Bullshit Stories For Sale

“it’s 2500 years old, stuffed with hidden treasures and could be yours for $9.8 million. The ancient Greek city of Bargylia, close to the Turkish resort of Bodrum, has been on the market since 2015, when the price was listed as 2.6 million higher. The 134ha site, privately owned since 1927, includes a theater, acropolis and necropolis; it has never been fully excavated, so there could be more.”

“Ancient Ruins” are ceasing to be profitable, because everyone knows they are bullshit stories, they are increasingly coming on the market for sale, and there are no buyers anymore, not even governments! There was probably only few poor innocent souls left on earth that believed in this bullshit, like me, for example, and I no longer believe, so there is no point keeping up the act…It’s Bullshit, and everyone knows, everyone always knew it was Bullshit but for some reason they were in on the act in some way, but it does not pay anymore.

Let me just Google it to see if it is still for sale? Oh, price has just dropped to 8 million! LOL, price is dropping faster than you can drop a concrete pillar in a field of chickenshit! You would have to be an innocent Aryan to believe these stories in the first place, and guess what, there is none of them left, do you think that these Royal Refugees that are given million dollar houses and BMW’s and free education are interested in Bullshit stories about “Ancient Greece”, they know its Bullshit! The Royal Refugees from Bosnia and Syria and Palestine, who know nothing of poverty, hardship, war and suffering, are certainly not interested in travelling all the way to Turkey, to visit some field with a few broken rocks thrown around! They know it’s Bullshit! Somebody already told them… The Refugee are given more money than sports stars! Perhaps you don’t believe me, but it is true… Sports stars actually receive very little, they are not wealthy, neither are movie stars, and neither are celeb-polies like Putin and Trump… Putin is quite poor, he owns nothing… He is on a contract, and it’s performance based, Putin like Trump cannot even afford a house, there are Refugee families in Western Sydney that have more than Putin and Trump combined! It’s like sporting stars, where the Medea will tell you that so and so just signed a 100 million dollar contract! LOL… Bullshit! They got no money, it’s a fake story!!! Their houses are owned by some other entity, their cars are on lease, their clothes are contracted out, even their meals have a lien on them, and everything they get is part of a contract and they never own it! That is why they persist in what they are doing, do you think if an actor is getting paid 2 million an episode for some sitcom of TV, that they would term up next week for the shoot if they had got their 2 million the previous week? They don’t get any thing other than an allowance, and it is less than what a shop assistant gets…. They are all in on it, and they all keep the charade going, none of them have shit except in their stories that they spin so they can get another free meal and extend the lease on their car, which they don’t own… Celebs, sporting stars, royal families, CEO’s, you know that Zuckerberg really needs that many friends on FB, because if he dis not have them to live off he would be on the streets! They got a job and they perform tricks but they are owned, they themselves don’t even own their own clothes. And everyone knows it, look at Prince Harry, he is so poor and unfortunate that all he could get was some B Grade prostitute from Los Angeles… He could not do any better, Harry had to marry up… Because everybody knows… Poor old Harry, just a poor Royal with a shit job, well, at least he has got a job, but still, it’s shit job, and the girls he was chasing previously had more than him, so it was not a very enticing offer, because everyone knows anyway, and there are no Aryans left to fool anymore, the few that were left are now waking up, and they don’t buy it anymore, they know it’s shit too – it’s all Bullshit stories – His-Story is a Hoax, a Fraud, a Con-Job.

23 responses to “Bullshit Stories For Sale

  • M:G

    Ancient ruins, “egyptian” mummies, ancient “greece”, “rome”, “china”, shrunken heads blar blar blar blar :-/

  • aufihrhelden

    This channel mocks these ‘actors’ and ‘actresses’ and ‘sports’ ‘men’ and ‘sports’ ‘women’ and therefore mocks Zion. Wow … !!


