Third Reich Pilgrim Part II extract

I stood alone, in the fading afternoon light, contemplating the great home of the Prussian dramaturgy – that most significant contributor in the morphology of fanciful stories and stagecraft of universal history. The imaginations of set-designers and opera composers had transmogrified their festive costumed clowns into great tyrannous Gods of Historicism! I was beginning to wonder how much my puny individual brain could take before it overloaded and broke down completely. How could I change my thoughts, change my ideas, become new. Be a Neo-Nazi! As I am, changing everything there is in the world with my revolutionary thoughts, through magic gateways of the werewolfen Reich. I am the REICH! New Reich Awaken!

The wall of the Neue Wache was a pale screen onto which I projected my thoughts, under the darkening boughs of forlornly shaped trees, my thoughts plunged deep into the ages of man, through labyrinthine constructions and dimensions of overwhelming complexity, a single thread tied me to another realm and another I beyond this existence, I clung to it, like a dangling mountaineer on a precipice, staring down into a frightful blackened abyss below with only my own consciousness for a torch light. I had the strange feeling that no man had ventured this far into the Labyrinth and lived… Do I climb back up the rope, or do I keep going down, down into ageless, incomprehensible fathoms, untrodden by all who had come before me? I wanted to cast my crown of futility into the endless void and detach myself from the trifling shreds of decaying narratives that plastered the props and sets of this staged burlesque called Life’; the humans were Life Actors, acting in a Theatre of Life, connected via some monolithic integrated circuitry each human is now a small chip, equipped with a quartz receiver and a fused silica photomask little code-carriers of Werner von Siemens’ technologies. The electronic locomotive train itself was a product of Werner von Siemens and his Berlin Corporation. The ancestral home of the Siemens family is Goslar…

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  • popov

    the ferocious mistake all us torch bearers made and continue to make has cost us dearly through the decades. its ALL FAKE including our blessed notions of hero’s from long ago. the story/his-story books and information for the GOY is always tainted with scripts and imagination void of facts and actuality. our rulers control every bit of information including some content here which you yourself are thankfully starting to question.

    i am in that black hole your in right now comrade and the unveiling of this theater is gradual but necessary for true light.

    let me set the stage for your blog followers just a bit.

    imagine you had a six year old going to school at Sandy Hook on that day of classy theater.

    now, imagine your six year old son or daughter got their head blown off in this event from a long rifle as the script states.

    ok, now cue the father of the little girl Emily just a few hours after the play acting of the murder..


    If that doesn’t get your antenna up a bit try and find the location of where osama bin laden was buried. remember, the 9-11 bogie man was never formally charged with any crime concerning 9-11.

    fake fake fake…all of it

    looking for to the book sir…thank you for your honesty !

    • delendaestziobot

      “IT’S ALL FAKE”

      Yes, it is indeed all fake. And my awakening began with the 911 hoax and the Crisis Acting hoax of Sandy Hook was another seminal theatrical performance. And what one must come to terms with, as I now have, if one is going further on this path, is that nobody died during these performances…This was probably the hardest thing for me to come to terms with the theatrical “Theater of War” performances – that nobody is killed – if people do disappear, we do not know what exactly happened to them or where they have gone. It is possible that some are injured and killed in accidents, for example just like there might be an accident during a circus performance or stunt tricks, but all safety precautions are taken to ensure the safety of the actors…. The other thing is that all those who take part in the Acts, know what they are doing, Sjoerd gave us a good example of this, he knew it was all bullshit but he just acted it out anyway, why, I do not know?

      • Rudolf

        Perhaps you are looking at certain events in a kind of trance, making them quite unreal.
        I will only comment on one thing. My mother, when she was 21, together with three other young women of the same age were carrying the coffin of their former school mate who had been killed by a bomb dropped by an American aeroplane returning from a bombing raid on Munich. The funeral took place in late July 1944. The grave of that young women existed until a few years ago and my mother told me often about it, whenever we passed it on the cemetery.
        That was real, that did happen and was not faked or play-acted.
        Perhaps you are in a weird mood that makes everything seem unreal. Where would that concept stop?

  • delendaestziobot

    Rudolf, old boy, let me give you a lesson in life.

    Women are liars…

    That’s the first thing.

    Secondly your mother’s story which is a kind of old wives tale, is not a very good one, I have heard much better. For example, my father was a young boy during World Fake War II, and he told me a story how the horrible Germans invaded his poor little country town, and they took all the food, the poor little munchkins had no food, because of the nasty old Germans… Anyway, one day, and I remember, tears welling up in his eyes as he told his story to me (my father could cry at the drop of a hat) he saw this well-dressed German officer on the street where he lived, and he was shining his black boots, and next him was a freshly baked loaf of bread and all the boys of the town were hungry, starving they were, according to the tale, and here was this German officer just nonchalantly shining his boots, and the loaf of bread on display, sort of like a form of torture for the poor starving children of the town…Anyway, as the story goes, as I was told by my father, who was one of the worst scoundrels and liars I have ever come across, much worse of a liar than your mother was, no doubt, and he had better stories… The other children, dared my father to steal the loaf of bread when the nasty German officer was not looking, so my father did, and he stole the loaf of bread, but the German officer spotted him and turned on him with his machine gun and shot him 3 times in the left leg when he was running away!

    That was my father’s story that he told me when I was a young boy, and I believed him…I believed him up until I was about 15, and then I noticed that there was no bullet wounds in his left leg and it all sounded like bullshit, and I knew my father by that time to be a bullshiter of the lowest order, so I knew the whole story was fake… Just like your mother’s story is fake also… There is no shortage of human liars in this world, and they all have many stories to tell…

    So, Rudolf old boy, I believe it is you, not me that is still living in some kind of trance.

    • Rudolf

      I am sorry that I have to witness what you are doing. I don’t know what you are driving at. And at that point I am not interested in it anymore.

  • delendaestziobot

    If anyone else has a bullshit story from their mother or father or grandmother or grandfather, or whatever, your lying, cheating, treasonous, scoundrel family members, please post them here, I would love to hear them, it makes me laugh, BA, HA, HA!!!!

    • Mark Tinley

      My father once owned a supermarket. He told me one morning that he had been robbed at gunpoint the previous evening. He even showed my brothers and I the welt on his belly where the barrel of the gun was pressed. I believed that story for years until I didn’t believe it any longer. I would later find out he had a large gambling debt. He faked the robbery and cleared out the strongbox on his own to pay a bookie. I heartily laugh at the thought of him driving home pressing a hard object against his belly to prove to us young children that some lowlife had robbed him. The world is a funny, cruel little place. Most folks alive today are thieving and lying cunts playing one angle or another for their own benefit. They lie to others or to themselves. Why such a surprise that the entire edifice of modern reality is a ruse? There is no division between the news networks and modern cinema. They have the singular purpose of creating not only a false reality, but erasing the true past as well. It is called full-spectrum control.

      • delendaestziobot

        Yea, the old insurance job trick. Men are especially fond of insurance tricks. I wonder, for example, how many breakins and robberies of the family home are actually done by the father, who then keeps the items and claims on insurance? Or worse, with Life Insurance policies, how many wifes and husbands are killed by their partner to claim the insurance policy?

        When it comes to news, all news is fake, even car accidents, because car accidents could be easily prevented, but they are allowed to happen, again just for insurance purposes. More insurance policies are sold after a fatal car collision, which could have easliy been prevented. One could just go on and on.

  • Kris

    One must not forget the “Authors” of this world are also liars. Take the “Third Reich Pilgrim” book for an example. Marketed as “The greatest book of the 21st Century” etc etc. But it was all lies! Now that you have discovered the truth of this world, and book two will be the new truth, the first book is now just pages upon pages of lies! Because everything you once thought true is now not. A useless book for burning, for the bargain bin of this world!

    • delendaestziobot

      Kris, in my defence, TRP Part I is not “all lies”, did you happen to read it? It does contain many truths. Regardless I already predicted the demise of Part I when I write in it that it will be burned and should be burned as all books should be burned. And I have not finished my book yet, because it consists of multiple parts, so the storyline will be intact, because it is an awakening process which I have been honest enough to tell it as it has developed within me. Part II of my book will iron out the problems of Part I, and I do confess to my previous mistakes, the mistakes made by trusting others and not my own judgments. I should have trusted my own judgment and not retold the lies of others, for that crime I plead guilty and have confessed my guilt. Thankyou for bringing this up, it is an important point.

  • delendaestziobot

    Kris, of course, if you already knew the truth regards to the Third Reich and World Fake Wars, then you should have been kind enough to inform me and others, not doing so makes you guilty also.

    • Dex

      I’ve been lurking for years (I enjoy your perspective on things), and I’ve posted maybe twice, both of which were deleted, ostensibly for suggesting that very thing. I for one am happy you’ve come around. It’s good policy to never trust anything that comes from a square, especially a screen, named for a scrying mirror, their vehicle for mass hypnosis and the forced evolution of the human mind, their great alchemical work. Represented by Kube-brick’s black monolith, the creation of the “new man”. Holly wood, the witch’s wand of the holly tree. All is ritual, war included. But when a ritual is successfully carried out, and false memories and thoughts are imprinted on the human mind, there are of course genuine repercussions, and the lies even become real in a very real sense.

