Bible Museum admits – Fake.

Now becoming common knowledge…Museums forced to admit they are Fake. Should be found guilty of Fraud also.

3 responses to “Bible Museum admits – Fake.

  • aufihrhelden

    This is all as described in the first few pages of Serrano’s ‘Son of The Widower’.

    The Imbeciles of Zion think that the ‘minds’ of Ziobots need to be swayed.

    Of course, you will never read things such as, ‘Obersalzberg Museum Admits to Fake Holocaust’ or ‘Bank of England Museum Admits All Bank Notes Are Fake’ …

  • K

    These jewish fairy tales referred to in the admission simply are lies.
    “museums are fake”.. that is such an immature low intelligence claim.
    It must feel liberating to ramble on by yourself when there’s no-one to respond to your claims. Anything can be called “fake” with nothing to back it up, but that doesn’t give you credibility in the real world.
    You get to feel superior in your personal echo chamber blog of validation.

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