New book from Kristof von Kanwetzburg – NAZI DIS-ILLUSION

The title is apt, I mean, it is Total Disillusionment – the beginning of wisdom is Disillusionment… I would say that if one wants to come to a State of Dis-Illusionment then one should become a Nazi, no quicker way to become disillusioned with Life and the World…. No quicker way to become disillusioned with National and Socialism than to become a Nazi….The World of Illusions does not fear National Socialists, the World of Illusions fears “Nazis”.. An even more potent acid-bath of a word is the neologism – “Neo-Nazi”. But that has now transformed into a, kind of, “Neo-Gnostic Nazi”, a new Gnostic Fascism where possession is meaningless and only dispossession has any meaning. We are completely and utterly dispossessed and proud of it! In this new Light, the Old Reich Testament of the Holy Land of Germania appears, well, like an Old Testament, worldly, materialistic, biological, like an attempt to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, or sculpt a pleasing appearance from a heap of dung! One could see Esoteric Hitlerism as being that intermediary stage in this epistemology – The Acts of Mythopoeia. Reminds me of how Saint Degrelle wrote that Hitler was “Born at Versailles”, born in those Halls of Mirrors, the Son of the Customs Official, the Zollverein Creation of duties and tariffs for border crossings. So the re-unification of the Reich is a reversal of the customs tariffs and the dissolution of the Zollverein. A dissolution of the great Prussian Customs Union… For notes on this one must look to the Opera House, or the Office for War Theater. This is NAZI- Dis-illusion…


Adept –  “What are the primary differences between Jew and Gentile?”

Master –  “There are none.”

Adept –  “None, my lord?”

Master –  “That’s right. None. For you see, both are slaves, both breed deception and ignorance. Hence they are two complimentary sides of the same coin; where one side reads ‘Parasite’, the other reads ‘Host’; one side is spelled T-R-A-D-E-R, and the other is spelled T-R-A-I-T-O-R. Is there really a difference, my young apprentice? Just look around you in this poor excuse for a world. If it wasn’t for the gentile, there’d be no Jew. Likewise, if there was no such thing as gullibility, there would be no lies. And if there were no such things as greed and vanity, there would be no materialism. The gentile is a creature that loves – nay, craves! – to be lied to; actually , he lives to consume lies. He is not ‘dead in Christ’ as the hypocritical preachers say, but ‘dead in the Jews money’ as a wrongfully accused son of man once said….And so, the ‘magical Jew’ is there – or rather, was created – to provide, to buy and sell, the fetish of lies and consumerism (illusionary realities) of every kind to the gullible gentile, the believer and consumer of lies, the stupid white man par excellence….”

39 responses to “NAZI DIS-ILLUSION

  • joachimpeiper

    Just ordered my copy of what appears to be a great read!

  • Michael Angel Luna

    Who did the Cover Art?

    • delendaestziobot

      Kamerad Kristof told me he has someone who does the graphics for his books, but I don’t know who…But I know its difficult to get someone to design book covers and graphics, I have never been able to get someone to do such work on a regular basis….The only book that I have published that had a graphic designer was “Hailstorm”. The rest of my publications I have attempted myself with varying success, a learn as you go type of thing… It is surprisingly difficult to render an attractive book cover – graphic design is difficult and it takes talent, these days both artistic and digital talent. And most people do judge a book by its cover, so its important to get the cover right. In this case I think the cover is congruent with the content.

    • K. von Kanwetzburg

      The artwork was done by a close Canadian friend of mine who prefers to remain anonymous simply because he derives much or most of his income from his graphic arts business and, as we all know, Canada (like much of the world these days) is a very draconian land in which to live, at least for people of our kind. My friend also did the artwork for my first book. As for the layout or template of the cover itself — this was chosen entirely by me, on the CreateSpace website (an company). And I must say, CreateSpace is one of those wonderful FREE tools or pieces of ammunition devised by the Enemy which we are then able to turn around on the Enemy himself… at least for now. So why not make good use of it! 20/88

      • K. von Kanwetzburg

        I should add, to avoid any confusion, the artwork I chose for the covers of my books was also envisioned entirely by me; the only thing I lacked was the ability to digitally design these images. Long before I published either of my works, I had my friend labor intensively on perfecting the specifications I had given him, thereby resulting in the symbolic images which, still to this day, accurately reflect my NAZI Weltanschauung.

      • Traditio (@etraditionalist)

        Would you care to explain the stories of the realtors in the link below, Kristof von Kanwetzburg?
        Or should I say Caius Marcus Ideus?
        Or is it Christopher Borsella?