  • popov

    when you sprinkle on some ((())) dust to the fake war instruction skit true Broadway performances were indeed born. even child actors have a part in this high paying art.

    this fine production/performance was enacted on Oct. 30 1938

    a few months later germany invaded poland according the holy WW2 play list. Sept. 1st 1939

    such great imaginations we seen in grovers mill nj on that fateful oct 30th night so long ago. you think some of these fine script actors got work on sept 1st 1939 as well ??

    • delendaestziobot

      The Kuwaiti girl is hilarious…The poor suffering children of “war”…

      “War of the Worlds” exactly. The idea of Poland being a threat to Germany is ridiculous, what a joke, the Poles did not even have roads as that time let alone military vehicles, what were the Poles going to do, attack the Berlin on horseback? And it was actually first called it “Phoney War”, they even named it that to begin with.

      • Rudolf

        Phony War refers to the period of inactivity between Germany, France and England after the defeat of Poland.
        The war in Poland was real and there was nothing phony about it. -Excepting the phony reasons given by England and France for public consumption, in order to obscure their real reasons for bringing it about.

      • Dex

        Speaking of public consumption, so called cunt-ries only exist in the minds of the masses. Those who orchestrate these wars don’t believe in cunt-ries.

  • ezra91

    What a fucking epiphany you’ve all had. “ALL IS FAKE”. What’s next? “ONLY DEATH IS REAL”?

    Stop this desecrating stuff. It’s silly.

    P.S. Still, if you are at it, do it poetic. GO MACBETH, DENOUNCE THE UNIVERSE.

  • Blár Sol

    Our civilized world is nothing but a great masquerade. You encounter knights, parsons, soldiers, doctors, lawyers, priests, philosophers and a thousand more: but they are not what they appear – they are merely masks… Usually, as I say, there is nothing but industrialists, businessmen and speculators concealed behind all these masks.

    Arthur Schopenhauer

  • vs

    In events like Sandy Hook, which obviously was staged, there are no victims because real victims and their families ask questions. They provide REAL genuine insight into the ramifications of the events and come to their own conclusions about the event. That is incompatible with the agenda.

    In a small contained event like Sandy Hook, it is better to completely control the narrative by having agents and hired actors and actresses(bribed and blackmailed) carry out the roles. This way they can all unanimously favor a particular agenda(such as gun control). Also, people dig less deep for answers because less are directly affected by the event.

    However, with World Wars and mass production in full swing, real people die. And in these events law is no longer an issue since “all is fair in love and war”

    Anyone that has fired a gun before knows they are real. Fighter planes, bombers and all kinds of military technologies evolve out of real-world necessity brought on by experience. We can even see, amidst conflict, the development of body armor. Obviously this happens rapidly and out of necessity. It is not planned by artists in an art studio(unless you consider the military engineers artists).

    To make the presumptive claim that its all fake when people dig up artifacts on a daily basis (including dead bodies) requires a seriously warped view of reality.

    The simple fact is reality will not bend to glorify your ego. World War 2 was a massive event where military weapons were mass produced and used to kill people.

    Of course there were many lies. And yes the media fakes news stories so their reporters don’t die in the field, or in order to control a narrative. In limited wars things may be faked for this or that reason. But that doesn’t mean everything is fake.

    Yes, Hitler was a real man who worked with other real men and women to complete monumental tasks.

    I think the “everything is a lie” perspective comes from total hatred toward every single person.

  • popov

    vs, so, let me get this straight and help me understand your logic.

    80 years ago WW2

    no internet
    no cell phones
    no social media
    barely TV/Radio
    no paid actors

    sandy hook a few years ago

    high speed internet
    extremely fast cell phones with high pixel cameras
    instant immediate social media
    TV and Radio new hordes in every district
    highly paid and skilled actors

    now, if your telling me it would be easier to pull off the obvious fake sandy hook hoax than to orchestrate fakery 1000’s of miles away without much technology at all, i would fanatically disagree.

    GW almost pulled off the “weapons of mass destruction” broadway play with millions of cameras pointed right at him, what do you think possible for dangerous deranged people in power 80 years ago without the light shining on them? think hard.

    • vs

      popov, if you want to believe that the entirety of world war 2, from the destruction of entire cities to the mass production and detonation of millions upon millions of rounds of ammunition, along with endless discoveries of mass graves of dead soldiers and their weapons is all somehow a lie, what can I do to convince you otherwise? The mass evolution of weaponry, tactics and armour as develped through real world combat experience is not something invented by storytellers, it is experienced by real men in the field battling.

      You obviously would rather just throw your hands in the air and say “everything is fake!” as though it makes more sense to fake an entire war than actually wage one, then what can I say?

      You will say literally everything is fake! the films, the corpses, the bombs. All of the destruction. All of the technology just developed with no incentive. just ‘at random’. You say everything is fake. How can I argue with that?

      Don’t you see the problem here? Because Karl Young said the war is fake, you say its fake. What more is there? That’s all the proof you apparently need. And hey, if you think you are smart for it, then go on believing you are really smart and clever.

      Personally I am of the opinion only a fool would believe every war is fake. Let alone the biggest wars in history.

      when people are more than willing to gleefully kill others, why would they fake the war? Think about that.

      You can go online and see helmet cam footage of people killing other people online nowadays. You can see corpses of the mass murdered from throughout history, combatants as well as noncombatants, all over the internet.

      Like I said: Sandy Hook was a controlled narrative. Its easier to fake an event like that because when there are real victims there are REAL opinions and REAL affected parties that ask REAL questions. However with an event like a war, it is much easier to get away with mass murder. That’s all.

      We all know people lie and will often lie in war. That is not some great revelation. However we also all know people will gladly mass murder if given the order. History is filled with death and destruction and YES history is ALSO filled with lies. But that doesn’t mean people don’t kill one another. The rapid evolution of military technology and tactics is ample proof. As are the countless people that come home disfigured and traumatized from war with burns, missing limbs, PTSD and shell-shock.

      But go on believing its all a lie if you think so. Whatever. I don’t buy it.

      • delendaestziobot

        Give me just one example of any event in any “war”, and I will prove it is fake. Just one example? That is all you need, one little bit of the story that is not faked.

      • popov

        VS, not really sure who karl young is but i’ll play.

        now, do you think the batch of rulers back then were any less sinister than the treasonous bunch that rule us now ?

        hopefully, we can agree that the current “War Games” lets say from from 1991 until present day madness is nothing but war games with obvious fakery and agenda driven killing… we good with that ?

        here is the home run brother…..drum roll….

        what year do you suppose the World Wide Web was officially opened up to the world ?


        case closed. all fake. if not entirely fake mostly fake.

        wake up and shake the sleep from your eyes man.

      • vs

        “wake up a shake the sleep from your eyes man” what is that supposed to even mean?

        I am going to make it clear here that the point I am seeing being drilled in this thread is that the wars are staged with no combat and no deaths, save for maybe accidental deaths.

        Karl Young is Delendaestziobot, author of Third Reich Pilgrim, who brought up this notion.

        To say I am the one that is asleep is absurd. I think I am arguing with egotists, not real thinking people. I am dealing with people that only want to be right and don’t care about bending the truth to fit their argument. This isn’t about winning arguments! the claim “All wars are fake” and by that “no intentional combat deaths or armed conflict between two opposing governments occurs” is such a presumptuous claim it requires firm proof and clear evidence, yet anyone that has been on the darker side of the internet has seen plainly that the world is a brutal place.

        As a simple example, lets take the Kosovo war. I choose that because yes there was so much lying and fakery around that war. Obviously there was political lying going on. A lot of deception and cowardly correspondents behind blue screens. Obviously much TV fakery. NO ONE DISPUTES THAT.

        However, there was REAL KILLING with REAL WEAPONS and there were REAL DEAD BODIES!

        Just Google it! What, all these pictures were faked?! All those corpses shot in the head were just fake bodies or stolen from the morgue? REALLY? You think that?

        YES there was fakery! NO ONE IS ARGUING WITH THAT. HOWEVER, there was STILL killing. In fact MUCH MORE BRUTAL THAN WE SAW ON TV!

        Go on liveleak and look up combat footage, you can see people getting their faces blown clean off. What there is a crew of people in Israel painstaking simulating droplet of blood using some advanced 3d rendering engine?

        Or how about gang wars, the most basic and primitive level of armed conflict. Do these not exist? Obviously organized crime in the streets is not much different than organized crime in the government. You can see a video where a gang is skinny a man’s face and cutting off his hands while he is conscious! Obviously he is on PCP or something. But if organized crime runs our government, don’t think for a second they are going to waste any money faking a war when they can just mass murder people.

        You all must have lived very sheltered lives to believe wars are TOTALLY fake.

