A bit of a laugh

It’s good to have a bit of laugh, a bit of a giggle, at war, because that is what war is about, having a giggle with your mates! And, when you look at it, it’s rather camp, actually! And rather unappealing, personally I find the show rather unappealing, now that I am in on the war jokes. Excuse me if I don’t want to join the party guys… Thing is, the jokes are a bit old, rather stale, an old stinky campy style of humour, and just really quite out of ‘trend’… War is just not trending well these days!!! I wonder why?

11 responses to “A bit of a laugh

  • hocus

    well sheesh, mister man, and I thought you were all about camp! oh you!

  • Michael A. Luna

    Karl, since youve discovered that WW2 was fake… have you gone back to listen to any National Socialist speeches.

    If so, how do you receive them? Do they make you pissed off? Sad? some emotion that would be inappropriate to talk about in such a direct, profane manner? …

  • A

    Compared to these men who fought for Europe, you are a subhuman.

    Nothing but a mindless keyboard cultist blogger.

  • carma13

    The question is…why? Cui bono?
    What are the effects of war?

    One theory, they create fake monsters, monstruosities outside,far away, so that we would be thankful for being ‘safe’ ‘at home’, with family, etc.

    It’s like the fake hungry africans.

    The program is to convince us to be thankful for being alive, because others have it worse, those in wars, those hungry in africa, those poor in asia or the caribbean (who I think live better than us!)…

    Life imperialism, the cult / terrorist group called parents want to keep us here in this plane/existence and even be thankful for it!

    • delendaestziobot

      Well, it is interesting… It is becoming increasingly clear, and I say this now in a more and more limited sense, because this 2D language format is becoming inadequate as a means of communication, that the human generations, those of the family, seem impossible to validate beyond 4 or 5 generations. So there would only be a very short time frame here to construct the scenes that we now see. Demographics are called into question, must be significantly less than stated, and most being brought in by a different propogation process than we are aware of.

    • Jer

      Good comment. I have thought about this, and I estimate that they made the past seem horrible and nightmarish (the “Dark Ages” and medaevalism) to make this day and consumptive commercial consumerism age seem great and awesome. As though we are “advancing” away from evil nature and into the iphone connected city machine.

      Same with the 3rd world propaganda you see to milk money out of you where Juoombi the needle thin nig has not the thought to move nearer water, but keep donating 5 a month. It is to make your slavery seem so good.

      • delendaestziobot

        Cyberspace is 1D. So all human effort is designed to reduce Being to 1D. Women, especially, are 1 dimensional, so they are the sirens of Cyberspace. Most “men”, especially the darkees, are feminized, so essentially women. Basically, 1 Dimensional boxland cyberspace will be peopled with womanish entities. This would explain “immigration”, feminized darkee “men” being propagated to people cyberspace along with women. LOL… It is where they belong.

  • delendaestziobot

    I was going to make a post about the actors of “war”, like Audie Murphy, etc, all of them are actors, feminized actors. But it all seems rather pointless considering where I am at now…

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