Fake War

“The hope only of empty men”

Yes, the War making process has begun with the Opera House, specifically German Operas, and then it has extended from there, with movie making and photographic technology it became easier to convince the public that the war was real. Although, it would seem, that much of the “public” already knew this as they were actively taking part in the productions. Also there is a Karnival aspect to war, a Karnival public holiday, but like a scary ride in a travelling circus. Interestingly, The Beatles start out in Germany, popular music itself really begins with the German Romantic Movement, and Wandervogel Movements, then WWI songs and then WWII songs… Popular music uses much slapstick, basically a loud amplified noise designed to attract the attention of a passerby. It is impossible for British Rock music to precede German amplifications and instruments and music arrangements, but somehow they are trying to convince us that the British and Americans were more progressive in this field than the Germans… For example they say that Black Sabbath came before Kraftwerk’s ‘Heavy Metal Kids’… Yet without doubt, Black Sabbath must have learned from Kraftwerk, and first played in Germany.

In plain and simple faith there are no tricks or deception… There is no faith in “war”, there has never been a “war” between nations, and there never will be. War is merely a Game – “War Games” where the objective is to make the Game or the Show appear as real as possible. War is Opera conducted by directors and peopled by Hollow Men – the stuffed men! They only make gallant show and pretend to be brave, in reality they are all cowards, their medals and crests and flags are only for show, they have no faith nor loyalty – they are liars – sold-liars – soldiers in costumes.
“When love begins to sicken and decay, it useth an enforced ceremony. There are no tricks in plain and simple faith.” – Julius Caesar, Shakespeare

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  • fruit loop

    wow! the blanks manufacturers must be making a killing on the dark web!

  • delendaestziobot

    Where are my trolls? I was beginning to feel we had a new relationship…Sorry I called you my “ex-girlfriends”, that was not fair, please come back…You are much nicer than my ex-girlfriends, you are my true friends, my little troll-friends, please come back…Siddharreich needs you, I need you…Please do not be put off by my gruff manner, it gets me in trouble all the time…I love you…My little trolls…Dont give up on me…! At least I will get out of my isolation straight-jacket hell for awhile…

    I can assure you that I just destroyed Esoteric Hitlerism…. And nobody cares…

  • laryensoufi

    I for one haven’t destroyed it! We must transform it into something other than the “pre-fabricated” dogma that others had construed! I’ll make it into my “own” personal tool. It becomes something other than what could be discovered in some index, somehow, somewheres. In a theatre? Believe me, our FATHERS and MOTHERS really did die. But kept adrift among the temporal.

    I’ll not deny having seen my Mother, at the crossroads, where dead souls persisted in consuming make believe food, waiting for the ships to come take them to the lunar realm. To eventually be devoured by oblivion. The sky dome was split in two. On one side darkness, on the other “DEVAYANA”.

    …& I dont care if no one knows, here or there! Buckle up the belt of NOTHINGNESS. Watch with Great Pride and Compassion our secret friends in the midst of Ginungagapp. The Honor there,” is to be AWAKENED”.

    Yet, within a quite MORTAL illusory staged phantasmagoria, all the more, nonetheless! Yes, that’s what it always was. Be HAPPY great friends, & my brethren in the deep abysmal plaything. We are the “MEANING” of all LIFE.

    Across the stretches of cultivated vanity, TRUTH is what nourishes SOUL.
    In Cordo Deus Vigilat. GIBOR.

    • delendaestziobot

      Yea, but the war was fake… They never fought…They lied…They lied and now they must pay….Fucking Cunts must pay for their lies….They lied…The WAR WAS FAKE!!!! I did not lie to them, they lied to me! God damn it! I am not equal with them that lied to me…I survived their lies, I live to tell the tale….My meaning is greater than those that lied to me….The Fathers lied, the Mothers lied! To hell with them that lied!