        YES WE KNOW THERE IS FAKERY! WE KNOW, but “ALL” wars are not fake. YES things are faked, but NOT EVERYTHING. And many of the worst crimes are completely overlooked.

        WAR IS REAL!

      • vs

        And if you are not happy with Kosovo war, try Serbo-Croatian war. Or how about a protracted war like the Guatemalan Civil War? Just look up a list of wars. People die. Its reality.

      • popov

        Vs, Syria ? the same Syria in which millions of fighting age males left their prego wives and children behind to head to Deutschland for free shit. that one ?

        if Syria war was real the men would never leave their families behind.. that would be barbaric, but thankfully they know its all fake.

      • vs

        popov, in addition to the hordes of unwanted “migrants” rushing into Europe, there are people fighting and killing in Syria. The extent of that is debatable, but its happening. YES, it IS happening!

        you really think there is no war? REALLY? Are you REALLY and idiot? like to that retarded extent? You’re like, really, that much of a dumbass? to think there aren’t wars with killing involved?

        I hate to break it to you, but you’re stupid. I don’t know how else to put it. You think there are no wars? they make guns and ammo and it isn’t actually ever used to kill people?

        Really? Cause that’s what we’re arguing about here.

        We’re not arguing whether or not claims are exaggerrated, or whether or not there are this or that many lies.

        The argument here is whether or not war and killing are real.

        You position you are taking is there is no war and killing. If not, then there is no argument between us.

      • popov


        if you believe there is an actual war in Syria you have a narrow closed mind that will believe anything fed into it.

        if there is an alleged war in syria please prove it. i’ve been searching for definitive proof for years

  • delendaestziobot

    All wars are phony. Just cause books and stuff does not make it real. Germany having a war with Poland would be like me having a war with my little toe. It’s a joke, it is not meant to be taken seriously. It’s just that we were not in on the joke.

  • Charlie B

    I’ve wondered about terms like “Pacific Theater”.


    The Ater

    Ater = is an Old Testament male name. A descendant of Hezekiah, who returned from Babylon Ezra 2:16; Nehemiah 7:21. An Israelite, who subscribed to Nehemiah’s covenant Nehemiah 10:17.

    (1) The ancestor of a family of 98 persons who returned from Babylonian captivity with Zerubbabel (Ezra 2:16; Nehemiah 7:21).

    Hitchcock’s bible dictionary = left hand; shut

    Smith’s bible dictionary = The children of Ater were among the porters or gate-keepers of the temple who returned with Zerubbabel. ( Ezra 2:42 ; Nehemiah 7:45 )

    Anyone know about Nehemiah’s covenant or the 98 persons?

    • delendaestziobot

      Yes, well, Babylon = Cologne (TRP Part I), the mother of all cities… So we are looking for something that was taken into “captivity” by Cologne and the word would have been originally German and Latin, not Hebrew and Greek, Hebrew and Greek come after German and Latin not before… Now the Israelites are not a people they are a thing, a product with a lineage… Plants have lineages, but Letters and Languages also have lineages and family trees…And the “Holy Land” is geographically Germany and wider European areas. So there is a particular key that brings this together, but I am a bit jealous of that knowledge at the moment, but I discuss more in TRP Part II.

      Good question though.

      • K. von Kanwetzburg

        Why should Ehreans “know” about “Nehemiah’s covenant” or any of the Jews’ BS stories for that matter? Does it make us better, stronger, more powerful? No. It doesn’t. The OT argument is nothing but a self-cancelling ruse, a farce, a dead-end, intended to throw us all off course, as Torch Bearer Karl’s research has already definitively proved. Now if any of you other nay-sayers think otherwise, FINE. Just provide as much proof as Torch Bearer Karl. Then we can all take a nice hike down to the Thing, and settle this shit once and for all. As for me, my battle-axe is rested firmly where I think you all know. 20/88

      • Charlie B

        Is it possible to post a .jpg map (2.6 MB). I want to know if contains the particular key you mentioned.

  • delendaestziobot

    I don’t think you can embed an image in the comments section, but you could post the link to the webpage?

    • Charlie B

      Link to a zip file containing over 300 maps dating back to 1493.

      The one I wanted to post is in the second folder titled: 1598_Matthias Quad — Johann Bussemachaer(2).jpg

      If you could answer yes or no to,

      a) does the area in yellow outline the Holy Land?
      b) does it contain the particular key?

      • delendaestziobot

        a) Yes
        b) Many keys, although the place names change. But the geographical area to the north of the Rhine – in Westphalia, The Ruhr Valley, Essen ,etc, is the oldest areas of human habitation. “Egypt” would be then, what is now the “Lowlands” – Netherlands and Belgium…. The Great Flood, was in the Ruhr Valley. “Eden” is in this area, close also to Neandertal Valley (a little in joke going on there). The Rhineland, in other words is the “Holy Land”… The Moselle River is “Moses” but that is already well known…Where Moses parts the Rhine (Red Sea) is Koblenz – The Corner of Germany.

      • Charlie B

        delendaestziobot..Thank you for that. More than I expected. I was actually wondering if Tarta or Tartaria factored in and was the elusive key.

      • Michael Angel Luna

        What about Tartaria? That name “strikes a chord” in me

      • Charlie B

        It’s a fairly new topic for me but from what I understand so far it was a huge empire that covered all of the former USSR and a good part of Asia extending west toward or into Europe.

        The last Heirs of the Hyperborean Kings

  • delendaestziobot

    Torch Bearer Kristof,

    At times, the Bible seems utterly irrelevant, but because it is the play list from which so many other play lists are recording from, it remains relevant as long as we have to use “words”…. As soon as we even type or speak a word, we are basically referring, in some way, to Bible stuff….So it is inescapable at this stage…. So, yes, the stories are allegories, but what is it describing? So, if I say that the Bible is written and is describing Europe and not the Middle East, which is the truth, then right there Zionism is gut shot….And all the little Christians and Jews and Muslims are gut shot…. Which means the Bible IS relevant!

    Also as Marshall McLuhan said, it’s the Medium that is the Message… So with the Bible you look at the Medium that is being used, and that IS the message that it is describing… It’s like when I was in Aachen, in Germany, and there was this glass cabinet in a square next the Romanesque Church, and inside the glass cabinet was a robotic arm, and it was writing lines of the Bible…

  • delendaestziobot


    Did anyone die in the Kosovo War Opera?

    All precautions were taken to ensure the safety of all actors involved in the making of the Opera. The War Operas are very safe, although from time to time an unfortunate accident may take place due to the nature of working with pyrotechnics and demolitions and machinery, but this is no different to the dangers involved in any movie or opera or stage show, just on a larger scale. LOL….

    This is vs’s evidence I asked for:

    “There are some videos on youtube showing gruesome stuff therefore war real!”


    Movies, mate, you are watching movies on a screen and believing they are real! It”s ok, I used to believe they were real too…

  • delendaestziobot

    War Opera making is very safe, I have had far more dangerous jobs in my life… Soldiers are spoiled brats, just a bunch of mollycoddled pets… It’s more dangerous driving to work in peak hr traffic then a entering a war zone… That because “war zones” are fake…

  • delendaestziobot

    And the response to my thesis is: “watch youtube, the videos are real…”


    Yea, I get it nice one German, nice one, like it, nice Balkenkruez there for your fucking Youtube vids!

  • delendaestziobot

    Faked photograph proves fakery…

  • delendaestziobot

    I am still waiting for your evidence, vs?

    So far you have not shown me anything, but I am sure I will get a good laugh out of “live leaks” fake videos.

    I should rename Siddharreich “delenda leaks”…

    • popov

      vs, your real pissy there fella. did your red/white and blue loving ego get buttt hurt ? come on man.

      you have a lot to learn but now is a great time to start your education.

      first, never, and i mean never ever believe anything anyone says, never ever listen to a word from the electric living room jew, for gods sake man those books/rags you are reading to get your knowledge are mostly all fake.

      same standards. if six million jews died.. i want farking proof.

      if your wars are real i want proof… sorry fake photos from fake actors do not count.

    • vs

      ok, so all the bullshit aside, you assert there is no killing in war simply because you have not experienced war?

      so if you googled (don’t forget to turn off your safe search filters!) “combat dead” or any number of things and saw countless photographs, this would not be good enough?

      So I take it you think that because war has not arrived at your doorstep, it is not real?

      That’s what you’re saying. All your tough guy “butt hurt” talk aside, you’re basically saying I am ignorant because I am capable of sound reasoning.

      For example, I have a firearm, as are issued to soldiers(though mine in of much smaller caliber). Now of course I, being capable of imagination, know very well what happens if that’s pointed at someone.

      If I were a hoodlum, I could use it to get money, right? But I’m not. I am also capable of understanding that I would go to prison and that there are honest ways to earn a living.

      Well, militaries deal with this at a grand scale. And, at a grand scale, there are wars. Wars where people point these firearms at one another and pull the trigger. And many billions are also invested in producing much more advanced weapons for killing.

      see the difference between us is you are incapable of combining imagination with reasoning. You cannot comprehend what is not right at your doorstep.

