“Huge War Games”


OMG, war games, help help!!!

“The war games have laid a foundation for China and Russia to enhance cooperation on an international arena and will lift the combat proficiency of both sides.”

Ummmm, sure, that makes sense, like a practice match…

“But these ‘games’ are deadly serious.”

Sure, because war is serious stuff, people die, they really do.

“Both agreed the countries would work together to maintain world peace and stability.”

That is not an Orwellian oxymoron, because war is real, the war games are only practiced so that real war can be avoided.

Look how real it is, it’s fake, but real, because war is real, that is why it needs to be faked.

Is it the Battle of Kursk? No it’s the Battle of Vostok!

A pageant parade? Yes, but war is real, people die you know, my great uncle lost a leg in the war, so there, war real!

This must be some esoteric secret runic code? Not sure…

Yes, these Generals need to conduct a fake war in order to avoid a real war, because war is real and very very dangerous.

Look at these brave young journalists, coming to report on the war action. What an adventure!

Here we have some brave soldiers testing out some new highly sophisticated weaponry. Lets hope they never have to use it for real.

Ummmm, I really don’t know what to say.



6 responses to ““Huge War Games”

  • Invictus

    I can’t discuss these ideas with anyone in the physical world, it’s too much for even red pilled white nationalist. I’m starting to get the feeling that most humans don’t have souls, there just props or background noise to make it seem like a “world” is going on, but they are really just hollow automatons. It is deeply disturbing how obvious these inconsistencies and contradictions are. Is this some kind of “Dark City” experiment to see how us few souls react, or is this all an elaborate initiation? Might this have something to do with 144000 in revelation, is this the amount human beings with souls in the world going through initiation?

  • ezra91

    Post-45 world is fakedom nec plus ultra. However, the world wars are real.

  • delendaestziobot

    Ahhh, I see the Paupers’ Bible, it’s 144,000 words of 1441, printed by Gunther Zainer in Augsburg, I see the historiated woodcuts of the Monastery of the SS, I see the Woodcutters Guild.

    What did Frodo sing in the Old Forest:

    O! wanderers in the shadowed land
    despair not! For through dark they stand,
    all woods there must end at last,
    and see the open sun go past:
    the setting sun, the rising sun,
    the day’s end, or the day begun.
    For east or west all woods must fail…

    Don’t mind me, I am just writing in my book and thinking out loud.

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