Rhine River dying

Rhine River, Germany, 2018.


From Third Reich Pilgrim Part I

“The Ferry Man feels as if he is carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, like Atlas himself. He is the ‘Cross’, he wrestles with the serpent to tame the wild winding river, he stands at the crossroads where history began. But you were lied to, but not by he, no, the old Ferry Man does not lie; when you make the sign of the Cross you must think of the Ferry Man of the Rhine, take the weight off his shoulders, take up thy barge-pole like a straight staff to conquer the winding and crooked serpent and you will see that you are the Ferry Man, the great Labour of his has been your labour and you have been carrying the enemy on your back!.”

The Geomantic curses were placed on the Rhine back in 2011… The aim is to destroy the River Crossing Guild, to do this the foundational Rivers of Germany must be destroyed first.

8 responses to “Rhine River dying

  • ezra91

    “I think we can form a pretty good idea of
    Jewish nationalism from this.”

    “Okay. So they are neither national nor international,” I acknowledged. “What, then?”

    “In terms of our customary concepts,” he shrugged, “it really can’t be defined. It is a rank growth over the whole earth, sometimes advancing slowly, sometimes leaping ahead in great bounds. Everywhere it sucks voraciously at the lifeblood of the planet. What was in the beginning a swollen abundance will become in the end nothing but dried-up sap. Zionism is the visible, surface aspect. It is connected underground to the rest of the monstrous growth.

    “And nowhere is there to be found a trace of opposition to this thing.”

    – Dietrich Eckart, Bolshevism From Moses to Lenin


    Brandenburg was a Serbian land a long time ago, see proofs in situ and ancient city documents. The today Baltic Sea was called Mare Serbicum.
    But since the West and esp. Rome, due to lack of love, fight Russia all the time, and because they equate us with them, rightly so, in a sense, our history remains stolen. Some will say: look, he is insane. These things can be proven.
    If you will, try works of Serbian historian Dr. Jovan Deretic, they are mostly in Serbian language, for obvious reasons, but there exist some translations. Even mighty Russia is culturaly derivative of Serbia. A heavy burden to bear for a proud folk. But for the humble it is not so.
    It is easy to tell what will happen. Impossible to tell what will befall.
    To work for Justice for All is a source of joy.
    I am climbing out of hell, trying to quit my Methadone addiction.
    Wish me well? Yours truly, Trentar.

  • Trentar

    To write of Geomantic curses makes little sense, no sense in fakt, they were put there in 2011AD – so you say; and they were llifted as such in 411AD, by way of anterior Geomantic Work. See, of this you had no clue. (Let it dry up. Let it all dry up.) A duel? Rubish. Not just yet. And then never. You should find other ways to suffer. Or triumph. Don’t be fooled by fools, by writing this way you just enforce the crss, the curse, the chaos. You may do so. But one of these days soon the Earth’s Oceans themselves will fall on their knees, they will lie prostrate in front of our agelong and joint stupidities, our remarkable talent to betray love always. Et tu Brute? But of course. And yet, a new tale is being written as we agonize, a good one. Don’t think of me, or seek me out. All is All-right. Almost. Nay.

    (((The quotation marks sign: ” is it a digital rune for Moustache!)))
    See, that means shitting empty blankets! Next year in Hell?

  • Trentar

    P.S. I just noticed a linguistik omission of mine in the above missive:
    ‘crss’ should be cross, obviously. If there be others, read as you can, I am tired now and need to sleep at least an hour, then it will be time for my loyal kidneys to wake me up, and not too gently either. CHEERIO!

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