Interview with Baldur von Schirach

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  • delendaestziobot

    When did you first meet Hitler:

    “I met him at the Opera.” – Baldur von Schirach (Operatic Actor)

    LOL, what impressive performance from Mr Schirach (because his was an American Jew). That little smile he gives when he says it, the twinkle in his eye…. I mean he could not really make it more obvious, because he is still in character, but the Opera is, in this case, a comedy, so it’s like a self-parody of his caricature…But Frost is the one getting a German master-class here, and they both know it.

    A very powerful magician at the height of his powers, but with the Third Eye of the Ehrean one see through this clown act, one sees every false gesture, every contrived move, every insincere expression of the face, every word is a magical deception, and yet he enjoys giving it away, that is his power to do so, because he utterly despises the fools that believe him…. Schirach is a magician, no doubt, but his like the rest of the fake “Nazis” his gig is up…He even says that his parents friends were Jews, and that their were jews in his house, he even says that jews are clever than Germans and laughs! He calls Hitler, his fellow acting partner a “fabulous monster” meaning a monster of a fable, a fictional character in a story which he tells. And finally, with much wit, he quote Alice in Wonderland, as the final insult to all those he has deceived….By the end of this interview, I wanted to smash his grinning evil countenance with a shovel into a bloody pulp, to wipe that smile off his face….Fucking Cunt!

  • delendaestziobot

    Now this is interesting, for me that is, as I type into my digital confessional box, alone, transcending the mass of humanity. Mr Schirach grew up in an English speaking household, the son of a Theater Director, which again confirms my Thesis. His mother was Emma Middleton Lynah Tillou, a wealthy American Jew, and his father was an American citizen and with the US Army!. Like most fake “Nazis”, they were not Germans. Mr Shirach would not have even be able to qualify as a Third Reich citizen!!!! Let alone be a member of the NSDAP or be in a “war” related occupation. His family were a prominent Pennsylvanian family with strong links to New York…By Third Reich standards this man would have to have been arrested and deported during the Third Reich war period, and yet we I am to believe that he was the head of the Hitler Youth.

  • ezra91

    Recommended reading for every person who aspires to become a nazician.

  • Trentar

    What third eye of the ehrean, what crap, the guy, baldur, is simply a case of a man that’s been emotionally crippled, he is acting, we all are, and he is spinning some tales, but mostly he is just, more or less convincingly, burning up what reserve energies he was left with, delighted that at last he can be payed attention to, otherwise a mental case, emotionally rather damaged.
    It happens due to anal sex.
    Of a too violent kind.
    The worst thing there is, but..I’ve seen worse.
    Much worse.
    Or, let us put it like this: you are right, Karl, I think you realy are, damn it, but – so what?
    Will you spend the rest of your life unable to…swallow and absorb the lie(s) you’ve been fed?
    Because your highness has been lied to!
    Get over it!
    And get laid, gently, if you value your liver (soul), ffs, you have hooker friends we heard, JA?
    You are more than this.
    So much more.
    Here’s the alternative: keep this shit up for some more time and get your ass kicked all over your home town, sooner or later, by some idiot triggered by all the provocations you’ve been doling out to the rest of us, dispensing aloofness and sofistication like there’s no tomorrow.
    I’ve been kicked like that!
    In public!
    For the same reason!
    So choose your way wisely.

    And shut this shit down. It isn’t a confessional but your dancing pole – a stripper’s Axis that seduces with his intellect.
    You’ve got style, all right, but don’t squander it!
    Is there yet something I owe to you? I think not.

    This is it, matey: SO LONG!

    (I remain, however, available for private conversation, will not shut you down over so little.)

    Sieg Heil!

  • Yiddhahareich

    Karl is the greatest actor of all. You really think any person as egotistical and as poisonous in his bitterness, has done one single hour of inner, spiritual work?
    And an Anti natalist? Perhaps just battling his homosexual urges?

  • Yiddhahareich

    Karl claims to have been a fervent Nazi in the past, but going over his work, one sees he was anything but. Sure, he liked the aesthetics, but what did he really know about beauty? He has spent his time writhing in the cesspit of blind hatred and ugliness. A hatred of Whites has topped his list! At least Hitler saw a brighter day. Siddharreich has been the shouting and yelling of someone irrelevant, that thought he was great and should be heard. The shouting and yelling becames louder when he thinks no one is listening. Siddharreich is the metaphorical purple hair dye and face piercing. Nothing more

  • Duped

    His performance was very well acted, for a film, that is. For the general population, this presentation would be rather appealing, it could be right out of Hollywood movie, in black & white, old school. Maybe a Kubrick film, a grand finale, the showdown conversation between the good guys and the charming villain, where everything is laid bare and turned upside down, where the audience leaves the theater with something to think about, the villain had some points, didn’t he? Lol, at the end, when he quotes Alice in Wonderland, I didn’t think they would end this in such a blatant way. Alice in Wonderland is a marker for Intel, i.e. “we were here”.

