent philosophical essays. Brother Francis is from Oregon, I am from the deepest South. If you email Hermitage Helm, we could speak privately and send you something.

  • Reinhard

    The SS discovered the Secret of the Holy Grail. The Fourth Reich exists in Antarctica on a higher rate of vibration. The Secret of the Holy Grail is the Transmutation of Energy from the lower to the higher chakras. In other words, the awakening of the KUNDALINI.

  • linemann

    Wie geht’s?
    Ich bin sehr gut.

  • jalexandermaximilian


    Just wanted to publicly declare my deep sentiments in regards to “Third Reich Pilgrim”, it was a most excellent book, it held my attention at all times and the pages just flipped by as I was immersed in solid truth, as solidly as the English language can disseminate truth at least!I consider you and all involved in such great works as biological and especially Spiritual kindred! I am always here to offer my support and assistance at any time! I ask the Great Spirit and The Fuhrer to grant me strength that I may be able to live up to such a noble enterprise!
    J. Alexander Maximilian!

  • ronnie waters

    I’m gradually learning the truth that you can never know the real essence of National Socialism without some grasp of the esoteric. I have much to learn and I’m glad I found this site.

  • harvest13rain


    It’s been a while in the making, but I would like to now publicly express my absolute contentment in knowing that the Holy Script of :EH: is also in the hands, hearts and souls of you gentleman. I refer to whoever runs this “site”, this Outlet and HHP (“KY”?), to Brother Francis and to Joe of the 55 Club. I am currently finishing my translation of ‘The Resurrection of the Hero’ and will include it’s Forward below and why it is imperative that it is read by those on the Path of :EH: —. It fills my heart with the Violet Light when I see that there are others who truly can ‘hear’ the voice within the Blood.

    Eternal Glory to the Avatara!


    Serrano writes in his lengthy introduction the following “words”:

    “For the educated reader and comrades of Esoteric Hitlerism, they will come to the understanding that the following pages are not Anti-Kristian, but are, in fact, Authentic Kristianity (with a K), of the Aryan, in whom it has been preserved with its esoteric and magical meaning, it is the Kristianity of Wotan and the Greeks.  However, these pages are also deeply anti-Christian, the Jewish Christianity of Saul , of Paul of Tarsus, the Christianity which was invented and controlled by a Jew all the way until our present era, just like Marxism.

    We feel that these pages are important because they have managed to summarize and express, ~~~ in ways never before possible, the deepest undercurrents of Esoteric Hitlerism, inspired and dictated by the Avatara Himself ~~~. Published now, because of the dire situations in Chile. They are also, and above all, a tribute given to Adolf Hitler, marking 97 years since his birth, issuing in the Foundation of a New Era in this world, running parallel with the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, that is to say, the Hitlerian Age.



    The following Chapters are from the book “LA RESURRECCIÓN DEL HÉROE” {The Resurrection of the Hero} by Miguel Serrano published 1986. 1986 saw Serrano at his peak, his Zenith, into the glorious Path that leads to Resurrection. Just as all true Luciferians he was written off and cast out by the rodent owned publishing houses for his firm decision to remain loyal to the Minne (the “Memory of the Blood”). And just like a true Minnesanger he sung this ‘blood memory’ in code to those who still feel the Hyperborean memory pulsating deeply within their veins in all these books (especially NOS, Book of the Resurrection). However, for this, he went through horribly rough times that most will never know about. Almost silenced and being cast out of the world of academia, the political world and, even so, just as a true soldier of ‘The Final Battalion’ he remained loyal to what Ezra Pound called “the old dreams”. Pound, a man who was himself crucified, cast out, spat upon for refusing to engage in self-deception, stayed loyal to the Minne and was retained in a lunatic asylum for doing so. These men, along with other men and women, have spilled blood so that we can have “on every jutting rock, a lantern glowing with their dreams.” It is imperative that one know where they stand in this final calling from the most distant Thule. The melancholia of the Hyperborean swansong is this “old yet new Quilt” a few of Us now use to keep warm in the cold night of Kali Yuga’s transition. The nostalgic sadness one feels in the very nucleus of their heart. The few who feel that not just something, but everything is wrong and has become topsy-turvey. The sickness of this modern world of Democracy is now like a wounded animal ready to be leaped upon and slain. The Tiger has been ridden. It is tired, it is sick, it is disgusting, and it is to be over-thrown by an enforced Elitism. As the saying goes: “Many will hear the call but few will listen”.

    The Vision and the Voice. In these words one will be elevated to authentic occultism written by a Third Degree Magi. Serrano used words like a true magician uses his wand and pentacle. Every ancestor of Indo-European and pre-historical Amerindian stock and so forth are part of an inclusive larger family. Petty biological racism, white supremacy (or supremacy of any kind) and hatred do not belong to the beauty, the lucid beauty, of who and what we were, are and will be. We must now come together as this Magi has tried so hard to do. Spiritual differences, political quarreling, minor bridges – we must come together like a body does. It has arms, legs, brains, skills and, most of all, a heart and soul. As for the rodents: did you ever stop to think that we have been needing you to believe for years now that we are of the “lunatic fringe” and thus, to you, harmless. We are inside your Mass Media, your Colleges, your Schools, your Judicial system and even your Church. Yes, we love you.

