Third Reich Pilgrim Part II: Ghostland. Book Release.

THIRD REICH PILGRIM Part II: Ghostland – Book Release

Book is now available for purchase – AUD$29.95 – please email for payment and shipping details.

I will write a little synopsis later on.

Here are the Chapters:

I – The Kingdom of Blood And Iron

II – The Mythos of Germania and the Reich

III – The End of Berlin

IV – Goslar and the Heart of Germany

V – Operation Kyffhauser

VI – The Green Knights of Totenwald

VII – Walhalla on the Danube

VIII – The Treason Within

14 responses to “Third Reich Pilgrim Part II: Ghostland. Book Release.

  • delendaestziobot

    Special thanks to Steve Hirst for his invaluable and eagle-eyed proof reading skills.

  • Kurt

    So if everyone, and everything is fake, except you, who are you writing stories for, that is what I would like to know?

  • delendaestziobot

    I have decided that TRP II will not be released on Amazon, it’s simply too good…

  • Charlie B.

    This tangled skein I will undo, and then the wise that follow will know the way revealed.

    Pre-Order for part III.

  • delendaestziobot

    What else would you like me to do? I openly challenge all, in words and deeds, and what for? Just so I can be betrayed and stabbed in the back again…At least on Facebook, the Machine is more kind to me than humans…And what are humans anyway, but the masks of the Machine…It’s not the way I want it, but it is the way it is…I

    • Charlie B.

      All of this for asking if you’ve read any good books lately.

      Anyway, I’ll take this as a NO. lol

      So long delendaestziobot, I hope You and Facebook will be very happy together.

      • delendaestziobot

        “The Apple of Discord” page 167 – TRP Part II.

        Books are evil…

      • Charlie B.

        Books aren’t evil, unless they are capable of jumping off the shelf and hitting you in the head. Some of them may contain “perceived ” evil content!

        You have a single sheet of paper, page one on the front, page two on the back.

        Page one contains good and page two contains evil, How do you get rid of two without destroying one. Just don’t read page two! But then that would put you at a disadvantage. If all that you perceive is good, you could be in the service of evil by not knowing the difference.

        If evil doesn’t use books, it will use something else. You have as much written that yourself.

        The Kolbrin Bible:

        “We can only consign these books to the ground and destiny, trusting they will be called forth at the proper time and in a receptive generation”.

        “Also, we cannot tell how they who resurrect the books will deal with the contents”.

  • delendaestziobot

    “Nighogger rises bringing the corpses of the dead. Meet the real Dragon, the Blackness, the Dark Knight, Nigredo, the suffering that the language of the Alchemists dissolves. Here stood those ancient coeval Oaks of the Hart (Hartz) soaked in charming loam. The Tree of the knowledge of both good and evil. What was the evil that you hid, mighty Oak? What was your fruit? I am Herakles, sent to recover your Golden Apples, hidden here in the forests of Draco. You no longer entwine me with your riddles, I do not worship you, old tree. I will unmask the conspiracy. What ill will did you carry within you, old tree? What woodcuts did you provide to Augsburg, for the Woodcutter’s Guild and the Printing Guild? Deeper and darker you crowd around me, your spells stain my mind with poisons. I must awake from your dreamworld. Old Man Oak, like Tom Bombadil, I will freeze your marrow cold. Oak Apple Gall! Oak Apple Gall!!! This was your preservative that was eaten by Eve, vellum, young skin – so feminine is her page, you covered her with poisonous Gall, then to Adam, whom is the ink, you gave your ill brew of Gall, and the ink on vellum was preserved, the ‘Apple of Discord’ you bore. ‘You shalt not die’ you said, because you will be preserved in the book – as gods are preserved in the book. This was the Apple of Knowledge, and this was Evil. This is the poison of the Oak Tree, the fruit of the Oak Golden Apple. One can see Hercules holding the Golden Apples, and Adam and Eve plucking the Golden Apples from your dark branches. And the Golden Apple bore the T- Cross. What parasites you hold like mistletoe and the wasp. The magical fruit of the Oak, the Apple that gave the preservative to the gods of ink and vellum. Is this what you call ‘eternal youth’? Is this the language tree? All this for Typography and Iron Gall Ink! The Serpent is the Gall Wasp whose abode is in the Oak Apple who grows on the Royal Oak. For 1000 years, you said, that the Iron Gall Ink would be preserved. The host of the Serpent Worm is the Oak Apple, the Golden Apple,… I awake from your somnambulism.” – Third Reich Pilgrim Part II – Ghostland – page 167-168.

  • delendaestziobot

    Now where is my Noble Prize for Literature?

    Where is my Honorary Doctorate? ….LOL

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