Fake War – The Penultimate Truth

All extracts taken from Philip K Dick’s The Penultimate Truth.

One has to extract the parts of this mosaic literary work that are relevant in serial logical form. The rest of the book can be expurgated. In all Philip K Dick’s books that I have read, and I have read so far about 6 or 7, there is several layers of writing, like many books, going back to the Norse and Greek Myths and the Biblical Canon, where there are several layers which are woven together, often proving rather contradictory. It’s woven together from many threads, as I discussed in TRP Part I, the “text” referring to textum in Latin, which is a woven fabric – so I write about the “Weavers Guild” of Germany being the first book makers. But all the Guilds worked closely together to produce the first books, as it was such a massive operation, it took the combined efforts of all the industries of humans. Now this has been done for reasons other than money, because there is no profit in making books, books, are massively subsidized. We see books today that can be purchased new for $5.00 retail, however, the true cost in making that same book, would be in the order of $50.00…That is without the marketing and advertising, if one adds in the enormous costs of marketing and advertising books, the figure is ???? Who knows…And there are millions of books produced each year that nobody even reads, and yet the costs are still there – there is no profit in the book business, nor in publishing, and most of the names credited as “authors” are actors, who knows, Philip K Dick was probably an actor too, most notable “writers” are not the actual writers but are front men and women, they play the part of the writer, while the true authors are unknown. I mean, with, for example Philip K Dick, there is no way one man could have encoded a book with such penultimate truths at the time he did, alone. Even today with the vast Internet available to us, which is also described in the book under different names, even today, one man would find it impossible. The book was written in 1964! Interesting also, not just the Fake War parts, but the description of Flat Earth, and also many descriptions of the faking of archaeology, the book goes into some depth on how the fraud of archaeology is organised. Certainly this is way too advanced in knowledge for the time.


“Only here, in this day and age, as speech the speech had just pointed out, they had been born onto the surface of a world and now that surface with its air and sunlight and hills, its oceans, its streams, its colours and textures, its very smells, had been swiped from them and they were left with a tin-can submarine – figuratively – dwelling boxes in which they were squeezed, under a false light, to breathe repurified stale air, to listen to weird obligatory music and sit day-long at work benches making leadies for a purpose which – but even Lantano could not go on here. Could not say, for a purpose you dont know. For each of us here above to argument our retiues with, our entourages which wait on us, follow us, dig for us, build, scrape and bow…You have made us barons in baronial castles, and you are the Nibelungen, the dwarves, in the mines; you labour for us. AND WE GIVE YOU BACK READING MATTER.”

“Both military establishment, those of Wes-Dem and Pac-Peop, had provided him with financial and spiritual assistance – as well as the fabulous film clips of World War Two which each establishment held in its classified film libraries. The twin documentaries, contrived so as to be released simultaneously…Joseph Adams fitted his eyes to the spool scanner he thought to himself that they should have been able to remember enough to recognise what they saw on their TV screens to be a pure lie. Before his eyes appeared the tiny, illuminated and clear image of Adolf Hitler, addressing the hired flunkies who constituted the Reichstag of the late 1930’s. Der Fuhrer was in a sardonic, jovial, mocking, exited mood…his voice rising with each, and with each the hired flunkies jeered in synchronization…The emotionality of it all…The roars of the flunkies…Joseph Adams watched, listened, felt inside him a resonance with the roars, a sardonic glee in company with Hitler’s – and at the same time he felt simple, quite childlike wonder that this scene could ever have truly taken place.”

“It was the British who had brought about Buchenwald, was Gottlieb Fischer’s revised history. Not the Germans. The Germans were the victims, in 1943 as much as 1919. A later scene in Documentary A would show Berliners, in 1944, hunting in the woods surrounding Berlin, searching for nettles to make soup. The Germans were starving; all continental Europe, all people inside and outside the concentration camps, were starving. Because of the British.”

“The Wes-Dem TV viewer would discover that England, France, Germany and the United States should have all been allies. Against the authentic evil-doer, Josef Stalin, with his megalomanical plans for world conquest….The scene which opened episode four of version A. Advancing the spool, Joseph Adams halted at the episode and put his eyes to the scanner, this modern technological crystal ball into which one gazed to know – not the future – but the past. And. Not even the past. Instead, this fake which he now witnessed. Before his eyes a film sequence, narrated by the maddeningly ubiquitous Alex Sourberry and his oily, skillful murmur. A scene vital to the overall moral version of version A which Gottlieb Fischer, backed angelwise by the Wes-Dem military establishment….A deliberate, carefully manufactured fraud…To think that what we are now derives from such crude sleight-of-hand…since the documentary had been universally accepted as historically correct, as documenting the sell-out at Yalta, the misunderstood Adolf Hitler who had really only been trying to save Western Democracies from the Commies…And all it took was a few juxtaposed shots of British warships and starving camp victims, a few entirely faked scenes that simply never had actually occurred…And the soothing voice which tied it all together. Soothing – but firm.”

