Rosenberg takes an afternoon nap.

I used to believe that the Nuremberg Trials were real! I did not know that it was just a hoax, and a movie with B grade actors from Moscow… Look at Alfred Rosenberg here, looking like he is having an afternoon nap! Looks like he is even smiling for the camera, which he should because it is a faint knowing smile for those in on the joke… And now I am in on the joke! LOL… Nice one German, nice one, cant’ beat that German sense of humour… Rosenberg…LOL…Looks like a serene little Buddha… When a man is hung, and recently someone I know hung himself with bike chain and the result is ugly. I mean when a man is hung there is a reason why the executioner would put a hood over the head. When a man is hung to death, especially with the method used in the Nuremberg Movies, a man’s head almost explodes! The blood capillaries burst, the face becomes horribly contorted and grossly swollen to such a degree that it becomes unrecognizable, which is one of the reasons why, men were hung in the first place by the neck, because not only is it very painful but it is horribly disfiguring for the corpse. But old actor Rosenberg, from the colonial outposts of Germany, from backwater hicksville towns like Tallinn, Riga, and Moscow, I mean that is funny in itself, Rosenberg arrives in Germany from Moscow at the height of WWI…. Yea, right, he should have been apprehended and hung as soon as he crossed the border into Germany! Rosenberg would never have even been allowed entry into Germany, if Germany was in anyway serious about its his-stories, but it is not serious, it is joking and we can all laugh along now. How wonderful to be in on this little joke too, but, I would have preferred it IF SOMEONE HAD OF FUCKING TOLD ME FUCKING EARLIER!!!!!! Just kidding, I am not angry, I am just writing that as a bit of hyperbole for literary effect… Just like old Actor Rosenberg did….Literary effects…But did he even write anything, I mean his writing is not very good for starters… But he was just a hick from dumbsville nowhereland, not like he was from the Prussian Aristocracy or educated in a great University in Germany or something… A “Russian educated emigrant”! LOL…. Oh, too funny….The poor guy could hardly speak German, what’s he going to do, get a real job or something….It’s funny… But is it funny? Is it or isn’t it? Time for old actor Rosenberg to take a little nap, he is very tired after a long day acting, good night little old Rosenberg, sweet dreams… I could go on and on about how fake Rosenberg is…. But I have things to do, like real work…

34 responses to “Rosenberg takes an afternoon nap.

  • K. von Kanwetzburg

    Reminds me of the pic of Hollywood actor Ted Bundy daydreaming right after his “execution.”

  • delendaestziobot

    Germans playing as the massacre of the innocents! LOL… Nice one German, nice one.

  • colinm86

    Strange that you should post this now. I just came across the same picture and had the same thoughts. His sunken eyes strike me as suspicious too. Life is but a joke

    • delendaestziobot

      Yea, the Third Reich was a joke. It was meant to be a joke, like a Monty Python skit, but someone forgot to tell us, and we thought it was real…So the joke is on us I guess… I did wonder why, now I come to think of it, why nobody took history very seriously, especially the Third Reich, as if they did not care, unless there was a shekel in it for them, and well, that is just standard old fairground tricks…they did not care for what was just an old joke, like a joke gets worn out and thin and nobody laughs at it anymore…. Even up until a few weeks ago I was still trying to come up with excuses, to make seem real in my mind, because I had believed it was real so one holds onto one’s former beliefs and they are hard to shake off. But I just now really get it! And so everything keeps changing because all my previous conceptions are being disintegrated, and then I try and come up with a new conception and just as quickly as I do it disintegrates also.

  • NewMan

    Looks like a case of Nazi Disillusion. Will there be a second Third Reich Pilgrim book?

  • ezra91

    Y’are all plain r’tard’d, me thinks.

  • Rudolf

    I don’t follow the train of thought that has led to the idea that it was all a joke.
    It is deadly true and serious.

  • Ted

    With all due respect,how did you come across this revelation?

    • delendaestziobot

      For a few years now, and I have made this known in private emails, I have been questioning many aspects of the Third Reich and World War II. Especially Opera Barbarossa, which is a highly choreographed illusion. So just like I have done with “Ancient” his-stories and combined with all the fake modern wars such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia, Vietnam – all wars are faked, all those that take part in War Games are fakers, liars, fraudsters i.e. human beings… World War I was easily taken apart, the narrative there is utterly ridiculous, but World War II was much more difficult and cleverly hidden, I think a lot of it had to do with the holocaust wood duck, because it got truth seekers focusing on one hoax but ignoring an even bigger hoax! The “Revelation” has come slowly, and it was not easy to digest, but now things will open up quite quickly for anybody willing to look into the matter. My second book TRP Part II attempts to articulate the processes I have been going through, but I have been continuously updating it as I keep on having to update my findings as more and more is revealed to me.

