Music Break

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  • aufihrhelden

    ‘Radiohead’ = Trans-Gendered, Satanic, Plastic Freaks just like all the other fake ‘musicians’, ‘celebrities’ and ‘sportspeople’.

  • Ted

    Radiohead? Seriously? You’re starting to loose it. The Fuhrer, Wagner, and Hölderlin will not approve.

  • Ted

    I recall you posted a song by Joy Division before and than took down the post. Why post English music? They are Jewish souls inside an Aryan body. I don’t understand why an Esoteric Hitlerist will engage in modernity and degeneracy. Why criticized Traditionalists?

    • delendaestziobot

      But I am not an “Esoteric Hitlerist”… Ian Curtis was thought to be an Esoteric Hitlerist, but who knows?

      Ted, you just not following, which I can understand perfectly well… Folks have time constraints, they cant be just sitting round following my writings, they got work to do, I understand… Just let it go over your head…

    • Mark Tinley

      Perhaps because traditionalists should be criticized. Why shouldn’t they be? Do you know that the heart of traditionalism, both in Guenon and Evola, is dissolution of oneself into the infinite nothingness? Traditionalism is suicide and it always has been. I was a traditionalist fool once. I praised these monist instigators not knowing that their one-eyed god (the god of this world) seeks to destroy the only thing in us that is real, our personalities forged by the trials and ordeals of life. Fucking traditionalists. Powerless. Utterly.

      • Hosner

        Interesting statement Mark, would you care to substantiate it with some sources? In all my readings of Evola I didn’t come accross such an idea; it is true, however, that I’ve only read a tiny part of his considerable opus.
        I thank you in advance should you decide to respond.

      • Ted

        All I’m saying is that Karl Young is spouting nothing but misanthropic nihilism. Is anti-white, anti-nature, anti-tradition, and anti-life. Believes the world is flat, all of history is fake, that the Jew and Gentile are one in the same, and is now engaging in pure degeneracy. And worst of all doesn’t propose any alternative solution, and in his own word is just “highlighting the flaws of the machine”.

  • Michael Angel Luna

    Gelatin/hypromellose capsules are enough to suggest that plastic has a plant/animal origin, even without any insider knowledge. And also things like Methocel, which has very strange properties… Methocel is made from pine pulp according to the manufacturer. So its all just cellulose and connective tissue from animals then.

  • delendaestziobot

    Guenon and Evola missed the most important aspect of Traditionalism, and that is “All roads lead to Cologne”. If one follows the trading routes of the world, they all lead to Cologne. And this is identified correctly in the “Romano-Germanic Museum” itself in Cologne, where it states, quite openly: ” All roads lead to Cologne”, which they do, so it is no secret, it is openly stated. But everyone, including Guenon and Evola have missed this point, did they ever bother to go to Cologne, the mighty city of the Rhine, Father Rhine? They should have. Pilgrimage should have lead them there, but it appears they did not go there and thus they missed this vital geographical point. Which is strange because they were very close, why not go to the source of trade, it was not far from them. For me I had to travel all the way from the colonial outlands to find this out… If we want to discuss Traditionalism, then we must acknowledge the geographical importance of the city of the Cologne, or “Rome”, as it was originally named (Koln). Alfred Rosenberg, the so called “Philosopher of the Third Reich” was also unable to identify this seminal location.

    I am happy to discuss Traditionalism, as long as the trade routes are discussed. Even still a trader is a traitor if he has a nation ( I myself do not have a nation)… I am not defining that etymology, that is the etymology of human dictionaries from where I have derived the meanings…Which is true, a trader is a traitor, so traditionalism is treacherous. And we see this, year after year, with each new group of “Traditionalists” being Traitors. Siddharreich, in comparison, has always identified itself as being a “Reformation”, which is to say a Revolution. If all previous doctrines are treacherous then only a Reformation makes sense, to me, at least.

  • delendaestziobot

    I will point out, that Martin Luther was one of the German personalities that the Third Reich glorified. Martin Luther was a figurehead who was coined on 2 and 5 silver mark coin. Lessing and Goethe also figurehead on Third Reich coins, along within Hindenburg. But Hindenburg along with Ludendorf are a joke… They lost to a Jewish shopkeeper from Melbourne, Australia (Sir John Monash)…LOL…Imagine glorifying such idiots as Hindenburg and Ludendorf,… They surrendered at the drop of a hat…Lily livered chumps, or traitors, make your choice as to which….The Germans, who based there war tradition on sacrifice, are the greatest white flag surrenders the world has ever seen! Nobody has surrendered more often than the Germans, they out-do their court cousins – the Jews..

    I am tired of making excuses for them, I am tired of sacrificing myself for a bunch of lily livered cowards. And I am bored….

    Now, I have been investigating further the problem with the fuses of the “bombs’, and it just gets worse… Because not only is there a problem with the methods by which these “bombs” were meant to detonate, there is a problem with the bomb sights on the planes, and also, there is a problem in how the bomber formations could fly, and also there is a problem in how pilots with 6 months training could fly the planes in the first place. In fact, there are so many problems with the stories of “bombing” that I dont know where to begin, but I will begin somewhere and I bet you that nobody will do fucking anything about that!

    The “Military” is simply a bunch of bullshit coward liars… I dont care who they say they fought for, they did not fight at all… Fucking Cowards! Fucking Actors!

    Fake Fucking Plastic Trees!

  • K. von Kanwetzburg

    Who cares about this shit? Honestly? It’s so obscure. Does it really matter? NO.

    • delendaestziobot

      Just musings on an obscure blog. The fact that war is only a theatrical production and not real is not something that would not interest the vast majority.

      • K. von Kanwetzburg

        Yes, you are right… it’s just that I really HATE anything posted that has to do with this new kind of “music” i.e. NOISE POLLUTION! CHRIST! It’s like beating sense into the donkey from his rear!

  • delendaestziobot

    All music is crap, new or old, what’s the difference…

    The only music for the Ehrean is silence for this world, when this world is silent and extinguished forever then that will be sweet music.

    • Ted

      Are you anti-German now? Anti-Bach, Anti-Mozart, Anti-Beethoven, Anti-Liszt, Anti-Wagner, Anti-Schumann, Anti-Strauss e.g.

      My heart aches, as I though you were the successor of Savitri Devi, Miguel Serrano and Matt Koehl. But apparently it was all fake. It’s all an act. Nothing really matters. Not even the archetypes of mythology because they are fake. You have become one with Zion.

    • Ted

      “God is Dead” – Friedrich Nietzsche

      “Hitler is Dead” – Karl Young

      • K. von Kanwetzburg

        No. ‘Yahweh’ never was.
        Hitler is the Mythos.
        Very different.

      • Ted

        In any case, it’s been an interesting journey. You may not be pro-nature, pro-life, or pro-god, but then again, we’re just staring at a computer screen as the white race dies. But hey, that’s part the disillusion, right?


      • delendaestziobot

        Hitler is very similar to the Christ Myth, an updated Passion Play for the televitzion world.

  • delendaestziobot

    See how its always this “help, help, the race is dying”… The Jews and the Gentiles are the same in their cries of victimhood…They had me fooled, I must it, I believed that their cries for help were genuine, but that was only because I have an extra bundle of sympathetic nerves in my body that these lying traitor scum schmockbots knew how to appeal to… Well guess what, I am all out of sympathy!

  • Clarity

    Karl, I’ve disagreed with you so many times over so many years. But I’m glad to see finally you’ve seen through this nonsense and abandoned the theatrics of those most involved.

  • Invictus

    Music for the few.

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