Travels in Oz Part III

The bus past Pine Gap on the way out of Alice Springs, the station is run by the C.I.A the NSA and the NRO. About one thousand people work here within the confines on a full-time and part-time basis. Pine Gap station is part of the Echelon program, which is a surveillance operation, one of the “Five Eyes”. The Echelon program was formed in the 1960’s to monitor military and diplomatic communications of the Soviet Union during the farcical “Cold War”. The facility then upgraded to a broader range “global surveillance”. From my window I could see the white “radomes”, which are radars hidden within a domes. The domes are meant to protect the radar antennas. The fiberglass radomes looked like large white mushrooms sprouting up in the flat red desert landscape, they looked like an abstract art installation, they looked farcical, like a landscape folly – and that is what they are – a landscape folly. That is the secret of Pine Gap – it’s a joke, actually there is nothing inside the domes that works, they are just for show.

Now let me quote something, and show how the truth is often hidden in plain sight, as the old saying goes:

“A global network of electronic spy stations that can eavesdrop on telephones, faxes and computers. It can track even bank accounts. This information is stored in Echelon computers, which can keep millions of records on individuals. Officially, however, Echelon doesn’t exist.” – The Guardian Newspaper

Yes, that is correct, Echelon doesn’t exist, and everybody who has anything to do with Pine Gap knows that it does not exist. Those one thousand people who work there do nothing, they just maintain the propaganda and clean up the place. They guard nothing!!!! They just look after empty fiberglass white mushroom-like things. There is no such thing as “spy satellites”, they don’t exist… Other than farcical propaganda, Pine Gap is utterly meaningless, it is a fraud, a fantasia… But it is a fraud that has paid quite well for many decades.

The bus driver finished his spiel with, “and nobody knows what really goes on in there”. I mumbled under my breath, “Nothing goes on in there.”

The next stop was Lake Amadeus. The lake still retains its Germanic name, because German-Australians were the first to sight it. There were no aboriginals in this area before white man explored it. Lake Amadeus is a dry salt crust. The “discoverer” was said to be an Englishman named Ernest Giles, in 1872, however Gile’s benefactor was Baron Ferdinand von Mueller, the lake is said to be named after a Spanish king, but, of course none of this makes any sense, unless Germanic history has been transferred to Spain at some stage.

After a few more adventures I finally arrived at the base of Ayers Rock, the name of which has been aboriginalized to “Uluru”. The whites themselves did this to attempt to prove that they were not the first explorers of this area but it was the aboriginals that were. The “aboriginals” of this area now are not full “aboriginals”, they are mixed race, in fact, in many cases they are now more white than black, so extensive has the interbreeding been between “aboriginals” and white men, but any mixed breed, of course only acknowledges the black ancestry and not the white, even if they are now more white than black. There are “aboriginals” in Australia now that could easily be mistaken for being whites, however they call themselves “black”… It’s very strange, but the primary motivator is that they get given more money if they call themselves black and have some black ancestry, nobody give a shit about the white ancestry in Australia, that does not pay…Being “aboriginal” seems to have a pecuniary motivation, and the pecuniary motivation to be black is provided for by the whites… When I was young, the mixed-race “aboriginals” were given money and jobs by the white Australian government, they were treated like royalty, given scholarships, fawned upon, patronized, awarded, and named The traditional owners of Australia. Aboriginals always had more than us poor white kids, who were looked upon as second class citizens, this was the predominate prejudice in the poor public schools where I was educated.

I had hired a bike to ride around the base of Ayers Rock. This mountainous monolithic form raises up from a base that is completely flat, one can ride a bike right up to the point where the rock, incredibly, just rises vertically out of the ground! There is no elevation to the surrounding area running up to the base of the giant rock! This is truly astounding… At the very base of the rock was just a sand bed, not even small rocks or a build up of “millions of years” of falling stones, sediment and rocks, nothing, just flat sand, then leaping vertical hard rock! But this is sandstone…It struck me as a petroform, but alien… I felt engrossed by the thing… Another man approached the rock, he could not stop laughing, manically, “Ha ha ha, looooook, it’s acute, the angle is acute, ha, ha.”…. Parts of the rock face were acute angles rising from a completely flat base, but there were no loose rocks or boulders about… The face of the rock was smooth, the fissures and cracks were sparsely located, what a strange form! It was beguiling, I felt like laughing myself at this impossible geo-structure…What the fucking hell is this thing! I have read about the “geology” of the area and “scientific” descriptions of the formation of Ayers Rock, and they are a joke. Many men who have come here to the centre of Australia on some pilgrimage to see the “dead heart” to see this wonder, know very well that nobody has any idea how this thing got here or what it actually is.

