Resurrection Body


descente aux enfers Ego sum Via Vita et Veritas.

These are … the antique processes known from immemorial times practiced by a certain elite here in Europe and by the Oriental men of before, as well it seems. They only befit our friends who walk on a narrow roadway, sacred liars, holy fighters for the Good Fight. So as they too might become immortals in their own right. Preserving the Grail Doctrine. 

Only God will guide. Only God can hear you.

All men as they are, are as Nothing.   

How not to become some mere lost ghost at death, caught in the existential threads that keep mankind prisoner?

Gliding in some « in between land », astral make-believe world. Stuck in a perpetual flight from here to there! Saddened to the marrow’s soul, by the tum-tum of Talia’s drum. To wander toward another windmill, once again. 

Fallen to the depths that…

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8 responses to “Resurrection Body

  • aufihrhelden

    ‘The Orient’ never had any civilisation or culture therefore the above discourse is fakery.

    • delendaestziobot

      Yes, the “Orient” is a European invention. There was no Eastern or Oriental culture or history that existed before European man. Oriental “history” was invented and cultivated by European “Orientalists”.

  • laryensoufi

    Oriental for those who have A SECOND DEGREE IN PERCEPTION, and without my literally putting all the dots on all those”i’s”, means: “THOSE WHO POSSESS A SOLAR CONSCIENCE. They rise and fall with the SOLAR ENTITY”! Inside the ZODIACAL BELT.

    A Great Solar & HYPNOTIC TRANSE! …and we’re all in it, prejudices & al.

    Surely those highly educated & intellectually powerful dimwits out there in the MIDST OF ALL CONTROLLED & uncontrolled INDOCTRINATION, “COULD” figure that out!

    Or perhaps not?

    Maybe they need momie’s hand for holding? Have to explain what second, third & fourth degree and so on means? An allegory? A metaphor?

    Teach them how to read and write hiding what is itself REVEALING?

    Learn to read from another perspective, my poor fellows. There are worlds within worlds within worlds; some people know them, OTHERS JUST DONT!

    And I have never written for the dimwits, whether so-called German or otherwise.

    I bet the Chinese say the same thing!!!! I know some Japanese who spoke just awkwardly. They didn’t know what “bodhi” meant!

    Do you really believe I would waste my time on a silly blog, just because I was enamored with my own “pretentious image”? Writing what are mere mystyical platitudes for a zombie audience?

    Believe me, the filiation of the Golden Chain just couldn’t give a damn!

    Wake up wake up dear little lambs, the FOX is out, to eat you!

    • delendaestziobot

      I just assumed you meant “men of the east” as in a “native” of the eastern lands. Orient can also mean a place in Europe – as in “Grand Orient”. Or men of higher degrees – “Orient Interior”. Words are always terribly confusing.

  • laryensoufi

    Dear Karl,

    Exactly! my friend!

    We read and write with a grain of salt. Even the salt shaker never leaves us.

    …in order to get by the bio-organized plastified goons who surf on the net, without mingling our soul in the morass of habitual clichés; nevertheless I dare use them the ordinary words which blatantly have their usual dictionary definition clinging to them, to get a point across, as my own mind shifts to ideal realms that indeed as you well know do exist.

    These realms no longer possess any precise idiom can explain them here unabashedly!

    Oriented. An Oriental. A Real Man having purpose. …or a Man who’s understood that the triangle or pyramid has four exposed faces with therefore 4 watching eyes! Always & everywhere in touch with the Inner Circle. The other the 5th at the base, looking intently at what’s going on “In the Inner Earth”.

    Aryavartha is on a higher plane. Cannot be dug out, nor buried. It surrounds us! We breathe its charm, the universal mercurial air which makes it thrive, in an invisible land.
    Invisible to those having no wit!

    But we must get on those airships, visiting what are the same towns to many “people”, but which on the contrary can only be known within the higher spheres of comprehension. Language is a necessary tricky pretext in order to get there. Yes, can be quite confusing! Is often a barrier.

    But we are Esoterists, some Hitlerian some Ehrean and others just plain Overmen.

    To the Place for Truth. Among Fairy Wrens. No harm done.

  • delendaestziobot


    You are a riddler…

    So, let me see… Sulfur is “soulfree” etymologically. It is imprisoned within the heart. Within the giant Hearts within the Earth. Sulfur reducing everything to ashes and slag, except Gold.

    In the Bible it is Brimstone which is the “burn-stone”. All that is cast into the lake of fire and brimstone…When our soul mixes with oxygen, within us, it burns, and thus destroys the body.

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