      • vs

        What I have noticed about you is you are very hasty and once you come to a hasty conclusion, you become too prideful to back away from that hasty and very public conclusion.

        These are problems for someone with a strong ego. It is a weak spot of anyone with a strong ego and is the meaning behind the washing away of narcissus.

        Everywhere in the world the act goes on. Its true we are all actors in a play or “Opera” of life. Life is an illusion and we all wear countless masks, never knowing our truest and innermost self.

        However, just how the arms manufacturers did produce and expend countless shells in both world wars, countless humans we written off and replaced with a fresh shipment of new recruits.

        The real conclusion you are coming to is not that history is a fraud, but that YOU are the fraud. You live in a world of fabrication, a woven web of illusion. In it is a spark of divinity, but also there are the imperfect and crude residues of your own impurities.

        But like the Third Reich was composed of flawed personalities and the Fuhrer, with a soft spot for sweets, had to wrestle not only with his own inner demons, but also those of his subordinates, reality is something we have to face.

        The factories, machines themselves, churn out machine after machines. The human body churns out the machines called human life. And the managers of the company puts on the mask for his associates, willingly producing weapons of destruction. And the mother and father, good managers of the home and members of the community, churn out their own machines for use of the mechanics of their governments to wage war and destroy other human machines.

        The war, sure, was a farce. In a certain way. But if you focus on that, you are focusing only on the illusory, material component. You can tune-in to the intentions of all of the commanders and subordinates and weave a narrative which suits some inner picture of the past you want to paint, but that is not the reality.

        The reality is YOU Karl Young will wake up day-in and day-out to reality. And in that reality nations will go to war. Conspirators will conspire, even against themselves, and we will be caught in the mechanics of reality.

        The bombs were made to be dropped and the bombers were trained to drop them. The fuelers fueled and the pilots flew. On the ground the anti-aircraft teams shot them down, when they could, supplied with ammunition from the nearest factories and carted over by other units.

        Your life may pale in comparison, but it happened. If you want to take a mind bending trip and bring us down that road, fine. But you still will wake up tomorrow and have to decide what to do with the rest of your day.

        The point is that there is no need to fake wars for a worthless and stupid humanity that is more than willing to put on a new mask every day kill his fellow man.

      • delendaestziobot


        There is a problem with the fuses of the “bombs”….Especially in World War I and II… I am writing about this problem in my new book… You may find that it is you who have been too hasty, but we have all been hasty, because we have such little time.

  • Ted

    What are you beliefs anymore? If the war was a joke, then so is everything related to it. Esoteric Hitlerism, George Lincoln Rockwell, the Jungian archetypes, Wagner, and the Fuhrer himself.

    If you are correct, then what should be the goal of an Ehrean soul?

  • delendaestziobot

    You know, GLR was a circus showman….That was his family trade, and it was what he continued in, what else was he going to do? Wagner = Opera. The “Fuhrer” is a character that has been created, and EH merely confirms this, EH was an attempt to re-create this dramaturgy with the Resurrection myths and so on. So in this sense it is part of the epistemological narratives of religions, and a synthesis of many of them. As GLR said, he was merely acting as St Paul in the Acts of the Biblical narrative. The Fuhrer character was originally created for radio, and Hitler was trained more for radio, but the technology changed quite quickly and he had to adapt to the screen, but he was always looked uncomfortable on screen. Miguel Serrano’s first impression of Hitler was that he was ridiculous, a joke…I suppose he should trusted his first instincts… Or maybe like Ezra, he just went to work for the general narrative as it developed, because it is easier that way…. I can tell you now, and I am more certain of it than I have ever been, the “history” of the Third Reich, National Socialism and the World Wars is entirely fake! And it is very easy, once one starts to look at it as fake, to pick holes in the stories and narratives…. In a few years time, there will be many others that see this too, it is only a matter of time, before others see it, they are starting to see it now!

    • Ted

      So Ezra Pound was never locked up, huh? Perhaps you are correct. If so, what is the ultimate destiny of the Ehrean soul? Or is there no destiny at all?

      In any case I hope you continue to release The Golden Cord, Esoteric Hitlerism with Franz Berg translation and the original notes intact. I wouldn’t want to get Alex Kurtagic version.

