The most intelligent human in the world

This is the most intelligent human in the world. Perhaps the most intelligent human who ever existed, as humans themselves proclaim. The problem is that there are two different Stephen Hawking’s, or perhaps even more and all of them are as dumb as each other. Amazingly Stephen Hawking managed to defy all human medical science and survive half a century longer than what human medical science proclaims itself for a sufferer of ALS.

Is that cool? Having two Stephen Hawking’s pretending to be one Stephen Hawking? I don’t want to get into the “philosophy” of Stephen Hawking/s, because it is a bucket of stinking prawns, I just want to point out that there are two or more different “Steven Hawking” who happen to die at different times, and yet the humans are unable to identify this? That there are two Stephen Hawking/s. And that both were as dumb as each other. But I also acknowledge that the humans proclaim “Stephen Hawking” to be their most intelligent human….And I agree with this… Steven Hawking, whichever one he is, is the most intelligent human ever to have existed, I agree with that, certainly the most highly decorated human in the theoretical sciences of the 20th and 21st centuries….It is just that there happen to be two of them or more, dumb and dumber. Now, neither of these Stephens are able to communicate in the manner that the humans would like them to communicate, so my question is, where is the third Steven Hawking? There must be three of them… Who is the Stephen Hawking that is speaking for Stephen Hawking in the robot voice, who is just as dumb as the other Stephen Hawkings? Who is the Dumberest? And which of the Stephen Hawkings was responsible for writing the international Best Seller “A Brief History of Human Stupidity’? If humans are to proclaim any intelligence at all, would they not need at least some basic skills in their own phrenology… But it is clear to me that humans do not have this skill.


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  • delendaestziobot

    Pic three is a wax-works figure, I think? But again, one with ginger-blond hair and different teeth, so I I don’t know which Stephen Hawking they are even using for the model of the Stephen Hawking who is actually Stephen Hawking. Or do perhaps they don’t even know anymore who was the original Stephen Hawking? You would think that the humans could get the right Stephen Hawking moulded when he is the most intelligent representative of the human race?

  • delendaestziobot

    Let me just do some basic math here, if the average life expectancy for a terminal ALS sufferer is 4-5 years, and Stephen Hawking had the disease for 55 years, then he has lasted 10 times longer than the expected average, which is quite impossible. So there would need to be a new Stephen Hawking propagated every 4-5 years for a period of 55 years, so there would have to be 10 Stephen Hawkings, and each Stephen would have to be made to be the same age at which the previous Stephen Hawking died… Now as human cloning is not possible by human standards of technology then only a supra-human element must be present in this matter that is able to produce Stephen Hawkings at the rate of one every 4-5 years, fully grown, but they are not identical, why would they not be identical? Surely a supra-human element must be capable of an exact duplication….. Or is that there are errors being reproduced by the Behemoth SuperMatrix Machine, so that there are gaps appearing the information when it is being passed on?

  • InvisibleImposter

    What the hell? You make really perceptive observations and then come out with guff like this?

    Here is a tip, unplug from the Jewish narrative. I havent watched TV for almost a year ever since they went ballistic over their crypto buddy Trump, thus revealing themselves and their disinformation methods for all to see.

    I only found out Hawking died because everyone around me at work was talking about it….regurgitating the Jewish narrative.

    I treasure your insights, but think you are too influenced by the disinformation put out by the Jews.

    Sorry, I have lost all hope, in my society and people, your insights are the only thing making The Empire of Israel bearable.

    My grandparents fought against Him, how can anyone stay sane with this knowledge?!

    You think their is future hope for Whites- I dont. I think all hope was lost when He died.

    Just look around you to see our country of Australia is demographically finished. It is over.

    The Jews dont call themselves “The Invisible People” for nothing. They are everywhere, the singer on the radio, the actor on tv, the politician in the paper, constantly spouting disinformation with missionary zeal to heal gentile societies.

    I wish you would offer solutions instead of analyzing the Jewish excrement.

    • delendaestziobot

      I use a misanthropic black humour with broad brush strokes of Sarcasm.

      • InvisibleImposter

        I do hope your writings are not merely humor.

        I visited my family today and they were watching the movie Dunkirk. They kept saying “how truthfull, how all this was based on reality” throughout.

        I was confronted with Jewish power and was powerless against it. I did chime in that ” WWII” was more complex than what Hollywould portrays, but could see there was no point elaborating, such is the totality of their convictions that Briton was a fragile victim, and Germany the powerful aggressor, how further from the truth reality was.

