Travels in Oz, Part I

The train crossed the bridge, and the driver announced over the intercom that we were passing, to the right – “the oldest bridge in Australia” – Murray Bridge in South Australia. Murray Bridge is located at the head of the Murray River, on the shores of the fresh water Lake Alexandrina. To have a large fresh water lake in a coastal area at the mouth of a river, with easy access to the sheltered bays of Encounter Bay and Horseshoe Bay on the Fleuriea Peninsula is very rare. If a geographer was going decide where would the ideal place would be to set up a colony in Australia it would be here… And this was the first Australian settlement, not Sydney and Botany Bay in New South Wales. Like all of history, Australian history has been completely re-arranged, falsified, etc. So the oldest settlement areas in Australia are in South Australia, and this makes sense also from a maritime perspective where the first fleets would have arrived via the Cape of Good Hope, along the Roaring Forties, up into the Great Australian Bight and into South Australia (The entire “history of “Captain Cook” being nothing more than invented stories.) Also having access to the major river system through Lake Alexandrina to the Murray River, as the major navigable River in Australia, means that this area would have been first chosen as the base from which to explore further inland and to be able to travel along. Major human settlements are always first established on River Crossings, and navigable rivers are essential trade and exploration routes. Now, all the names have been changed at some stage, the names would have been different, most place-names in Australia, like anywhere else have been changed, in the case of Australia, like England, the place-names were Anglicized in the 19th Century. Originally the place-names would have been Germanic sounding names, and linguistic remnants still remain here in Australia of this. So yea, first important point here, is that South Australia is where the first human settlements were established, in Australia…. I will now add, that when the first European Settlers got here, they found no other human presence… There were no “natives” in Australia, the land was utterly devoid of human habitation and showed not a single sign that a human had ever been here….There was also another paradoxical observation, there was barely any sign of life at all! I mean, even bird life was rare…And there appeared to be no large animals…Fauna, in Australia, although this has been completely suppressed and lied about, like in New Zealand and all New Lands, in fact, there was no large fauna when the first European Settlers arrived, but the fauna appeared later over a number of years in and around the first human settlements. Of course many animals were brought to Australia, but the so-called “native fauna” was absent at first, it only appeared later when humans had already settled down…. Something very strange, but a great effort has been made by the humans to cover this up. No doubt.

So I continued on to Adelaide, and Adelaide is Australia’s first major city, not Sydney… Adelaide is older than Sydney, and one can discern that from the architectural and construction details. But the name, firstly, is taken from, and this is one of those linguistic remnants, the Duchess of Saxony (Princess Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen) – Adelheid. So originally it was Adelheid, and then it was Anglicized to Adelaide. And then one traces this corporate logo, because that is what it is, a corporate logo, one traces it back to the colony of London which is a colony of Hanover, Germany. Links to private shipping companies associated through the River Crossing Guild, companies for the Mysteries of Adventures and Exploration, etc… Another clue here is that Adelaide, did not assume the false “convict settlement history” like the other Australia cities… So either this clue has been left deliberately or its just one of those errors that pops up. Adelaide is known as the “City of Churches”, because it has the many old churches. Adelaide has the most historical building listing in Australia, because Adelaide has the oldest buildings of any major capital city in Australia. Again, this turns the entire “recorded” history of Australia on its head…And nobody knows any of this, and nobody would even want to know about it…Which makes my question why I would even bother to write about it…Another interesting point – The Barossa Valley, this cultivation of vines being congruent with “missions” to new lands and, Lutheran Germans…I mean one could write several books on that relationship… Anyway, I stayed the night in Hahndorf, just outside of Adelaide in the hills, Hahndorf, still retains the original German names and was also settled by the German Lutherans, and of course, one finds there, sausages, sauerkraut and alcohol, the Lutherans being acolytes of The Brewer’s Guild.

6 responses to “Travels in Oz, Part I

  • InvisibleImposter

    I heard this on the radio recently and got the Mr Oz reference thanks to your blog!

    Oh, and hey, by the way
    Yeah eh eh
    Oh and hey, by the way
    Eh eh eh

    All the stuff that you said
    Hey, buddy, now
    Yeah, I heard what you said
    All bets are off
    You’re a choke artist, man
    Man you would have stalled
    Running against my race, you’re lost
    We’re all like the maddening
    The American mall
    Where corporations won’t pay for effects they cause

    Oh, you won’t get away
    Even in your fast car
    Oh, you won’t get away
    Sending your son to the stars
    Oh, you won’t get away, hey hey
    Smoke in the garage
    Going to your head
    ‘Cause your intentions are dead
    Dead wrong

    Deep, deep down body thurst
    Deep down body thurst
    Hey hey, yay yah

    Oh, you won’t get away, yeah
    Oh, and hey, by the way eh, eh, eh

    Man, —- what you say
    We’re gonna climb your wall
    Ok Murphy’s Law
    It’d be worth the fall
    I sure hope you’re just talking mad
    And that’s all
    ‘Cause we’ll go over it, under it, around it
    We have the gall
    Oh, you’re not the Milky-way
    Or the center star
    It doesn’t matter what you win
    If inside you’re lost

    Oh, you won’t get away
    The way you treat Islam
    Oh, you won’t get away Jesus will open his arms
    Oh, you won’t get away, hey hey
    [b]Mr Wizard of Oz[/b]
    It must be going to your head
    ‘Cause your intentions are dead
    Dead wrong

    Deep, deep down body thurst
    Deep down body thurst
    Hey hey, yay yah

    Oh, and hey, by the way
    Oh, and hey, by the way
    Oh, and hey, by the way
    Oh, and hey, by the way
    As you listen to this, know that with God,
    with you
    Oh, and hey, by the way

  • aufihrhelden

    Torch Bearer Karl,

    I cannot send or receive e-mails, my e-mail address has been removed from the server.

    I will send the completed proof read for ‘Third Reich Pilgrim – Part II’ through the post next week.

    Heil Germania!

    Torch Bearer Steve

  • delendaestziobot

    “German National-realization has transformed into our Individual Self-realization, Ehrean Self-Etherealization. What once Germany once felt as a nation and its love of the world it supported, and was betrayed for, we now feel individually, Germany once awakened, became conscious of its own Nationhood….etc…..”

    I wrote this years ago in the notes of MANU…So you must see the contingency that has been outlayed…Yes…

  • aufihrhelden

    E-mail sent earlier using a different address.

    Heil Germania!

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