The Bosnian Opera

This is what a controlled demolition looks like. In this Sarajevo scene one can see how the demolition contractors are focusing their work on just one side of the street, the other side the modernist building remains untouched and provides a nice view of operations in a comfortable air-conditioned office building… Apparently the burnt-out cars are still smoking as if the place was only bombed a few hours ago…. But as you can see there are amenities set up, fencing, brand new trucks, even an audience watching on… They all know it is not a war-zone, they are just pretending it is a war-zone.

Ahhh, the burning Twin Towers trick… Nice pyrotechnics work there. However on this occasion the Twin Towers of Sarajevo did not fall down.

Totally fake image…. Self-explanatory.

Here we have the “Cellist of Sarajevo” providing music score for the Bosnian Opera… It’s an old dramatic gesture but it is always effective and emotive, you know.

Before and after photo…. Do you get it? You got to clear away some of the old building before you bring in the new ones, like McDonalds and Hotels.

Before and after photo…. The redevelopment of Sarajevo’s central business and shopping district. Much more modern now, don’t you think?

Sarajevo today….

14 responses to “The Bosnian Opera

  • delendaestziobot

    What I wrote in regards to the printing press in TRP:

    “Humans have now declared the invention of printing, the using of movable type and black ink to stamp lies onto stretched skin harvested from the backs of their own foetuses, as being the greatest invention of the Millennium.” page 234.

    “Vellum” means “young skin”…. Etc.

  • delendaestziobot

    “Faust” is Johann Fust, the first German Printer. The “Devil” is the Printing Press, to which he sells his soul in order to create a fantasy on the page with ink, which is a “blood”, so he signs the Vellum of the devil with his “blood”… A “devil” is also a blackened Printers apprentice.

  • delendaestziobot

    At the highest level of Freemasonry, one finds the “The Lord of Hosts”, which is a “word”, and it comes from the twin printing rolling pins of the Printing Machine (Boaz and Jachin) that is the object of “wordship” or Worship. All Freemasons worship the printing press, as do all religions, they worship the Machine, because the Machine comes first in this world, the Machine comes before handwriting…So, in the beginning the word is with God, and the Word is God! This is the secret of “Ezekiel’s vision”, he sees the printing press in operation, he sees the machine, and describes it as a riddle to be deciphered….. Now with the “sacrifice”, the animals and humans must be sacrificed for the continuation of the Machine, which copies and duplicates, because you see, that, even after they stopped the mass sacrifice for the pages of the book, they still needed the fluid, the “blood” of life to preserve the ink on the page, this is called “size”, they call it that but it is the broth of boiled bodies – the witches “cauldron”… Every page of every paper book is coated in an invisible layer of boiled flesh!!!! And it is to that layer of flesh that the ink sticks, not to the paper, it sticks to the flesh of the paper!

  • Hosner

    Thank you, your insight is fascinating, albeit frightful, as is the true nature and history of the world we live in. Humans are convinced they know the world. i.e. the stage they live on, with its predictable routines, but, ultimately, it is just the length of their chains that they are acquainted with, if that.
    I am appending a short video that is only indirectly connected with our topic, however, the concentration of sheer ghastliness, the astronomic distance between ordinary explanations of the phenomenon and the actual truth, even if just intuited, of the matter at hand, is such that I’m sure there is merit in posting the video.
    I apologize in advance for the diction of the lady presenting it; she is, as it seems, a Russian speaker, and (t)he(i)r English is rather difficult to listen to. Fortunately, it is a short video.
    Your work is not only unique, it is extremely important, both for me personally and the general public, which is why I look forward in all eagerness to the many pages of your forthcoming books!!
    The book I am working on, one of the two actually, yet this one has priority, i.e. the correction of translation of don Miguel Serrano’s “El Cordon Dorado”, ‘The Golden Cord’, has just seen an addition of a fresh chapter, the one entitled ‘Mu and Gondwana’ to the main corpus of the work – after a somewhat lengthy pause.
    Having recovered the ‘enjoyment in the text’ I intend to press on with full force now, no more intermezzos as far as I am concerned. 20/88

  • delendaestziobot

    A suit of Armour is an expensive home decoration…There is no such thing as Knights in Armour fighting battles…That was the joke in Frank Baum’s Wizard of Oz with the “Tin Man”….