      In order to believe the possibility of war, you think that you have to experience.

      However I know very well it is possible, for example, for me to go out and work instead of rob a bank. I know there are police(armed ones) that enforce laws. And I know that there is also international law and soldiers are used to enforce (OR BREAK) such laws!

      So even if war were fake, GUNS ARE REAL, BOMBS ARE REAL. So, wouldn’t it be smart for a country to wage REAL war with its REAL GUNS when all the other countries fake it?

      Of course! but of course no one is so stupid as to fake wars.

    • popov


      what do think the benefits of faking a war might be ? i’ll be brief.

      1. fake war in syria to displace white countries with mud + fake war in syria to get rid of hostile neighbor for our best allies + gas pipeline

      2. fake war in afgannystan to control poppy fields and control the heroin market. also oil pipeline

      3. fake war in iraq was about oil and oil pipeline. coin going through that country is sick.

      4. fake gulf war was all about oil in every way.

      we know this is all fact because the internet began for you and me in what year ? 1991

      i would bet it was even more fake in the world wars without the internet and information 24/7

      faking war is extremely lucrative…

  • Steve

    I don’t want to wade to far into this, other than to offer a personal reason for believing in the reality of WW2, at least to some degree. My grandfather AND his twin brother, were both killed off Okinawa by a kamikaze attack on his carrier. My grandmother told me he was in the navy, the things he told her about the war, His brother told me about the things he told him about the war. They went away. They never came back. They loved their family and their home. His brother left a wife and son also. They were 18. I have his things. I have his uniform. His personal effects. His medals. his toothbrush. I have his letters written to my grandmother where he described his experiences in the war and his feelings of love for his family, stamped with his ships name. The Japanese pilot that killed him is known. I have read the letter he allegedly wrote his parents before he took off on the flight. I have seen his picture. By coincidence, I rented a room from a man who was there on a cruiser ship, he gave the name of the ship, the Wilkes Barre, that pulled up next to the carrier to take off their wounded. It did not sink and was able to make it back to the US for repair. I have verified the name of that ship the Wilkes Barre and even seen photos of that ship taking men across from the burning aircraft carrier on ropes and pulleys. Now how would he know that, 40 years later, if he hadn’t been there? My brother called a man who was still living that was listed as a crew member and talked to him. The man told him he knew my grandfather and his brother and that everyone called them “the twins”. He told my brother they died below deck in a hallway from smoke inhalation, as most of the dead met that fate, A ship, especially then, was filled with things that give off toxic smoke when it burns and the ventilation on those carriers was poorly designed. He said he personally knew of their fate. The USS Bunker Hill lost 390 men that day and the man was crying at the end of the conversation. It was the largest single mass burial at sea in the history of the US Navy. It took an entire day. There are many pictures of those two days from many angles. My grandmother, my uncle, that man that I rented from, that other man on the phone, people who have interviewed dozens of crew who were there that day and tell their story 50 years later, for books about it………all could not be lying about the same event and the same people and I could not be holding the physical evidence I do….and believe all war is fake.There are things that happened. How that fits into the narrative, that on many levels we were and are lied to, is beyond my capacity to know. To go to far in either direction, I think is to go to far towards blindness.

  • delendaestziobot


    There is an old proverb:

    “Don’t believe anything you hear, and only half of what you see.”

    Some old blokes told you some tales, and you believed… That’s OK, I used to believe it too, then I woke up…

    • Steve

      OK…….you got any idea what happened to my grandfather, after he sent his last letter from that aircraft carrier and the Navy said he was killed after it was attacked and almost sunk. Seeing how no one ever saw he or his brother again.He just fell overboard huh? The world just swallowed them up? You know, those who were there said there was a shark trail for days following that ship after they dumped those 390 bodies off the tail end of the ship. Karl… sound bitter and not just bitter but god damned pissed off to be alive. Whats up with this shit?

      • delendaestziobot

        Well, I don’t know what happened to your grandfather, but he was not killed by a kamakazi pilot… You know, Japan really did not even have an airforce, they did not attack Pearl Harbor, they did not attack anyone, the Japs were totally reliant on the Americans for all their fuel, they could not do anything or go anywhere without the Americans supplying them with fuel, machinery, and just about anything that is related to “War Games”… Maybe your grandfather and brother did disappear for some reason, maybe they just did not want to come back home, maybe they started a new life somewhere else, but they sure as hell were not killed by Japanese Kamakazi pilots attacking US aircraft carriers, that is absurd.

      • Steve

        I guess the US Navy was in on their cover story so they could go off and screw Chinese hookers for the rest of their lives. I guess the monuments in West Virginia and SC with their names on it as having died on the USS Bunker Hill in the Battle of Okinawa are part of their elaborate scheme to run away to another land at 18. Japan had no air force huh? Someone went to one hell of a lot of trouble to fake one.
        Karl, later in middle age, i was trained in health care, including mental health. Reading you here, reminds me of conversations that I’ve had with Schizophrenics. I’m not kidding.

  • Steve

    Third Reich Pilgrim was truly a masterpiece to me. I loved it. Read it twice. What you are talking here Karl, sounds like the mind of a madman who has painted himself into a corner and refuses to come out. Are you in a shitty mood today or has your view of the world just gotten this rotten? I hope it’s the first. I have been looking forward to TRP 2. How can we read a book resting on this extreme grasp on nothingness?

    • delendaestziobot


      The world is rotten, its not just my personal view…If one stays long enough in this world one will rot too, that is a fact.

      In TRP II there is much in the way of questions regarding the falsity and lies and treason of the Third Reich and the World Wars. This I attempt to articulate in the best way I can…

    • Kris

      The Third Reich pilgrim (part I) is a lie! It is now, according to it’s authors own findings, all lies, Third Reich lies. Everything he has written is now a lie. He has also rendered the works of Miguel Serrano as lies. Because Hitler was a lie. Leon Degrelle is now a liar, Ezra Pound, Savitri Devi…hell, even the books of his kamerads are now useless lies because of his new findings! They are all liars, but Karl Young is the truth! HEIL KARL YOUNG!! LOL

      • delendaestziobot

        No, not all lies, there are some good truthful points in TRP Part I… Like Dinosaurs being fake, like nuclear weapons being fake, like “ancient History” being fake, lots of good points, but where I went wrong was in believing the stories of other humans… Because, you see, humans are liars…

      • Steve

        Kris, if Karl holds to this line of thought, you are correct. Karl this is self destructive. Are you aware of what you are doing to your work? Are you prepared to destroy everything to tell us that everything we know of as reality is a lie? Including you?

  • delendaestziobot

    I am kind of disappointed in myself.

    Don’t you have something more constructive to do than make comments about me on my obscure, irrelevant, little blog?

  • Steve

    Yes it’s rotten Karl but everything isn’t a lie. I worked for my government at one time. I carried a gun. If I had had reason, if someone had challenged me, I would have killed them. What is so hard about believing that same government would put someone like me overseas to do the same thing? Back in WW2, those men were drafted. They had to go. They would have been jailed if they didn’t. They didn’t want to leave their family. They weren’t “sell outs”. Put them across from people of a differ
    ent country that has boys who are in the same position and some old men say start shooting and they are gonna do it. I would do it. Sounds like some here have done it. Those old men I talked to didn’t care if I believed them. They were just talking about what they did and saw. Like if they’d gone to the store last week.

    • delendaestziobot

      Yea, I am sure you have lots questions. If any part of war is choreographed, if there is any collusion between sides, then it is false. The fact that there are uniformed paid pets that trot around with guns does not make war real…You know, soldiers are paid to invent lies, it’s called “shooting the line”, it is where a soldier is asked to describe events of battle that he would have liked to have taken part in, if they were actual and real, just like all “war games”, now these stories are what becomes the “war stories”, this was first invented by the Prussian Military High Command. Hermann Hesse called it the “Glass Bead Game”.

  • delendaestziobot

    Serrano communicated his full support when I was at his grave site in Santiago.

    • Charlie B

      “I wanted so much to be a part of something higher than the world offered”.
      Does this still apply? Do you know what the “something” is?

      Perhaps you thought you found it in delendaestziobot and began to see him as a Guru of sorts. Perhaps delendaestziobot does not want to be anyones Guru (hence the weeping and gnashing of teeth) and must perform a public sacrifice of himself and points to Serrano, Serrano points to Hitler, Hitler makes a statement to Herman Hess “I am not the one, I am here to prepare the way for the one to come” and points to…….possibly Christ. And I don’t mean that jewish created impostor of the new testament. The true Christ made the statement “All I have done, You can do – and more”. He doesn’t want to be anyones Guru either and sacrifices himself to himself.

      You are a part of something higher and the discovery or revelation of this can at times be a very bizarre process.

      • Charlie B

        I go through these spells quite often myself.

        Just the random result of a process. Life exists only because it’s possible for there to be life. It doesn’t have to be any more complicated than that.

        Well, Let’s just enjoy the music while we’re here.