        Briton was the largest Empire in history and had the inexhaustable human capital of its dominions plus India to fight for it.

        The only evidence for the German aggression at Dunkirk comes from fabricated British press reports. Truth is Hitler let the British soldiers to go free on the condition of peace negotiations. Hitlers honour code was a predictable factor the allies used against him, reneging on their peace negotiations once all troops were evacuated.

        Seeing a whole new generation of my family indoctrinated into these lies, because Harry Stiles was in the movie, utterly destroyed me.

        I think esoteric Hitlerism, like all White movements, is controlled opposition, to mire us in a fleeting glorious civilization, detaching us from the here and now.

        Hitler was against superstition. It is why he never embraced paganism. He wanted a civilization grounded in reason and the law of nature.

        Hitlers architecture always emphasised the human presence, Hitler saw human life as the most sacred thing and everything he did was with the long term happiness of his people in mind.

        I dont know the answers. I wish I could be optimistic. The only thing that keeps me sane is knowing I am no longer in the matrix.

        I remember thinking Helen Thomas was a nut when she warned about Jews and just dismissed her as crazy. Remembering that experience, I can see there is no way Whites will wake up.

        We need to buy a small Indonesian island and defend it using hypersonic submarine missile technology and close ourselves off from the world and their embracing of the Jewish narrative.

        Existing in freedom, even if only in a restricted local, is better than going extinct with the Israel-Anglobots. Singapore showd it can be done.

      • K. von Kanwetzburg

        “We need to buy a small Indonesian island and defend it using hypersonic submarine missile technology and close ourselves off from the world and their embracing of the Jewish narrative.” LOL! I think YOU are the controlled opposition, pal. But hey, then again, you know better than Miguel Serrano, so why should I even post this. Hahahaha…

    • K. von Kanwetzburg

      There are no solutions which haven’t already been offered by myself and few others.

    • Hosner

      at InvisibleImposter:

      E H is not a white movement!

      Paganism is (observance of) the law(s) of nature!

      “Hitler’s architecture always emphasized the human presence.”

      Emphasized? Human?

      Hitler had no need of ’embracing’ anything, He was DIVINE!

      “No longer in the matrix”? Cheerio, carry on!

  • delendaestziobot

    @ invisibleimposter

    How many Stephen Hawkings are there?

    And what is the difference betewen the wax-works Stephen and the other Stephens? And who is the actor who provides the voice for the Stephens? And why are they all still in character?

    • Hosner

      It is so sick, that one has to put up with this sight, with what is just another ‘subtle’ insult that’s mocking basic human decency: the Stephen-Hawking-creature photos.
      Any alleged contributions of his to the field of Theoretical Physics were rendered absolutely nil, if we only take into account the level and intensity of suffering and misery he caused with his image of a degenerate. One doesn’t photograph, let alone interview, such a creature, one hides it away or, if truly motivated by love and empathy, euthanizes it painlessly – on the spot!
      Since true empathy would have meant his sure death, and thus hygiene, it was far more desirable, for the perverse and sinister demiurgic forces, to shove that horror down our throats everytime they thought up an excuse to do so.
      That he himself opted to “go on” under such appaling conditions is incompatible with sensibility, let alone genius, which only proves that this was a circus show invented in hell, a human being reduced to the condition of utter moronism and then manipulated for the benefit of perverse, sinister, heartless morons without a soul.
      I can only imagine, how offended the multikulti crowd would be if they read this, how thrilled at having been given another proof of our sinister essence. But haven’t we been saturated for long years with that horror, with that creature? Forced without mercy to scout for traces of “sentiment” in our pure hearts?
      It is precisely because of this that we promote a just (!) visual and mental event, incomparable for sweetness: no Apollo landings ought to be filmed but this:

      Douse the creature with gasolene and light him up, reduce him to soot, apparatus included!

      Only then would it be correct to say: the world is now better, the air is cleaner, our hearts filled with mirth at having done something truly good.

  • delendaestziobot

    @ invisibleimposter

    What’s wrong with going extinct? My ultimate aim is to not exist in this world. So going extinct seems like a great idea to me. I highly recommend going extinct. Here’s a meme: “Life – don’t bother”….lol….I mean what is existence? Having to respond to your comments on a smart phone, I mean if that is not arbitrary and whimsical I dont know what is.

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