  • delendaestziobot

    See how many celebs come out now saying they have no money. Which is true, they don’t, they are not only expendable but they are also only on a drip and own nothing. This also includes politicians, royals, ceo’s, actors, sports stars, etc…They are all rather poor in actual fact. They are struggling to stay relevant, but the gig is up, nobody cares about them and why should they care about a bunch of poor clowns. The so called “Billionaires” are also actors and have no money, the “Rothschilds” are a franchise that actors have to buy into to get an acting gig, they have no money and are powerless puppets…It’s all bullshit…And everyone knows it! So who “owns” the stuff? I don’t know, “they” have never revealed themselves.

  • Hosner

    I don’t know where to put this link, so I’ll post it here. It is definitely for sale and probably bullshit too. One of the chapters, however, has an interesting title: “Churchill, Stalin and Hitler work together.”


    • delendaestziobot

      I think one is meant to switch that back round; so, it would be; “Churchill was a German agent.” After all the Actor-ocracy of Britain are Germans. Britain was an island where defectives and cretins were sent from Germany. Britain is a colony of Hanover and Cologne and Saxony….Britian is incapable of anything without the assistance of Germany… Germany is Britain’s Mutter! LOL…She gave birth to it, so it belongs to her…

    • Hosner

      The whole Greg Hannett thing, his “books” etc. is worse than fake, worse than bullshit, it is entirely demented! The moment one is faced with info such as: “Hitler-coprofilia, Hitler-drugs, Hitler-spy” etc. it is time to remember one thing: MI 5, 6,7, 8… MI 666: allegedly the first intelligence service on the planet. MI-Minuscule Intelligence?
      The British were always expert in shifting the blame, accusing others of perpetrating ‘unspeakable’ deeds they themselves commit matter of-factly on a regular basis. They have no conscience to speak of, no “super-ego”, which gives them a ‘royal’ advantage. Another thing they are good at is pretending, they enjoy acting; with them, acting is pathology, hence their “apa” class affectations that are so enviously admired the world over, while the method of all spy factories is to arm the salivating boys with coffers full of cash and send them far into the world to ‘promote the interests of the house of Zauron’. The extent of their depravity, their talent for both the gory detail and the posh divan can be seen in the case of Jack the Ripper, nor is that sour Welsh Diana truly dead, I suspect. Someone recently said they were Juden in Aryan bodies. He was right! People apparently like being humiliated. To them, this constitutes an erotic experience. And what is politics, if not erotics? Yet these are dull people, dull and boring as death, while our Freude is always nipped in the bud. lest it turns into true Kraft. My death will not be boring, nor is my life boring, although I have to admit there is an enormous amount of boredom here, in this room, this existence. To me, time is but a faithful slave, nay, a servant, a noble servant, employed in adding to the feline perfection of the “powder of projection”. How utterly inconvenient for me – if my true love walked through the door this very moment. The time is simply not right. However, it is bound to happen, and happen soon. Tempus edax rerum? The faithful servant, always ready to devour no matter what. One must beware of confusing the planes. Nor am I one of those kingly philosophers who are always able to extract joy even from ‘insignificant’ facts and unrelenting flies. Hardly ever can one extract joy from contemplating the works of someone like Greg Hannett. As always, the face, his face, was there first – to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, of the matter at hand: I belong to a worthless moron. But since it was well masked with ‘erotic’ journalistic slogans I fell for it, almost swallowing the shit he’s selling.
      Nor do I need such a thing as my ‘true love’ anymore, not in the form of a person anyway. It is either all persons or none. So it is: none. Since I have no perverse ‘erotic’ inclination/intention of ‘dissolving’ my soul into one big nuptial-bed-nirvana upon death. That, I think, is the way of not only escaping but managing to achieve thee Ultimate which, in don Serrano’s magickal idiom, can be described as “returning from the Green Thunderbolt with one’s true love arm in arm.”
      But that doesen’t mean one is entitled to possess one’s true love in this life, or to possess various ‘approximations’ of said true love, which was how I tried to picture this mysterious matter, as a sort of an ideal woman, a composite of different historical models. Imagine the stupidity of groveling before a carefully constructed mental image of a “goddess” that is simultaneously mistress, wife, sister, mother, friend, mentor, boxing instructor and what not.
      This way, one is freed to treat all persons with love. Except the Jews, of course. No one among them can be the one ‘true love’, because my yearning is not true either, not until I have died. Who, or What, then, is Ella?
      May Greg Hannett stumble in shit and soil his masonic apron for ever!

