Third Reich Joke of the Day

American soldiers “re-purpose” a German Sturmgeschutze III tank. Great idea, I mean, the Americans would not get very far in their Sherman props, so just use German props instead, at least they worked. This would not create any confusion in the “chaos of war zones”, no not at all, because as you can see, the German Balkenkreuz has been painted over and an American military star painted on, so it’s easily recognizable at long distance, especially in the smoke and haze, rain and mud, and at night time; and the brave young men were all trained to work the “enemies” machinery and tanks, so they could just re-purpose, a lick of paint, jump in, and away you go to Berlin! Planes could easily tell the difference from the air also: “Oh, that’s our boys down there in a German tank, a cuckoo crew, hold fire.”

From “Fielding Captured Weapons: The Allied and Axis Approaches” –

Using the captured weapons and equipment of an enemy is commonplace during war. Frontline soldiers often find themselves short of what they need to accomplish their missions and quickly become ingenious at filling these holes in their order of battle with whatever they can find, capture or pilfer.”

You see, it’s written in military technical jargon, so it must be true. Young, brave men, with little training, no experience and hardly any education, are natural geniuses who can adapt quickly, without instruction, to any chaotic Frontline war zone, easily taking possession of highly technical weapons and equipment of their enemies and then using it against the enemy, to “knock them out” with their own weapons, and this is commonplace, happens all the time in war, and it is very effective. It is known, for example, that the British used to like adopting German tanks also, instead of using their own M13/40s, they would just capture some German Tiger and Panther tanks, get the Germans to surrender, which the Germans were very good at, and then jump in and continue on in the German tanks. Often the Germans would then continue on with the British, working as captured crewmen and mechanics in the Cuckoo Tanks, to keep the tanks going for as long as possible, so that more and more German tanks could be captured and re-purposed. To avoid any confusion in the field and to avoid friendly fire, the tanks were painted with easily identifiable identifications, or a flag, or something. Or just left as they were for a sneaky ambush.

7 responses to “Third Reich Joke of the Day

  • Kurt

    This is yet another instance where you have half read and half researched. You have half understood what the misleading source article was stating. You are simply twisting an idiots article to suit your own agenda. It is as clear as day. You are either an incredibly stupid man, or a bitter and twisted individual that has many issues with his mommy and daddy.
    Mommy didnt love you, so you speak poorly of Women, sleep with prostitutes, and choose to not have children, so as to not repeat the loveless cycle of mommy and son. Daddy was cold and distant, hard on his Karl, who never felt he was being heard or seen. So daddy was a liar. The world is against poor karl, so he turns on the one thing that made him feel superior…Nazism. he wants to feel even more superior than the thing that made him feel superior so he attempts to pull it apart. He will do whatever it takes to make daddys lack of interest a mistake. He will lie and twist the truth, while he himself believes the illusion he has created for himself. If you cant be successful or important in the world that exists, then create a new fantastical childlike world of your own. There mommy and daddy will see all you wanted was a bit of love and attention.

  • delendaestziobot

    LOL, it is you I am explaining, not me, you moron.

  • Jer

    Speaking of unspeakable natural genius and above 500 IQ natural extraordinary brilliance, I remember a friend of mines dad, talking about how the UK pilots figuring out (in mid battle of course) that the German missiles had a mechanism that would die if it was upside down (dont ask, this is just what I was told by an “authorative source”) so the brave English geniuses flew up and flipped over these missiles in mid flight with their wings and switched them off, thus saving England from further destruction. I know you are well within your reasons to think I am lying but this is what this guys dad told me, happened.

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