The Rock’s skin was scaly, flakey in parts, yet no sedimentary build up at the perimeter of the base… I continued my journey, on a bike! Riding around the base. One can do a full circuit of the base of Ayers Rock on a bike. I stopped at a shallow cave, it appeared to be unnatural, a strange expression from this giant mineral being, I had no explanation for it, an information board attempted to explain it in “scientific” terms, it made no sense, the thing was fucking inexplicable! I felt its alien presence, as if it was like that movie “Close Encounters of a Third Kind”, but this was real, right in the middle of Australia, the Ozzie Externsteine! This thing even sucks in moisture and then expires it, it drinks water! There was a small puddle of stagnant black water, a water hole, in a little oasis, shaded by ghostly gum trees, apparently this is where the “indigenous custodians” of the land got their drinking water from…LOL… There is no way any group of people could survive here… Not enough water, and nothing to eat, “bush tucker” is a fraud, nobody can survive very long eating what is available in the outback, especially not the centre of Australia – but as the white folks say – “the aborigines have lived here for 40,000 years, they are the world’s oldest culture.” What bunch of camel shit! Talking of camels, they reckon there are 1 million wild camels in the outback, that’s a lie, camels can’t survive out here, there are no wild camels, just like there are no wild horses! This is all a show, they even pretend to round-up wild camels and cull them, bullshit, they are all domesticated and bred by humans, sure some get lost and wander out into the desert, and there they die, fast. It’s a show, das ist nur Schau, all this “wild nature” stuff, a fucking show! They make it up and pretend, the truth is very, very different. How can I explain that? It’s these thoughts that come into my head; a heavy, heavy burden, perhaps it would be easier to let it all go, stop the pain…

Further on I came to some “aboriginal rock art”, the information board stated that it was painted by Paddy Uluru in the 1950’s. The paintings have been touched up several times since, as they would have to in order to make them visible, given the erosion effects on rock formations, of course any geologist or artist would know this, yet they all claim falsely that rock art is very old and the work of “ancient”, “primitive cultures”.. All “ancient rock art” is 20th century abstract expressionism, which is unskilled type of artwork, minus the discipline of perspective. If it is not 20th Century, at most it is 19th Century. It’s not very old. Yet the White folks will claim alongside their Black mating partners that this art is “40,000 years old”, against all reason and logic. It’s a fraud in other words.

I circumvented the site, and came to the place where one can climb up the Totemic Rock. What the hell is this thing, I thought to myself, it’s like some old alien being, sentient, living elder thing of the desert, incomprehensible… It was hot, over 40 degrees Celsius. It’s dangerous to climb this rock at any time, dozens of people have died climbing it. I began the accent. Up an iron chain, holding on to the chain and pulling myself up, the first 50 meters were draining, it was much hotter on the blasted surface of the rock, no shade, the sun beat down on me like a hammer, I took out my water bottle and had a swig, the water was hot! It was so hot that I was dry, no sweat on my skin, the hot air was sucking the moisture out of the pores of my skin…I continued on, it was 4pm in the afternoon, the hottest time of the day, it seemed like a foolhardy decision, but I pressed on, this time only 10 meters before stopping and resting, I kept on like this until I was resting for longer than climbing, it felt like it was about 50 degrees now… Another climber was coming down, he looked half my age, he looked utterly exhausted… I was about half way up… I turned and looked down the steep face, yes, one could easily pass out from heat exhaustion and just roll off the face of the rock, and die. What a stupid way to die, I thought to myself. I looked out into the direction of the Olga’s, the only other visible rock formation rising out of the dead flat lands… The Olga’s had a feminine shape, it must be the wife of this mineralized being I was scrambling up, his wife was over there, where he could still see her. It was like a Revelation, some powerful psychic thought-transference, from this old being of the desert, just designed to trip me out some more! “Oh that is my wife over there, you see her.” What the fucking hell is this thing? I kept climbing… Starting to fatigue…Some calculations in my head, and it seemed that I could make it to the top, but getting down was an unknown venture. There was a definite risk here. I could have done it if it was early morning, or dusk, but this was the worst time to climb, it was seriously hot… I sat down, clinging to the chain, alone, upon this inexplicable blasted red rock. I have trekked and climbed in mountain ranges all over the world, in the Himalayas, in the Andes, the Carpathians, many places, but I have never been on such a weird rock as this…I started to climb back down.

Ayers Rock

The Olgas


20 responses to “Travels in Oz Part III

  • Dex

    Forgive the basic question, but if so called indigenous peoples are not indigenous, where do they come from, ie where are they indigenous of?

    • delendaestziobot

      It’s a good question. The “indigenous” populations were brought to their current locations by white Europeans, so for example this movement of peoples was the prime occupation of the East India Company. The Australian flag today still bears the East India Company logo of the “Union Jack”. So they have all come from Europe. The same occupation goes on to this very day, with “immigration”. Because the darker races in no way can look after themselves, white man looks after them, and has bred with them, so there is very few specimens of original dark races left, the interbreeding has been so extensive. All the Asians have been cross bred with whites. When one sees the original specimens of the darker races they are disgustingly ugly, and yet white man has bred with these anthropozoons deliberately and on a sustained basis. White women now breed with them too, but mainly with “half-castes”, who are really, now, more white than black.