  • Hosner

    Exactly. And I am not willing to sacrifice any more time in order to investigate the writings of G. Hannett. My first impression about his book on New Zealand is favourable, he seems to be writing from personal experience, but the rest of his many publications all boil down to the testimonies of a “spy master”.
    The thing that I found – theoretically – interesting was his explanation of the Hess affair. We are supposed to believe the Deputy Fuhrer was lured to England by the British, with German compliance, no less, simultaneously with his doppelganger, who departed from a different location in Germany, and shot within 24 hours of his arrival etc. etc.
    Mr. Hannet’s claims about the Royal Family, if “genuine”, should make him a target at the very least, and he does mention “many attempts” on his life in both NZ and the UK. Some even say he is actually defunct.
    But despite his intricate work on “Merovingian” genealogy, the whole thing seems hopelessly mired in David Icke’s “depths” somewhere, with the eternal James Bond thrown in for good measure.
    I guess he won’t be claiming the crown after all.
    Germany is definitely Britain’s Mutter!

    • delendaestziobot

      Interestingly the Deputy Fuhrer Hess (The Prince of Peace), came from Alexandra, Egypt, and had to learn German, because Alexandra would have been British occupied – 1882-1956…. Hess could have been British… I think Speer was most likely a French actor, but perhaps Hess was a British actor? Or perhaps Hess was French also, and just pretended to be “German”…. Regardless, they all Germans originally and worked for Germany, it was just a difference of dialects, really. Anyway, Rudolf Hess has gone from a Saint to a farcical clown in the space of a few short months…Anyway, looks like old Hess was always going to play second fiddle in this German Opera.

  • aufihrhelden

    The Medea ‘Music’ Industry:

  • delendaestziobot

    This world is dumb….And ugly…

  • delendaestziobot

    Michael Angel Parsifal Luna, my mind is cleaved in two…I am trying to resolve it in Part II. I know now which way I will go. If I am right then the Third Reich and all Reichs are wrong and are against me… So be it…It is me against the world. If they lied, then they have me to contend with….I am the Third Reich Pilgrim….

  • aufihrhelden

    The Printing Press!

    SILENCE! See the reference to ‘lamb’ and ‘dumb’ in ‘Third Reich Pilgrim – Part I’.

    The Jew and The Negro – a study in inadequacy and pharmaceuticals!

    A monkey reading a book!

    Masonic black and white floor!

    The church and the printing press!

    The finger to the nose – is that a Satanic hand gesture? They get the monkey to do it!

    666, adjusting the glasses?

    A gas mask to complement the six million lie! After all, a Jew is in the video!

    And how many songs have the words ‘throw it away’ in them? Is it some kind of pathetic code??

    Oh please don’t go Zion, you’re hilarious!!

    • delendaestziobot

      I have no idea what the “gas masks” are all about, because nobody ever got gassed because “war” is fake…. Something weird was going on with “gas masks” and underground bunkers and tunnels… Also rules out Hitler ever being gassed in the theatrical trenches.

  • aufihrhelden

    At the end of the video she gives ‘him’ a cup of tea (‘T’?). Is this one of their moronic codes for trans-genderism?

  • Hosner

    Another bullshit story: the dinos.

    • delendaestziobot

      Dinosaurs are fake, they never existed. A mythology related to Dragons. The movie franchise “Alien” is an example of Dinosaur mythology. Everyone who works in anything related to this mythology – scientists, professors, teachers, etc, they all know it is fake…

  • delendaestziobot

    Feldherrnhalle Martyrdom Hoax = date: 11-9

  • delendaestziobot

    The movie “Land of the Lost” with Will Farrell as Dr Rick Marshall would be the closest to the truth in regards Dinosaurs. LOL….

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