      • delendaestziobot

        Why would Ezra Pound be locked up for? For acting a role. I mean he had a radio show where he pretended there was a war on when there was no war, you got to have an “anti” it makes the narrative seem more real… The anti-war actors were just as necessary as the pro-war actors, they played a nice chorus line. They probably justified it in their own my that they were just “public entertainers”, perhaps they thought that they were not really being fraudulent, that it was just public entertainment… But, is it? I am not sure myself as to what it is they were on about…Degrelle, Skorzeny, etc, nice stories and stuff, they made a career out it I suppose…Being a raconteur has always been a good earner…

        Yea, I will complete what I said I was going to. But it is all just Academic now, as they say.

  • Hosner

    I always follow your ideas with undivided attention, their developement, and I think you have a philosophically rich path ahead of you and after you; I know you understand the fact that your perspective, new and fresh as it is, needs to be argued with what aproximates to proofs, and I look forward to your next book, hoping that we have enough time for all that – in the absence of which there remains, for now at least, the blogoverse, should you decide to avail yourself of it.
    However, I can’t shake off the impression that your incisive ‘critique’ of history is performed from a perspective that is, aetiologically speaking, still somewhat lacking. While the wars and all their victims may be ultimatelly fake(d), operas with no other purpose than deception, surely this doesen’t extend all the way to what seems a total highjacking of the ‘political process’ on the part of the Juden?
    Is it possible to deny that, despite everything, they are silently proceeding with the implementation of the final stages of their planned world conquest? A conquest whose one function is precisely the obfuscation of history?
    Yet a progress without a degree of inertia doest not exist. Is this not an argument in favor of a counter-force, an opposing force – that must also exist, somewhere, somehow, even if it is, perhaps, unarticulated?
    I am not saying this force is necessarily Esoteric Hitlerism, even if I must admit that I see almost no possibility to part with what is joy at contemplating, for example, the eternal Cathedral of Light. The NSDAP authored many significant spectacles, glorious things, in the name of what was a Race, a World-view. These things are bright lights, luminous pictures that move not just in our memories but in the depths of our world’s inner and astral strata. Their might to inspire meaning still exists, irrespective of the postulated meaninglessness of history, can we agree on that? Given the fact that their ultimate meaning rests with the individual, they can hardly be termed illusions. For me, they are real, and will always be real, a promise of Beauty that transcends the merely aesthetical dimension, a promise of Beauty in an otherwise ugly world, a lethally ugly world. But what of Thule and Hyperborea and Germania? These also exist, do they not?
    When you say “academically” – does this mean that you can deconstruct don Serrano’s position on the Vira’s astral afterlife? Perhaps you can, but whoso has a soul/El can not be convinced there is no body/Ella. And what of our Kamerasdschaft? I don’t think you find it a mere ‘academic’ thing?
    On the other hand, I have no intention to go so far as to endanger my potentially still immortal soul by insisting on anything, on any thing. I am, and remain, open to conviction, but only because it is you who are doing the convincing; I wouldn’t extend this courtesy to many other thinkers since they lack the requisite qualifications, first and foremost your devotion, the one that gave, and keeps giving, authority to your voice. Moreover, the suspicion that there is somethig seriously amiss has been steadily growing ever since I have read, first the Third Reich Pilgrim and then some of your blogs, for example the analysis of the logistic picture of the famous Barbarosa operation.
    Last but not least, what about sources? Intuition is all very fine, but an analysis must needs rely on some sources. What are the sources that have your trust if everything is contrived, a lie, an illusion? In absence of credible sources there must exist a convincing method, at the very least, allowing one to advance in the murky field of ‘meta’history.

    • delendaestziobot

      Serrano, himself said that everything is an illusion… Immanuel Kant said that intuition is the only reliable analysis in the end.

      But, again, this dissolution of the illusion of the Reich, for me, has taken several years, and yes it does begin with Third Reich Pilgrim, there the seeds were sown and they have grown, quite unexpectedly for me also, but I strangely feel more myself than ever, as if this is the only way it could be, it was difficult and arduous to process and now attempting to articulate it difficult, but I feel compelled to do so… There are sources, yes, many sources, in fact the more one looks into it the more ones sees the Truth of it…

  • delendaestziobot

    In regard to the Juden? My thesis has always been that the Jews and the Gentiles are the same, they are in a symbiotic relationship. The Jew and Gentile love each other, and hate each other, like old couples do…. As to what is “Academic”, the books are “Academic” now, the books always were, there is a problem with the books also, there is a problem with the language which has been formed by typography which was designed by the Machine for the Machine. There is a problem with the “Word” itself!!!! “In the beginning was the word”…. But I have not got round to that yet…

