The Red Baron Joke

The joke here with the Red Baron, like all WWI “Fighters”, the planes were incapable of firing a machine gun because the machine gun was mounted behind the propeller! I was asked to prove how a plane “dog fight” is fake, well the evidence is the plane itself, for example here we have the Red Baron Fokker WWI plane, and the machine gun is mounted directly behind the propeller. The joke is, and everyone that knows anything about guns, machinery, planes, or has any sense at all, would be able to get the joke, the joke is this:

The gun is said to be synchronized with the propeller speed so that the bullets pass through the rotating blades!!!! LOL…

Manfred von Richthofen was an invented character, he was an acted part in a War Opera, he did not actually exist, and there was no such thing as WWI dog fights in the sky, nobody was shot down, nobody was killed, except if it was a stunt man who was accidentally killed during the aerial acrobatics… The aerial acrobatic displays are just an updated version of the trapeze artists in a travelling circus…But you are supposed to laugh, it is a joke and mere entertainment, war is not serious, it is just a funny joke… The same applies for WWII, where there was no actual fighter planes or bombers or any war in the skies, the planes flew, but they did not shoot other planes or drop bombs, it was not possible for the planes to fight at all… It was all just lies, and all the pilots that took part simply lied because they benefited from the lies they told.

37 responses to “The Red Baron Joke

  • delendaestziobot

    And as the film “Head” asks: “is it ok for the State to have a joke on its public?”

    Well, is it ok? Is it just a joke? But we were not told it was a joke! It is not very funny when you are the butt of the joke…. In my opinion, and I have written this in TRP Part II, in my opinion it is not ok, and this is FRAUD and Hoax Crimes…But I guess when you are in on the joke and no longer the target of the joke then there is a element of humour to it…

      • delendaestziobot

        Thanks for the vid, it proves my case… What you need to do Bill, is get an interrupter machine and a machine gun and try it on a real propeller at full speed… And video record what happens to you! LOL… I look forward to watching firing a machine gun through a propeller…

      • Bill

        It proves you’re an imbecile. This basic knowledge. If you’re incapable of understanding how this works at high speed then you are a bigger fool than I first thought. Good luck with you’re ignorant readers, I’m sure they’ll lap up your bullshit.

      • delendaestziobot

        High school physics proves that it is impossible. You mean to tell me you believe machine gun bullets can be calibrated to pass through a areoplane propeller at high speed? LOL… You need to take the test, Bill, why wont you take the test, all you have to do is get the interrupter device attach it to a machine gun calibrate it to the exact torque of the propeller (which is always a constant, LOL) and fire away… Easy, you could prove me wrong qiuite easily by taking the test, we can call it the Von Richthofen Test…. Please take the test…

        This goes for anybody who wants to prove that war is real, all they have to do is take the Von Richthofen Test.

  • delendaestziobot

    I have thousands of such tests one could take to prove me wrong… But I already know that nobody will take the test…My mind has already progressed past humanity to such an extent that explaining anything to humans is like talking to a fence post…LOL…

    • Bill

      May I ask what is your experience with these machines? Or is your Jewish Rationalist thought and intuition enough for you?

    • Ja12

      It doesn’t matter how fast the prop spins, the interrupter gear won’t allow the gun to fire when the prop blade is in a certain portion of its arc leading up to and including directly in front of the muzzle. Even if the engine was running full RPM, the blade still wouldn’t be moving fast enough to catch the last bullet fired before the interrupter kicked in.

      • Duped

        Your comment is copy-pasted from a comment from the embedded youtube video, literally word-for-word. So you went onto youtube, typed in “machine gun synchronizer,” clicked on the third video because it stated “The Slow Mo Guys,” and went down the comments looking for an argument because you couldn’t come up with one yourself. Nevermind that the propeller was moving far slower than you expected, but whatever, nobody would catch you anyways, am I right? Well, I did.

      • Shiv

        Duped, nice one Shylock Holmes. Whether or not he copied info is not the point, the point is it makes perfect sense to someone who understands this field. Karl does not. Thats why he has come up with the “take the test” slogan, it is easier to respond that way to facts and still feel right, without having to challenge the facts that his “metahuman intelligence” clearly he doesn’t understand.

