A New Year with a New Mission

“The combat of Heroes is not intended for the collective salvation of the Sudras, nor for the White Traitors, nor even the totality of imprisoned or sleeping Viras. Only those will be saved who fight unto Magic Death, making themselves worthy of triumph. The archetypal numbers, Orphic numbers, are already on the point of fulfillment. And the Einherier will come to rescue those few on the edge, at the limits of time, with the Wildes Heer and the Ultimate Battalion of the Wotan-Kalki. That sacred Number is enough for the transfiguration of Gerda, the redemption of Saturn-Kronos and their triumph over the strategic plans of the enemy. The Satanic Demiurge will be left with the dregs of the worlds, with a heap of machines destined for a cosmic garbage dump…… There are two shackles with which the Satanic Demiurge has bound the prisoner and from which the Vira must break free, to be free: sex, a suitable means for the reproduction of Demiurge food, and rational thought, as the illusory tool of the representations of his will to power, a mere reflection in the ‘brain’ of his Mechanical Universe, also illusory, and where men are allowed to contemplate the Satanic Demiurge, praise him and even identify himself with men who are made in his image and likeness. The agent of the first shackle are sexual organs, appearing late in the archetype form of earthly man. The second agent is the cerebral cortex, emerging with the sinking of the archaic brain, synchronistically with the disappearance of Hyperborea. Both of these shakles must be broken, overcome, reintegrated, because Love does not need sexual organs, nor do we reach the knowledge of oneself through reason, or rational thought. The Ego, as we have seen, is a result of the shock produced when the Divya mixes his blood on ‘falling in love with the daughters of men’ when the Great Aesir (the Great Ancestor) is crucified. And Individuation is the hypothetical result of his Transmutation and Resurrection.”   – MANU: For The Man To Come

11 responses to “A New Year with a New Mission

  • NewMan

    Perfect image!

  • delendaestziobot

    Extract from Third Reich Pilgrim Part II:

    “The love you give to this world is the love that will destroy you.”

  • delendaestziobot

    Humans lie,
    So don’t believe
    What you have been told
    I know, me and the trees
    love is not true
    Only Alchemy left and empty vessel
    Only Alchemy for us
    Not a people or nation
    No race or……Anything
    Or what I used to know
    Humans lie
    So dont believe
    Just trust….I know
    Only Alchemy.

    • oregoncoug

      “So don’t believe
      Just trust….I know
      Only Alchemy.”

      Truer words have not been written. We are back to the Darkest of Dark Ages. The Age of Arthur multiplied many times over. Hence this writer is writing a long essay in the style of Novalis entitled Rune Mass, a practical guide for Ehrean warrior monks in this our new century and millennium. Because only the Runes will save us, not men, not females, only the mighty Runes direct from Lords Wotan, Kristos and Lucifer in Valhalla On High.

      And am also putting together a review of The Saga of HAILSTORM Part 1: In Harm We Trust, because we are all of us become Ehrean vigilantes now, we alone wield the true ancestral Imperial and Papal authority, we alone are become the living Destroyers and Creators of worlds.

      With the Holy Runes, in the vigilante spirit of Lucifer’s Light, in the sign of the Holy Swastika, we shall most certainly conquer.

      Heil Hitler!

      Sieg, Sieg Heil!

  • Hosner

    Hail Hitler and His 129th Victory!

    Heil Hitler und Sieg Heil!

  • K. von Kanwetzburg

    To the Hero and His Martrys, the Torch Bearers and Kameraden on the turning of our Kalendar, 129 H.E. Sal und Sieg! HEIL HITLER!

  • delendaestziobot

    Their testimony rests on an actual “World War”, without a “World War” I am afraid that their testimony falls apart… Hence the Third Reich Pilgrim has investigated, to make sure that their testimony is true… With all good faith, I did believe, but we shall see…

  • delendaestziobot

    As the The Third Reich Pilgrim, and the most fanatical Nazi in the world, my second book describes a most extraordinarily Revelation… I wrestle with a most arresting contemplation that leaves Kant himself wondering? If I am allowed to finish this, then all things will be changed…. I am charged with the voice of the Volksgenossen, and it is not a matter of “marks” but a matter of truth…The desperation is not economic… I was born unemployed and without hope, and without a people… I have seen what the German people have done, I have seen what they believe in…Allow me to finish my book! I have not finished as yet…

    • Hosner

      Do you mean to say that the “desperation has to do with bounty” – as opposed to scarcity?
      The above is Georges Bataille’s thesis, and he can be one sensitive and intrepid thinker, but he is a “anti-nazi”, poor schmuck, and that’s what makes me sick of him.
      One can always count on the French to loose their time with such highly important questions as the composition of feces, they seem so fascinated with it, from De Sade to Jacques Lacan. The Jews to spread the impetus, the inorganic blanket of falsity, and the French to provide the details, always a team, add the “lost generation” from the USA and the picture is complete. But you say the desperation is not economic, a different proposition entirely.
      I hope you’ll soon finish your book and share it with us.

      • delendaestziobot

        The desperation is not towards a “People” or a “Nation” or a “State” and therefore it is not Social, but has only appeared this way in false semblance…

        The 2nd Reich was known as “The German Empire” was actually founded in France in The Hall of Mirrors at Versailles. but France is FrankenReich. And the concept of a Nation State is purely German in origin, produced in Prussia from the Napoleonic anti-thesis…. But it is Der HimmelReich that is the true Reich and Vaterland.

        Bismark, himself said that “The Nation is a swindle”….And he was referring to customs tariffs for railways…. Reich i.e. Rich, is related to abundance. There is no way known that either the French or the Germans can claim to have any sense themselves of Nationalism, one only has to look at France and Germany now to see their anti-Nationalism, so they have only feigned Nationalism in the past. The French and German, and British, and American and Russian Empires were nothing but the endevour to breed and establish foreign peoples so that they could then later absorb them into themselves. It is unclear to me what the motivation behind this is…But I am detailing my thoughts in regards to this, not expecting a response.

    • K. von Kanwetzburg

      “…born unemployed and without hope, and without a people.” Yes indeed, Kamerad, this describes us well. And I might add: slandered without end.

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