      • K. von Kanwetzburg

        Yes, but I think Dex means to ask, regardless of the fact that these things were *brought* from wherever, *how* did they come into being specifically. We can all claim we come from wherever, 99 percent of the time it is a lie. So, it’s not a question of *where* but *how* were they created, specifically.

    • Invictus

      This is the Planet of The Apes. Every continent had different types of beastmen, and the fallen angels ie angles ie British went around the world and mated with them, and created these so called bastard “races” that we see today. Neanderthals, cro magnun, and the like are the pure beastmen. So actually there is only one human race, we were created in the image of God with fair skin, blue eyes, and blonde curly hair.

      I don’t think these subhumans existed before the 1860s, there numbers have steadily increased since then. In the 90s as a child there wasn’t anywhere the amount of coloreds as there is now, and even less when my mother was a child in the 60s and 70s. I remember whites working at restaurants and department stores even in the early 2000s, but I rarely see that now.

      Since taking a look at the Nuremberg Chronicles so much is starting to make sense to me. I think this is the actual book Martin Luther translated into the Bible. I really need to learn latin so I can read it.

      • delendaestziobot

        Excellent comment. Very advanced thought patterns. This deserves a separate blog post.

      • Kurt

        That is because the Niggers were left to nature. They weren’t in large numbers because nature was controlling their numbers. They can’t survive on their own in Africa without nature consuming them whole, and the birds picking at the rotting corpses. The whites invented the 80’s telethon to raise money “to feed the world”, but they were just banking it to put them on planes and boats to bring them here to be looked after.

      • Kurt

        As for Australia, the blacks were given money to multiply.brought to the cities and suburbia, stayed with White families to learn how to survive.

      • delendaestziobot

        From the beginning, it is the Whites who have supported and cultivated the Blacks, and mated with them… How on earth the Whites mated with these ugly, inferior manboons, I have no idea, it’s completely sick….One can see today that it is quite clear that it is the Whites who want nothing else but to promote the blacks above themselves, and Asians…The White even say now that the Blacks and Asians and Arabs are cleverer then them, that they were the first cultures and the oldest, and this is blatantly absurd and wrong on every account…But it is the Whites themselves that want it this way.

      • Invictus

        I was just asking myself that question, why are humans in a frenzy to dilute there species and erase themselves?

  • delendaestziobot

    How is being “created”?

    How is being “created”? This is a metaphysical question that I do not have the answer to.

    It is not possible for “indigenous populations” to just “evolve” in any place on earth. They must have been brought from somewhere else. So if they did not evolve in-situ, then, were they created? Can anything be created ex-nihilo? No…

    • Jer

      Perhaps it is truly Whites that are the slaves. Given that we have been used and then duped into making everything for the nigredos. Yes if they are not from any continent, where then? The North Pole portal? Allegedly it is not what we have been told, then nothing really is though…

  • Michael Luna

    I’ve had similar “feelings” about this rock or cliff face in my city, not sure if it has name.

  • delendaestziobot

    Another interesting aspect of Australian “history” is the “convict settlements”, this appears to me to be completely falsified. There are many records showing people’s ancestors to date back to the “first fleets”, and that apparently these people ancestors committed crimes in England, which they were convicted of and sentenced to serve as prisoners in Australia… However these same “prisoners” end up receiving huge tracts of land and becoming wealthy land owners, graziers and pastures, they practiced occupations that they would never have been able to if they were just petty criminals. I have studied the ruins of the old “prison colonies” and they are of a much later period than is being told. It seems to me this “colonial history” has been invented, with the people involved pretending to be someone on record that they are not…. It’s all very strange…But given that the “Captain Cook voyages” are all fictional, then it to is very likely that the convict settlements are also lies…

    Also, in my own family history, right up until the 1950’s, there were members of my own family that received, land and property, substantial properties, for free, they were gifted the titles deeds! This is very strange because there was no reason for this to happen.

  • delendaestziobot

    Of course, readers have missed the point where I write that there are no wild horses, or wild camels, in fact, there are no wild mammals anywhere! Contrary to what the Smithsonian Institute jokes about umbilical cords and placentas not needing to be surgically cut by humans, in the “wild” of “nature”.

    Or just let it go over your head. Whatever.

  • aufihrhelden

    It sounds as if you were de-hydrated and/or not enough carbohydrates. But, of course, regarding the water, as you have said on many occasions, they forcibly destroyed the drinking wells and now force the use of plastic bottled water from factories.

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