  • delendaestziobot

    The Knight is the figurehead for the Wood-Chopping Guild. The “Green Knight” which is a phantasm of stories, literature and paintings…. Suits of Armour and weaponry were a fashionable home decor item, and still are…

    The knights can go on with a cut head, because the knights are trees who can transform into dragons and botanical monsters… When you cut a tree down its head grows back! Or several heads grow back from the stump…. The Russians are still way behind in their research, but not too bad an effort here in this video.

  • delendaestziobot

    The Tree is also the Dragon, see Chapter 8 TRP.

    The Dragons’ Blood or Tannic Acid of the tree is used in the making of steel, this is the “Riddle of Steel” it is the blood of the Dragon-Tree that is used to preserve and give strength to the steel of Armour and weapons. Hence Siegfried and the Dragon, and all the Greek myths (which have a German origin)… These are tales from the secretive Guilds, their “Mystery Plays, from the Trade Guilds, the Guild Plays – the Theater Plays….You see the human must always act, because the human is not conscious, it is a puppet, controlled by a superior Power, which animates it, and makes it act out a deceptive play.

  • delendaestziobot

    But to whom are the humans acting towards? Because all the humans are acting, so whom is the audience? The humans are even acting as the audience!~!~!

  • Michael A. Luna

    Tannic Acid…very interesting. There is also the Resin that “bleeds out” from certain trees. Siegfried tasting the dragon’s blood gives him the ability to reason…reason/resin, same thing… Resin is also very flammable, like dragon’s breath or fire. And the volatile component can be distilled out. Which makes me wonder if the distillation of alcohol isn’t a bastardization… a crude replacement for the distillation of resin… And that still a bastardization of something else!

    Malic acid ( malice ) comes from apples which are usually depicted as the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden story or as fruit of wisdom etc… The malice to see through Loki’s many costumes, as Serrano put it…

    Tannic acid is a flame… a lot of moving parts to this riddle. One needs to proceed carefully… or rather proceed with enough with energy to overcome the “mess”. And this is a burden I cannot refuse, given my initials…

    • delendaestziobot

      Very good, Kamerad Michael….

      Yes, I know exactly what the “Forbidden fruit” is. Something I will get to in Part III of TRP.

      The water springs is what the Dragon tree guarded, as it was necessary to clear the trees to get to the water, the water was then used for the mass-acres of crops (crops of wheat are the first “gold”).

      “Siegfried” in Wagner, for example, is the Sword of Steel, personified, thus the “Dragon’s Blood” (Tree Sap) provides the invulnerability of the Steel…. This is Reason and Wisdom…Thus the Prophecy is fulfilled…. the ringing of hammer on steel is called the “bird’s song”…Thus is the Blacksmith’s Mystery revealed…

      • Michael Angel Luna

        So like the tannic acid of the sap there are other tannins found in alcohols, especially wine… And the next devolution from there would be the tannins of coffee and tea… which is Chaff and the Cross ( T ). Very clear to see how the Machine is at work here.

        The Minne was replaced with the blood of trees, because trees have to be made to bleed to get any sap/resin… A very profane interaction… And the blood of trees was replaced with the blood of animals to fertilize crops to make alcohols, to make the blood of “Jesus.” And then the Chaff was popularized to replace wheat… lol…

        Which is not to say this terrible devolution has been in vain because at each step along the way something has been gained which was not accesible before. For example, even in the making of wine, cream of tartar is produced… which is a good analogy for this whole ordeal.

        And of course, even the enemies weapons will/have been be used against it, but I dont have to explain that to all of you… The True Love and Transmutation of Esoteric Hitlerism!


  • Michael Angel Luna

    Before the Bark of the Forest was the “Bark” of the Runes… So if the mistletoe represents the affliction of the Forest then before that came the affliction of the Voice… I wonder if that is what “kissing” under the mistletoe is supposed to mean.

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