  • Invictus

    What do you think about the possibility that North America is the actual East India? If thats the case then I’m sure fragments of american history got transfered to modern day India. India is the crown jewel of the empire.

  • Invictus

    What do you think about the possibility that North America is the actual East India? If thats the case then I’m sure fragments of american history got transfered to modern day India. India is the crown jewel of the empire.

    • delendaestziobot

      Well, the United States has an East India Company Flag, so it has been part of the multi-national East India Company enterprise. Canada would be Hudson Bay Company, a derivative of the East India Company. So yes, America was the “crown jewel”. America produced far more wealth than what India ever did, and they have tried to make India look far older than what it is… Even today India is actually a net importer of food and materials, as a colony it still cannot support itself, because it does not have a large enough white population.

      • Invictus

        Yeah there is the flag and also Columbus the vicroy of India, discovered what he thought was India, we call the supposed natives here “Indians”… It seems pretty obvious to me. I think these “Indians” we were at “war” with in the 19th century might actually be white tartars, and the chinese who built our railroads were also white tartars from Kitai Tartary.

        The man at 1:14 “fought” in the 1861 war of rebellion against the Dutch (East India Company), that’s probaly when New Amsterdam becomes New York. Modern India also has a war of rebellion in 1861 against the British East India Company. It seems there wasn’t any north south civil war, the “war” was the revolutionary war of independance. For some reason they sent it back in time to 1776.


    I am pleased to see that the general consensus is “Karl” is a man who has done no real inner work. That is the plague of our times, people never reflect inwardly. It took being punched in the face to really force me to look inward. And there is still a lot of work to do. But I know better than to blabber about my intellect and boast how I published “the greatest book of the century”

    You say Mr. Schirach is an actor and a fraud. This is true, yes, but the truth is we all are. If you knew anything about the FAMOUS Carl Jung (not to be confused with obscure book publisher of the same name) you would know that there is something called “Persona” which is the facade we all put on. And behind that is the hidden self, undifferentiated, repressed, suppressed and the source of our neuroses.This is the raw material which we must conquer.

    If you actually took some time to reflect inwardly, Karl, instead of calling people frauds, homosexuals or liars, you would be able to appreciate the greater picture called REALITY. Instead of believing that since everyone is acting (via persona) they must be all in-on one big lie, that instead the act they put on is concealing something called ‘self’ which is undifferentiated and unformed.

    Obviously at the deepest core is the battle between light and darkness, but the complexities that make up the outer layers of the individual fraud are far from black and white. In each caricature of the third reich was an inner being struggling to express itself and carry out its divine mission, despite the human limitations and inertia which resisted it.

    Understanding the need for inner work is a key to the mysteries. Not only that, it is the first step toward initiation! You are not even an initiate, Karl! You are merely a lowly book publisher who was chosen and guided to publish books! Which, if you had humility, would have earned you much honor! But since this is the Kali Yuga, you are a dimwitted, dulled fool who screwed it up and needs to repent and atone!

    You think “Karl Young” your ego is what is behind your success? It is your being, working with the hierarchy in the inner worlds, it has nothing to do with your filthy drunken, undifferentiated mess you call “self” which is nothing but a collection of errors, of defense mechanisms! Its not your desire to be a “great writer” or “the next Hitler” or whatever daydreams you surely have entertained, as well all do.

    You certainly are no better than Baldur Von Schirach who also, when his time came, took his place on the world scene. He was the raw material that Hitler the Reich and God used to carry out a divine mission. He was not immortal, just like you are not immortal. He had defects, just like you. He hid stuff, just like you. So you see a man being interviewed, not his divine mission. You just see the man. Just like if someone interviewed you and asked you to describe trivial details and opinions in the imperfect English language. That’s like trying to have a conversation with a weed in the middle of a forest. Yes, at that moment in time and place you will see one thing, but around it are countless unconscious organic processes carrying out at once as well as in-time.

