“Niohoggr rises bringing the corpses of the dead. Meet the real Dragon, the blackness, the Dark Knight, Nigredo, the suffering that in the language of the Alchemists dissolves. Here stood those ancient coeval Oaks of the Hart (Hartz) soaked in charming loam. The tree of the knowledge of both good and evil. What was the evil that you hid, mighty Oak? What was your fruit? I am Herakles, sent to recover your Golden Apples, hidden here in the forests of Draco. You no longer entwine me with your riddles, I do not worship you, old tree. I will unmask the conspiracy. What ill will did you carry within, old tree?” – Third Reich Pilgrim – Ghostland.


I cant be bothered writing anymore…It is pointless, futile, and without any meaning….Because there is nothing left to discover within this…I am simply, looking back upon this, with boredom… You are not at my level…I know Lilith, that little serpent bodied wasp… I know her, and the word-worm of the lord, and I find it all quite boring…


Kind Regards




The Blue Raven

3 responses to “Updates

  • delendaestziobot

    My books are no longer sold on Amazon. I will sell what I have left, and that will be it through Siddharreich, and that will be it. No more. This blog has served its purpose…In my mind I dont see a reason to continue with WordPress. I estimate a few months, and then I will no longer sell any books here either, I will burn what I have left. I will continue with Facebook for a period of time until I deem that unnecessary also… The 1 dimensional spiderspace world is just a drain on my central nervous system, and I dont see any need to continue that paralysis…

  • laryensoufi

    Bravo ! Bravo my friend. To be board, a “board” is quite one dimensional!
    Words just words have never been anything but non “things” having no innate substantial “QUALITY”. They’re not even a FROTH or MALT! That NOTHINGNESS that is a SOMETHING coming to the surface from beneath across the carion ways, ALL surging and devouring seeping FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE VERY DEEP PRISON BARREL! THE ARYAN ATHANOR.

    But POWER. True divine power just can’t get “board”! Be careful my friend, after the blackness you’ll be bleached!!! And once bleached and golden you’ll make a havoc of them all!

    Get over it, your great ancestors have been there & with you are doing it again. Conquering the downfall with a very particular Aryan Consciousness.

    After boredom you’ll become a teacher. Wisdom will guide you, you won’t be bored any longer, you won’t even care. The first and second DEATH will be behind you.

    Then words will no longer be just poetry nor some kind of exegetical weapon, they will have been your living and dying self, NOW GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN till you snap the bride, The Nature Of The True Man shall be re-established. The Magus.

    But be careful!… because afterwards whatever you might say wish or WILL, might BECOME, and then you’ll have to live with it, again and again till the serpent bites no longer; carrying the demiurge-cross like a KRISTOS on another Golgotha Path, wherever you are and go, but this time you’ll be averted truly knowing, a real breaker of the LAW, an Aryan Daemon, a Fallen Angel turned to ROCK. A Lucifer with the sacred diadem between your 2 eyes, enlightening.

    & LOL, even damnation and the NIGREDO won’t even matter. You’ll understand that all “levels” are magnetic barriers(your own power used against yourself), keeping you far away at a distance from some invisible brother and friend in a place with no levels.

    Your brothers are watching you in the Sky and in Hell from the inside of your soul: PLEROMA.

    • delendaestziobot

      Yes, Bruder Daniel, I no longer require these worm words, first spoken to the woman by the fake-digital Machine, it is as George Bernard Shaw wrote in “Back to Methuselah”, the text precedes her sex; she was no help-mate after all, and she was not so fair either, she just cost me expenses within the pantomime of farcical device. My hands are made for better things than text, and text precedes her artificial sex. It was my mistake to believe in a war that never happened, to believe in natal-nations. They worked on my sympathetic nerves, which are extra-human, and attached to my 13th set of ribs, right up from the extra bones in my ankles and knees…Fair play, I was late to the game…But I worked it out…As an Azure Ehrean Daemon, what could I expect?. I wrote the word, alone, as it should be, and learned its evil….You know, they say; “All is fair in love and war”, or as Serrano said, “the hands are made for love and war”…But I found something different. I found that war does not exist, and therefore, love is just Orpheus’ lyre and a wind blown bagpipe; and without war, no love can be…I see a phantasy and that is all I see.

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