Hermitage Helm Corpus


4 responses to “Hermitage Helm Corpus

  • Hosner

    Heil! Superior Aesthetics! The Sorrowful Visage Of Anti-Age Regards The Ever-Travailing Swastika Of Hermitage Helm Corpus: Heil Hitler! Sieg Heil!

  • Rudolf

    I recently purchased Germania, Book I by Steve Hurst.
    This is a fantastic book. I am halfway through and can just feel every sentiment the author expresses. Hermitage Helm Corpus is providing a great service by offering such inspirational books. There could have been a great world with a worthwhile life for its inhabitants. It was destroyed, but the very example that such may be achieved, and very closely has been for a short time, gives hope that it might yet be.

  • Rudolf

    Is the book MANU from Serrano still available? Can’t find it on Amazon were the other books usually are.

    • delendaestziobot

      Yes, still available directly. Manu and Ultimate Avatar and Golden Cord were blocked from Amazon by Serrano’s “widow”… Serrano’s “widow” sold the “translation rights” to Alex Kurtagic, and they work together now on translating Serrano books, they should have their sterile, google-translate Trilogy translated in about 10 years or so…LOL…

      Anyway, Manu available to purchase – email: hermitage75@yahoo.com.au

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