“In World War Two England and the US only seemed to fight Germany…technical errors occur…First of all, in World War Two there was no US Air Force…Prop Planes…The monad wanted me to see…our collective, historic efforts from the very beginning, starting with these two documentaries, has been marred. When you and I go out to fake things you and I and all the rest of us are just plain bound, at some place, sooner or later, to slip up.”

“…he tore himself loose from the tunnel, scrabbled and clutched at the clammy, flat earth which was surface earth; horizontal, with no end.”

“Our fake-producing factory, he thought, demands a lot from us; we may be the ruling elite, but we are not idle.”

“We are, Adams realized, a cursed race. Genesis is right; there is a stigma on us, a mark. Because only a cursed, marked, flawed species would use its discoveries as we are using them.”

“The fakery had gone that deep…They don’t work…If I could make them really work I could take over the world.”

“They share film studios in Moscow…Just like they share the New York Agency. Some talented Commie producer named Eisenbludt; he stages all the scenes of destruct you see on your TV screen. Usually its in min – done in scale. Sometimes, though, its life-size. Like they show the leadies fighting. He does a good job. I mean, its convincing; I remember and sometimes, when the TV set we have up here is working, we manage to catch it. We were fooled, too, when we were below. He, that Eisenbludt, and all the Yance-men; they’ve fooled everybody almost, except sometimes tankers do come up anyhow. Like you did.”

“And derived his Fuhrer, not from his own creativity, his artistic genius, but from simple observation. And who would Gottleib Fischer, circa 1982, be seeing? Actors. Hundreds of them. Sorted over to play roles in his two vast phony documentaries – actors picked especially for their ability to portray world leaders. In other words, actors who had charisma, the magic…. What the documentaries lacked were proper credits; who played what great world leader; we need that list, and the list does not and never did exist; it was carefully not made.”

“Is that what rules the millions of tankers today, the actor who struck Gottleib Fischer as just right to undertake the task of impersonating Hitler.”

“Its was spurious. Laid down deliberately by Gestalt-macher. Fakes. That’s what makes up the Gestalt, clues like that, profile indicators.”

“We have here, Adams, the ultimate factory of manufacturing hoaxes.”

“In that spurious, utterly faked scene contrived by Gottleib Fischer.”

“Because you know; and I know why you know, and you realise this. We are no longer in the quagmire of fakes, now; this is real. What are you, what I am aware of, due to the photo graphic records taken by my satellite.”

“We are cursed as a  race, all right, Foote said to himself; Genesis is right.”

“Because, he said to himself, I’m going to tell them the truth.”

32 responses to “Fake War – The Penultimate Truth

  • Eric

    Curious, do you believe in the idea of the Kali Yuga? In your last reply to me you said that eventually Aryans would stop being born to the planet. What do you believe will happen after this? Is there life after death, will Aryans exist ever again?

    • delendaestziobot

      The concept of the Kali Yuga, I put an end to in my upcoming book. This textual concept has been completely misunderstood. In TRP Part I, I write that we are in the Age of Sand, not Iron. Iron was the steam age, the age of the steam powered printing press and the steam powered train, which culminated in Bismark (The Iron Chancellor) and Nationalism. This all originates in Germany – The Holy Land – The “Fatherland, all “history” can only be viewed from this perspective, and this is where I differ greatly from all previous philosophers. My critics will say that I am influenced by Fomenko, but Fomenko is Russian centralist, which is completely incorrect in terms of geographical origins, Russia or Easter Prussia was merely a suzerainty of Prussia, all its monarchy, workers, technology, agriculture and military, everything came from Germany – as it did for the rest of the world. So fist one must understand thing from this unique perspective. The concept of Indo-Europeans, and Aryans, were invented in Germany by German Oriental Societies. “Aryan” is merely a late 19th Century German linguistic invention – it is taken from “Ehre” – “Honour”. So I just changed it and made the neologism “Ehrean” to be more precise. Now, if we look at Vico, and the “New Science”, it will be explained that the Golden Age is in reference to the technological advancement of crops – wheat, in particular, wheat is the first gold, that is what is meant by that. This is where man begins, placed on earth to tend the garden. It is wheat that underpins all human civilization. There is no “evolution” here, obviously, as humans appear simultaneously with the entire agricultural system all ready in place, as it must be, in order for a being like man to live.

