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Bullshit Stories For Sale

“it’s 2500 years old, stuffed with hidden treasures and could be yours for $9.8 million. The ancient Greek city of Bargylia, close to the Turkish resort of Bodrum, has been on the market since 2015, when the price was listed as 2.6 million higher. The 134ha site, privately owned since 1927, includes a theater, acropolis and necropolis; it has never been fully excavated, so there could be more.”

“Ancient Ruins” are ceasing to be profitable, because everyone knows they are bullshit stories, they are increasingly coming on the market for sale, and there are no buyers anymore, not even governments! There was probably only few poor innocent souls left on earth that believed in this bullshit, like me, for example, and I no longer believe, so there is no point keeping up the act…It’s Bullshit, and everyone knows, everyone always knew it was Bullshit but for some reason they were in on the act in some way, but it does not pay anymore.

Let me just Google it to see if it is still for sale? Oh, price has just dropped to 8 million! LOL, price is dropping faster than you can drop a concrete pillar in a field of chickenshit! You would have to be an innocent Aryan to believe these stories in the first place, and guess what, there is none of them left, do you think that these Royal Refugees that are given million dollar houses and BMW’s and free education are interested in Bullshit stories about “Ancient Greece”, they know its Bullshit! The Royal Refugees from Bosnia and Syria and Palestine, who know nothing of poverty, hardship, war and suffering, are certainly not interested in travelling all the way to Turkey, to visit some field with a few broken rocks thrown around! They know it’s Bullshit! Somebody already told them… The Refugee are given more money than sports stars! Perhaps you don’t believe me, but it is true… Sports stars actually receive very little, they are not wealthy, neither are movie stars, and neither are celeb-polies like Putin and Trump… Putin is quite poor, he owns nothing… He is on a contract, and it’s performance based, Putin like Trump cannot even afford a house, there are Refugee families in Western Sydney that have more than Putin and Trump combined! It’s like sporting stars, where the Medea will tell you that so and so just signed a 100 million dollar contract! LOL… Bullshit! They got no money, it’s a fake story!!! Their houses are owned by some other entity, their cars are on lease, their clothes are contracted out, even their meals have a lien on them, and everything they get is part of a contract and they never own it! That is why they persist in what they are doing, do you think if an actor is getting paid 2 million an episode for some sitcom of TV, that they would term up next week for the shoot if they had got their 2 million the previous week? They don’t get any thing other than an allowance, and it is less than what a shop assistant gets…. They are all in on it, and they all keep the charade going, none of them have shit except in their stories that they spin so they can get another free meal and extend the lease on their car, which they don’t own… Celebs, sporting stars, royal families, CEO’s, you know that Zuckerberg really needs that many friends on FB, because if he dis not have them to live off he would be on the streets! They got a job and they perform tricks but they are owned, they themselves don’t even own their own clothes. And everyone knows it, look at Prince Harry, he is so poor and unfortunate that all he could get was some B Grade prostitute from Los Angeles… He could not do any better, Harry had to marry up… Because everybody knows… Poor old Harry, just a poor Royal with a shit job, well, at least he has got a job, but still, it’s shit job, and the girls he was chasing previously had more than him, so it was not a very enticing offer, because everyone knows anyway, and there are no Aryans left to fool anymore, the few that were left are now waking up, and they don’t buy it anymore, they know it’s shit too – it’s all Bullshit stories – His-Story is a Hoax, a Fraud, a Con-Job.

What Bomber Planes Actually Look Like

Syrian Drama

This is what WWIII looks like, on the WWW. It is so fake that I believe that it is real. I feel so sorry for these poor actors who have suffered so much, just like in Gaza, and Iraq, and Afghanistan, and Vietnam.  It is so sad to watch these human actors pretending that they know what suffering is… They have no idea of what real suffering is, so they must pretend they know. And they are supported by the entire Zionistic Establishment of Gerda….. My heart bleeds for them, these poor, suffering, biological sacks of sewerage… What I don’t have sympathy for is the fools in the WWW audience… What is worse; the fool or the fool that follows?


The Bosnian Opera

This is what a controlled demolition looks like. In this Sarajevo scene one can see how the demolition contractors are focusing their work on just one side of the street, the other side the modernist building remains untouched and provides a nice view of operations in a comfortable air-conditioned office building… Apparently the burnt-out cars are still smoking as if the place was only bombed a few hours ago…. But as you can see there are amenities set up, fencing, brand new trucks, even an audience watching on… They all know it is not a war-zone, they are just pretending it is a war-zone.

Ahhh, the burning Twin Towers trick… Nice pyrotechnics work there. However on this occasion the Twin Towers of Sarajevo did not fall down.

Totally fake image…. Self-explanatory.

Here we have the “Cellist of Sarajevo” providing music score for the Bosnian Opera… It’s an old dramatic gesture but it is always effective and emotive, you know.

Before and after photo…. Do you get it? You got to clear away some of the old building before you bring in the new ones, like McDonalds and Hotels.

Before and after photo…. The redevelopment of Sarajevo’s central business and shopping district. Much more modern now, don’t you think?

Sarajevo today….

The most intelligent human in the world

This is the most intelligent human in the world. Perhaps the most intelligent human who ever existed, as humans themselves proclaim. The problem is that there are two different Stephen Hawking’s, or perhaps even more and all of them are as dumb as each other. Amazingly Stephen Hawking managed to defy all human medical science and survive half a century longer than what human medical science proclaims itself for a sufferer of ALS.

Is that cool? Having two Stephen Hawking’s pretending to be one Stephen Hawking? I don’t want to get into the “philosophy” of Stephen Hawking/s, because it is a bucket of stinking prawns, I just want to point out that there are two or more different “Steven Hawking” who happen to die at different times, and yet the humans are unable to identify this? That there are two Stephen Hawking/s. And that both were as dumb as each other. But I also acknowledge that the humans proclaim “Stephen Hawking” to be their most intelligent human….And I agree with this… Steven Hawking, whichever one he is, is the most intelligent human ever to have existed, I agree with that, certainly the most highly decorated human in the theoretical sciences of the 20th and 21st centuries….It is just that there happen to be two of them or more, dumb and dumber. Now, neither of these Stephens are able to communicate in the manner that the humans would like them to communicate, so my question is, where is the third Steven Hawking? There must be three of them… Who is the Stephen Hawking that is speaking for Stephen Hawking in the robot voice, who is just as dumb as the other Stephen Hawkings? Who is the Dumberest? And which of the Stephen Hawkings was responsible for writing the international Best Seller “A Brief History of Human Stupidity’? If humans are to proclaim any intelligence at all, would they not need at least some basic skills in their own phrenology… But it is clear to me that humans do not have this skill.


Syrian Opera Troupe Fails

Confirmed: Syrian Cities demolished with machinery and explosives in a controlled demolition…. Humans admit there is no “war” in Syria.

Nobody killed or injured in the process of demolitions. The trick is that the Syrian government has already arranged the compensation for the destruction with Western Governments, and this is a process that is legitimate by “human standards” and “international law”. Alternative housing has been provided and will be provided in the future when the new neighborhoods are rebuilt.


How to film in Syria