Travels in Oz, Part II

In the hotel lobby I picked up a book whilst waiting for the taxi, “A History of Adelaide”…I patiently perused the expensive, glossy pages of lies…And within the text something jumped out at me, as it often happens, as if arresting me with force, a confirmation, a seeming confirmation from the Void of textual weavings…This often happens whilst reading through various publications, from academic text books to holiday brochures, from obscure philosophical treatises to common advertisement signs, sometimes words jump out and arrest me with force… In this case the book disclosed that there had been several times in Adelaide’s history where the German population had changed their names en masse. The latest instances being during World War I and II, where the German population of Adelaide and all over Australia had their names Anglicized and the reason was stated for this was to “avoid persecution”… So, the persecuation of Germans was a defining factor in the Anglicization of Adelaide and the rest of Australia…I know this to be true, it seems evident to me, and it is also admittedly so, the System Itself admits this to be so…It follows that if the German people changed their names, even when they must have been a majority at early stages of colonial settlement, then the geographical place-names would have been changed also, which I see evidence of, all over Australia, and all over the world, names being changed from German to English (and also “Aboriginal”… More and more names will  become Aboriginalized in the future as the linguistics of the System deteriorate over time, much Hullabaloo Dumpty Doo Timbuktoo over nothing me thinks. Imagine, if you will, how it must be for me, to have such constantly paradoxical thoughts that contradict the world…A lonely enterprise assigned to me…But a process of Individualization that seems necessary nonetheless..But the world itself proves its own contradictory nature… In a social sense…My Nazism, contradictory, began with not a feeling of National Socialism, but with Anti-Nationalism and Anti-Socialism sentiments… Nationalism as Alienation and Socialism as Delinquency… So has been the experience.

The German persecution of Germans, appears to be a German concept, as is Nationalism and Socialism… There are still many original German Social Clubs in Australia, as there are all over the world, the first “Social Clubs” were German in origin, and they persecuted themselves…It is not possible for the 2% to persecute the 98% when the masses rule Zion by Force of arms alone… This is something of a revelation, and it needs to be considered in depth.

On the train, I looked out at the vast expanses of semi-arid desert and bushland, an inhospitable place… One cannot survive out here without help…Nothing lives out here except for a few plants and lots of rocks and dirt… Lost here amongst the gray bush are the ghosts of emigrants:

“Come listen to my sad lament

About the bush of Australia,

the cattle dies, the sheep they rot,

Savage is the land of Australia

It really is a horrid spot

way down here in Australia,

Better to earn seven bob a week

than to die a freak

searching the wilds of Australia…”

Nothing survives out here, there is nothing to eat, nothing to drink, you will die of heat during the day, and freeze to death of a night, you wont last very long out here in the Outback, not without help… No grass out here, unless it is introduced and cultivated with water delivered in trucks and trains… The native “grass” is Spinifex, which has the same content as glass… Try eating glass, feed your cattle glass, see how far you get, does not matter, you can always lie about it afterwards…The expense that the first emigrants went to in order to build a railway up through the center of Australia is mind-boggling, I cant even imagine how it would be possible with just horses, camels, men….Seems impossible…. You know they say, out here that the “cattle Stations” are so huge they are millions of acres in size? This is very strange because cattle cannot survive out here without fresh water being delivered to them via rail (and trucks now also, since the roads have been built in places)… That’s right…No reliable water sources out here…The humans lie that they can sometimes find water by digging down into the dry hard salt laden ground to find “pockets” of fresh water! LOL….Yea sure…That’s a good joke… The water evaporates in the outback so quickly, that even when it does rain once every few years, the water often evaporates before it hits the ground! If ponds of water are created by rain, then they dry out, they dry out faster then the cattle could be mustered and driven towards the water… Sorry to say, but one cannot raise cattle out here without help, without water and feed being delivered to feed-lot stations the cattle dies within 7 days… So, no such thing as huge “cattle stations” in the Outback, the cattle herds stay within small enclosed areas near the railways tracks and roads waiting for water and feed to be delivered to them…. What is out there on the huge “cattle stations”????  Nothing….Nothing…. Not even kangaroos live out there, matey… Kangaroos live near golf courses and farms that are regularly fertilized…. They can survive near the main Rivers of Australia, like the rest of the fauna, but they cannot survive in the Outback. Even the reptiles and insects dont go out there….Only if they get lost, and then they die out there too…. Mostly, the reptiles and insects stay close to human farms…Because that is where the fucking food and water is!!!!! Generally, “wild-life” is not wild, but also dependent on co-habitation with the human settlements, usually on the outskirts of human populations, or they follow humans where they go.,,, I have heard, around the traps, at various times, that the Animals are the old “Slaves of Atlantis”, that they were workers at some stage, created to work as slaves but that they have been re-assigned to another role – as “wild-life… They were used by the upper class as target practice for guns… That’s how wild-life Tourism started out… And then they were classified as “vermin” and shot at again by middle class settlers and farmers (still this way now), but they also developed a wild-life industry, pretending that Animals are “wild” and “native”….Animals are no more native than humans…