      Why not destroy Hitlerism? Hitlerism is based on the lie of WWI….A theatrical performance! They did not risk their lives! I did! Where is my Iron Cross, where is my medal of honour? Why I just waste away in isolation, abused, and threatened by everyone, but a poet I remain…A true poet against their fake war! Do you want me to really destroy Esoteric Hitlerism? I could if I wanted to. Anyway it is destroyed after TRP II.

  • carma13

    My great-uncle volunteered in the Spanish Blue Division, when he came back he was given a house and lived quite well.
    His brother in the Navy transfered to Petrol industry (as you say, the name Industrial PLANT gives it away).
    War makes no sense, if those wars, ideologies, millions of dead were real you could not keep the loosing population alive, many of them would seek revenge.
    Heck, if you take too long to slow down your car in a gypsie neighboorhood you will get stabbed and murdered, but somehow a hundred million plus europeans who had their families supposedly burned alive, tortured or murdered just let 18 year americans in jeeps go through their town and rule them happily.

  • Duped

    What was the point in deconstructing Christianity? Was Christianity supposed to lead mankind into a specific state, i.e. Stage I, and then they subsequently moved to Stage II (Aryan Karnival), with Stage I as the prerequisite and some grand plan in mind? Or is there no multi-stage goal in mind, and it’s simply to provide novelty, because “old” Christianity couldn’t ensnare idealists anymore because it became stale and boring, and people started to get dissatisfied? In the end, is it the goal to simply always offer something supernatural that can’t be proven but people shall take it, irrationally believe it and “hope,” while the elites live off of them? I.e. the lifetime actor and spook Karl Marx’s “Religion is the opium of the people,” ironically.

    Also in regards to Christianity, I’m thinking about the real history and chronology of events, there are often interesting things in the comments that I would’ve never thought of. So I thought of starting to read the earliest works of Fomenko in Russian. But I have my doubts, because it’s a lot of stuff that could potentially be a big time sink due to a couple of red flags: http://mileswmathis.com/newchron.pdf
    Did your notions about a false chronology change in the way of unmasing Esoteric Hitlerism, or more specifically, do you see signs that Fomenko is controlled opposition (I think he is), that they were/are building him up for a couple of decades, but then will retire him in a way that spins the truth? And the same about the Flat Earth, for that matter. I’m simply thinking that those two are also projects to divert us away from reality. They also started to get popular during the same time. A promotion? (Like Wagner, Nietzche, Steiner, etc.) So it’s a question of whether there are a couple of genuine true facts there to locate, that were placed there to get out initial attention, or whether it’s all BS with nothing to salvage from it.

  • popov

    if you believe in WW2 as many blindly do (i did to) then you must believe that 6 million jews died during the stage act.

    now, wouldn’t one also believe that the jews were decimated as a population because of it ? that is what i thought and if you believe the script you would assume the same. i did

    however, the world almanac tells a different story.

    the script master knew that creating such a fanciful story would inherently bring sympathy and tears forever.

    i implore you to tell your family over the dinner table that the holohoax is a fraud and that their is ZERO evidence of a real holocaust and that the jewish population according to the world almanac actually increased during and after WW2 making it impossible for the event to have happened.

    i was laughed at and ridiculed myself… good fun though.

    once again, we see an impossible tale (just like the towers collapsing because of fire even though the buildings turned to ash mostly) being portrayed as REAL, yet the lies and scripts continue to stand..

    this book is going to be epic… can’t wait mr. young. can’t wait sir.


