Deutschland is Hilarious.

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  • delendaestziobot

    Interestingly the KKK wear the flagellant costume. The KKK were modeled on the romance novels “Birth of a Nation” and the “The Clansman”. Not a real history, its all fake of course and a romance, a phantasy. Interesting though why the costume designers would choose the Catholic Flagellant costume for the 20th Century KKK parades, movies and fake life-shows.

    • Simon

      What is your opinion on Robert Mathews and the Order now? Given KKK revelations.

      • delendaestziobot

        I am now suspicious, but it is very complex. Given that GLR was a Dramatis Personae, and Manson, perhaps the same would apply to Bob Matthews and given the extensive media coverage relating to The Order, I could only now be suspicious. And if a character is placed in jail that in no way authenticates them as being a real person.

      • K. von Kanwetzburg

        Read David Lane’s last book, his final compilation of letters, “Victory or Valhalla,” and you will see that he ADMITS the KKK and the Third Reich BOTH were nothing more than instruments in implementing the “New World Order” aka “Zionist” empire that we all now acknowledge as the dominant force in this pathetic excuse for a world.

  • delendaestziobot

    And Zionism is a joke. Because the Jewish homeland is not Palestine, and the Bible His-stories are all fake. And the notion of “race” is now destroyed, and the notion of “folk” is destroyed, and the idea of a “nation” is a false construct, merely a swindle. Again, nationalism, even tribalism, which is erroneously based upon the chronological biblical framework or tribes developing into nations. The nations were formed via mechanical, alphabetical linguistics and other technologies such as the railway. With the advent of new technologies based upon electricity, the nation become redundant, as electricity is implosive rather then explosive – ie steam engine. Both the trains and the printing presses required for nationalism were powered by the explosive forces generated by the steam engine. So, the notion that a nation is forged by a particular people is wrong, it is driven by technological industries. The real history is about the expansion from a point of origin which has been driven by technology… Now that expansion is imploding with the Digital Age… So the the Hindu and Greek concept, which are just thought developments from European Orientalists, that we are in the “Iron Age” are also wrong, we are in the Silica Age, the Age of Sand. The major technological inventions appear to have no human inventor, except some human puppet is put up as the face of the invention, so it is unclear as to whom is the inventor or what is the inventor?

    A “New World Order” is impossible in an implosive situation. It’s a de-constructivist phase. This phase can be quickened by deconstructing the narratives that were holding human thought patterns together.

  • delendaestziobot

    Look at Turkey, for example, nationalised only in 1965… The Railway system in Turkey was built by Germans, predominately, and British and Americans, not by Turks (Turks cant build anything on their own). Now when the railways were completed then the Germans handed them over to the Turks for free, after they had paid and worked to build them! And they called this “Independence” and then they invented some BS about Turkey having a history! The Fact is that Germany, built the railways for the Turks, but they still could not look after themselves so they jumped on the Baghdad to Berlin Railway, for free, because the Germans were still paying for it but gifting all the profits to “Independent Turkey”, but you see, it was now implosive, not explosive, so all the efforts of the Germans was just back-firing, quite literally, now Germany has a large Turkish population (and growing) because it is like their children, and they love them very much…LOL…This example goes for the rest of the Middle East, and Asia, and Africa, and everywhere else for that matter. But are the Germans conscious of this? No, because they have no conception of a holistic racial consciousness, if they did they would not do as they do.

  • delendaestziobot

    Now of course, bringing up the Berlin to Baghdad Railway, one can see that the logistics of WWII make no sense. Because the railway was completed in late 1920’s. if there was an actual war, and if there was actually “oilfields” in the Middle East, then the entire logistics of WWII would have to be changed, because Germany had control of the Berlin to Baghdad Railway – down through Europe and the Balkans, across the Bosphorus and through Turkey all the way to Baghdad…Oh but they run out of oil, that’s right…LOL…

  • Simon

    What about Hanna Reitsch? Always suspect, born in Poland, was contracted with the UFA (Television and Film Company In Germany) as a stunt pilot!!! Was interviewed and photographed on a few occassions by Jewish photo journalists, while at the same time insisting she believed in National Socialism. Very odd! or not?

    • delendaestziobot

      Serrano wrote that he met with Hanna Reitsch in India when she was working for Nehru. She always had interesting stories about Hitler and Eva in the Bunker and stuff, this was back when media groups paid good money for such stories. Serrano asked her if she would fly him to the inner earth… She died a Polish Catholic, in Frankfurt, I think.

  • delendaestziobot

    Deutschland forgot to use its primary locomotive asset, in not one but two “World Wars”! Perhaps Ludendorff, Hindenburg, and Hitler and the German General Staff forgot about Deutschland’s greatest railway asset, or the script writers forgot about it?

    Maybe Berlin to Baghdad Railway did not appear on any of their maps? LOL…

    Interestingly, Ludendorff and Hindenburg were also from the Posen province (Poland). This would have ruled out the eligibility of both men from the German parliament after WWI and the Versailles Treaty (and any military capacity). They would have then been Polish by nationality… Hitler, of course, was always ineligible for German parliament and German military service…

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