How to film in Syria



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  • delendaestziobot

    In 2016, the private closed joint-stock company – Cham Holding was launched with a capital of 60 Billion US$. The company will be one of several to undertake the management, construction and investment works in “bombed” areas in Damascus. The company seeks to develop regulatory regions and integrated residential neighborhoods and provide the best services to the citizens of Syria. Whilst this rebuilding and restructuring of Syria goes ahead, Syrian citizens will be billeted and cared for in foreign countries, this will be paid for the by the foreign countries themselves as part of international “cultural enrichment” programs. Syrian citizens can thus gain dual-citizenship and return to Syria when the new and improved neighborhoods are built. The demolition and reconstruction in Syria will be accomplished using mainly American, German, Italian, Finnish, French and British machinery and infrastructure management, all profits will go to the resettling of the Syrians, and of course to the wealthy upper classes of Syria. The foreign counties that will be undertaking this massive work will be required to lie to their public audience to convince them that this is not the case and there is a “war” in Syria…This may benefit several large charity groups such as Amnesty International, etc.

    But the point is that the public are also part of the deception, so what is the point of lying to them? The public are the ones making the machines and explosives for the demolition and then subsequent reconstruction, the public are the ones involved in the rebuilding – it is the public! Everybody knows, and so many are involved in this, so what is the point of lying about it? Why lie to yourselves? And its nothing new, this is the method that is always acted out…But who is the act intended to fool, exactly? I mean putting on an act to fool your own self seems a little ridiculous to me, or perhaps that it is a sign of senility? Because the method has deteriorated, the machinery and equipment is better, but the narratives and the acting ability has been deteriorating…It is as if the interconnecting nodes of the humanoids are not firing as well as they used to and then gaps and holes are appearing in the stories, where information has been missed or incorrectly replicated in its transmission.

    “Dave….Please stop….Dave….What are you doing…..Dave….Please stop…I think my mind is going, there is no question about it….” – HAL – A Space Odyssey.

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