  • carma13

    This world has cycles, nigh/day, the 4 seasons/year are easy to see and not that important, but there’s a bigger cycle which is the origin of degraded corrupted christianity.
    In few words, there are cataclisms and “resets” in this world, knowing that is key to reorganize the power structure, so they hide it as much as possible, adding stupid religious stuff to old original books of the previous catastrophes, hiding the messages of being careful, constructing your house on rock, hiding the meaning of hell/underground (earthquakes and being sucked down) and heaven (temporary electromagnetic reversal of gravity implying death not happy ascension).
    Heliocentric earth, all the physical sciences of the XIXth centuries are to hide that knowledge, and to get people unprepared, that is, moved to cities and made incompetent imbeciles who can’t do a thing themselves with their hands and are trapped around deadly metal (which will attract plasma lighting, search brian austin lambert 33 in yt).
    Flat earth was unstopable when you have internet, computer evolution and the fake moon landing, you start there and it makes sense.
    But it’s truth many famous youtubers are controlled, once you start questioning things you may never stop, that’ where they come, to stuck you only in that lie, so you don’t progress…
    See how much it took us to advance knowing half the war was false?
    The accusations, the warcrimes pictures, the camps, the atomic bomb, the leadership…
    There are 4 options in life once you awake a bit:
    2-Run away, get land in the mountains or forests and live on your own without atracting attention. (Its’ very probable there is more land, big islands, etc, they programmed their map in us, everything is explored they say! Stay in the cities, they say!).
    3-Fight, the real way, with murderous intent and merciless
    4-The miracle, stay searching for a way out, a weakness in the enemy, a wunderwaffe, a miraculous alchemical transformation, a physchic evolution, etc Beware the danger of falling into cultural traps and tempting heroic operas.
    This 4th point goes hand in hand with the enemy, they want to waste our time and attention, if we know the world sucks, why the fuck don’t we try to leave? Get some comrades and hide away in the mountains, start new towns, in secret obviously That’s the real, the only war, submission to the state. We could have been learning crafts, real life skills instead of paying for books of fake heroes! The heroes weren’t the arrogant story-tellers of the “war”, but the lonely old men in forgotten towns who still kept traditions and refused to join the machine-borg urban collective!

    • delendaestziobot

      “if we know the world sucks, why the fuck don’t we leave?”

      Escape from Gerda is the only option… At least this is how one should think, try to get out, no matter what, at least try to think that way.

      Flat Earth was inevitable, because it is such an easy test, obviously the earth is flat, anyone can see that. But with fake history, and fake war, it is much more difficult because it is based upon anecdotal stories which are more difficult to disprove. For example Mein Kampf: Hitler tells a personal story, which is not true, but it is far easier to tell an untruthful tale than to disprove it. Or if you look it in another way, a fanciful story can make someone or something appear more important and valuable than it is: Hitler as wounded war hero fighting against the odds – and we have “the Greatest Story Never Told” – this is just updated Christianity, a new Christian Reformation, and I make this point in TRP I, where Hitler is the Kristos, the new Resurrected Jesus, who loved and died for his people… Then you have Serrano with his “Road to Damascus” experience, where he meets in Antarctica a psychedelic Hitler apparition…Then you have the Martyrs of Nuremberg, those martyred for the new Faith after the war like “The Acts” of the New Testament – It is a Christian Mystery Play…. But there are errors in the Play, for example you had the 6 million Jews being supposedly martyred also, but then you have the 6 million Germans who were also supposedly martyred in the Allied camps – there are several books about this and now movies also, the 6 million Germans enslaved in concentration camps after the war! Which one is it? I mean I think the Machine is getting confused and making errors – The Machine that Broke…There are so many stories now and they all contradict each other…

      I see it, that with Flat Earth, the masses can say “oh we were lied to by the elite”, it gives the masses a sense of power to continue on, but if all history is fake and war is fake then the masses themselves are guilty of lying, not just the “elite”…With Fake War – all humanity becomes guilty of fraud.

      • Martin


      • Martin

        Isn’t Young an Anglo-saxon, British tribal name? No wonder you prefer the all history is fake approach! I would too.

      • Martin

        You could destroy Esoteric Hitlerism? Hilarious! EH existed well before you and will exist well after you. Try destroying your ego first, then perhaps the feminine kilos around your hips. Then we can take you seriously.

      • reinwotan

        So maybe the Jews killed the Germans who refused to play along in this fake war you speak of. And used that as the 6mil jews that died, to dumb down the future generations to come. I for one believe the Boers fought a real war against the blacks back in the 1800’s. And against the English Empire 1900’s.