        How am I supposed to take someone seriously as a National-Socialist when he makes a fool of himself in the presence of strangers by acting like a degenerate pervert?

      • delendaestziobot

        In the defense of Kristof. The way I see this, is that Kristof is an easy target for females who would like to play a “victim”… Firstly, an “eye-witness” is not evidence. So it is a matter of his word against hers, as there are only two people involved. In this case I would believe Kristof’s version of events, in which case he is not guilty. And it is hard to establish any guilt here…LOL… I mean, I was in Germany once, and I got told off for being in a sauna with my shorts on! The German attendant scolded me for not being naked in a public place, he called me an “English prude”, or something along those lines, which in that case, I was guilty of being an English prude, I have always been rather peevish to full-frontal public displays of nudity… I don’t know exactly are the laws for being naked in one’s own home, in New York, I am not sure… But, again, I would submit, regardless of my own personal prudishness, an “eye-witness” is not evidence of a crime, human testimony has always been completely valueless…. Any humanitarian styled court basing their decisions and judgement of human testimony known nothing about humans in this world… Now, I don’t think that Kristof is a “National-Socialist” anymore, I know he wrote a book about National Socialism, but his views would have changed since then…. There are no National Socialists in the world, and as I have found out, there never was any! So, certainly, nobody should take a “National Socialist” seriously.

        Now, “@etradionalist”, we don’t believe in any “traditions” here, so don’t come here forcing your traditions on us – traditions are based on “Trade”, do you have something to trade? Or are you the sym-lackey for some New York female prostitute real estate agent?

      • Hosner

        T r a d i t i o (@etraditionalist)

        Take? Take seriously? You’ve only just arrived and yet you are already being impatient to take! However, you have given as well, generously so, haven’t you? You have regaled us with many insinuations and an offensive question, an accusation really, stated in a manner that can only be called mannerless. And unmanly. And petty to boot.
        All the while hiding behind a motto (Traditio) of which you know next to nothing, expecting to be “taken seriously”.
        When was it that Herr Kanwetzburg asked anything of you? No, not directly. But you have his publication(s) at disposal, his work, the distillation of his intellectual maturity, which should be more than enough, if you truly wished to form an opinion of him in so urgent a manner.
        And you have seen his author’s photo-portrait. For a traditionalist that should be more than enough, for someone that knows, or should know, that there is no soul hidden somewhere deep inside – because one’s essence is plainly shown on the so-called surface, so obviously “concealed”.
        Which fact, of course, is a constant source of despair, for the most part, at least for someone even moderately skilled in the discipline of Phrenology.
        Because he or she sees precisely, and exactly, all the human “potential” existing in the world, no imaginative flights needed.
        Had you applied your ability as a phrenologist, you’d have realized immediately that Herr Kristof von Kanwetzburg is a noble individual, one of those rare beings whose existence can never be annoying, at least to a sensitive person.
        You, however, being the traditionalist that you are, chose to confuse the spheres and the levels and the issues and, instead of relying on what are crystal-clear words of his recent literary publications, decided to invest your belief in some filthy words printed in a dirty newspaper that is being published (and read) by a race of cretins.
        How very traditional of you, Mr. Guenon.
        Next you decided to engage in some “name-dropping” and informed us that you are a “National Socialist”, no less. A National Socialist!
        Demanding, I guess immediately, the opportunity to take seriously an author whose identity, for some reason or other, is such a vital concern for you.

        “But I was addressed, I was addressed directly, and my National Socialist sensibilities were utterly upset by that fatal article! Imagine, try to, what such an article can do to a staunch Nazi like me!”

        What say you, Mr. Traduco? You are not a Nazi??
        But of course you are not. You are just a zionist piece of meta-circuitry full of envy that was fanned into a “passion most sincere” by some of our “enemies”.
        You are not even a traditionalist, you asinine piece of pomposity! How come did you even come across something so despicable as that article???
        I was convinced traditionalists had a life, especially those of a National Socialist bent!
        Besides, even if the whole affair went down exactly as construed – Kristof was yet the knight of that situation, in total control, even a master of humour, an Aryan stud besieged by some Jewish floozie dying to live out her hollywood Aryan phantasies.
        Cringe ball Mitzvah.
        But let us put this whole thing behind us, at least for a while.
        Instead, let us concentrate some more on you, Mr. Evola.
        Or is it Mr. Nasr? What are you, actually?
        I see you present yourself as “Traditio”, but the letters are paced awfully apart.
        Like the teeth of a perverse journalist who met the fist of Hegel.
        At Noon! In his own traditional hometown! Such a shame, eh?
        But you add this strange hieroglyph too: (@etraditionalist).
        Etraditionalist? An elektro traditionalist, vielleicht?
        Anyway, now that we have made your acquaintance we sure hope to hear some more of you! Perhaps you can even convince your employer to drop us a line or two? In that uncompromising style that’s so characteristic of you NS fans of Coomaraswamy?