      • Duped

        Shiv, nice try… but it “is” exactly the point. By copying it, he declares that he has no idea what he’s talking about, he hasn’t even assimilated the info in such a way that he can tell it in his own words. He is definitely inferior to people who simply pose questions. Besides, there are a lot of things that make sense at first, but then turn out to be nothing more than an “appeal to authority”. Without even taking a side, I only see opinion vs opinion, Ja12 himself provided no proof at all. Why do you think he didn’t post the video where he scraped the comment from? It’s because he knew that the video demonstration was severely lacking, i.e. the propeller didn’t move fast enough, just like the first video from above which was even worse.

      • frank

        I don’t see how anyone in this day and age, with so many technological marvels, would think that its impossible to calibrate a machine gun with the revolutions of a propeller blade.

        To claim they went through all the trouble to engineer machine guns and planes only to lie about adapting those two so they work together? This is the crux which he tries to prove that wars aren’t real?

        What can I even say at this point?

      • delendaestziobot

        To think that humans would lie? Never… Humans never lie, they always tell the truth… I have never known a human to lie about anything they do…

        If it is possible to calibrate a machine gun with the rotating blades of a propeller, in flight, in real time, at full speed, then please take the test. Dont just post a youtube vid of “The Slo-Mo guys” piss-farting about, or some nice graphics, or some pics in a book…Try flying a plane while shooting a gun through your propeller! See how that works for you… Humans never lie…LOL…

      • frank

        Take the test? What do you mean? Buy a WW1 machine gun outfitted with an interrupter, fix it to a biplane and fly it around in various weather conditions to prove that a simple 19th century contraption, works?

        The gun and propeller are calibrated to work together. It’s just a simple mechanism.

        This is baffling people are even arguing about this. Its a simple dinky little contraption. My car’s timing belt is more complicated.

      • frank

        and yeah i know WW1 is 20th century but I am just at such a loss.

  • popov

    better yet, why don’t all the liars take a trip into the sky and give it a go and film it ? you do know that if a bullet, projectile, malfunction or heat from gun damages the propeller you will most likely die.

    when you really drive into these issues in our fake wars its so obvious unless you believe in peter cottontail however.

  • joachimpeiper

    I do know quite a bit about guns and machinery, having worked in this sector of 30+ years. I think it is pretty safe to say that most people who build motors and guns, like myself, are drawn to this occupation because unlike a magic trick, which is fake, the end result of careful precision work never fails in rewarding the builder with a sense of achievement. You might as well say combustion engines, autoloader firearms, and airplanes are fake because these individual parts are far more intricate than mechanically synchronizing a single shot between a blade. Do NOT SAY TAKE THE TEST! Others with the resources to do such a thing already have. One final note, my great uncle was a WW1 pilot whom I spent time with as a teenager and he was not an actor.

  • NewMan These guys do a good job of creating more doubt on this question.

  • delendaestziobot

    All Veterans Associations need to take Von Richthofen Test… In fact all humans should take the test, to prove they are not liars…School students should take the test in their physics class as High School, otherwise they dont pass…They should be lining up to take the Test because it will prove that their mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, teachers, employers, uncles, aunts, etc, are right and Karl Young is wrong…

    Karl Young vs Humanity

    All they need to do is fire a machine gun at a propeller, in the air while flying, and the Fokker Synchronize machine will allow the bullets to pass through the rotating blades of the propeller… It’s perfectly safe, what could possibly go wrong? Nothing…So take the fucking Test…Get your children to take the Test also, and film it…

  • delendaestziobot

    “Roland Garros had the idea to reinforce or armour the spot of the blades where some bullets would hit. He equipped his Morane-Saulnier in this way and shocked the German pilots, briefly ruling the skies, until he was forced down behind German lines and captured before he could destroy his top-secret plane…. The aircraft was delivered to the Dutch engineer Anthony Fokker, who was asked to design a comparably equipped machine. After deep study of Garros’ plane, he thought the airplane itself was good enough, but the idea of bullets blindly smacking into the propeller and hopefully not knocking out nor bouncing back to kill the pilot did not convince him. So he devised a way of connecting the propeller shaft to the machine gun’s firing mechanism, and interrupting the gun whenever the propeller blade was in front of the muzzle. The synchronizer gear used was probably based in a 1913’s patent of Swiss engineer Franz Schneider.”