  • Hosner

    Sure, they do have a symbiosis going, however, the Genitles are the bottom party, as the Juden take seriously the promise of world hegemony they were given by Moloch. This trend seems to be the only constant in world politics, disguised in notions like the ‘Clash of Civilizations’ etc. What remans for them, in absence of a miracle, is share the world with the Chinese and the Asian subgenetic hordes.
    If Serrano said the world was Maya, an Illusion, he also said it was Shakti, Power, although he said it indirectly. By saying all was illusion, he meant it in a philosophical, relativist way, I guess, surely he didn’t mean to thereby discredit the work of a lifetime, his work?
    However, as long as you feel yourself, and feel it more than ever, you have every reason to think you are moving in the right direction! That is the most important thing. Hail the Third Reich Pilgrim!

    • delendaestziobot

      I don’t think it is as simplistic as Gentiles bottom – Juden top, although it does appear that way sometimes. There is obviously a reason why the Gentile’s Bible is attached to the Juden’s Bible… They do love each other, and what is greater than that? I for one, don’t intend to get in the way of their love for each other, which is a love mingled with a bit of hate. But, as I say, they all came from Germany originally, the Jews and the Gentiles, and despite this little play acting they have got going where they pretend to have a little fight and run away and then, later make up again, despite all the play acting, they do love each other….I’d want to be the third wheel, so to speak, far be it from me to stand in the way of their love affair.

      Serrano says a lot of things, directly/indirectly, or however you want to put it. I have supported Serrano, greatly…More than just about anyone, I would say… Without Serrano, I would never have come to this stage myself. I feel him to be an essential part of my own development. My own Astral peregrination is not reliant on Don Miguel though.

      The point of this blog post was to publically show that the “Philosopher of the Third Reich”, Alfred Rosenberg, was a graduate from Moscow University, and he was something of a dumb country bumpkin, according to the Germans… But he ended up the Philosopher of the German Third Reich, this is not only incongruent, but highly unlikely in any real sense… Alfred Rosenberg is also pretending that he is dead in the photo, but he is not dead… And that is fraud, in my view…. There is a problem with their story here, the story line is no good…The Third Reich have not put together a solid story line that is believable…And it is falling apart, rapidly…

      • vs

        This is not the place to utter the unspeakable, so for that I will keep my lips sealed: but as is already public knowledge, Adolf Hitler has been claimed to be a descendant of a ‘founding’ haplogroup of the Jewish people.

        If we are to accept even the possibility that this information is true and that Adolf Hitler is a meditid(E1b1b1), then he is a direct relative to a substantial portion of Jewish men, sharing a Y chromosome from an original father.

        It is a distinct possibility that this is the Davidic bloodline and we can see a family drama in action, for not all Jews can lay claim to this bloodline. Undoubtedly the Jews are part of a hierarchy of Holy Blood.

        The Jewish people are, like any people, bastardized and comprising of many paternal lines. There is tremendous infighting.

        God has a great sense of humor. To the most-high it is all very funny and beautiful. But in order to face today we have to awaken and do the work, despite how foolish we may seem in hindsight. And that is what our fuhrer taught us: redemption through work. We are Germ-Men, fathers of the man to come.

        In 1947 there was a trance medium of the name Jozef Rulof who claimed that Adolf Hitler was the incarnation of Caiphas. Himmler had pierced the side of Christ in the form of a Roman soldier. Goebbels, it is claimed, was the son of Caiphas. Is this true? Well Rulof claimed that this was in the blood of Adolf Hitler and more than a half century later it was, in fact, revealed that the haplogroup(y-chromosome) is linked closely to Jews. Coincidence? Wishful thinking? Nonsense? Well, what Is real?

  • delendaestziobot

    The Jews and Gentiles have mingled and bred together so much that there is no telling where one begins and one ends. But in this, as I put forward in TRP Part I, is that the Jews originally come from Germany, as do the Gentiles, they come from the same place. The Jews however were a city dwelling people, they came from the cities, the ghettos, but they were German nonetheless, and they converted on mass to Christianity, and the other way round, they were Christians who became Jews also, so try to unravel that!, the Gentiles are only Gentiles as far as the Christian Churches recorded them as Christians, because all family lineages were formulated by the Churches, and in no way can the Churches be trusted with anything! I also put forward that the new Testament was written before the Old Testament (it is known that indeed the New Testament texts are older than the Old Testament. As far as I can tell Judaism, was founded in the 18th and 19th Centuries AD in Germany. The Bible, itself, is not a “history” of anything but the making of the Bible! It is not a real history, (there is no real recorded history it is all lies). But one can see many reflections and echoes in the Biblical tales with the Third Reich, as these stories tend to repeat themselves, like a Xerox copying machine, but each time it wears a little thinner, the ink dries up, the heads don’t align, the plates get worn, and so on, and so on… The Machine is already broken, I am just highlighting the errors….