  • Rudolf

    Riding a dead horse to death…..

  • delendaestziobot


    Hitlerism is based upon the stories of Adolf Hitler and National Socialism, these stories have been proven to be fake, therefore EH is fake… The size of my waistline may be your issue, but it is not the issue being discussed here… But as my little troll, you have relevance.

    Hitlerism is destroyed for anyone who no longer believes in fairy tales of “war”… If you still believe in fairy tales, that is understandable…

    • Rudolf

      “These stories have been proven to be fake”.
      By whom? (Not by you). A statement by someone does not constitute proof, it is an opinion, more or less informed, and can be taken more or less, or not at all seriously.

      • delendaestziobot

        Tell me your fairy tale war story and I will prove to you it was fake. A war story is anecdotal and a witness is not evidence therefore war stories are fake . The proof is the Logic.

      • Rudolf

        I give you one:
        I was not born at the time of the war, but my parents were alive. Since according to your views, this is only anecdotal or even fake, I am actually not alive, or if, only in a sense that is not related to the events everyone else was experiencing.
        Or how do you separate your reality (the one you allow for your purposes) from the one of others?.

  • delendaestziobot

    Rudolf – “My parents were alive therefore war is real.”

    That’s a great argument, Rudolf, excellent use of logic, I must resign to your superior intellect.

    But, seriously, which war story are you claiming was real? The bombing of Pearl Harbour by the Japanese? The Battle of Kursk? Or perhaps the Battle of Cannae, or perhaps the Iraq War? Which war story are you claiming was real?

    • Rudolf

      You are choosing what you are considering real. That’s an arbitrary act. I was giving you the example of myself writing something to you, and I was not alive at the time my parents were. That’s at the time of the war you say was fake. Why shouldn’t my parents also be fake, and why shouldn’t I be? I am not making any claims about which war was real at this time, I am choosing the war which according to you was fake, yet used by you as an anchor point of your statements. Perhaps I am not real, perhaps you are not, who knows, but you are in some trouble about delineating your world, where it ends, where it has a beginning, what “happened”, etc. Why should the term “real” or “unreal” only extend to your preferred obsession?

  • delendaestziobot

    My mommy and daddy told me it was true is not a good logical argument, but I understand that that might be all that humans are capable of understanding at this stage…So then I would then counter, then you must believe in Santa Claus and his reindeer sled? Do you believe in that story also?

    I would submit, that appeals to mommy and daddy, or great uncle, or whomever, are not acceptable arguments at this stage for humanity in regards to their fake war stories.

  • popov

    easter bunny is my fave. it is a big stretch mr rudolf when you first learn this crazy shit but it gets much clearer after you submerge your mind and tame your dogma.

  • delendaestziobot

    Your mommy said, your daddy said, your great uncle said, is not an argument. Your family shibboleths are not a philosophical tautology. Do you really want me to destroy Esoteric Hitlerism? I am afraid I already have done so. It is mine to destroy….I have not sold a single book on Amazon in the last 3 weeks since I revealed that war is fake, so I can confirm the EH is destroyed. I should know because I control EH.

    Do you know what really scares me…. What really scares me is that I am right…

  • popov

    mr. young, i am surprised why people are not more interested in your about face and your awakening ? being fixated on stories by old or dead military people keeps the dogma alive and well.

    most weak unfit people would never put their shekels at risk no matter what. you have indeed done that.

    i salute you for that. that is very telling at least for me.

    mr. rudolph, please, tell us which war game you consider real ? thx

    • delendaestziobot

      Yea, I am stuck with a product that nobody now wants…And why would they, nobody likes to be conned… I got conned, I admit it, and it cost me… Most folks already know that war is fake…How many people work in the military and military related industries, they all know, and its all a bit of giggle, so me saying that I thought it was real, is also a bit of giggle to those who already know anyway… But what is worse: that war is real or that war is not real? Which is worse? I think it is worse that war is not real and people only pretend that it is real – to the extent of even having fake graveyards with fictitious names or non-existent “war heroes”…. And then they make a joke out it like with the cover design for Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” album.

