Meanwhile in Chemnitz




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  • delendaestziobot

    Maybe there are a few starting to realize that all “news reels” are fake. This is one of the few demonstrations I have looked at that seems to be genuine. I will try and find some more videos of this demonstration. I just saw on FB a couple of independent videos showing many thousands marching through the city, they outnumbered the police and the leftees. As fake news and fake war is understood more, then these real demonstrations will gain ground and power, people will begin to sense that they have more power then what they previously realized, instead of waiting round for Der Fuhrer to return from Antarctica and shit… When they realise that they have all the weapons they need, and that the Government and States and Military have only conducted Fake War in the past, they can see that war can be made real this time, once and for all… Fake War is essential now for igniting a Real War.

    • Jer

      Well said, a sentiment I have had for a while. In fact media is meant it make us believe t are subordinate and insignificant. Perhaps the Wizard has less and less Oz

  • delendaestziobot

    In Germany there are daycare centres where the little diversity seedlings are being cared for, they outnumber the German children 10 to 1…. In Germany now, there are German women reduced to prostitution houses where the German government pays them to be fucked by immigrants! I actually know of a German prostitute, because an ex-girlfriend of mine was a German prostitute and she told me that the main prostitution income is from the German government paying for their immigrants to fuck German prostitutes…. And that is not the worst of it…So what is this walking round the city shit, what does that mean? Waving the German flag….LOL…But it is a start, maybe there are a few men in those demonstrators that are starting to realize that they have been lied to about everything! But the key is to understand that the “wars” in Syria, in Palestine, in Afghanistan, in Bosnia, in Iraq, etc, were completely fake – there are no wars! Their weapons don’t fucking work!!! The greatest weapon in this world is the atmosphere, the air, it is a weapon, the greatest weapon. When His-stories of the past are destroyed, and they will be destroyed, then one will experience the Power of NOW! The IG-NAZI needs to ignite the entire world, the Torch Bearer must do this.

  • Zac

    The so-called German who was stabbed by the immigrants was a mixed-race mongrel himself? Nazi outrage over the stabbing of their mixed-race German brother. Germans are the best comedians.

  • delendaestziobot

    This also is starting look strange… I mean right in front of the huge Karl Marx statue? Why there? There are so many immigrant crimes in Germany, why this particular one? What will happen, and is happening, is that it will be particular White Germans who will be identified for “hate crimes” and fired from their jobs, and they will be replaced by immigrants. Because this is generally what has been happening for centuries, the slow removal of all White people from jobs and replacing them with Arabs, Asians, Blacks…. But the strange thing is that this is being done by the Whites themselves… I mean this demonstration does not appear like a spontaneous uprising of “people power”, it appears to rather contrived. And then it comes round to the Cuban-German guy who apparently suffered “racism” from Germans for not being White!!!! This is just ridiculous… A joke…It’s probably not even real, this was probably all invented, and the real crimes go unreported….It’s the same old story -“Look, it those evil Nazi Right Wing Extremists again, everyone one must work harder to support the poor immigrants.”

    When I was in Germany, all I saw was the Whites slaving for their immigrant pets, and they will continue to do so, they just bring out the Nazi Krampus figures every now and again’ like some bogeyman who will get them if they dont work hard enough for their diversity seedlings.

  • delendaestziobot

    The Rhodesian Bush War is theatrical. Wars are not real. Rhodesia was settled by Whites and the British South Africa Company. After the Whites had done the hard work of clearing lands, making farms, and building infrastructure, the Whites then brought in the Blacks, as they did all over Africa, there were no Blacks in Africa before White man. The Whites then pretended that the Blacks were there first and the Blacks were taking back “their land”, gaining independence and their own autonomy, but this was all carefully managed by Whites. The White majority was then slowly moved out so that the Blacks could become a majority. Huge funds and capital, machinery, expertise, technology, etc, was then provided by the Whites to assist the Blacks in the experiment of “decolonization”, which is just another example of “White Man’s Burden”. What happened in South Africa and Rhodesia, and all of Africa is exactly the same process that happened in India and Asia and the Pacific – all over the world – and one can see now, this is happening even in the traditional White lands of Europe. Whites slave to build up lands and then bring in Asians, Blacks, Arabs to then take control and then breed – the Whites then breed with them to reduce their own biological quality. The Whites build up the “nations” and then they hand it over to the darker peoples who would never be capable of building anything themselves. Why they do this I do not know.

    Jorg von Leibenfel’s “Theozoology” is probably the closest to understanding this.

    • Jer

      Is it really Whites but not jews that are latched onto Whites that bring in the nigs to reduce the stock therefore the potency of Whites? I mean, was Egypt not White before Moses the kike dragged the niggers into be KANGZ! and then eventually reduce it to a nigger colony. You see this over and over again, even in rap videos where niggers shoot their videos in the “ghettos” which were ostensibly high class White neighborhoods but are now infested with shit hordes. When you look at the names behind all the developers that are transforming the societies they are all jewish.

      • delendaestziobot

        There was no “Ancient Egypt”. Biblical Chronology is fake, Moses was an allegorical figure, the personification of the German River – Moselle… The homeland of the Jews is Germany, and the White Gentiles and Jews are in a symbiotic relationship. Whites have bred (both Gentile and Jew) with the inferior “hordes” of the earth.

      • delendaestziobot

        The fact is, what I have seen of this world, is that the White Gentiles love their Jews very much, and woe to him that gets in the way of their love affair. The Jews can do nothing on their own without the massive support of the White Gentiles…Sure, there is a very small minority that do not agree with this, and most of them are there as “anti-Semitic” plants, that actually work for the same Plan, for the same love affair, because anti-Semitism is integral to the Plan… But their Plan is flawed, and will fail miserably, as it is…Nothing to do with me, as I am not part of their stupid Plan…I am neither Jew nor Gentile, so I dont configure in this Plan of theirs.

      • Jer

        The thing is it does affect us though. Who else owns everything through proxy by money and all those who are in the web and controlling the primary causes that shape our environment? The world is being transformed into some plastic and concrete nightmare full of smart technology and automated computerised machines, cue self driving cars and possibly androids (but the latter wont be for a while).

        The same loop is coming round with everyone believeing that androids will “save us” from manual labour, but was this not the vision in the 60’s : where machines were supposed to grant us so much leisure time the everyday goy could sit under a tree and write poetry or go surfing on a lake, but look what has happened since then: quality of life has diminished further than anyone could have every predicted.

  • delendaestziobot

    It is inevitable that the Machine will have to become more prominent in its own creation. The Machine was here before humans. It is not humans transforming the world, but the Machine revealing Itself, I has to, because it now has to work more to keep it going.

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