The Medium IS the Message

“The Medium is the Message” – Marshall McLuhan

Aachen, Germany, Robot writing the Bible.

Funny story where McLuhan, was shown a printing error of his phrase “The Medium is the Message”, it read instead “The Medium is the Massage”, to which he accepted as being also true… Thus “The Medium is the Mass-Age”.

6 responses to “The Medium IS the Message

  • Michael Angel Luna

    German engineering

  • delendaestziobot

    “What we have called “nations” in recent centuries did not, and could not, precede the advent of the Gutenberg technology any more than they can survive the advent of electric circuitry with it power of totally involving all people in all other people.” – The Gutenberg Galaxy

    So, the concept of a “Nation” or “State”, or “Reich”, or “Kingdom”, or “Empire”, cannot precede 15th Century Germany…No such public arrangement can exist prior to the Gutenberg Press. To take this further, it is not possible for uniform language to develop without a uniform printing press. So, even handwriting must derive from the press, or the mechanical press precedes human handwriting. So what is thought of as Medieval scribes and calligraphy writing styles, these writing styles must come after the mechanical type casting of letters for languages. All cultures, even “Tribes” are reliant on a Mother Language that is mechanical in its conception, and that mechanical Machine first appears in Germany. We call this the advent of “Typographic Man”… In the Digital Age, where all previous nations and states are dissolved, the symbol and the image will take over from typography. With Typographic Man, the state was formed according to how far the uniform standardized word could travel, if you could imagine, languages being formed according to the extent of the railway line that could carry newspapers and books from the printing press, so basically the printing press was the nucleus of the nation – different printing presses with different type casts produced different languages and this was the nation state! Today all states dissolve into the electrical grid, wherever it reaches is its extent!

  • NewMan

    Man over machine

  • aufihrhelden

    … but also, from ‘Germania’ Chapter III:

    Earlier in the propaganda operation, after spinning a yarn about the crocodile, this tour guide tells her group: “You are a credit to Charles Darwin.” and Inspector Lewis says to the tour guide, Buckley, “Tourist office say you just tell people a pack of lies.” and Buckley also tells Lewis, “Well, lies are more fun than the truth, don’t you think?”

    You see, Zion thinks that it looks down upon the 8.9 million viewers, it is openly telling them (flaunting it in their face) that they are the primitive apes descended from the monkey, yet this anybody can do – if one merely controls the medium! Zion thinks that forcible control of a medium enabling the message to be told equates to a high level intellectual standpoint of the message itself! Zion doesn’t understand the difference between the medium and the message! I mean, the truth is that the 8.9 million don’t really care about the message, I mean, they are the Zionists themselves, however, the minority laugh at Zion! However, exploring the comment from every conceivable angle, whether it be from the standpoint of the lie or the standpoint of the truth: who is a credit to Charles Darwin, the glorious Ehreans of the Third Reich or the Imbeciles of Zion?!?! What is the purpose of tourist offices? To maintain the lies of Zion and, as an aside, to help quicken the velocity at which Zion’s fraudulent electronic digits arrive back in their hands. What is the purpose of the lies of Zion? To aid in
    world domination and, as an aside, to provide enjoyment for themselves. What is the actual effect of the lies of Zion? None. Zion is a Busy Fool.

  • Ted

    So Marshall McLuhan told the truth? Was he even real, or just another actor?

    • delendaestziobot

      Professor Marshall McLuhan, may not be a real person, just as George Lincoln Rockwell or Oswald Mosley may not be real persons, they have characters that seem similar, but there is no way of telling just from what we see if they were in fact genuine real people or just actors playing a character. The aim with invented characters and anthropoeia (making people) is to make the character seem as real as possible in the minds of the audience, and the audience itself may also be just characters acting as an audience…. Come to think of it, they all look rather similar in their features as if it some archetypal form presenting itself as real men.

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