  • duped

    I was always a proponent of the Third Reich, so your revelations were a painful slap in the face. But surprisingly, I felt like a weight was lifted from my shoulders, like I was standing on a cliff and finally experienced some fresh air after a very long time. I don’t know why, but it’s how I felt. By starting to research myself, I stumbled unto a blog by a guy who is rather congruent with your recent research, to such an extent that I’m shocked not having stumbled upon it earlier. He outed these hoaxes already years ago and is going stronger than ever. I leave a link to the article that exposes the Beer Hall Putsch. The thing that’s interesting, is that the author is a painter and thus competent in taking apart fake historical images. To be honest, I am a bit mad, that wasn’t able to to see this all myself, I was duped.

    • delendaestziobot


      That’s an excellent article on the fake 9-11 “Beer Hall Putsch”.

      Trying to understand the narratives of the Beer Hall Putsch forced me to resort to mystical and religious explanations, just like the Gospels, where Logic was missing one resorts to the Dues ex Machina to explain unreal happenings. The events describe in the Beer Hall Putsch could not have happened and did not happen.

      The photograph itself used as evidence is clearly an early example of photographic doctoring. The photo that depicts Hitler marching in the front and middle of his brave band of followers. The most glaring inconsistency I found was that Hitler was described as being armed in the Beer Hall and ordering his followers to be armed and then the next day, he is unarmed and orders his followers to down their weapons and march upon an armed garrison of Munich policemen, who, in turn fire upon the unarmed men – this makes no sense…

  • delendaestziobot

    The development of the Third Reich is definitely linked to the Prussian Royal Theatre…The strange part, however, is the buildings, the buildings are real, and very advanced construction technology for the time. The civil engineering also is very advanced… The artwork is real, the architecture is real, but the characters are fake? This is very strange… I am at a loss to explain this, it only raises more questions…

    • reinwotan

      So you are saying the glorious Third Reich is all fake and was part of the Communist Jews?? Reading through this comments I am lost for words!

      • delendaestziobot

        No, I am saying the Third Reich is part of the Prussian dramaturgy. A development from the first and second Reichs which were also fake. In this regard the “communist Jews” would be like court jesters in the Grand Opera of Berlin.

  • popov

    vs, you have a very pointy bone to pick with Mr. Young it appears so its not useful of anyone’s time to debate with your rantings. i would surmise you are or was a high officer in the military or something with such venom.

    let me try and ease your mind..

    this is how i see it.

    1. would you call the US invasion of IRAQ a war ?

    IRAQ had according to reports 180 fighting aircraft when it was invaded. of those only 50 or so were in running order. i personally think they had a few dozen tops.

    I would call it more of a “slaughter” than a war

    of course people died acting their parts. the people doing the dying did not know it was an act only the play masters who created the extravagant production. just like karl was duped until he un-duped himself with reason-facts-math.

    if you add up accidents and suicide in regards to iraq things get more clear…at least for me.

    NO IT WAS NOT A REAL WAR. fake fake fake

    I do not have relevant data before 1991 on prior wars, but if any of them were anything like our batch of fake wars since 1991….. all fake

    IE. if the WWII was real as you apparently think, how would Germany ever survive when the entire world was attacking ?

    IMO, that would not be war it would be suicide or genocide directed by the famous hitler boogeyman… kind of like bin laden

    its sorted my friend.

  • Steve

    Is it true that you are styling your thoughts on around Fomenko’s idea’s?

    • delendaestziobot


      Some of my ideas are most definitely influenced by Anatoly Fomenko. However our conclusions would be entirely different, for example Fomenko would place Moscow as the centre of civilization – old Rome… This conclusion is not correct… My conclusion in this regards, would be that Cologne in Germany was the centre of civilization, and all culture has spread from there. I dont know of anyone else who has claimed that the oldest and most influential culture for humanity is German. Except for Hermann Wieland – “Atlantis, Edda & Bible”

      • Ted

        Perhaps because its just pseudo-nonsence.

      • Ted

        Let me challenge you. You claim all war is fake, and soldiers/witness of wars are liars. How do you quantitatively proof this? Can you provide statics and data to support your claims? Why should person A believe you over person B? And if you’re not trying to convince anyone, why do you put out such information?

      • Steve

        I’m fully on board that modern wars are full of lies, collusion, mutual acts of profit and grand plans of social change from global forces………that is reasonable and provable. To say that there are not massive casualties as a result of these manipulations is so beyond the limits of believably as to be a tower of insanity, Where do the missing limbs come from brothers and sons? Are they so committed to the universal farce as to live the lie without a clue of confession to their loved ones…….after they are abandoned by their state.
        ? There are a million proofs that need to be explained. CAN’T be explained. It’s as if you said to yourself…..”how far can I push these people’s sense of reality without breaking it”. It’s beyond reality or possibility on this plane.

  • delendaestziobot

    Ted, you are answering your own question, but I will give you a quote anyhow:

    “There are three types of lies: lies, damn lies and statistics.” – Benjamin Disraeli, British Prime Minister

    War is just politics by another means as von Clausewitz said… You are quite entitled to believe government statistics if you like, or military statistics, or any statistics, I used to believe in statistics too, does not make statistics real.

  • delendaestziobot

    I have more questions now, than I ever did before, I have less answers than I ever had before… If I look at people with missing limbs, who claim they lost limbs in a war conflict, there are many inconsistencies in their claims. Many people are born without limbs… I have known of people, (even one family member) who were born missing toes, fingers, even an arm or leg, there must be millions all over the world born like this…Then there are amputees, so many injured in work accidents, look at the road toll, how many fatalities? Many more than in any war zone…More people lose limbs and are killed on the road and at work than in a “military war zone”, and even where there is any machinery at all there are limbs, toes, fingers lost…Disease can cause loss of limbs, frost bite, so many thing can cause the loss of a limb….Hell some people will even lop off their own limb for money…Parents are known to lop off a limb of their own child if it will make them a shekel!!!! There is no shortage of people who can be found with a missing limb…Then it is an easy process to attach a story to that missing limb.

    In conclusion, a missing limb is not evidence of a war.

    • Steve

      I saw that one of your Kamerad’s “Hosner” was, according to him, in a “War” and objected to your war theories. Now, is Hosner a liar? And if so, why would you select such a man to work on “The Golden Cord” translation?

      • delendaestziobot

        I did not select Kamerad Hosner, he offered to re-translate, and I agreed to re-publish because of my first mistake of publishing Jason Thompkins translation… As you can see this is all very messy, as it would be considering the nature of the work. The fact that I am the publisher of Miguel Serrano in English proves that there are no “secret masters” of Esoteric Hitlerism… Which is part of my point, I am getting at, if you know what I mean? Well, you probably dont, do you know what a Gadfly is, you are kind of like a Gadfly…

      • Steve

        Well, here you are calling everyone but yourself a liar. You want proof of other’s war experience’s. Hosner has the experience, you do not. So, has Hosner proved to you he is not lying? Which one of you is the liar?

      • Steve

        What gives you any authority to speak about Military matters? You have probably never even held a firearm, yet you now you can say there is a problem with bomber planes? Go back to your desk and write another poem sweetheart!

  • delendaestziobot

    As regards why I would put out my findings…Make known my findings is because, my finding are very different now to how they were when I first started, so therefore I need to correct my mistakes. I see less and less reason to continue to publicize my work…It costs me far more than its worth…However there are some out there that do agree with me, perhaps that is why I continue…. I mean, I have believed every bullshit lie there was at one time or another! There is also an element of revenge in writing publically…When you have been lied to so often, you get revengeful…I dont know, you feel like that character in The Star Rover, Daryl Standing, where you wrap with your knuckles to other inmates in solitary confinement! I am not being public at all, I am really just a individual spirit locked up in solitary confinement, the world is my Prison! And I am doing “knuckle talk” on my keyboard…Dont ask me why I am doing it…I dont know why…

    • popov

      having now gone through many posts i can honesty see where the venom of your subscribers are coming from. the only reason i found your blog is the fake german corpse blog post.

      i threw the towel in at all this hitlerism junk when i found out hitler was a jew. of course he was.. he was the modern day osama bin laddy for god sakes.

      bin laddy was buried at sea
      hit-larious shot himself in a bunker

      proof ? evidence ?

      naaaaa script acting and fodder for the sheep.

      your on the right path mr. young and can’t wait for the book.

    • Steve

      I wonder…..if you were put in your countries army, sent to a combat zone, lost a leg to an explosion and sent back home…………if you would be able to bring yourself to believe your own eyes and experience or still believe it was a lie, Would you rationalize it as a manifestation of your mind. A falsity you told yourself. Perhaps you misunderstood the nature of the experience and from the shock of a car accident, had a mental manifestation that manufactured the war experience, Sounds like one of those fucked up in the head, Tom Cruise movies.

  • Steve

    I was thinking more of “Vanilla Sky”.

  • Steve

    The core problem with all this Miguel Serrano “stuff”, ad nauseam,, is, despite the many worshipers of his every word here, (and I have read my share of his books as well)……… that he was an insane but likeable genius. That we are all now or have been chasing viewpoints, ideas and answers from someone who didn’t have a firm grip on reality on this plane of existence. A crazy man……in layman’s language and anything that comes from his mind and built on by ours, is going to be disturbed and unbalanced. Thus we get to this point.