    LOL….Ba, Ha, Ha…

    Even when the bullets hit the propeller blades at full speed in flight, nothing happens, the bullets just deflect safely off the blade armour…Or gun muzzle misfires when in front of the blades…Perfectly safe, you should try it…

  • delendaestziobot

    Humanity does not seem to know the atmospheric conditions effect propeller speeds for aircraft.

    Karl Young – 1
    Humanity – 0

  • delendaestziobot


    If it is a simple dinky toy contraption it should be no problem for humans to take the test. All you need is a propeller powered aircraft, a Fokker Synchronizer Dinky Toy and Interrupter Dinky Toy… Your local Veterans Association will help you out… Aviation Clubs will help you out also…After all it is such a simple mechanism and very safe…It’s a bit of fun, why not take the test, get your children to do it also…

    • frank

      delendaestziobot, I have no interest in carrying-out experiments for you.

      If you’ve got something to prove, prove it yourself.

      I have no difficulty understanding how the interrupter gear works. To me it seems funny you would use this to prove WW1 was “Opera” and no one deliberately killed anyone. Here we have this 100 year old flying machine spinning around in mid-air and you’re complaining about one of its gears.

      As far as I can see, you just sound like someone in denial.

      You’re wrong about wars being fake just like you’re wrong about Interrupter gears being impossible.

      You also believe its impossible for you to be wrong, so I think that interrupter gears should be the last thing on your to-do list.

      1st on the list? Get over yourself.

  • delendaestziobot

    “it pretty much pauses the propeller” – The Slow-mo guys


    You do realise that the vid is faked… Did you think it was real… The Slow-mo guys…LOL….BA HA HA

  • delendaestziobot

    “Now that I am a grown up I can look it up on the internet and stuff” – the Slow mo guys


    • Rob

      Funny how there are video of the planes being flown and tested without firing the guns, and there are video’s of them firing the guns while the plane and propeller are not running. The only footage of these two things working together are in slow motion?Where are the video’s of them working together? Please find one because I can’t.

  • delendaestziobot

    “Thankyou to EA for sponsoring the vid, where here to promote Battlefield I”

    The Game, they are promoting a Game, a computer game, you human morons…Did you think the vid was real? LOL….

    • popov

      i do not think it was meant to fire live rounds. maybe a decoy of sorts but never live rounds.

      the entire 911 saga is a fake

      moon landing was colossal hoax

      do you think putting a fake gun on a fake aircraft with fake actors portraying its logic is possible ?

      this one is relatively simple…

  • delendaestziobot

    A basic level of mechanical understanding is enough to understand that an interrupter gear cancels out any synchronization…This why no video or demonstration can show the two working together at the the same time at full speed and without CGI and camera trickery (Slo-mo guys)… The interrupter gear cannot operate effectively at full speed, because it cancels out the firing mechanism at far too fast a rate, also any synchronization would be impossible in the air with different altitudes and air-pressure, ice, wind, speed, atmospheric condition, etc – impossible…The only demonstration that anyone can come up with is a comedy skit by the comedic duo – Slo-mo guys, who admit that it is all a joke and show exactly how the camera manipulation and CGI works in their vids (thankyou to the Slo-mo guys, I enjoyed your skit, very funny)..

    This all just proves me right, that “war” is a joke, intended as a joke, and you are meant to laugh at it, if you are in on the joke, if you are not in on the joke then you would think that it is serious…The reason why I would be publically disclosing that it “war” is a joke played on the public, is because I was once the butt of the joke, and now I want to publicize through my writing that I am no longer the butt of the joke and that I understand that the “war” was just a comedic Opera show…I do admit that parts of it are very funny, however I do not like the fact that I was conned, fooled, duped… This I don’t like, I don’t like these school yard tactics where some in-group has an in-joke they keep to themselves… So I am going to reveal that in-joke… This means that once the joke is known publically, which it is now starting already to be known, then Hitlerism, National Socialism, the Third Reich, all these theatrical inventions and cultural icons will also be shown to be fake, and a joke… That is the way it is.

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