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Lets have a good old laugh



“Niohoggr rises bringing the corpses of the dead. Meet the real Dragon, the blackness, the Dark Knight, Nigredo, the suffering that in the language of the Alchemists dissolves. Here stood those ancient coeval Oaks of the Hart (Hartz) soaked in charming loam. The tree of the knowledge of both good and evil. What was the evil that you hid, mighty Oak? What was your fruit? I am Herakles, sent to recover your Golden Apples, hidden here in the forests of Draco. You no longer entwine me with your riddles, I do not worship you, old tree. I will unmask the conspiracy. What ill will did you carry within, old tree?” – Third Reich Pilgrim – Ghostland.


I cant be bothered writing anymore…It is pointless, futile, and without any meaning….Because there is nothing left to discover within this…I am simply, looking back upon this, with boredom… You are not at my level…I know Lilith, that little serpent bodied wasp… I know her, and the word-worm of the lord, and I find it all quite boring…


Kind Regards




The Blue Raven

A bit of a laugh

It’s good to have a bit of laugh, a bit of a giggle, at war, because that is what war is about, having a giggle with your mates! And, when you look at it, it’s rather camp, actually! And rather unappealing, personally I find the show rather unappealing, now that I am in on the war jokes. Excuse me if I don’t want to join the party guys… Thing is, the jokes are a bit old, rather stale, an old stinky campy style of humour, and just really quite out of ‘trend’… War is just not trending well these days!!! I wonder why?

Music Break

Tank props

French Tanks – Somua S35.

Here’s laughing at you

My apologies for not posting in a while… I really appreciate all the fan mail, love letters, and such (sorry girls, but I am already taken). I am hoping to be able to post a little more in the new year, I am not dead yet, lol… My new book – “Third Reich Pilgrim Part II: Ghostland” is going gangbusters, I have sold 6 copies and given away 13 copies… But I am still waiting for my Nobel Peace Prize…. I mean, if you prove that war never happened, does that not mean that you have not only stopped war now, but stopped it in the past also? There’s an interesting philosophical question for all the intellectuals out there…

War Joke Meme