  • Steve

    I’ve been here before. About a year or so ago. Maybe more. There was a different audience here then. I had just finished reading “The Ultimate Avatar” and I was cranked on Serrano. Actually I was full of pride at wading through over 800 pages of his crap but I was genuinely interested in conversing with others about Esoteric Hitlerism. Well let me tell you, I’ve never run into a bigger outing of pompous assholes in all my life as those “club members” who were here. The conversation degraded and I left after being patted on the head like some child and being told I might understand things down the road. I’ve thought much about it since then, I never recovered my delicate belief in Serrano but I realized something. Those dickheads didn’t know anything more about Serrano than I did. It’s all an esoteric mind fuck and that sort of thing draws those types like stink on a turd. They can’t prove one goddamned thing about what they espouse and I piss on them all. I’ll stand toe to toe with any Esoteric whatever, just as I will a born again christian. I can slaughter them all, because they stand on sand. All of them. Try me.

    • delendaestziobot

      Which edition of Ultimate Avatar did you read?

      • Steve

        The first one I imagine. It was a big, red, hard cover costing around 100 US. It’s around here somewhere, covered up in other books. I don’t care what edition you read, there’s only so much I can take. I finished it on principle. A truth, if there is such a thing, should be simple. It should be relatable to experiences that a man has had in his life. It should be repeatable and it should give a person personal power. Power that he can use to make his life better in this plane of existence. One shouldn’t have to wade through a thousand pages to experience that. Even after doing it, I felt no power.. All I felt was ……’WTF was he getting at”. I have yet to hear one esoteric Hitlerist describe any personal experience of power. Not delusions of power but repeatable power. Which is where all the mysteries and religions fall short. I believe it is because the only place there is power with the mysteries is in one;s own head. The trick is to pull that out and manifest it in the outer world. Even then, it is just plain old limited human power with some strong motivation behind it. There is no supernatural power that is usable by human beings. Whatever is knowable and demonstrable, is not supernatural but subject to repeatable laws of natural physics. So the first question I always have for someone trying to convince me that he has something is “what power do you get from it and is it repeatable if I do ABC?” Then there is the knowledge vs faith thing. Do I have to believe or can I just have the knowledge to use your well of power? It quickly breaks them down.

      • popov

        bravo steve ! thank you for that.

        i use to bow at the hiller alter as well so i am just as guilty and pathetic as anyone.

        if you think of this just being a movie or high level production it all becomes clear for me at least.

        in many respects Hiller was the modern day Obongo. not born in country he rules over.

        what film makers in our presence.

      • Steve

        Popov, Yes, I too have wallowed in the Hitler mess. I’ve gone so far as to go to Germany and stand in the very place this march was made in Nuremberg. Among many other places where he dazzled the Germans. Oh, the sense of awe!!! The reverence of walking the Obersalzberg late in the evening, alone after all ziobot tourists have left for the day. I believed. Yet I think now of how he declared his orders for a scorched earth policy at the end to Speer, dooming the Germans to starvation. Deeming them unworthy to survive his Reich. OR insult of insults, ordering his Leibstandarte SS to remove their armbands after their orderly retreat at the very end. After six years of fighting and dying for his every whim. What an ungrateful mother fucker! There’s Serrano’s Avatar for you…… I ignored all that when I went over and after, even though I knew about it. I can ignore it no longer. I suppose what has really pushed me over the edge is the state of the white world now. I swallowed the bit about it being the Allies fault for a long time. How they forced Hitler into war but the honest truth is………he did everything possible to make it happen for them, while all the time making overtures of peace. He did after all attack first. Self defense? I can’t go down that road any longer. The truth as I see it. is the same as many pro white people have come to see it……that Hitler, rather than being the savior of Germany, let alone the white race, was it’s destroyer. What he did and the ashes that he left, put us in such a weakened position, we may never overcome it. Rather than being our savior, he may very well end up being our destroyer. The Jews only had to waltz in on their Soviet and American trucks and take it all for themselves. Germany gave it one hell of a shot…..and if not for Hitler…….might have actually come out with her feet still in the saddle. Now the question materializes, (after one reaches this point), where do we go from here? I think, as Duped has stated, that we start with ourselves, with feet on the ground. Find our practical personal power again and then build that into tribes, until we are nations once again. I hope the damage can be undone. There were many German hero’s of WW2. The Ultimate Avatar was not one of them.

      • Blár Sol

        It was the aftermath of the first war that unleashed both hitler & bolshevism upon the world. Was this accident or design, part of the tragedy we are all playing parts in, consciously or unconsciously. It is all connected, but who or what is writing the script or is it just some crazy algorithm that we will never understand.

      • Steve

        Blár Sol, I have come to realize that it is far bigger than I, that I can never understand it because I lack the relevant facts, that I can never change it because I lack the needed power and even if I possessed both, I lack the necessary time. It is a mind swamp. A life waster. As I approach old age, I am increasing letting it slip away…….knowing instinctively that it is best left alone. I have better things to do with what little time the creator has given me, Does anyone think they are going to change the basis by which mankind operates in this world? If that is not your goal, then what are you doing? People just have to think they are “in the know”. Yeah……Just keep it personal and stick needles under your finger nails. At least you’ll know why you’re constantly in pain and the power to stop it will dwell within you.

      • Blár Sol


        I am very happy and detached from all this. I feel no pain. Your hurt and pain is clear to see though I sense you are beginning to overcome it. Try reading the forest passage by Ernst Jünger. This blog is not really the place for me to offer advice. I’d just say be patient wirh Karl, if we don’t know where we are going then it doesn’t really matter what road we take, but he makes a great travelling companion.

      • Blár Sol


        To clarify, I was never EH, so feel no pain at its ‘demise’ thus detached from all this angst. I knew it would be futile engaging with you, my mistake.


  • Steve

    There must be a reason to read this sort of thing. Is it just curiosity? Do you have the time and patience to devote yourself to a thousand pages of difficult reading for curiosities sake? Or, is it a search for personal power? Some measure of understanding of one’s surroundings that can benefit him here in this physical plane. That is one’s first decision. If it be power, which I believe is most people’s motivation, then what kind of power?

    Does that person believe he will join ranks with other more powerful persons living or dead, who will somehow pull him along? Or some spiritual entity? Then he is walking the path of faith. There are no laws of physics there. Nothing repeatable will ever cast it’s shadows by venerating what cannot manifest itself in the here and now. Perhaps there are forces beyond our understanding but we are not on their plain and cannot wield their power here. If you believe so, then I say……..”Show me…. Now.”

    Does that person seek power in personal knowledge that dwells first in the mind but when properly applied can be projected by his force of will outward. Power to make him indeed more powerful within the limits of this physical plane and his human frailty?. Well…..then he is on to something. He must be careful though, as this path is far less glamorous, far harder, less exclusive and while simpler in it’s principles, more draining in it’s applications. Anyone has access if he can apply his will to the task of harnessing principles. This isn’t something that can be given or bestowed. It is based on very simple elements. No other person or entity is needed. This kind of power is earned and it is the only kind of power worth having in my experience. That is the secret of power that so many search for.

    • duped

      Personally, I think that idealism got us. So much terrible stuff “supposedly” happened in the 20th Century and we stumbled upon a “supposedly” good force that fought and lost. We didn’t question it as hard as the enemies because they were “good.” We read their stuff, it made sense, then we read people that came afterwards like Rockwell and it also made sense, adding idealistic ideas onto idealistic conceptions. Now when we encountered stuff that seemed strange, we were lead to supernatural solutions (strongly linked to idealism, of course). I can only agree with delenda’s reply from above: “Trying to understand the narratives of the Beer Hall Putsch forced me to resort to mystical and religious explanations, just like the Gospels, where Logic was missing one resorts to the Dues ex Machina to explain unreal happenings.” We need to get the head out of the sky and plant our feet onto the ground again. I found Miles Mathis’ articles a good starting point, the Occult is a code word for Intelligence (or being duped). But we need to go further, and think for ourselves.

  • cc

    Delendaestziobot, you are a pompous egotist who has overreached himself.

    Who are you trying to convince, us or yourself? How about just admitting you lost touch and have no idea what you are talking about anymore? People would have a lot more sympathy for you. If you just said “yeah, I’m a bullshitted, I drank too much and made up some really crazy bullshit!”

    And now, rather than doing the healthy thing for your own sanity, you choose to try to convince yourself you are right by building mental barriers and constructs to hide from yourself. Hiding from yourself inside of your own mind! Its ridiculous.

    All bombers were built in Germany(of course until AFTER the war[WHAT?!?!])?

    Prussian Dramaturgy(really, Prussian dramaturgy? I mean, seriously?)?

    No one dies and kills in wars? What the hell even is this?