      I can sense my former theological “kamerads” quaking in their boots, their knees are shaking and their teeth are chattering…

      The mill-stone was no cut by human hands, they should actually try to read their Bible instead of just inventing dogma. See Daniel 2. They cant understand because they still believe in Israel as a land in the Levant, and that Jews come from the Middle East…They are infected by stories, fantastic stories. The Book of Daniel is an Apocalypse story, it is a version of the original which is John’s Apocalypse story, that is the original, Isaiah and Ezekiel are other versions of John’s, but later versions, that have been backdated. Which is very common in publishing – backdating books to make them appear older than the original. This epistemology is very complex, obviously. The entire thing is completely re-arranged, so in Daniel’s dream, the feat of clay – silica, should be the final stage. As it says the gold is like chaff on the thrashing floor – it is wheat, smashed by the mill-stone. But the clay, should be the head, as it is silica, the final stage. And silica is just sand…Man stands on the golden fields of wheat, it is not the head, but the feet. Now I can go further into it as to what the Silver is and the Bronze (Copper and Tin), but takes time…. But my point is that this Gold – Silver – Bronze – Iron Age thing, is completely misunderstood. And, what happens, again I wrote this in TRP Part I, what is called “prophecy”, is achieved by backdating books, Nostradamus, for example, but the prime example would be Hinduism and the Bible, so what appears to be remarkable as a “prophecy” has been written in the present tense and then spuriously backdated so that when read it appears as they it is a remarkably accurate depiction from the “word” of the “prophet”. Hinduism is very young, really only from the late 19th Century and today they are still writing it and pretending that it is all very “ancient”, even tens of thousands of years old. LOL… Written on banana skins and palm leaves, and miraculously “discovered” in the 20th and now 21st century, it’s all BS, to put it plainly.

      The fact is that Time is Linear, and not Cyclical…Which is good…But that also puts an end to Nietzsche and the “Eternal Return” (Which Serrano was so fond of).

      What is Death?

      Perhaps I will quote E.M Cioran, who meditated much on the subject:

      “As long as we possess a will of our own, and as long as we are bound to it (this is what Lucifer has been blamed for), revenge is an imperative, an organic necessity which defines the universe of diversity, of the ‘self’, and which can have no meaning in the universe of identity. If it were true that ‘we breathe in the One’ (Plotinus), on whom would we take revenge where every difference is blurred, where we commune in the indiscernible and lose our contours there? As a matter of fact, we breathe in the multiple; our kingdom is that of the “I”, and through the “I” there is no salvation. To exist is to condescend to sensation, hence to self-affirmation; whence not knowing (with its direct consequence: revenge), the principal of phantasmagoria, source of our peregrination on earth.”

      So, after all, he is in the dark about Death, as much as you and me. But, I could say, that for Time to exist, then it is essential that there be Timelessness as an a priori. And this is also a sensation, one has felt Timelessness – Eternal. So, it is a state that exists, as it precedes existence.

      • Eric

        Thank you for your reply. Everything that you say makes sense to me and I can see that it is very much possible. I’ve read several books, some of my favorites were William Gibson’s Neuromancer Series, Virtual Light, books that are of a similar tone to Phillip K. Dicks. I always wondered how they could see in the the future so well in these books such as the whole cyber/cyborg agenda, the internet, etc. At the time it did almost indeed seem like a prophecy. Researching conspiracies and coming to the Jewish issue I realized that these things we see as prophecies were mostly created by crypto-Jews during past history. To go to the level that you see things from, such as most of all, if not all; history being one huge lie, I could have never imagined.

        Reading your thoughts and view on whats going on has made me feel that this is entirely possible now.

        I’m curious though, what is the actual agenda? Is there an endgame in sight?

        Also, what are your thoughts on how we got here, where we originate from. If you believe there is no evolution. What are we here for exactly?

      • Invictus

        It seems to me that the early english theosophist are also responsible for modern Hinduism and not the other way around.

      • delendaestziobot

        Yes, exactly, the Theosophists influenced Hinduism. And Sanskrit was invented by the ubiquitous East India Companies (English, German, French, Dutch).

      • Invictus

        Listen to “14:47”

  • delendaestziobot

    Yes, Arthur C Clarke is another good one, George Orwell’s 1984, obviously. It seems like an individual predicting or prophecy, but I dont think that is what’s going on. On another note, if you look at who is put up as technological innovators and inventors, it is quite ridiculous, for example Elon Musk, or the founders of Google or FB, just some university kids!!! That is clearly a joke. And this probably goes right back all through “history”…. Yea, most people just get to the Jewish thing, and declare that “It’s the Jews”, but it’s much bigger than that… I used to think the same thing – looks like Jews behind it all in big conspiracy…But the reality is the Jews could not organize a piss-up in a brewery. There is a difference between “waking up” and then like really, really “waking up”! LOL…So, Evolution is impossible, Biblical chronology is completely false, archaeology is false, war is false, everything is false! That’s about where I am now…What happens now? I don’t know.

