D-Day Joke

17 responses to “D-Day Joke

  • delendaestziobot

    I am, quite literally, in tears….. Tears of laughter that is….

  • carma13

    The only possible wars are RACIAL WARS, you need to distinguish the enemy! You can’t have a French-German war! They would put each other’s uniforms and you would have chaos.

  • delendaestziobot

    The televizion presenter correctly called it an “encore performance”. So in this case they are being honest at least in the sense that they present it as a performance, a dramatic act. In no way should D-Day be taken seriously. Unless it it is an “Act Off” which would be like a “Dance Off” except with actors. Battle of the army men, lets play army men….lol….The German actors were much better, more believable in their acting perfomance, but the lost to bad actors? In an army men Act Off how did the German actors lose to such bad Allied actors, clearly the Germans were the better actors.

  • Jer

    5 seconds in, there is a camera crew in the back of a troop ship… are they not being fired upon, is this not a military assault on a beach?… whattttt?! What is a camera crew doing there in the back of a drop ship? I am going to have to concur that this seems more of a stage set the more of it I see. Is this not the same angle as Saving private ryan’s private parts?

    • Kent

      yeah because no one wants to know what the invasion looked like. The generals and strategists have no desire to see what it actually looked like. What commander would want to see actual film of the invasion? how silly!

  • delendaestziobot

    The fact that the movie was directed as a comedy, it’s meant to be funny…I ask the question myself – but is it funny? D-Day is intended as a joke by the directors and producers of the movie.

  • delendaestziobot

    “here are the air-borne division amusing themselves on our craft”

    It’s all in the script, all the jokes, like the little puppy as a mascot, for example.

    I think much of this was acted out after 1945. Probably in the 1950’s.

  • ezra91

    And THEY want us to believe this guy battled mighty germans and won? I’m not buying it. A very sick joke indeed.

    • delendaestziobot

      Hitler and the glorious thousand year Reich lost to the great crusader Sgt. Robert Blatnik, who stormed the beaches of the stronghold of the European Third Reich, smashed through the 5 armed German soldiers, dodged the 2 planes……And the rest of the Third Reich merely surrendered at the sight of his ferocious advance. Ewwww, Americano, surrender, surrender, Kapitulation…. The German sold-lier is known for one thing – the ease in which he kapitulates…Thank God we have such brave men as Robert Blatnik, a real war hero…Anyone can see that Blatnik is a genuine Americano War Hero of the finest order. Wonderful to know how these “brave boys” so easily liberated Europe from the clutches of the “evil Nazis”…Isn’t it a great story?

  • delendaestziobot

    Oh yea, I forgot, the entire English channel was choc full of Allied ships and boats, in broad daylight but the Germans were surprised, it was a surprise attack, the Germans were completely surprised – SURPRISE!

  • delendaestziobot

    go to 1:58 of the “encore performance”, that’s my favorite part of the video, it explains everything.

    • ezra91

      And he would do it again, he would fight the Germans again. He regrets absolutely nothing. Were people like him put in cages after the war and liberated for 15-minutes stardom decades later only for publicity stunts? Where the hell did they live in all this time? No, human beings are not sentient creatures. They are just cattle for that life-sucking hidden force which drives history for already more than 3 millennia. Millions upon millions of Zioblatniks thrown against German children and women. Very good YHW, won this too.

  • Duped

    The directors want us to believe that Robert Blatnik was the right hand man of Theodore Roosevelt Jr., the eldest son of President Theodore Roosevelt. From wiki… Ted died in France of a heart attack. At the time of his death, he had been recommended for the Distinguished Service Cross to recognize his heroism at Normandy. But… “throughout World War II, Roosevelt suffered from health problems. He had arthritis, mostly from old World War I injuries, and walked with a cane. He also had heart trouble, which he kept secret from army doctors and his superiors… He was living at the time in a converted sleeping truck, captured a few days before from the Germans.” What a hero, very funny indeed. At 2:55 they show Blatnik’s first point of cover, a cliff line, conveniently positioned for after the “trrrttrrrbrrtaatt” run of hell through the beach. I guess, now we know why the Germans didn’t position any soldiers up there…

  • delendaestziobot

    The Germans were brilliant at positioning their acting troupes (sold-liers) in the positions were they were most likely to be “captured”. Even if the war was real, which it was not, but even if it was, the Germans would have to be the worst and most stupid (which they are not) sold-liers ever. They were also the best at surrendering, they surrendered in their millions, and anybody knows, even someone who played army men as a little boy knows that a defensive position is always the relatively superior position, but the Germans managed to lose all their defensive positions, just like they did in WWI. Not only that but the Germans were better at destroying their own defensive positions than their “enemies” were. In WWI the Germans surrendered without even losing a defensive position, they lost without even losing any German territory, they surrendered while on the offensive in their “enemies” territory!!!

    For those who still believe that “trrrtrrrbrrrtattt” was real, it is Robert Blatnik and Ted Roosevelt that should be your brave Heroes and not Hitler and the Germans.

    Can one of my former “kamerads” please explain to me how der Fuhrer, and the German High Command was not able to see that the entire English channel was chock-full of Allied “enemy” ships? And how they were only defending all of Europe with just 2 “trrrtrrrbrrrtatt” guns and 2 planes? I think my question, from a military point of view, is legitimate.

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