Anyway, the Flies out here, they need moisture, a tremendous amount of flies descend upon you trying to suck the moisture from your pores… Flies go with animals, cattle, and humans, flies dont survive without these essentials… And Lies, so many lies, lies go with animals, cattle and humans… I was informed in Alice Springs, that the name comes from the fact that there are no “Springs” in Alice….Which makes sense, because there are no water Springs in Alice Springs… But as all Australians inform, with their Double-Speak, the water can be found under the dry Rivers… The River run upside down in the Outback – they are “Up-side down Rivers”, so although they are as dry as dead dingo’s donger on top, they run with cool fresh drinking water underneath!!!! LOL… But they are serious…Its true, you can look it up, or go here yourself – the Rivers are upside down! This is how the native, royal, “traditional landowners” survived for 40 billion years, in harmony with the land, 40 billion, trillion years before stupid ole whitey turned up, bumbling round and fucking things up with his lack of respect for the bountiful land of sweet harmony… How the Settlers bred with their the Lilliputians, I have no idea, but they did, and now, the half-castes are really something with the lies and the flies…I mean, Yeastus Baby Barley Corn, there is something to be said about about monastical life! And they called themselves “Lutherians”…. Because the first settlement out here was not Alice Springs, it was “Hermannsburg”, now one can go and visit the original Lutheran German old town, its on the tourist itinerary, one of those arresting forces that the Matrix throws up in your face, and yet nobody notices it… But there it is, sitting there in stone – Hermannsburg….They will change all that though, and re-name it “Arunda Namajeraa” or something like that… And everyone, German Lutheran to Anglo-Saxon to Aboriginal to half-caste mongrel, will pretend that you dont need to construct a great big railway to get water here and supplies, you can just do as the local “traditional owners” used to do, but dont do anymore, you can just dig down and you will find cool, clean drinking water, amply supplied by Mother Nature Herself…. It’s all about the spiritual harmony out here….One can easily survive on “bush tucker” and “upside down rivers”, no need for railways and roads and petrol stations….Just ask the locals, they will tell you…



7 responses to “Travels in Oz, Part II

  • leuchovius2014

    Wieland had said that he thought it was a form of hypnotism or magic that was causing the German people to allow themselves be led to en masse to their own destruction, but it seems like there is something even more insidious than that at work here…

  • K. von Kanwetzburg

    I always have to laugh whenever I see an “aborigine” depicted anywhere in the mass media. In my opinion, they surpass all of the other conjured up “indigenous non-whites” of the planet in terms of their all-around “cartoonish-ness” and general incredibility. The bones through noses as big as the Midtown Tunnel, the sloping foreheads, the boomerangs, the painted skin, the dancing with spears, all the other assorted homo erectine features, and the… levi’s jeans… Tell me, did they have levi’s 70,000 years ago or whenever it is claimed they “settled” that barren wasteland of a continent! lol Perhaps aussie doctoral students are doing “scholarly” research on the subject as I type.

    • delendaestziobot

      Yea but, it is only the mischlinge that have any say. And the mischlinge are the ones who have mated with the Aboriginals… So the Germans mated with the aboriginals and now their descendants are treated as royalty in Australia. And the fact is that they are mostly German, so they are at least half German but consider themselves to be aboriginal, in fact, in many cases, as I have seen, because I grew up associating, and fighting these mischlinge, in many cases their German “genes” outnumber their Aboriginal genes, but they still consider themselves “indigenous”, even though they are mostly German.. So what we see here is, in all cases, the mischlinge mongrels. despite being mostly German, consider themselves to be “black”… Now they get paid extra for that, but they get paid by the “whites” (Germans) for considering themselves not white (German). So this is very strange. But I know that all the fights I have had are with the half-castes, the mischlinge. So again I bring up this point of the Mischlinge being the perpetrators of the fighting. This is my experience, because I grew up fighting with these animal-men….And to this day, the German Whites consider the blacks to be a kind of Royal Aristocracy….Which I do not understand…Because they are now, they are simply the pets of the Germans…But I will be explaining more of this in TRP Part II…As for the “Joos”, those that make up 2% of Germany, well, I guess, they will agree with me that they are in fact, Germans…

      • delendaestziobot

        And yes, the “Australians” will not agree with me, I mean their “greatest General” was a German shopkeeper emigrant who was Jewish – “Sir John Monash”, who changed his name to an Anglicized version, as I have already stated, this is what these Germans do…Which brings me to Ludendorff and Hindenburg, and I will have more to say about them in my next book..

        Germania Ahnenerbe is very much alive, but less the 70 Divisions of the Third Reich… I dont need 70 State sponsored Divisions to prove facts.

      • Hosner

        Es lebt Germania Ahnenerbe!

  • delendaestziobot

    So, apparently, Sir John Monash, whom was a German-Jew shopkeeper
    (spoke and wrote fluent German) from Melbourne, Australia, defeated in “battle” the German Empire on German territory! LOL….The German-Jew shopkeeper managed to defeat Ludendorff and smash the Hindenburg Line!!! This is just a joke…. A joke!!!! Ludendorff and Hindenburg surrendered to a Jewish shopkeeper from Melbourne!!! Well, Well, Well… That is called “Treason”… And now that Ludendorff and Hindenburg are guilty of collusion with the enemy and thus Treason… I am afraid, that the entire “Reich” is no more… But I have already covered some of this ground, with World War I being a total fraud, but not to this extent, and then now investigating the fraud of World War II…

    The narratives are falling apart and disintegrating quicker than I can write them down.

  • delendaestziobot

    Now, if the Germans were being persecuted in Australia, then why was not General Monash persecuted for his German ancestry?

    Rhetorical,…. I am not expecting a human response.

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