    So all of history is wrong because on a whim one evening your defense mechanism pulled some confabulations about Germany making all the bombers in the world and all wars are staged by Prussian dramaturgy? because your subjective mind, with limited info in its grasp, happened to consider those as possibilities, all the history of the world has to change to suit your whim?


    This is pitiful.

    Your audience is already shaking its head in disbelief. You owe it to yourself to take a big step back and reevaluate the trash heap you have immersed your mind into. All you do is pile theory upon theory and build a model with no connection to reality.

    Its OBVIOUS you aren’t really researching what you are saying. You see a photo here, a cheesy article there and then you plagiarize it, rehash it and then establish it as incontestable fact.

    I used to respect Hermitage Helm.

    • Michael Angel Luna

      He must see it through for all of our sakes

    • delendaestziobot

      You know what really scares me? The fact that I am right! That is what is scary….I am afraid, I am right….

      • Steve

        What’s the absolute worst that can happen to you in this life? You die, right? Well you’re gonna do that anyway…..and relatively soon for all of us. All this is just mental masturbation, waiting for the end anyway. We are all literally killing time till our own personal Ragnarok comes. Don’t be so arrogant as to tell us that you know about the afterlife also. I’m not being flippant. I’ve almost literally died once already. The end will come soon enough. On a very elemental level, why should anyone really give one hoot in hell what happens here. We are only passing through. What are you getting so worked up about? Let the damned sky fall and the moon turn red!!! Like the man said…..we are but shadows and dust. It makes life SO much easier. Try it.

  • K.K

    Steve, Why is it you are here? You were made to feel small here a few years ago, and you have returned to say what? You don’t think much of EH, or Hitler, so what is it you are here to disagree about? That war isn’t fake? Ok, give us all your proof that it is not fake, let us hear your research and findings. Because right now, you are doing the same thing as Karl, you are not providing any solid proof and you are just as egotistical and stubborn. The fact that you have returned here day after day, to offer nothing but insults and provocations, without offering anything of real substance, says so much about your own mental state.

  • The 55 Club

    “I’ve never run into a bigger outing of pompous assholes in all my life as those “CLUB MEMBERS” who were here.”

    Was this meant towards me? Am I being individually called out?

    • Ted

      Probably not, probably referring to Esoteric Hitlerist or readers of this website as a club.

      • delendaestziobot


        There are no membership requirements for one to be EH… Which is probably why one was to find many assholes calling themselves EH…

      • cc

        We’re all waiting for you to address these points. I know you can’t because I know you haven’t thought it through:

        1) No wars are real.

        A)NO ONE DIES in wars(its ALL fake EVERY WAR)[“fake” being literally that there is no armed conflict at all, ever.THIS IS WHAT YOU CLAIMED! Don’t wordsmith out of that claim!]
        C) All major events, documentation and material evidence, including countless artifacts, photographs and corpses are fake and lies which don’t really exist.
        D) who manufactures countless fakes? Where do these people get these jobs? They must surely pay well! I’d love to know more about how they mass produce fake ww2 artifacts, photgraphs of bodies and plant artifacts in forests and endlessly fake photgraphs and compile and correlate endless volumes of lies on video, audio, and physical medias! Must be many universities dedicated to this field on WW2 alone, let alone every war being fake-waged right now!

        2) Germany manufactured ALL aircraft during World War 2.

        A) No foreign nation mass produced bombers in ww2. USA did not produce bombers nor bomb any nation during world war 2. You claimed this.
        B) No planes were shot down, there was no air combat EVER. All pilots are liars. Conscious liars who never killed anyone with their guns or bombs.
        C) Bombs are not real(and i assume mass produced machine guns and bullets are all fake too, as well as their rapid development in wartime as well as deployment and design around combat tactic necessities)

        3) The “Prussian Dramaturgy” made up all of modern world history.

        A)All firsthand accounts and persons involved in all wars (or for sake of brevity, just ww2) are just LIARS.
        B) No one involved in WW2 lived real lives, its all a lie. All people we read about were made up actors play roles by the “Prussian Dramaturgy” no one has ever figured this out except you.
        C)Who was the “Prussian Dramaturgy” You seem to know a lot about this “Dramaturgy” so please, with your vast knowledge of drama and fine arts, tell us, who is this “dramaturgy” that invented all of history? what are their names? You’ll probably browse wikipedia and youtube for answers so we’ll wait while you cook up a single example which you build a fortress of ego around to enhance the sound of credibility and certainty(you are good at this).

        Those are just a few things of countless things you need to substantiate. To say all history is not substantiated by what substantiates it, then you need to provide something called FACTS or at least reasonable THEORIES based on something called “evidence” in order to back your claims.

        And as a final note: WE ALL KNOW THERE ARE LIES IN HISTORY. So don’t cop out by saying “oh well some of it is made up but of course some people died” We know that. what we need is an intellectual basis for your claims based upon MATTER, not thoughts in your brain motivated by subconscious angst or whatever it is driving you to jump to these far-fetched and technically groundless claims.

        Don’t cop-out with the metaphysical explanation, either, because that’s not what this is about. We are plainly dealing with MATERIAL claims. To say ALL PEOPLE LIED and ALL PLANES were manufactured in Germany is not some mystical metaphysical surrealism, you are making a MATERIAL claim.You claim that, at a MATERIAL level, no one dies in war. This is a claim YOU MUST BACK UP!

        There is no weaseling out. You want to prove your fitness? your intellectual prowess?


        We’re all waiting!

  • delendaestziobot

    “We’re all waiting” – cc

    How many of you are there?

  • delendaestziobot

    Any witness account is based upon the credibility of the witness….Humans have no credibility…Of course, humans have lied about their experiences in “war”….There were no wars, not now, not ever…Just movies and Operas peopled by human effigies and puppets…Anybody who says there was a war is lying or repeating lies they were told…Things like “Air Combat” is just plain old lies…Dog fights, the like, lies, not even possible…The idea that planes in WWI and II could have a dog fight in the sky….All the claims of any fighter pilot or bomber pilot are nothing but lies and fables, and fanciful stories…. And that goes for all departments of the military… They know it, so there is no problem with me saying so either…It is just a few innocents out there like you that still believe in such stories…You might as well believe in Krampus … But, I was fooled once too, so I understand your position, it is unfortunate, I do not know why there was such a Grand Conspiracy designed to fool us, but there was…

    It is you who is basing your reality on the stories of humans….It is you who have no evidence for their accounts… Do you really think these lying sacks of human shit are telling the truth – that they were brave soldiers and pilots who fought wars to save the lives of future generations? They fought for their Nations???? LOL…. Yea right…Of course they did… It’s perfectly credible that a 19yo unemployed, uneducated Ozzie with 6 weeks training in Oz, was taken by ship all the way to Britain, and then was able to fly a bomber plane he had never even seen before over hostile foreign German territory without anything but a sextent for a compass, in the middle of the night, and drop bombs, and then fly all the way back to Britain, at night, without experience, etc, etc….But you got photos, right…. So it must be true…THERE IS ALSO THE PROBLEM OF THE BOMB FUSES! They DONT WORK! They just spliced the video tape, that’s all….Oh look, on the big screen, bombs coming out of plane, and oh look, explosions on ground, must be true Televizion says so…

    • cc

      like I said, you won’t address the points. You provide a few vague examples and statements based only on opinion and emotion, not actual experience. So what does this mean? You dismiss the experience of others but have no experience of your own. You provide examples based on hunches, but preach them as fact. You can’t see how that would be troublesome?

      You say dogfights are not possible (so they just put the machine guns on countless planes for show then crashed them and sabotaged them also for show?). This claim has no real basis in reality, you just say it without any experience or real data to back your claim, just a whim. Its just a manufactured confabulation so you can support an argument with no substance.

      And let us assume there are no dogfights, its just made up by the Prussian Dramaturgy(still waiting on who they are exactly) but you also claim no wars are EVER fought on the ground! So all of these companies are mass producing guns and ammunition that don’t work and no one has ever actually used them for their intended purpose? That’s ridiculous, especially considering how much photographic evidence from multiple angles can be produced clearly showing combat dead and wounded. Also videos, also personal testimony.

      OBVIOUSLY one has to have a certain degree of TRUST in others to believe what they are told. Obviously many times we are lied to. But in terms of physical reality, guns, weapons and combat and the development of such technology as a result the use of weapons in combat, is reality.

      Obviously in some metaphysical spiritual supernatural sense maybe yes, it is all some kind of holographic delusion. Sure. But in terms of cause and effect changes and a material reality(even if it is an illusion) there is the development and use of weapons on our material plane which results in death. And the heartless evil in humanity allows this to keep happening.

      It seems you are unwilling to accept anyone has led an interesting or honest life. Maybe because you haven’t? I don’t know. As the more famous Carl Jung(not to be confused with Karl Young) “Projections change the world into the replica of one’s own unknown face…”

      I will tell you, no honest man blindly listens to the words of another man unless he provides something of substance to back up his claims.

      So as for how many people are waiting for you to substantiate your wild and radical claims, its is as many as those who take the time to read your blog.

      Unless you consider anyone that cares about what you have to say to be a total idiot with zero critical thinking skills.