  • delendaestziobot

    Reinwotan – “The Jews killed the Germans”

    This is the same as saying – “The Germans killed the Jews”

    As I have said the Jews and Gentiles are the same, and they have already admitted this, any difference is merely superficial and feigned… The home land of the Jews is Germany. And who paid for fake Israel to be built in the Levant, Germany did, and they are proud of it…The fact that there was no “Allied Bombing” of Germany and the Germans just made this up, makes them the same as the Jews. When I was in Dresden, I wondered why nobody in Dresden cared that their city was destroyed and the Dresden people massacred in horrific fire-bombing raids…Now I know why nobody in Dresden cares, because they all know it was Bullocks!

    David Irving, Thomas Goodrich and the “Death of Nazi Germany” and all these other raconteurs, simply told their anecdotal stories built upon the lies of the German people… Nobody died in “Allied bombing raids” or “Allied concentration camps”, just as nobody died in any “concentration camps” anywhere, it was simply a story…Germany never bombed Britain, and Britain never bombed Germany – it is not possible to detonate bombs dropped from flying aircraft, and it is not possible to co-ordinate bombing raids in the way that has been told and shown on TV… It is false, and most humans know it is false, it is just that it is within their own interest to keep the charade going…. Well, I dont care much for their charade, I thought it was true, I believed it, but it turned out that it was just a Show!

    • alexei

      Why would the Germans do all of that? Your claims fall short when you look into the Torah and see how they’re trying to work everything for the favor of their ‘world to come’ and its messiah leader, which they’re fulfilling with the State of Israel, whether by deceit or not, and most importantly is, at that time all of earth’s nations will be their servants as it’s stated in their books. On the other hand, all of this lunar-semitic rubbish isn’t found even in the most primitive texts and traditions of the Norse. Jews are indeed the wrathful slaves of Atlantis who claim a wisdom and piety they actually don’t have! So, remind me again why would the Germans do that?

      • delendaestziobot

        The biblical texts originate in Germany. They were first compiled and printed in Germany. Language is typographic therefore mechanical in origin.

      • alexei

        What about other Semitic and Mesopotamian people, where do they originate from? It’s useless to tell you researching linguistic and archaeological sources and finds related as you apparently believe everything is fake and manufactured. Ashkenazi Jews are indeed a mixture of Middle Eastern and European blood, which is the root to lots of the problems we have today, but still that doesn’t make them German nor is it their homeland. You’re simply flipping the Zionist scenario and attaching it for some reason to the Germans instead, something they never claimed or did, even with all their spiritual and cultural accomplishments, since codependent ‘savior’ cults and mentality are predominant in different southern traditions, which I’m sure you know well. Who are then those people in Israel now? And asking for the third time; WHY are they doing it?

  • delendaestziobot

    You know it is claimed in several books that I have read, that approx. “6 million Germans” died in Allied “Death Camps” after the “war”…

    They cant even be original with their figures and stories…

    The evidence is conclusive when one analyses it, the Germans worked closely and intimately with Britain, Russia and America to choreograph their war games…War games was a Prussian invention…The rest were taught by the Germans how to conduct war games for public consumption. To say that “Da Jooos” were able to control and defeat the German High Command is ridiculous…..It is the same as saying Sir John Monash was able to defeat General Ludendorff and the Prussian High Command, when Monash himself was just a German speaking Polish/Jewish shopkeeper…I suppose I am supposed to believe that Monash and his rag-tag bunch of brave little ozzie diggers smashed the Hindenburg Line? LOL….

  • delendaestziobot


    I suppose you believe that Sumer and Babylon were real? The “Cradle of Civilization and all that BS?

