Poetry Break

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  • J. Peter

    I’m guessing T.S Elliot was an actor to? And his poems were written by the DEMIURGE.

  • Blár Sol

    It is a wise thing to be polite; consequently, it is a stupid thing to be rude. To make enemies by unnecessary and willful incivility, is just as insane a proceeding as to set your house on fire.

    Arthur Schopenhauer

  • ezra91

    Again this bs about humanity, enslavement etc. Who cares about humanity? Failed long time ago, yes, long before Hitler’s Germany. The later’s destruction is the greatest testament to the stupidity of this failed species. Get over it.

    Humanity is NOT worth saving(anymore), only some individuals.

    Seems no one of you is up to Karl’s game here.

    • J. Peter

      No, I agree 99% humanity isn’t worth saving because it is a failure. But Karl here isn’t proposing anything and in his own words his ultimate goal is to not exist in this world. And if that’s your goal too, live up to it by becoming a martyr.

  • carma

    Karl already said in TRP I to burn all books, even his own.

    It’s a logical progression that takes time, if we know much of war is fake (fake atrocities, fake accusations, fake weapons of mass destruction)… why not the rest?

    If humans lied after the war, maybe they lied during the “war” too?

    You know humans, the objetive is to do as little as possible and to be paid as much as possible for that, so, why would they risk their life for politicians and their “countries”?

    And you really believed they would let massive amounts of weapons and munitions to the goy so they could rebel?
    Even their police only carry a few rounds.

    There are only 2 worlds, the real physical one, the natural, and the “cultural” one, based on spells, letters, stories, books.

    In another words, you have first eye-witness accounts and then you have stories, you have no psychic ability to verify it’s authenticity.

    In a way looking for Truth is an aryan weakness, just like compassion.

    But in a way it was necessary, debunking all this means “rescuing” our other ‘us’, ‘trapped in time’ in school days, yes, it was all bollocks.

    Like the science-fiction anti-matter, Karl annhiliates energy sucking archtypes.

    Deep down we knew, if for example someone was hunting down bankers (not that they matter much), would they say it? Why? They wouldn’t!

    Feel inferior or worse by knowing this? Au contraire! You feel refreshed as if you finished climbing to the top of a mountain, you dumped the story-li(n)es of others you were carrying on your back.

    I think the mission has been accomplished, the intuition was right, we can burn all books!

    Books are treason, they let an alternative dimension into this world, they are portals of takeover and influence.

    We are traitors to our “mother Nature”/Creation/Spiritual Source by allowing them, it’s an invasion, it was from the beginning.

    And it’s an humiliation, when you write you shout ‘I’m dumb, I can’t remember a thing by myself!’
    You write and use the script of others, which you know nothing about, I always felt weird when I had to write by hand, ironically, not when pushing keyboards.

  • delendaestziobot

    In regard to comments, I will be deleting comments that are irrelevant, abusive, and or, ad hominem.

    The poem “The Hollow Men” is also read out by Marlon Brando’s Colonel Kurtz character in “Apocalypse Now”, which a about the fake Vietnam war, and how it was completely acted and only a theatrical event, not a real war. The poem by T.S. Elliot is about how war is fake and and soldiers are hollow shams, fake men, effigies.

    “Looking for truth is an Aryan weakness just like compassion” – carma

    This is an excellent observation.

    • Ted


      “You know what really scares me? The fact that I am right! That is
      what is scary….I am afraid, I am right….”

      Alright, let me make one last critique. Afraid of what? Your conclusion taken to it’s natural course is to laugh and enjoy the material plane as as death finally approaches your front door. Because if all academia, history, statics, etc is a lie, THEN ITS ALL A LIE. Every idea and thought (including yours) ever conjure up is ALL LIES, because they were actors. No War, No Empire, No Rulers, etc. Is Zion a thing? You can’t cite any source because that source is a lie. You can’t quote anyone like you did with Benjamin Disraeli, because every-word he says is a lie. You’re the center of a meaningless universe. There is no difference whether this is a computer simulation or just evolution taking a course. You dismiss Carl Jung, Friedrich Nietzsche, Richard Wagner, Fascism, etc because they were actors, and actors lie. All your knowledge is flaw. Why do you go looking for truth for anymore? Of what purpose is having a bunch of anonymous people agree with you serve. What do you gain? At least a White Nationalist can say, “A Home For My Race”, a Traditionalist can say, “A Traditionalist Life Style Rooted In Nature”, a Nietzschean can say, “The Over-Man” etc, etc. What can you say? If National Socialism is a lie, then humanity is bound to go extinct. Why not enjoy the bliss? Why not commit suicide? What do you have against those who are idealist? What do you have against Nature? What do you have in against Wagner? What is your Honor rooted in? Yourself? If that’s the case, then that’s nihilism.

    • Ted

      Is this man an actor too? If so,how can you say you’re not one? For all I know, the real Karl Young has been kidnap and killed, and you are an imposer trying to mislead people. How can I trust what you say?

      • delendaestziobot

        You brought up Ted Kaczynski also before… Now The Una Bomber was definitely fabricated, it was a complete circus, many actors took part in that debacle…What was that funny act, where they had Ted’s old shed, and they were driving it along the highway? LOL….

      • Ted

        That could be your next project. Disproving Anti-tech Revolution: Why and how. Your word versus his.

  • delendaestziobot

    Ultimately it is the words themselves that are evil, it is the Word that is the evil…Words amputate out true instincts and separate us from our true nature.

    National Socialism & Hitlerism was based on the power of the Word, just like Christianity was and still is.

  • delendaestziobot

    “The Hollow Men” also uncannily predicts the Internet. I can think of no more poetical words to describe the experience of the internet – WWW – WW3. An extension of the sham of the previous World Wide War Games.

  • Ted

    I’m just trying to understand why you couldn’t just stick to publishing. If you know the truth, why share it with the world? No gain nothing. You surely lost most of your audience. You’re Miles Mathis 2.0. You could have played us for fools with no consequence.

  • delendaestziobot

    Ted, are you expecting me to take Varg seriously?

    • Ted

      I simply propose that anyone serious about anything should propose the survival of their blood. While Varg Virkness is a flawed character, the ideas of returning to Nature sounds like the only alternative to any political solution. You might not care about the White Race, but what is the point of the audience when the show ends. This is about survival. Why be men? Why be elves? Why be brahmins? Why not be hobbits? The highest form of sudras.

      • delendaestziobot

        Varg is a cute little hobbit, in his camouflage get up, with bows and arrows, and Mother Earth Bear Cult shit….Yea, good luck with that “survival”…We all going to have our little tribes are we? When the System crashes?

        That’s a fucking life style choice! You gotta afford it! Varg aint living off the land anymore than anyone else is…

        Now, back to T.S. Elliot, who was awarded the Order of Merit for military service… He was, like Ezra, involved in the scripting process for military operations. Nobel Prize winner, of course…Alfred Nobel, well there is another actor…You know, I have been to the Nobel Museum in Stockholm, Sweden, and it is hilarious, I was rolling out, side-splitting humour there, I should blog about it.

      • Ted

        I wish you the best

      • delendaestziobot

        No blood is passed on from the parents to the child. That is a medical fact. See “Ehrean Angel Blood” – MAYA: Reality Is An Illusion & Other Essays In Esoteric Hitlerism

  • delendaestziobot

    Oh, that’s right, now I remember, let me just Google it….. Oh yes, Marlon Brando also played Rockwell in a movie…Just to show that it was all just a movie, made out to be real life…Movies are made from scripts, and the scripts are written by the Machine….

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