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Hermitage Helm Corpus


das Jüngstes Gericht

Gesang.XXIII – by G.K.

These venomous atmospheres, they are our daily bread,

Inhaling poisonous vapors of sun-bleached bone,

And the powdery smog of stench-clutched day, we walk

Among these traitorous snake-skins upon two legs,

the ambulant human beast!

Now shed them all, shed this mockery of life,

Draw your blades and be free once more,

Be free for once and all…

Sieg Heil !

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Why are you still in character?

Sjoerd Heeger – Death In Syria

“In the West the people have nothing to live for, and that is why they have nothing to die for. There is no other sacrifice than the prolonging of their lives, which is their reward. Like a terminal sick person, given more medical years of existence (the illusion of value)… The will to fight beyond current Moral conscience and restrictions (and thus the will to [self] sacrifice and even wage war through suicide [attacks], has been demoralized, neutralized and made misunderstood. If suicide is committed, in the West, it mostly correlates to existential problems; the meaninglessness of life, only fulfilled through the economic work ethos and fragile/superficial social relationships. While in other cultures, ‘suicide’ is committed in regards with honour after defeat, thus a lost fight, or as sacrifice for the sake of battle. And, as this still happens regularly in the Middle East, to take your enemies with you into death. A will and dedication the West has lost.” – Sjoerd Heeger