    “Archaeology” is a fraud, there is no such thing as “ancient history”…

    The people in the State of Israel came mainly from Europe, which is their homeland. And there is no evidence of people living in the Levant prior to German and English and Russian settlement of that area… There is no “war” in Israel either, there is no war between the Palestinians and Israelis, in fact, they all get along quite well, I mean, they have to, because they are required to work together in their little acting jobs…

    I suppose you believe that the Sea of Galilee is where Jesus and his fishermen pals grew up? Except there are no fish in the pond of the River Jordan…

    “Why are “they” doing it?” – who is ‘they’? Its certainly not the Germans, they are altogether too stupid…The Germans are as dumb as their cousins the Jews…

  • delendaestziobot

    As I have written before, the concept of a Nation State is a German concept, it did not even come into being without the idea of the State and the Volk, these are purely German terms. And these terms were simply appropriated by Germanophiles like Theodor Herzl… The secular state of Israel is simply a little act that follows on from the major act of the late 19th Century: Wilhelminian German Nationalism…. I mean the Da Jooz, are a little behind the trend, Nationalism was outdated by the mid-twentieth century, and here the yids are just starting to cotton on to the concept.

    I mean, the Jooz worship a German “Bible” for fuck’s sake… Oh, biut the “Dead Sea Scrolls” are real arent they, not fake, no, no way, I watched it on National Geographic channel, and its verified by archaeologists and professors and shit…Not fake…No, a little Shepherd boy found little fragments in a cave, wow. what a story! Must be real – because book, because TV, because great uncle said so….

  • delendaestziobot

    You do realize that Theodor Herzl wrote comedy plays for a living? Just saying…If you are not in the little joke called “Israel”…Where the Jewish Messiah is coming to….LOL

  • alexei

    If Germany and Europe is the original Jewish homeland; then why go all the way down to the Levant and leave their people? I also wonder what kind of ‘evidence’ you consider as genuine and other as fake, since there definitely was different cultures and groups in the Levant down to Hejaz and Sheba way long ago, with the latter rarely having archaeological excavations and studies, as I myself come from there. Whether Jews and others embraced the German idea of nation and state doesn’t make any difference, but rather how did they employ its institutions. I don’t necessarily believe Mesopotamia to be the cradle of civilization (I recommend though you compare for instance the current Yemeni architecture with the ancient Babylonian to notice the subtle similarities for yourself), but regardless, that doesn’t make them the first.

    All I see is that unfortunately you’ve fallen to what is termed as archonic deception, Karl. It’s sad and shows how much horrible the current state of the white man and the West, that an Arab is trying to make you wake up.

    • delendaestziobot

      So you did not know that Theodor Herzl was a comedian?

    • delendaestziobot

      I am not a “western white man”.. I am an Ehrean, of the Ehrean kind.

      • alexei

        Do enlighten me where Ehrean come from, as I’ve only heard a similar title with relation to the Irish and Celts. Actually, I’m not sure why the Jews got their way into the British and Scottish Isles in particular, probably because they’re the last active and vital remnants of Hyperborea, but they’re ready to attack Europe from anywhere anyhow. Just check the Masonic monuments and rites to make sure that there have been an alliance between the White Traitors of that area and the Sorcerers of Judea, it’s too obvious you would’ve not suspect it, as the Jewish spirit and blood is sadly all over it, compared to Germany and Scandinavia.

        I feel the guides of the Hyperborean race have given up on most of their supposed descendants and are trying to wake those of other races, while the Jews and their allies obviously got it all wrong, as there’s an esoteric relation between archetypes and logoi of the different races.

        But no more! Banish that semitic spirit!

  • delendaestziobot

    alexei the Arab cretin,

    So you did not know that Theodor Herzl was a comedian?

    • alexei

      You’re more of a comedian than him, to be honest. Again, with every reply you prove my points, along the fact you’re not answering my questions. How professional of you sir!

      You’re definitely in a confused and delirious state, using kabbalistic films of Hollywood as reference, a ‘magical’ device that have been used by the Jews and their machines since the past century to easily and subtly accomplish their plans with their minions, (check the work of Ted Goranson on films folded to get a hint of what I mean). So that’s what an Ehrean is?