      • delendaestziobot

        Yes, of course it is a show…It’s only a show…That is what is meant… The harm would be in taking it seriously… Again, this is something I would have like to have been told earlier, no such luck, I had to work it out for myself, as others have done…If you believe in war stories, good for you…The onus is on those producing the stories to produce credible evidence, which they dont have…If you have credible evidence of bombs being dropped from the fuselage of a plane and then detonating on impact with the ground, please provide me with evidence…I would like to see how it is done, because as far as I know it cannot be done, and what I have been led to believe via movie making and literature and stories is not actually true.

  • delendaestziobot

    A gun is different to a bomb… You do realise that, try not to get them confused.

  • popov

    cc, instead of badgering mr. young why don’t you instead try and understand his “about face” in matters ? i am most interested in the events that lead him here. he put his truth before profits doesn’t that matter to you ?

    my heil hiller dreams were crushed when i found out the stage actor named hiller was in fact a rat jew.

    cc, ever wonder why the military has such shocking suicide rates ? It certainly isn’t the stress from being in a war because since 1991 we have been in war with countries that barely have a standing army never mind the fire power we have. Iraq had a few dozen planes that flew.

    maybe the pour slugs get home and caught a glimpse of the hollywood
    production and the genocide of people for oil and oil pipelines.

    real war ? stop it already you sound silly now.

    • cc

      badgering? the guy is claiming with fake certainty that no wars are really fought and combat dead are nonexistent fakes.

      no one is arguing that there are lies. however, wars are still fought. and notice how he avoids directly explaining his reasoning and acts like he came to his conclusions over some lengthy research, when in reality he just watched too many conspiracy theory youtube videos.

  • delendaestziobot

    Anyone who still believes in fantasies like the Iraq War Opera, or the Vietnam War Opera, or the Gaza War Opera, or Afghanistan War Opera, or any one of the so -called “wars” need to wake the fuck UP! You are living in Disneyland, your very own Truman Show… Time to grow up… You were lied to, deal with it… I had to..

    The reason why suicide is the number one killer, along with drug and alcohol abuse, in the armed marching band forces, is because they all know its a load of bullshit and they just cant go on living a lie, they become defective because they lied. Now, if you want to tell me, that those old fucken cunts down at the RSL (Gambling and drinking den) are “war heroes” then you might as well believe in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

    Nazis on Televizion!!! Nazis in Space, Nazis at the South Pole, Nazis with super weapons! Yet they lost to a bunch of flea-bitten shop-keepers in shabby old suits? LOL…. Excuse, but I have some real work to do…

    • Charlie B

      Nazis on Televizion!!! Nazis in Space, Nazis at the South Pole, Nazis with super weapons! Yet they lost to a bunch of flea-bitten shop-keepers in shabby old suits? LOL…. Excuse, but I have some real work to do…

      Nazis on Televizion – as in – (ashke)nazis on (Televi)zion or Tell a vision ??

      I’m still trying to work out Theater (the ater), ancestor of a family of 98 persons (or porters = gatekeepers) who returned from Babylon (or Cologne) with Zerubbabel (rebuilding a temple), to Jerusalem.

      The ancestor of 98 gatekeepers who returned from Cologne with zerubbabel to rebuild a temple in jerusalem??

      • delendaestziobot

        They are 98 type faces from a Type Foundry…. The “Temple” was the Printing Press…Type Faces are “captured”… See also digital Type faces and software engineering for updated use.

      • Charlie B

        Temple = Printing Press
        Ater = Porter or gatekeeper of knowledge or information.

      • Charlie B

        See also digital Type faces and software engineering for updated use.

        I don’t know if this is what you may be pointing to, but so far…

        Cathode ray – light projection onto film.
        A progression from hard type-set to MOVIES or (Move eyes) as in “directing” attention toward what is meant to be seen.

  • delendaestziobot

    The Temple is the Printing Press, for example the twin pillars of Joachim and Boaz are the copper printing rollers used in printing.

    This is what the Freemasons word-shipped, the original freemasons were printers – The Printing Press – but they are type-cast as actors for a ceremonial show. The $ are the twin rollers and the S is the Sc-roll, the rag or paper or vellum, the medium onto which the image is “captured”…But the only thing that really captures the black ink is the white skin…In printing the skin that goes over “paper” is invisible, and it is called “size”… Size is what the ink sticks to and marries, not the cotton or the wood pulp or any other medium, it is the invisible skin that the paper or cotton wears…. You can Google it… So first they used flayed skin, vellum, (Athena slays Pallas), and then they worked out that they could boil skins in copper vats and then just use the solution to coat cheaper mediums like cotton and wood pulp… But the ink is still only sticking and being captured by the skin, not by the paper or rag…

  • delendaestziobot

    Kathodenstrahlen, yes, and this has something to do with the Iron Cross symbol…But nobody knows how exactly the electromagnetism is working, or what it actually is? I have no idea what a cathode ray actually is or what an electron beam is, but clearly they have been replacing the old Printing Press.

    • Charlie B


      For what it’s worth…

      The iron cross may be a variation of the swastika.
      Left hand swastika from a rotating perspective would be north to south,
      Right hand swastika would be from south to north.

      Two lines of magnetic current intertwining (caduceus) and passing in opposite directions.
      Leedskalnin alludes to this.

      The iron cross may symbolize a centre point or the conjunction of the two????

    • Rudolf

      If you look at old pictures of a Crookes’ discharge tube you can see that an iron cross-shaped screen was mounted within, casting a shadow on a fluorescent screen behind the tube where the cathode rays (=Kathodenstrahlen) were blocked from travelling. The tube is from the late 1900s. I don’t know why this shape for the screen in the tube was chosen, but the aesthetic preferences of the time would have suggested a ray screen of that shape; furthermore, I am quite certain that it was not the Hakenkreuz that was the inspiration for the cross in the tube.

  • delendaestziobot

    The old cities of Europe would have had to be destroyed anyway to make way for the electrical grid in the early the mid Twentieth century… So the cities would have been demolished on the ground, and the “bombing” was just used as a cover story… There was no bombing of cities… The cities had to be re-arranged anyway for the new infrastructure for television and electricity.

    • Charlie B

      Kind of like the theories of the twin towers being out-dated (asbestos, no fibre optics, etc.) Just “pull it” and make up a story.

      • popov

        now we are getting somewhere friends ! if you delve into the world class picture show on 911 you will see clues ‘if your looking’ … NOBODY EVER REALLY LOOKS.

        did those buildings collapse ? NO, they simply turned to sand or ash. NO fire can do that within one hour of burning.

        the real kicker for me besides the obvious “building 7” total fraud was the TOASTED CARS. when you Google “toasted cars 911” you will see what i mean.

        not possible for cars to be toasted like right out of a toaster over a mile away. they had to use some sort of electro-ray. they probably tapped into the strength of the that Cat3 hurricane that was only few miles off to the east that very day.

        i can go on and on but i am sure you guys/gals know all this already.

        point is, if they can pull this obvious fake attack right in the heart of Manhattan what else have our rulers done without the herd knowing ?

        finally, who benefited ? not us silly goy that is for sure.

  • delendaestziobot

    The Twin Towers in New York completely vanished and nobody in New York knows what happened to them? It’s only the most densely populated inner-city area on earth, the most integrated and with the most cameras, and yet, nobody knows what happened…And that was in 2001…

    Somebody sent me a video recently about how there was nothing inside the Twin Towers, like there was no floors, and no fittings inside, that the Towers themselves were fake! I would not be surprised if that was true…

    • Charlie B

      “The Temple is the Printing Press, for example the twin pillars of Joachim and Boaz are the copper printing rollers used in printing.”

      Twin pillars or Twin Towers = The old press is now destroyed – replaced by “Cathode ray technology” [not possible for cars to be toasted like right out of a toaster over a mile away. they had to use some sort of electro-ray.]

      They’ve erected some sort of Mercaba looking structure (star of David, (uni)corn with the spire, fusion of positive and negative polarities).

      Uhhh..what the hell are they up to this time?

      • Charlie B

        Kind of like the theories of the twin towers being out-dated (asbestos, no fibre optics, etc.)

        Out-Dated printing press?

  • delendaestziobot

    The Twin Towers would be symbolic of the Twin Rollers of the Printing Press. And they are now redundant as a technology. But, again, I am not sure of the actual use of these buildings.

    • popov

      fire does not cause metal/concrete to turn to dust and ash even at far greater temps than 911

      hence, all fake

      this is how dumb they know we are collectively. they trot out ideas that are impossible but yet falsehoods stand the test of time and are deemed fact.

      i was a firefighter and it takes weeks sometimes months to figure out what actually causes and how an involved fire starts.

      we knew who did it before noon…. bin laddy

      how they did it before noon…. box cutters hi jack planes

      why they did it before noon…. hate our freedoms

      you see, our rulers had the NY script ready to go prior to the show…


  • Michael Angel Luna

    The greatest terror is defeated by achieving the energy to overpower it

    That is from Miguel Serrano

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