  • delendaestziobot

    One can expand on this exponentially, for example, if you know pure Jews, you know that they are not materialistic in the same way gentiles are. I mean the pure Jews. They are controllers over the power but not the consumers, the consumers are the Gentiles. Only the half-caste Jews are materialistic, when they cross-breed with the Gentiles, and they are still not as materialistic as the pure Gentile. You wont see a pure Jew driving a $200,000 Mercedes Benz and living in a 5 million dollar house, that is Gentile desire, the Jew just provides the means, the Gentile is the one who desires, with his envy and his competitive streak. So you see, it is a symbiotic relationship, the Jew created “money” to provide the means for the Gentile to indulge himself. Pure Jews dont even drive cars, they live in hovels and wear old clothes… Pure Jews cannot even bring themselves to spend money, it hurts them to spend any money, but Gentile spends with reckless abandon, the Gentile spends like a drunken sailor….LOL… The Jew just wants the “money” to return to him, which it will, after the Gentile spends it, and it will return with interest…. I think I mentioned this before, somewhere…The Gentile does not care where the “money” comes from or where it goes, as long as he can spend some of it as it cycles round – the Gentile is the Jew’s best friend, in fact, they love each other, very dearly, and I do not want to get in the way of their love affair….The Jews persecute the Gentiles and the Gentiles persecute the Jews, and they both do this, just like a married couple, bickering over household expenses… You know these married couples that do this continually, hate each other, but love each other, taking turns in their ambiguity…. But they have each other, and they use each other as an alibi…I mean, Hell, why would they wont to make a martyr or a saint out of me, I am not playing their game…So they allow me that freedom, because it is a freedom they dont understand. But, when they copulate together and produce their mixed progeny, they dilute themselves, and they dissolve their own Archetypes…And this is true Nazi Dis-Illusion.

    • aufihrhelden

      There is much to be said for living in a hovel, not driving a car and wearing old clothes but not from the perspective of the ‘Pure Jew’ but when viewed from the antithesis of such things – ie someone who lives in a mansion, drives an expensive car, wears a suit from Savile Row and ‘works’ in the City of London mindlessly naked shorting the silver ‘price’.

      Things such as houses, cars and suits have today become the FORMS of the Zionist because all the SUBSTANCE of great mental and physical prowess (ie all things Germanic) are despised by the Zionist Masses.

      Old clothes with holes in are good!

  • K. von Kanwetzburg

    As always, I thank Siddharreich and all of the Torch Bearers / Kameraden who have supported me in my — which is really OUR — work. Your inspiration has been THE driving force in my journey on this earthly plane. I salute you all! 20/88

    • Hosner

      I am grateful for your gift to us all, Kamerad Kristof, and look forward to reading the book! 20/88

      • K. von Kanwetzburg

        I thank you for your personal, heartfelt contributions Kamerad Hosner — you are, in my own estimation, a Treu NAZI! SIEG HEIL! 20/88

    • tpattenw

      I will buy this book soon Kristof, what looks to be a potent piece of Truth delivered to our world of illusion. I noticed the reference to Charles Manson in the excerpt, this makes me certain your work is worthy for the Man To Come, Manson was one of the greatest minds of the 20th century.

      • delendaestziobot

        There is no reference to Manson here, except maybe that Manson was one of the greatest actors of the 20th Century…. I especially liked his prison drama performances, they were rather amusing…

      • Joseph Walsh

        “Dead in the Jews money” is a quote from Charles Manson who I’m certain is the “wrongfully accused son of man” (i.e. man son) that Kanwetzburg refers to.

    • Hosner

      Very good is also the photo-portrait of the author of the book!

  • leuchovius2014

    I can readily second that… it is a fantastic read… very inspired and very inspirational… a work that will stand up to the Ages… one of the few and one of the Treue !! Heil Kamerad Kristof !

  • delendaestziobot

    Please take the time to write a review on Amazon. Always helps to get a good review on Amazon, it is much appreciated.

  • delendaestziobot

    @ Joseph,

    Ahh did not know that… I see…. I never really paid much attention to Charlie…Where does this quote come from of his – “dead in the Jews money”?