    • Jer

      SO how come the jews are in charge of every single channel of information and perception if they are that retarded? They are at the pioneering position of all of society, if they are that bungling, then what the fuck is going on, and why are they the ones that get the best seats and meals in the house? Why not you or me?

  • carma13

    Well, even though you are way ahead than Serrano and others, the key issue remains the same, we are trapped in somebody else’s world/dream, the demiurge is the typical term. It has a plan, and we are here, watching it. It will end.
    Some say that our thinking, our opinions on this world is what matters to the demiurge, our comments, our view on what goes on, our creativity applied here.
    But the other possibility I see, probably more logical, and even intertwined with the previous theory is that of a simulated reality for testing purpouses, who would detect more of the truth?
    A kind of spiritual/mental advanced exam.
    It’s tedious, but it can’t affect you once you feel, sense and know both the fakery of this ‘reality’ and the truth of your own inner existence.
    We are still here mostly out of curiosity, after enduring so much well, let’s watch the end, it’s usually the best part.
    I for sure thank Karl for sharing this blog!

  • K. von Kanwetzburg

    Those of us who love our beloved Ehrean Germania *BEYOND* the BS we’ve been SOLD before, if we are such Folk, then we appreciate what Karl has discovered *FOR US* — WE, who number (most likely) much less than 144,000 in this world. WE, who are the last with consciousness. WE, who seek to escape this realm of darkness and lies. WE, who want and KNOW there is something better. Thank you Karl, 20/88!

    • Kurt

      Karl discovered for you? Karl is certainly not the first to say what he is saying, he has just chosen different words and changed the situations and places and names or words and outcomes. If you need someone else to discover truth for you, then you are certainly not what you would callan “Ehrean”.

    • Kurt

      And whats the 88 bit about? No place for that in Karls world. Better drop it or you will not be in his new club.

    • Jer

      I have always felt something “off” about htis place I am in. Further to your statement on getting out of here (which I think is the purpose) get out to where? And id where, where did we get here FROM?!

  • Rudolf

    These “discussions” are certainly becoming a very curious thing. Many words, leading nowhere and coming from a hazy place.
    Sebastian Brant comes to mind.

  • delendaestziobot

    Just thought of an interesting anathema from Cioran:

    “We don’t have any private letters from Shakespeare, didn’t he write any letters?”

    A rhetorical question, and sardonic.

    It’s so strange, because, any publisher would have seen the value in just inventing some private letters, they would have no problem in doing so… There was no actual historical Shakespeare, and we dont know where the written plays would have actually come from. Why would there be such an oversight? In the Plans…Obviously it is a glaring hole, but could have easily been fixed up – just “discover” some private letters of Shakespeare, why not, it is done all the time. It has got to be a deliberate error, or there is no contingency back-up facility by which errors can be mended within the Matrix. Why allow such an error to be detected, and when detected allow it to be known? It brings into question whether there is any human element controlling any “conspiracy”.

    • Kat

      Geniuses are prolific. This is because they are masters of their craft. Obviously someone without genius may think its only possible if a genius is an invention of some committee or company. Nowadays its common to invent artists.

      But someone who has some degree of self mastery knows that genius is mastery and therefore is capable of being prolific. A genius can produce great bodies of work because it is not contrived, but perceived through psychic channels and then put on paper, or through whatever medium the genius is working through.

      So to say there was no Shakespeare seems a rash claim. I am not a fan of theater so don’t know much of Shakespeare, but to me there would have been a Shakespeare and that he was merely a master of his craft. I don’t see a point in inventing Shakespeare when one person, a master craftsman, is capable of producing the work.

    • Invictus

      I have been listening to Manly Hall’s series on Neoplatonism, He will tell you that Plotinus a thousand years after Plato in the 5th century A.D. revives and continues his work, and then after another thousand years in the 15th century Pletho revives and continues the works of both Plato and Plotinus. Manly Hall nor nobody in academia thinks there is anything suspicious at all about this.

  • Casey

    I don’t understand why you’re so insistent that WW2 was fake. It seems like you’re really trying to force it. Like to say there was no shakespeare and stuff, its just forcing an interesting idea. its not actually convincing proof. just an unoriginal “What if” but you are sorely lacking in material evidence.

  • K

    The posts are all over the place, with random baseless “arguments” thrown in here and there, topped with hubris.
    He might suffer from a neurosis of sort of these dark days mixed with pseudo-science, subculture book nonsense from the USSA. He does mediocre harm to truth.

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