    An interesting and glaring issue I see with you is that you maintain this macho ego, showing you refuse to integrate with your inner feminine. Did you even READ Serrano? El/Ella? The He/She, she/he? Where was your mind when skimming through this massive part of Serrano’s work?! This is the successful integration of the masculine and feminine! Of the Jungian Anima and Animus! One of the greatest contributions to the success of the Third Reich was by early sacrifice of homosexuals, as we all know with the rise of the SA and this is for reason you obviously don’t understand. This is because with people of this quality is a highly developed female and male instinct. This sensitivity(though perverted in our time) is common in the Nordic people, who have the greatest integration of masculine and feminine traits! This has always been reflected in art wherein the barbaric always have a stark contrasts between male and female, whereas the royalty or highest types always have the greatest androgyny(but in an unmistakably organic, beautiful way, nothing like what is promoted by media and television) You do not know this!?

    It is the passive and receptive principal that is the key to bringing the blueprints of divine kingdom to earth, and the masculine self discipline which builds that kingdom! This is why Hitler was an Architect as well as Artist! And yes, Adolf Hitler had a very strong feminine side, as evidenced by the right part in his hair and his obvious sensitivity increased by his spiritual practice as well as vegetarianism. Yes, this is true! As any research to this topic will show you and the discerning eye can see these are archetypes. And it is also a matter of fact Hitler was sexually continent, he did not masturbate or fornicate. But obviously he had very much in common with his homosexual associates in the SA. Not that he was a homosexual sodomite, but because he was a man of high sexual voltage and spiritual frequency where masculine and feminine energies were both helical and powerful in his being. Since Hitler conquered himself inwardly, he could conquer outwardly! Since Hitler was an initiate(carrying out the inner work) he did not “Act” in a conventional way. His “role” was his duty. And for that reason when he took on the role of Fuhrer, this was closely aligned with his true self and is evidenced by his success. Because he WAS who he said he was. He WAS Fuhrer. The script writers are not initiates of this type so would not know how to write a more perfect character. Hitlers acquaintances knew Hitler far better. And his path through Europe and those he brought on his journey tell of this magic initiation.

    Yes there is much fraud, deception and fakery and trickery since we are in the Kali Yuga this is the psychic and physical matter the Gods have to work with on the material plane. However there is no reason invent world war 2 when people are all too willing to kill one another and mass produce the means to do it.

    You say you are an “intellectual”, but what does that even mean other than pretentious blabbermouth do-nothing, always changing his tune? What does it mean than “I have fantasies of being remembered as a great writer and genius of my time!” Right? We’re all like this, but Hitler, the AVATAR, taught us the path is through ACTION and WILLPOWER. That is the message of Hitler, the AVATAR.

    Schirach had a job he was more or less capable of and then when the war ended he did interviews and puffed up his self-worth. Because this is reality and he developed a little act around his personality. But behind it was someone with many pains and issues of his own, like with anyone. Yes, probably lies and shames and deceits. But he was there and served his role when he was called upon. Then he did interviews when the war was over, obviously playing his little act for the camera.

    If you looked inward, as someone above very aptly put, then you would realize that understanding, insight and wisdom doesn’t come from paranoia and pointing fingers and conspiracy videos. It comes from REAL INNER WORK. THIS IS INITIATION.

    Obvious real walkers of the path follow your blog because Serrano was a real initiate and you brought his work to us. But yet you are not an initiate! You are a mere publisher. You gained your notoriety for publishing Serrano’s books in English, which was a great work you did. But you, being a defective and typical beast man of the times, became egotistical and screwed up your reputation and tarnished Serrano’s name.

    And its no disrespect to you. What can we expect. The path is up to you. If you don’t follow the path you will fade away just like everyone. Because Initiation is the key to immortality and there is no other way! No one needs to silence you or crucify you because YOU ARE NOT AN INITIATE! You turning on Esoteric Hitlerism works in the favor of the secret enemy.

    That’s all!

    • delendaestziobot

      I have gone far beyond the raconteur Serrano and friends… And it is I who have the Draupnir Ring… Serrano never even knew what it was, neither did Hitler the ACTOR.

    • Duped

      @ SVWVS, Your inner reflections merely consist of fantasies that are mixed together from various sources and in such a way that it is congruent with your personal needs & wants. You can’t explain all the inconsistencies of that historic period, and you aren’t even willing to check the genealogies of those who were involved. How can you be so sure of it all? Your only arguments are your feelings. Instead of engaging in such a humongous task as trying to properly understand (whatever that means) Mr. Ambiguous aka Serrano (and those hundreds of authors he quoted) and then consequently wasting a decade of your life, you should rather start with the fundamentals and be efficient, i.e. trying to collapse the house of cards with the least amount of time, in one sweep if possible. If you are able to collapse it, then it makes absolutely no sense trying to find something substantial in interminable tomes that were written with the primary goal to waste your valuable time.

