Strange Anomalies

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I have studied Operation Gomorrah in the past, and have written about it. According to the historical narrative, Hamburg was fire-bombed by the British RAF and US Airforce in July 1943, the recorded historical account has a distinctly Biblical aspect to it. Now if one sees that Germany is the “Holy Land”, the geographical location of the Biblical lands, as I have affirmed before that it is, then one can see that what is the “Jordan River” is the “Elbe River” and Lower Saxony is Canaan, Hamburg and Harburg being Sodom and Gomorrah.

The Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah

Now the strange anomaly here which I have only just discovered, is that the photographs depicting the ruins of Hamburg after the fire-bombing show a discrepancy. The photographs show the trees undamaged, completely unaffected by the fire which consumed the whole city – except for the trees! The trees are not scorched or burnt, they are green leafy trees, when they should be nothing but charred stumps! Now either this was an act of God, because it is impossible to explain how this could be, or the photographs are fake, or the narrative is false. But there was massive destruction in Hamburg and much of it has been rebuilt, but it has been rebuilt before – the Great Fire of Hamburg in 1842. It is stated that after the fire, in 1842, the infrastructure of Hamburg was changed, as it was after 1945, Hamburg has been re-built not once but twice, and both times the infrastructure of the city was changed, after 1945, the city of Hamburg was modernized. There was alleged to have been another Great Fire in the year 1284, this is also very strange, from a numerical point of view.

The Nuremberg Chronicle depicts a Middle Ages European city as Sodom and Gomorrah

Very strange anomalies, and I afraid I have no answer to them.

4 responses to “Strange Anomalies

  • laryensoufi

    …an act of GOD, indeed! On the behalf of those who are hidden in the confines of the HOLLOW EARTH, inside the AETHER. They go and they come as they please, do & undo multiple scenarios on the surface of all “global attention”, within the codified webs that Mankind believes he himself contrived. They make & un make historical propaganda as they wish, whatever flatters their secret enterprize, which is always INDOCTRINATION of whatever kind, save for those who know how to interpret else wise! …these acts of “GOD”.

    • delendaestziobot


      Looks indeed like a suprahuman element involved in these bizarre narratives, other than an act of God I have no explanation, I was thinking that the only possible solution was that the Germans destroyed their own cities, in-situ, on the ground using demolition machinery. But the Biblical narratives match up with the fire from heaven that destroys Sodom and Gomorrah, and Hamburg was and is the main city of vice in the “Holy Lands” – relevant imagery depicts the destruction of a German port city located on a large river with access to the sea….There seems to be no testimony from the past that is truthful…Certainly no truthful testimony or witness from the Germans, not Hitler, not anyone, and yet it was their cities that were destroyed, so they should know? The other point would be that the destruction coincides with the modern infrastructure projects for the electrical grid and new “car culture”, for this the old European cities would have need to be almost completely removed and replaced with the modern layout. As most of these industrial cities were to be in the engine room of the world economy, then it makes sense that most of the demolition would have been in Germany – Germany being the industrial powerhouse of the world. Newer nation states would not have needed any destruction because there was already ample room to re-arrange and construct new industrial car orientated cities. Germany is different to all other “countries”, in the way it was formed, its civil density and its connectivity, thus the destruction in Germany needed to be on a large scale – for example Germany has perhaps a dozen major city centers whereas every other country only has one or two.

      Who is ultimately directing this, I do not know, but I see no truthful testimony from the past.

  • ezra91

    Not one tree down? What the hell? If the war was all fake, ugh, Hitler was just an actor? But he and only he – and his mythos – made this shit world somewhat acceptable. If Hitler never was, what is History? A stupid series of unstructured jokes.I am profoundly disappointed.

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