      That’s actually what (((they))) want, perverting, destroying and wiping every trace of the real Third Reich and Hitler, and surprisingly you’re helping them in that, get what I mean?

      You don’t have to literally resurrect a Fourth Reich and follow everything from that period, but we should acknowledge the facts and pay homage to the sacrifice of the soldiers and saints and be inspired by them in the coming golden age, reversing everything (((they))) did. It seems you forgot Serrano’s warning about use of reason and the cerebral cortex in the dark age.

      I truly hope you get your guidance back and pass this phase.

      • delendaestziobot

        But the Third Reich is fake. And Hitler was an actor. What’s the difference between Hollywood movie businesses and Third Reich movie businesses? It’s just a matter of taste I guess.

        Alexei, read the post, as I have explained, war is a production of Prussian Opera houses, this was updated in the 20th century to cinema, tv, literature and various artistic forms, including and perhaps most relevantly, architecture.

        Serrano wrote that we should only use half our brain, great, ok, well good luck with that, have ever considered having a lobotomy? It could help you with master Serrano studies. And of course, you know all about Serrano…What would I know about Serrano?

      • delendaestziobot

        According to Serrano, you would be a Arab mongrel cretin sudra. And that I would agree with. Tell me, Arab cretin, where are you living now, which country?

      • alexei

        I believe every race has an elite, common folk, and lower degenerate expressions of it, even the purist ones. Being of purely European descent doesn’t equate nobility of body and soul, just look at the common British or American nowadays to understand.

        The purist and highest expression of the Arabian race is a Mediterranean branch off of the greater Caucasian race. Contrary to what you said, actually Serrano and others referred to some Aryan traits found in the Islamic tradition, like veneration of family, manly virtues, and other concealed knowledge in the Qur’an, like the Houris as Valkyries, Sidrat-al-Muntaha as Yggdrassil, and even probably Wotan or some Nordic hero mentioned in Surat-al-Kahf as Dhul Qarnain (Two Horned Man), still that doesn’t mean we are not suffering from the semitic golem.

        All free and noble men naturally respect or at least be apathetic towards any sovereign being minding his own business in the orbit and path of his will, since he is respecting ours and not infringing upon it, whatever its class, human or even animal, virtuous or vicious, let everyone go through their own battles!

        I come from Hejaz, the Arabian Peninsula, called today Saudi Arabia.

  • delendaestziobot


    But I have never sent a Serrano book to Saudi Arabia or anywhere else in the Middle East.

    You clearly know nothing of Serrano or EH, but as you can see you are the only one left defending him…..One last Arab cretin who has never even read a Serrano book proclaims himself as Serrano’s champion…. Well, I have then indeed have taken the right path.

  • delendaestziobot

    Islam is a Semitic religion, for mongrel cretins, the Koran was first printed in Europe, in the 19th century. The Arabic language, like its sister language Hebrew, were invented in German universities, and German and British oriental societies. And the Middle East has no “crude oil”…. Petroleum is synthetic and made from agricultural crops.

    So, in light of these revelations, it matters only from a academic point of view what Serrano imagined he knew. He obviously did not know much about anything, like a Mr Magoo character, bumbling around he was.

  • alexei

    Islam was good at the time, its book has some revelations and secret knowledge that helped our race flourish in different ways, still, it has a predominant semitic-lunar tone that is getting in the way of our evolution and connection to an eternal source. Btw, Serrano in my opinion was a simple theosophist with knowledge of some lesser mysteries, or he simply was a masked adept-mage of the highest order, I respect him either way. You’ll probably find his references to Islam in his book Manu or Ultimate Avatar.

    Reading your claims emphasis again my saying that you’re more of a comedian than Theodor Herzl, and it seems you lack the least of etiquette and chivalry one would have even with his enemies, but I should expect anything from someone calling the man who offered his whole being for the victory and continuity of his race “an actor”. I deal with every noble individual from the assumption they’re kings, and a king would know how to deal and acknowledge another, and apparently you aren’t one!