      • SVWVS

        @Duped, Hitler was a teacher, showing the path. He was a runner(messenger) in the Great War where he earned an Iron Cross. And as leader he was also a messenger, delivering a message to humanity. Like Christ, he was crucified. Rejected by the world he was trying to save.

        He was a living legend. An archetype. While people bicker back and forth, those with discernment can see plainly the message.

        The hero(Christ) never shirks. He keeps fighting to the end. Even when all hope seems lost, it doesn’t matter. When all around him his comrades betray him, shirk, give-in to doubt, he keeps fighting. This is because he IS. He is always fighting for victory, even when others say all hope is lost.

        Hitler was a messenger. Teaching you the path, just like Christ. The path is traversed with action. It isn’t worshipping Hitler, it is looking on with wonder and awe at what man is capable of. Living by that example.

        There is nothing to argue over. Hitler’s life is a lesson to be meditated upon. If you conclude this or that and wish to surpass, or wish to judge or condemn his actions by all means do so. But the legend, even if false, even if an act, still teaches a lesson. Just like Christ teaches the lesson that, when the messiah comes, humanity will reject the messiah. This is because the messiah is superior.

        Yesterday will never be exactly like today. Only the myth, the inspiration, lives on. The past is not compatible with the future. Whether Hitler was this or that good or bad thing or whether this or that person who worked for him was distasteful to you in some way, this is beside the point. This is just the matter we live in. There is sewage running through the pipes in your wall and in your belly. This is how it is. You live and die. Nature follows its course. Its the legend that matters. That’s what inspires us. And then, when we reflect, we are in awe of the magic and mystery, the surreal nature of it. That’s all.

    • delendaestziobot

      @SVWVS, I think you will find that the Divine Mission is to impeach Hitler and expose the fallacy of the Third Reich, and the first and second Reichs also!

  • delendaestziobot

    “Between the acting of a dreadful thing,
    And the first motion, all the interum is
    Like a Phantasma, or a hideous Dream:
    The genius and the mortal instruments
    Are then in council; and the state of man,
    Like to a little kingdom, suffers then
    The nature of an insurrection.” – Julius Caesar, Shakespeare

    • Invictus

      I just had a revelation that WWII is a passion play. Understand that the Kingdom of Judah or jews are the Hapsburg monarchy, Oestereich is the east kingdom or East Heirosalem, and Spain is Heirosalem. Now just paralel the lives of Julias Ceasar, Ceaserea Borgia, Jesus Christ, and Adolf Hitler. The only question now was it just a passion play or the actual event in the Bible?

      • delendaestziobot

        Ah yes, it is indeed a Passion Play, a Guild Mystery Play.

        Jerusalem would be the place name Heirosalem, and it is in Europe originally, but they move the place names around, so there are several Heirosalems. The Biblical Plays are made up of a multitude of allegorical tales that are then woven together – “text”, “Textual”…So for each character or event there are several perspectives which it can be viewed from. The “beast men” are incapable of perspective, so they cannot understand this. Originally all the Bible stories are of European origin, and from the Middle Ages… I can only trace them back to the Gutenberg Press, before then, there does not appear to be any stories at all…Adolf Hitler is a textual overlay in this Play, representing a neo-Kristos figure – a new Christ. Which I went along with in my first book – Hitler as the “real” Christ. But having learned Hitler was not a real man but part of a fictitious anthropoeia (making people) this changes the complexion of the lineal epistemology.

        The counter now to this Revelation is that the “legend” or the Moralistic storyline is still of value even if it is not real… But I counter this with it is not of value because it is not real, and I am real so I must challenge what is unreal. In my TRP Part I I did write “that only the God who has been a Man can be the God of Man.” Hitler does not fulfill this tautology, so therefore he cannot be considered divine or a God, or even a man, because he did not exist as a man, but as a fictitious media homunculi creation.

    • Invictus

      Napoleon, Ceasar, and Hitler disolve a republic and institue a reich. Are these different men from different times acting the same role or
      was 1933 the first showing of this play and all others are duplicates sent back in time to pad out a history?

      • delendaestziobot

        Bismark also, institutes the Reich – in the Hall of Mirrors, in Versailles. Hitler is also “Born in Versailles”… Bismark was the figurehead of the Prussian iron blast furnace. Napoleon is a creation of a Prussian printing press, and Caesar is just the “Kaiser”, and there are multitudes of “Napoleons” and “Kaisers”…. Where is the Genesis point? Not sure….

  • delendaestziobot

    Looks like most if not all the Third Reich actors have been recruited from international acting families. Schirach from America. Speer was French. Hess was definitely English via Egypt…Hitler from somewhere in Austria – Hapsburg. The SA figures were from South America. So none of them were even German…So they are all impeached.

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