  • delendaestziobot

    Charlie is part of the Socratic dialogue, as one can see, with the hobo, clownish, untidy look, that creates this illusion of a bit of fumbling anti-hero outwitting and duping his captors and keepers…. The old Method of Elenchus – Socratic Irony…. A very dramatic performance there from Charlie, in the prison soap genre…

  • joachimpeiper

    I received my copy and and it goes perfectly with my spring time sprint into the green zone. The sun has just risen and as I sit listening to the birds and watching the fog roll of the bay I feel firmly planted and so very NAZI. I believe The cosmos has picked up on K. von Kanwetzburg, for today only a few minutes after opening his book for the first time I heard Gretchen , of Radio Free Northwest give a review of our inspired author’s first book. Her suggestion was for EVERYONE to read it them selfs. 88!

  • The 55 Club

    Congratulations Kristoff, another fine work, indeed. Blazing a trail in a darkened world.

    I do not like hurting anyone’s feelings but in the world of MEN – Charlie Manson is known as a rat fink and homosexual punk in prison. That is why he is in isolation. It is all theatre. Sad but true. Richard Scutari talks about it in THE UNBROKEN WARRIOR.

    Thanks again for another job well done. 88

    • delendaestziobot

      Charlie was an actor, not a real personage. But folks have just assumed he was real.

      • delendaestziobot

        It is becoming so that phenomenon is in deterioration , hence the illusions are falling apart…Very quickly, its hard to keep up with the rate of deterioration…And one has to use a Noumenon type of thinking, rather than empirical based reasoning… And so we are back to Kant again ( A Critique of Reason)….. One has to trust their instinct and nous…. Thus Noumenon thinking can cut through the veils of illusion, producing the Transcendental Experience.

    • K. von Kanwetzburg

      Thank you 55 Club for your continued support. That means a lot. I wish I could take full credit for this work, but as you know I (and We/Nos) are only conduits — as well as Loyal Warriors — of a Higher/Inward Force. Manson was not such a person, as delendaest rightly said. People may have heard, for the first time, the words attributed to him… but they were not his. Likewise the words of a wooden dummy are not its own, but rather the ventriloquist’s. 88

  • delendaestziobot

    Manson, Mason, Moynihan, Boyd Rice….I am seeing a pattern here…wooden dummies on a stage….Imagine being in Jail for murder and getting away with what Manson got away with? LOL…. Just a flick of the hippie hair and cool you are on national Televitzien!!!! Satanism is so boring….I mean for every Satanist, there are ten CI guys spouting off about “Yahwey” and shit…

    • leuchovius2014

      Manson was one of the many psyop agents in the month-long Great American Hoax Trifecta of July 20 – August 17, 1969:
      1: Apollo moon landing hoax of July 20, 1969
      2: Manson fake murders of July 25 – Aug. 9, 1969
      3: Woodstock, (Hollywoodstock) the fake filmed non-event of August 15 – 17, 1969.

      • Hosner

        Exactly, there were no Manson murders, he was just a batty intellectual in the employ of the cia/mi6, making use of his notorious “free style approach”. Even his beiing in jail is questionable. However, according to the book Sinister Forces, written by one poseur called Peter Levenda, Manson was actually guilty of at least one, possibly two, stabbings with fatal result, which means his working schedule may not have been as lax as he’d have preffered. At least he was allowed to keep his facial hair. Phoney fakery.

  • Hosner

    This video somehow belongs here. i is as good as the book.

  • Hosner

    Nay, now I think the book is even better, as a whole, yet its essays are truly food for gods, hail the Givers!
    I apologize for the mistake in posting the video above, the first time it didn’t work, I have no idea why, so I had to re-post it.

    In the book Nazi Disillusion, part 4, page 102, the name Gayum appears:
    Let me cite the entire sentence:
    ” One should therefore strive to become transcendentally wise by living in accordance with the hermaphroditic wisdom of G a y u m, and by harnessing the great Sage’s free and abundant powers.”

    At first I understood Gayum to be the male personification of planet Earth, but then I realized that the word ‘Sage’ points in another direction.
    Is it possible to get an explanation of this, please? Thank you.

    • K. von Kanwetzburg

      This is for the Treu Seeker to find out for himself, as you already know, Kamerad. For now, all I can say is that the only thing in this world that seems not to be an Illu-Sion (connected to Zion by a synthetic umbilical cord of Lies) is the Grave the Treu Man seeks, through which he intends to escape, yet only after burning up in the incendiary white hot flames all the dross, all the waste, all the aspects of his lesser self. This, we must do! Nigredo must be overcome! The Green Thunderbolt must be attained!

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