Amazon just removed “MAYA: Reality Is An Illusion & Other Essays In Esoteric Hitlerism”, the reason given was that someone said it was “inauthentic”, and that is all…LOL… They don’t realise that they have done me a favour! Amazon’s process for me, I am sure it differs according to who you are, but for me, if somebody makes a complaint about my books to Amazon, then Amazon remove my book and then ask me to provide all sorts of details and information, to form a case as to why it should not be removed, this means I am guilty until I prove myself innocent. Now having gone down this path before, I know that any action I take is a waste of time and fruitless, when dealing with Amazon. But I am relieved that they are slowing removing my Esoteric Hitlerist books from their website, as it all is a waste of time for me anyway. Now I have a legitimate excuse as to why I dont have to sell the books anymore on Amazon (because I make no money out of it anyway, the entire publishing game is fraud, and nobody makes money out of books, but that is another story.) The point is, I dont wont to sell these Esoteric Hitlerists books, and it is a waste of time for me, but I am committed to sell the remainder of books I have. Going through Amazon is a pain in the behind, more trouble than what it is worth…And I don’t give a rat’s arse whether my books sell or do not, I just made a commitment when I was younger, an oath, and I must see that through, and I will….Many people think they are going to make money out of books….You dont make money out of books, there is no profit in publishing and printing books, books are hugely subsidized by private organizations, universities, governments and various institutions…It all depends on who you are, not what book you write. The content is irrelevant, it is only relevant in marketing, that is what sells books, and Amazon ( a hugely subsidized company, which does not actually make a profit on anything), is a huge marketing platform. People wanted their book on Amazon, so they can think, wow, look I am on Amazon! While Amazon charges me a rake of 20%, plus cheating me on the shipping cost, which I package and ship and pay for! It’s complete BS! All these people getting ripped off on this scam just so they can tell their friends and family they have a book and its on Amazon, because if its not on Amazon, nobody going fucking buy the thing because, it’s The Web Site that sells it and that is called “marketing”…… I got myself into this, so I only got myself to blame. I did it, in the beginning, because I believed, I was innocent, and believed in what I was doing, as if it would make a difference, but all that I believed in was false! It’s BS, the whole kit and kaboodle! So, now, if anyone wants to buy “MAYA: Reality Is An Illusion & Other Essays In Esoteric Hitlerism”, I have about 20 copies left and I will sell them directly through Hermitage Helm Corpus, and when those copies run out, then, thank the stars, I wont be printing anymore! YAY! The Saga of Hailstorm has been removed from Amazon also because the author wants to pursue his own CreateSpace publishing options…Phew…Got out of that one too, if he wants the remaining 25 copies I am only too happy to send them to him, for nothing! But you know what I have gained out of this, and God knows I fucking paid for it and deserve it, I got taught a lesson in life, a valuable lesson, and I learned of many things, how things operate and work in certain industries, and really, that was all I wanted from it… As for the rest of my books, apart from Third Reich Pilgrim, I will only be selling until I run out of the printing orders I have. Because these books sell very slowly then it may take sometime, and I will be relieved when I no longer have to concern myself with all the work that goes into it, and I can just concentrate on the books I have written myself, and other, more important matters.

5 responses to “Updates

  • laryensoufi

    …another one bites the dust, yet gets up to be hit again. A boxer by his trade?
    Dont mean to insult you by any means my brave friend.
    Now, out in the wilderness, crossing the Abyss.

    Going no where to get there, where he’s a going, to his place of Honor. 20/88

    Better to be alone and nowhere, now that you’re there. Without lies to guide you, only your God inside you calling you by your NAME!

    Intrepid and unabated. Impervious to likes & dislikes. An Aryan Warrior.

  • bogusart

    Too bad. I was counting on some quality edition of Devi, which has been mentioned before. I see your point, though.

    • Michael Luna

      I was also, for a while at least… I‘ve never even actually read anything from her, just an audio series on youtube of lightning and the sun. What sticks out now more than ever is her mention of literacy being a tool of enslavement.

      • delendaestziobot

        “It is easier to enslave a literate people than a non-literate people.” – Devi

        This is at the essence of all literature.

        “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was the beginning with God.” – St John

        Describing the beginning of writing.

        With the advent of the Silicon Age, the Digital Age, the Age of Sand – the Internet, the process of thinking has not only speeded up, and become implosive, but it has freed one of the strangleholds on “Typographic Man”, because of the visual aspect, images are replacing words, and Man now thinks with images more than words. But this comes at a price, and has its dangers. There is a transition period, which we are now in, but in that transition period, gaps and errors appear in the processes. The loss in images replacing words, would be with the voice, already this is so obvious with smart phones, people simply do not voice, they do not talk as much. So with the visual image communication processes man will sacrifice his voice and tactility, he already lost tactility in the explosive steam age and with the printing press, the Word killed tactility, as did numbers (numbness of the hands). Overall the humans are slowly losing as they are devoured slowly by the machine.

        But we are not concerned with “humanity”, as a whole.

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