Syrian Drama

This is what WWIII looks like, on the WWW. It is so fake that I believe that it is real. I feel so sorry for these poor actors who have suffered so much, just like in Gaza, and Iraq, and Afghanistan, and Vietnam.  It is so sad to watch these human actors pretending that they know what suffering is… They have no idea of what real suffering is, so they must pretend they know. And they are supported by the entire Zionistic Establishment of Gerda….. My heart bleeds for them, these poor, suffering, biological sacks of sewerage… What I don’t have sympathy for is the fools in the WWW audience… What is worse; the fool or the fool that follows?


14 responses to “Syrian Drama

  • delendaestziobot

    It’s rhetorical black humour, I don’t actually feel sorry for anyone. These images could be fake as well, but it would make no difference to the overall fakery of everything.

  • leuchovius2014

    These figures in these photos also seem to be stiffly posing, but more than that, they almost seem to be stock photography image characters cut and pasted into the scene… maybe that’s what so-called “humans” are reduced to now: soulless stock photography images, mannequins strategically placed into “reality”…
    I especially enjoyed the third photo with the mannequin holding up the arms of a mannequin… priceless …

  • Hosner

    Interview with E.Mullins. The relevant theme starts at 29.00 min, of the video.

  • delendaestziobot

    Yea, interesting, how Eustace points out about Evelyn Waugh and friends sitting round the officer’s club laughing themselves to tears whilst listening to Winston Churchill…. That’s because it was all a joke….

  • delendaestziobot

    “David Irving is an establishment historian” – that’s correct.

  • Hosner

    Ja, Eustace Mullins Jr. is a breath of fresh air.
    He was a pupil of Ezra Pound, just as W.B. Yeates, E. Hemingway and J.Joyce before him!
    There were attempts at his life, he was followed by the fbi, his books were burned, however, even he is one of those thinkers that take the existence of the A-bomb for a fact.
    In his book, The Curse of Canaan, he employs a classification that seems somewhat rough but, I think, feels nonetheless true, because for him, the bloodline of Canaan devil worshippers, i.e. the Juden, includes even Pythagoras and Plato. It is a short book and, according to him, one of the most important he wrote. I recommend it highly, never read anything comparable – except TRP, of course.
    There is a link that leads to a page offering most of his pdf books for free among the comments of the video. They seem to be otherwise unobtainable in the libraries, at least in the USA.

    • delendaestziobot

      I read Eustace many years ago. I have “The Curse of Canaan” also in my little library. Very interesting book, but he assumes the Biblical record is true… Yes, he was Ezra Pound’s pupil, and went futher than Ezra into many things. But yes, I think Eustace might have been one of the first to comprehend this idea of the theatrical aspect of “war”.

  • Hosner

    I forgot another one of Mullins’ disciples: T.S. Eliot!

  • Hosner

    Erratum: T.S.E. learned from Ezra Pound, not E. Mullins. I apologize!

  • delendaestziobot

    Very amusing comedic opera scenes being acted out in Israel and Gaza at the moment…. Quite hilarious.

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