  • delendaestziobot

    Something to salvage though from the Third Reich is “Kulturkampf”, indeed it is a much better description for the “World Wars” – just a cultural phenomenon. So it is a matter of artistic taste I suppose. LOL… I mean the “ancien Regime” being supplanted by industrial modernism, a purely German affair. Chuck in a bit of “class struggle” and some Catholicism vs Secularization, Berlin vs Dresden, or Cologne vs Munich, like a soccer match, except with a bigger advertising budget… Maybe just a debate between schoolastic lecturers from a Prussian University in the end, with an end of year stage show! You know how at school, the school kids put on an end of year stage show, well that is like what the “World Wars” were, a stage show. But feel free to admire the music, artwork, and lyrics, it’s all part of the kulturkampf…Nice costumes also, nice one German, nice one, like it…Deserves a few curtain calls at least…

  • Abdulaziz

    I look forward to read your arguments and their proofs. Other than that, I believe you are confusing many things, Karl. It is even known in occult circles of a pivotal and sensitive stage in the mystic’s path called Confusion of the Planes, that’s when we are drown to the tense center of the ring-pass-not and we are getting glimpses of the ring-chaos, resulting in distorted perception of material phenomena through cognition when psychic (spiritual) senses and physical senses are working simultaneously, logic and causality then almost lose meaning and sense as we perceive through the cosmos and beyond, be well grounded. I suggest you read The Cosmic Doctrine by Dion Fortune, and really anything by that author.

    I find it strange that maybe without you even knowing, you are one way or another giving the ‘Juden’ what they want and assisting their agenda. When you say Gentile are you referring to yourself as well? I hope not. If we don’t honorably fight them; then we should simply be apathetic about them, no need for love in this case. It’s healthy to be skeptical but we should know well how to use our tools and be as scientific as possible.

    Even those not interested or dabbling in the World Wars history and Esoteric Hitlerism, are becoming aware of the Jews and their Demiurgic decpetion, especially in the New Age society (the heirs of the Aquarian Age), talking about archontic devices and holographic implants.

    Please be careful and keep the fight!

    • delendaestziobot

      You obviously have never read anything I have written. These new updated schmockbot algorithms are quite amusing.

      • Abdulaziz

        I actually been following you for a while and admire some of what you write, though naturally not agree with everything. I said so because I noticed the late escalation and change in your recent posts, and thought of noting you about it. Yes, probably no Fourth Reich will be revived for a Greater Germany in the coming future but that doesn’t mean not telling the truth and keeping the memory of the martyrs alive while advancing the race in the way suitable to this age. I don’t care if you think I’m some kind of robot deceiving you (this too proves my point about Confusion of the Planes I mentioned earlier), I just hope my message gets across, and that I support the prosperity and sovereignty of your race, just like any other race worthy enough to prove itself.

      • Mark Tinley

        Abdulaziz. You are clearly full of yourself. “Confusion of the planes”? What simon and schuster new age claptrap book did you get that from? Feigned wisdom and real wisdom are two very different things. One comes from being observant and living life. The other comes from reading books and remaining a fool. You gave yourself away the moment you name dropped Dion Fortune. Clearly you do not have much to offer anyone. I think your ivory tower will be toppled one day soon.

    • Duped

      Occult circles is code word for intelligence agencies. Dion Fortune (real name: Violet Mary Firth) was born in Llandudno, North Wales, to a wealthy upper middle-class English family, although little is known of her early life. The Firths were a wealthy English family who had gained their money through the steel industry in Sheffield, Yorkshire, where they had specialised in the production of guns. Read her bio, it fulfills the usual criteria to be considered a spook, I had to laugh to be honest. What do you think is more probably, that logic and causality lose meaning or that it was the usual psy-op, hoax and deception? Those hoaxes are so pathetic and obviously “man-made” once you realize them, that I’d rather suggest it’s the latter. If supernatural forces were involved, they wouldn’t resort to such measures.

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