Wars: How to Make and Fake

Wangling War Films. How to make and fake them: I U Boat sinking a Pleasure Vessel off Brighton.

Wangling War Films How To Make and Fake Them: II The Popular Film of a Taube soaring over Rheims Cathedral

Wangling War Films How to Make and Fake Them: III The Arrival of German prisoners at Margate Jetty by the Night boat from Boulogne.

Wangling War Films How to Make and Fake Them: IV The Fall of Przemysl.

3 responses to “Wars: How to Make and Fake

  • delendaestziobot

    Hard to find high resolution of these cartoons, but I will try and locate some more. Clearly many humans got the joke, because these cartoons were very popular, and the term a “heath Robinson” is used to refer to an improbable, rickety machine barely kept going by incessant tinkering. The comedic Parlour “Bletchley Park” named their “German decryption machine” the “Heath Robinson”, LOL, because they knew it was all a joke. I am sure at the time just about everyone knew it was a joke, but they worked out they could gain sympathy from following generations and thereby extract a form of taxation on them, as if they owed their lives to “the greatest generation”, by pretending that it was real, and it worked a treat!

    I do feel sorry for folks who still believe in this “war” business… I feel sorry for myself actually, for having fell for such a cheap parlour trick, feel embarrassed, to be honest, but, nobody told me it was all just a sick joke. Still, I understand how it can take a long time to correct such a delusion. A whole lifetime of brainwashing is hard to undo. It takes bravery and great deal of intelligence, and most have neither of these traits.

  • popov

    indeed Mr. Young. keep digging friend it gets even better. just check out the grump defense spending.. 717 billion on what ?

    the racket continue in earnest. no goose-steppin fakery needed.

    feed the sheep a ghost to hate and be scared of, blow up a few buildings, chase down a scary mooslim in the desert who has a knife, and you can swindle trillions. literally.

    don’t be so hard on yourself mate. its all fake. if people cant fathom it then fuck them.

    • delendaestziobot

      This will be my next book. Fake War looms large on the horizon, like a huge Tsunami, and riding that Tsunami at the front is me. I am certainly have a few threads of ego remaining that I can string together to attempt it.

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