Syrian Photo Competition Winner!

The winning shot in the Syrian Baby Carrying Competition!

Look at this brave Syrian, bare-chested “noble savage”, looking a bit awkward in front of the cameras, but we can work on that, and it almost adds to the mood and “genuine” look of the photo. The cradling of the baby is a very dramatic pose, and the terribly undernourished Syrian baby, neatly caressing its own sore paw… What a horrific injury, I mean what would you expect after surviving a bombing and being crushed by a building, look at that fresh oh-so-white clean bandage, obviously the medics worked very hard on patching up this hardy little Syrian super-baby!! Why it looks so fake it must be real!!! And that’s the whole point! I would have liked to see some white powder foundation make-up dusted on to the actors, and perhaps a dab of that costly fake blood, but I am just being a critic.

2 responses to “Syrian Photo Competition Winner!

  • NewMan

    Wow, a real winner. Zion loves winners.

  • delendaestziobot

    Yes, the real winner is the hive-mind of Zion. Because for the Syrian Opera to be conducted, and as I know, how all “wars” are conducted, it takes the singular mind of Entity which is Zion to co-ordinate all its theatrics. Each little humanoid node shares in this one singular consciousness which acts as a stage-show, and as happens in stage-shows, there are different characters, some are meant to be good, some bad, some ambiguous, some are heroes, some anti-heroes, but they are all part of the same play. But my point is, just Who is the audience? Because the audience is also part of the stage-show, they are acting as the audience, and the audience is also part of the humanoid nodes which make up the hive-mind of Zion. But who is the audience, really? If the audience is not the real audience but just acting as the audience, as the chorus of “believers”….

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