    Regarding the cover of this book. We must realize that Serrano was speaking to Us in everything he did. On the Path of Amor (:EH:) one is lead up a Path, a synchronistic Path of true magic, which climbs towards their inner most Self. One is taught to look, to stare, to gaze, to study, to recognize oneself from “the other-side of the Mirror” until one becomes OneSelf. The Golden Sun, the Red-Yellow Spectrum, illuminates the earth, the visible outer earth of nature and time-space. The eventual encounter with the Black Sun, the Green-Violet Spectrum, pulls the Initiate towards an illumination of their inner-most soul, their spirit, the invisible Inner-Earth, the Hollow Earth. If the Initiate can pass through the Black Sun, if he can “Die and Become”, if he can consciously accept the crucifixion of his rational ego, then the Initiate will be blinded by an iridescent Light, a Light which has a sound of twinkling snowflakes, a smell of his childhood garden, a taste of liquid gold, silver and dewy amethyst, a clean lucid vision of crisp clarity, and the feeling of complete separation in absolute Unity – all this, at once, without and within a Ray of Green Light. This Green Ray is like a flash, a “click”, a bi-location or tri-location in space-time. The lucid realization of an Epiphany as if it were always waiting at the edge of a familiar childhood spring. The “outer”, Exoteric SS used two :SIG: runes. However – when two SIG runes face one another, becoming “inward”, Esoteric (the inner esoteric SS of the Schwartze Sonne/Schwartze Stein, Black Sun/Black Stone, of the Black Order), as if looking from “the other-side of the mirror”, they become :ODAL:. Serrano talks about the mystery of the :ODAL: rune and it’s relation to the Path of :EH: in MANU – For the Man to Come. This is the mystery of :ODAL: in it’s relation to the Path of AMOR (:EH:)

    I have been translating this 60 page book into English slowly. It mostly deals with “Esoteric Kristianism” or Esoteric Kristianity, as Serrano calls it, and outlines, in short, but very clear detail, his basic philosophy, teachings and fundamental ideas as dictated in the Holy Trilogy of :EH: (The Armanic :EH: rune is the Rune of NOS as spoken to Us by Serrano himself in MANU). ~ Topics include Alchemy, Astrology, Mithras, Esoteric Kristianism vs Jewish Christianity, Gnosticism, Sacred AMOR and Resurrection.

    Under the Light of Yepun,
    Jason Thompkins
    Winter Solstice año 125
    South Carolina, Albania


    Prelude ~ Dedication to Savitri Devi
    Astrology and Alchemy
    The World of the Demiurge
    Beyond the Archetype
    The Gods
    The Leftward-Spinning Swastika
    Wotan and the Runes
    The Death of the Gods
    Mithras and Christianity
    The Mithric Initiation (Misa)
    Mithras Extracts Water from the Stone
    Kristianism and Christianity
    Esoteric Kristianism
    The Heroic Path of Resurrection and Immortality
    The Three Nights of Resurrection
    The Three Kings and the Magi
    Easter, Eastern, Ostara, the Celebration of the Light of East, The Gold that is Drank
    The Black Virgin
    The Son of Man
    The Astral Body
    For the Gods an Astral Body apart from the Physical Body does not exist
    The Resurrection of the Flesh
    The Myth of Aquarius
    Jehovah and the Jews
    Paul of Tarso
    Jewish Christianity – Saul and Marx
    The Last Avatar
    Sacred Autobiography
    The Hero does not need a New Religion
    INDEX I – The Beserker Warriors
    INDEX II – Nietzsche and “Piedra”
    INDEX III – The Death


    Savitri Devi, a supremely cultured woman, with deep philosophical, philological and classical knowledge, a student of history, mythologies, symbols and comparative religion. An absolute Hitlerist until the end of her life on this earth. And now, she resides in Asgard. And even beyond all of these things she was the High Odinic Priestess of Esoteric Hitlerism. She was the first to recognize the emergence of the Avatâra and the divinity of Hitler. She erected a Temple in India to Adolf Hitler and became a Priestess to the Cult of His memory. She kept the Faith, guarding the sacred flame, by illustrating her own books with the influence and inspiration of the Führer while living in India. A Faith destined to prevail and succeed mystically and magically on all continents and the future millennia, if this sacred flame, this Faith, is guarded and burns.

    Miguel Serrano
    15th of December año 95 (1984)

  • delendaestziobot

    Kamerad Jason, thankyou for your comment and introduction into your translation of ‘Resurrection of the Hero’. The Helm would like to publish and print your translation of this book. Perhaps you have your own intentions on how to publish and print, but I would like to offer you our assistance. Please contact us:

    Heil to you!

  • OakLeaves

    Looking for a copy of “the ultimate avatar: Adolf Hitler”. please email me if any left, thanks.

  • Perceval

    I have discovered this blog through discussions on a forum. I find that everything posted here speaks to me. I would like to know where to start on the path to truth?
    I would also like to know if you plan on making your works accessible through Ebook format like Epub or MOBI? I gather you send them from Australia, it might be expensive for me to ship it all the way across the world to Belgium. It might also facilitate the transmition of your knowledge.
    Thanks for your dedication to your work.