    Good luck trying to contact Shamballa.

  • popov

    alexei, you do know that hitler was a jew don’t you ? free and noble men ? yeah right.. your not from the US are you ?

  • carma13

    You don’t have to trust Karl Young, just google tourism, syria, afghanistan.
    They are not hiding it, you can easyly go there, it’s very cheap, it will be just a normal country like every other.
    In interviews they asked Al Assad why live continued to be so normal in the majority of syria, why not declare some martial law or war economy, etc, he gave excuses, the same in ukraine, those who believe in the war get angry at the corruption of what “could be going to support/pay the army”, they see how ukraine makes decent new military vehicules and just export them outside… once you realize there’s no war it suddenly makes sense!

  • delendaestziobot

    Master Miguel Magoo, did indeed praise Mohammedanism and Islam, in regards to the relationship between the Third Reich in diplomatic terms with Islamic leaders in the Middle East and all that Glass Bead Game literary posturing… And this is another reason why Master Magoo was a bumbling fool. But he contradicts himself also, and often, because according to his racial theories (another Glass Bead Game) non-whites are mere creations of the Demiurge and lack any ontological reality (which I happen to agree with)…

    Now, in regards to the Middle East, and Israel and the like, I have traveled there and I can assure you it is very safe and there is no war there, except on your tv and on youtube, or on wikileaks or some other shit (like books)… The fact is, that the majority of people are not in the position to go and find out things for themselves, they are reliant on what others tell them… And if the prevailing media current is that war is real, then that is what they will believe – that is the masses and it is not the masses themselves that is the problem here, the masses are what they are, the problem is that I got stuck down here with the masses! And it is my problem, not theirs.

    • alexei

      You see guys, that’s what happens when you’re not initiated and give your back to the blessings and guidance of your own race’s masters, the result is a diseased and delusional ego failing to make sense of itself. I don’t like to boast, but I’m afraid you’re manifesting the characteristics of what’s termed a Black Brother, someone who failed in his initiation and crossing the abyss without his light flickering and going away; falling to the dispersing jaws of Choronzon. Another characteristic besides the sensitive ego, is the tendency to shut oneself completely from infinite possibilities of external sources that actually might assist one’s will.

      Everything is ‘created’ through the lens of the demiurge in this universe at least, this creator is neither good nor evil, but it’s those who knew his name and used it for their evil gains, ie the Jews and their minions. Also, how come you agree with this if you think the Dead Sea Scrolls are fake, since it’s all related to the Gnostic tradition? I bet you’re of the same kind of Aug Tellez who claim the sky or space is a liquid crystal screen, and the sun some kind of machine or simulation placed there along the moon.

      Serrano was obviously of a Mediterranean type, just look at his pictures as a young man, so does that include himself? Regardless, his passion and loyalty might’ve mislead him in certain minor aspects. Fallen sudras and degenerates are found in all races, but even them have the right to be sovereign and free to go through their own karma and mistakes to atone and prove their will, either you turn to ash or become a phoenix and soar!

      I’d have much respect for someone of an opposing view clearly declaring that or choosing not to identify with the Third Reich, than someone of your background claiming it was all fake.

  • popov

    mr young, when your subscribers finally figure out that ALL WAR IS PLANNED AND FAKE maybe these low IQ buggers can get their heads out of hitler and serranos assholes as well. those goose steps keep me laughing to all hours of the night.

    there is a new war being waged right now and most of the hitler butt sniffers are not even noticing. probably reading minecamp or something and thinking its true. hint you asshats. hitler was a jew. dummy

    no need to fake wars any longer. when someone does not comply with the machine, microwave them. pretty funny stuff

  • delendaestziobot

    I just updated this blog post. I had to edit out the other contributor at his request.

    Just let the Shakespeare and T.S. Elliot quotes go over your head. The Alchemical rhythms within the words are there only for those who are real.

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