  • E.

    I’d like to know if both books are still available for purchase.

  • redcaml

    Let there be light for the Aryan people.

  • Eric

    Hello, looking forward to learning more about the spiritual ideals and metaphysics of the northern people.

  • Eirikir

    I felt the need to contact you, extend my hand and let you know how much I’ve been enjoying this website. It truly is a breath of fresh air.

  • Brian Víðarrson

    Heil dear kameraden. I have been posting under the ‘Pen Name’ ‘Ironage’ for a while now. I have decided to cease using the moniker from now on. We are past the age of Iron, and at the beginning of the Satya Yuga, age of the onyx sun. Henceforth I shalll post under the name ‘Brian Víðarrson’. One, because it is my real name, and two, because Víðarr is my patron

    Sieg Heil to all kin of the Schwarze Sonne! Sieg!

  • Carmine

    noticed that Hitler: the ultimate avatar is sold out on amazon. Any chance of it being back in print?

  • Wayne L Newton

    I So love the books I have gotten. Resurrection of the Hero, Nos, Adolf Hitler the Last Avatar! I want to really study and receive the Gnosis. How do you recommend I do this? I want to be a missionary, I want to spread the word, do you have any advice on this. How do we as Aryans worship? Please help me with this.

  • Bhibatsu

    Please inform me when this book becomes available again:

    Title: Atlantis, Edda & Bible. (SOLD OUT) (new printed edition expected mid-2017)

    Cover: Paperback.

    Page Count: 441.

    Illustrations: 80.

    Language: English translated from original German.

    ISBN: 9780987370594

    Catalogue Record: National Library of Australia.

  • Reinhard

    Good day! If I would buy one of these books, is it possible to be send to South Africa? Because I know Amazon does not really support our location. Groetness Reinhard

  • Reinhard

    Just ordered my two books. “Hilter’s UFO against the new world order” and “Atlantis, Edda & bible” cant wait to start reading them!

  • judomonk

    Questions: Esoteric Hitlerism, Black Sun see Lucifer as God or least an avatar for ‘good’. Is not this the same Lucifer the Masons and the rest of the New World Order crowd follow? Unless these are really worshiping Satan/Devil and a host of other evil gods/creatures.

    The world seems up side down and before I call upon and deity I need to make sure that I am invocating the ‘good’ ones…

    • delendaestziobot

      “Hitler’s UFO Against The New World Order” by Miguel Serrano.

      Traditionally the Masons hold the Biblical lineage of the figures Lamach, Tubal Cain and Hiram Abiff in high esteem. As well as the Father, Son and Holy Ghost….There is not acknowledgement of Lucifer as a deity in Freemasonic rituals, either operative or speculative…The Masons assume that the Biblical record is historical. Whereas Serrano understood the Bible to be an allegorical tale – not true – see Son Of The Widower. Serrano would acknowledge Lucifer in the heretical sense, as being against the Biblical personage of “Lord God” or Jehovah, in line with Gnosticism, and influenced by Otto Rahn, and also Milton’s Paradise Lost.

  • Warlord

    Hope you do article on Rh Negative Factor..Many say Nordic RH negatives are original race of earth..They were on all land masses..Kike Kehilla Klan thru their Chabad Libivitchers and Sayanims rule the world…Kike Nordic Mix is the highest branch of Kikes..They breed into Nordics but Kike blood is always inside…..The mutated hybrids are their Proxy Armies…

  • Hitlerian

    I’ve noticed that my blog (hitlerian.tumblr) has been linked on the sidebar under the name “Man Against Time.” Really pleasant surprise!
    I was wondering, since I am pretty good with graphic designing, if you want to work together on some future projects?
    I am good at designing posters, shirts, book covers, anything really. Also formatting books.
    Here is an example of what I can make.

    “Kali Yuga” pdf, inspired by the publication of the same name in Russian, but made it bigger. Intention was to create a go-to Savitri Devi introductory book for my followers. Just compilation of her various texts.

    I also have a community of around 100 quality people around me and we are doing bunch of projects, currently focused on creating high quality pdfs of various NS and EH books, as that one above.
    I was annoyed that there isn’t a single good pdf of MK online so I made one myself:

    So that is my offer, I think it would be great to have EH people from all over the world working togehter.

  • N33

    Hello, I’m interested in purchasing a book from you all but the contact email seems to be disconnected. Please provide valid link or further instructions so I can make the purchase.

  • Glen


    Do you have any hard cover copies of The Ultimate Avatar avaialble for sale?
    If so, what would the total be for a copy shipped to Italy please?


  • Ragnar Darri

    Hello can I purchase MAYA, MANU, AHTUA, SOTW and Atlantis Edda and the Bible?

  • john moore

    Just wondered what books you may possibly have in stock presently. Most of all, Adolf Hitler The Ultimate Avatar. Your books are elusive on other main stream book sites, so I am fortunate to have stumbled onto yours. Regards and thanks in advance.

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